tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBirthday Wishes Ch. 03

Birthday Wishes Ch. 03


Everyone here is of legal age and they are having lots of fun.


"I am so glad you enjoyed me licking you earlier and how you enjoyed licking my pussy too. But now it is time for me to lick me some sissy asspussy. I have waited to do this for quite sometime now Kelly" she says as her hands massage my little backside. Soft kisses occasionally or a lick teasing me and at that point I just giggled and laughed.

A tug on the small plug in my ass added a little arch to my back when she did that. It felt so good knowing I was in the process of becoming Kelly and having this much fun too. Aunt Sandy dripped some lube down to where the plug was and began using it on me again. It wasn't very big but she knew how to use the thicker part to open me up. I could feel her pressing the toy to where it was trying to stretch me a little.

"I bet you want that cock to suck while I tease your pussy don't you Kelly? It will be like two cocks for your birthday you little slut!" I hear her talking dirty to me.

"Do you think Kevin's cock is the size of the toy in you or the dildo I fucked myself with?" she asked.

As she was still playing with the toy in my ass I told her that I was sure he was bigger than both of them probably. "But I don't have anyway of knowing, YET!" I said smiling.

She removed the small toy from my ass and told me that "I had the prettiest pink pussy she had seen in a long time!" after what she said was strawberry lube I felt the cold on my boipussy. Her tongue was the next thing to follow and this time she went a lot slower. Instead she slipped her finger inside of me this time to mimic what I had done to her earlier. Her tongue licked as her finger probed in and out of me.

"I want your tongue inside of me again Aunt Sandy, Please!" I begged her. The finger slid out of my slick pussy and her tongue slipped right in. Gyrating turns inside of my pussy sent me to squealing like before. No description could tell how damn good her tongue was inside of my boipussy. Her face stayed buried there for a few minutes before she slowed and then stopped. My little cocklet was dripping a little precum after that tongue.

"You realize that you can't get away don't you Kelly?" she says moving away from me a little and leaning over the edge of the bed to grab something. It looks like a harness of some type as Aunt Sandy slides it up her legs and to her crotch. Then I see her push the black dildo thru the harness and she tightens it all together. Looking at her you would think she might have a huge hard on but it is a cock.

"You ready to get fucked by a black cock Kelly?" she asked me.

"You will be begging for the smaller one in just a little while honey, when I put this hard cock in that tight little pussy of yours Kelly" I hear her say.

"Please Aunt Sandy, that one is way too big. I beg you not to do that to me, Please!" I begged her. Then I felt the first of many slaps to my little ass cheeks. Her tube of lube squirted inside my pussy.

"I can just hope that if I lube you up good enough it won't hurt you too bad Kelly. But I am going to fuck you with it to help train you for the future Sweetie. There are men who would pay thousands of dollars to take my place right now with you Kelly O'Smith! Oh I left out Cock Whore! Your future is here with me and Uncle Woody forever. Your mom was at your school today sending your stuff to the new school you will attend as a senior. But there is lot's more to discuss but right now you have some on the job training to do Honey!" Aunt Sandy says popping me on the ass with her hand.

"Aunt Sandy are you going to put that whole cock inside of me tonight. I am really scared if you are going to! I really don't think I am ready for that much cock Aunt Sandy!" I say hoping I can convince her.

Then suddenly her hand slapped my ass cheeks again. She let me know that she was in charge and it was my job to do and take whatever she gave me. My ass cheeks were a little red and stinging. She told me that if my ass cheeks burned a little my pussy wouldn't take it so hard and she laughed out loud. Then her hand rang loud on my ass cheeks again. That one really hurt too.

"I used desensitizing lube too, so your little pussy could handle a little more cock. I know it is very tight from how well you took the small plug sweetie. This one is going to fill you up completely Kelly. Your pussy will be a little sore tomorrow, yet you will want it again and again" she instructs me.

A bright flash filled the room as Aunt Sandy has the camera out again. I am tied to the head of the bed and my ass cheeks are a pretty red. She flashes several pictures of me bent over waiting for cock. "Please let me get a close up of that pretty little pussy for the internet" I hear her say laughing as she flashes away.

"Let me know how this think this is going to feel inside of you Kelly" she says as I feel her hands grip my little hips. The plastic cock is being rubbed between my ass cheeks teasing my boipussy. She is practicing fucking me from behind with the strap-on. Then I feel her squeeze more of the slick lube to run down my ass cheeks. The big toy is as slick as me by this point.

I am breathing really hard and wondering how the hell this evening was going to end. Trying to keep my eye on what she was going to do next. The toy slid down between my cheeks as Aunt Sandy stops with the tip at my prize.

"What if I promise to only put the head inside of you Kelly? Would that make you feel better about your first fucking? I know that little pussy wants a cock pretty bad by now?" I am asked.

Her head is on my shoulder as she seems to want to slowly pry that long cock in my boipussy. "Aunt Sandy I think you are going to do whatever you want too. If that means fucking me with that plastic cock then I guess I better get ready. And yes I do want to get fucked!" I say.

"Well I have waited a long time to do this but I am not going to use the big one on you but you are still getting fucked sweetie!" I am told.

"We are going to make be sure that little honey pot is taken care of Kelly. I just want you to know that is a special pussy you have baby! As pretty as we are going to make you Kelly, there will be many broken hearts in your path" Aunt Sandy smiles as she talked.

She moves to grab another dildo from the drawer that may have been as long but smaller in diameter. It was a flesh colored dildo shaped like a cock with a shaped head and balls. With the bottle of lube Aunt Sandy I can tell she is readying it for my boipussy. Teasing me she starts to slide it back and forth between my cheeks like before.

I felt her hand on my back as she pressed it down and her hand grabbed my hip. My back was bent as the tip of the dildo nudged my pussy. As the head slipped inside of me, my pussy could feel every shape. Aunt Sandy stopped with the head opening me up and wiggled her hips a little bit. My little body loved that cock slipping into it slowly.

I moaned and begged Aunt Sandy not to stop. A slight dizzy feeling came over me as that fake cock made my dream of getting fucked was coming true.

"That little pussy of yours seems to love cock Kelly! Look at you wiggling it all over this fake dick!" she laughs as I feel her place both hands on my shoulders. My pussy wanted all of that cock but I was as far back as I could go. With my wrists attached to the headboard I couldn't reach any further. The head was barely inside my lubed boipussy.

"You are trying your best to get it aren't you sweetie! You are an eager little cock whore" she says laughing at me again. A few shorts pushes from her and I felt some more of that cock but she kept pulling away.

"Let's give the little slut what she wants!" Aunt Sandy says. I felt her knee move up to the side of my hip. She started pushing that cock deeper and slowly into me, inching closer to burying it. It was a fucking dream coming true as she ground that dildo in and out. I guess she used about six inches of it on me at first. A minute later the base of the cock hit my pussy. When she pinched my little hips so tightly that her nails dug in, my pussy was treated to all the cock it wanted.

Aunt Sandy is very talented at using a strap on dildo. Five to ten minutes of that fucking and I felt like her little fuck toy. It was the first time but when she pulled out I hated the feeling immediately.

"Why did you do that Aunt Sandy?" I said out loud.

"I want that little pussy to ride its first cock Miss Kelly! When this cock is deep in your pussy I want to see your little clit explode!" I hear.

She got under me on the bed and had me straddle her crotch. I felt the lube run between my cheeks once again. Aunt Sandy aimed that cock again at my little pussy. When the head nudged me I pressed down and it slipped right back where it was a few minutes ago. I received a really good lesson in cock riding. I had forgotten that I had a clit during my coming out party with Aunt Sandy.

Harder and faster that cock hit my pussy. "Please don't stop fucking me Aunt Sandy! I am going cum with you inside of me! FUCK ME!" I yelled.

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