Birthed again – A sequel to Birth and Death


Copyright Oggbashan September 2006

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Caroline is an artist. She uses an unusual form of media. Her speciality is giant inflatable figures with some animation.

Normally her creations have a serious theme. For Halloween the City Council had commissioned her to produce some inflatable witches to 'fly' across the square outside City Hall.

Caroline had persuaded me to try being rebirthed by her massive creation 'The Fertility Goddess'. Once I was inside, she had sealed the Goddess's labia with super glue, covered the whole body with a black body stocking and wrapped a skirt around it.

She had plugged the Goddess into a time switch and that would start the process of giving birth at eight o'clock when Caroline would be in front of a large crowd operating her flying witches for the town's Halloween celebration.

I was breathing through a snorkel tube. I was having difficulty because the Goddess's black satin panties and the body stocking's poppered crotch covered the end of the tube. What did that matter? Once the timer started the Goddess's mechanisms into action the contractions to give birth to me would crush me inside her plastic womb as her uterus couldn't open.

Why was Caroline determined to kill me? All I had done was persuade her to wear a seatbelt when pregnant. The car crash that had killed her partner had also killed Caroline's unborn baby – and she blamed me for that. Without her seatbelt Caroline would have died too. For a long time she had said that she would have preferred to die. I believed her.

I thought that she had recovered from the tragedy and had started working with her again. Now she had proved me wrong. Her Fertility Goddess was going to kill me and Caroline had even saved a letter of mine that could be interpreted as a suicide note.

I remember the last few minutes before she left:


"Nick. I think you can hear me. This is a Goddess-sized body stocking. It has poppers in the crotch. I'm going to wriggle it inside the panties and shut those poppers. You could have done that from inside. Or should I say you would have been able to do that before I sealed the vagina with superglue?"

I shook my head as much as I could with the breathing tube in place.

"Too late now, Nick. You are inside and are not coming out. The Fertility Goddess will do her best to give birth to you. Her best won't be good enough."

I struggled as much as I could inside the plastic womb. I tried to rip the mittens off my hands.

"Sorry, Nick. I lied. That plastic is heavy duty. Even with your hands free you couldn't mark it."

Caroline watched my struggles as if they didn't concern her.

"Are you asking why?"

Of course I was but I was securely gagged.

"If you hadn't insisted on me wearing a seat belt my baby might have lived and I would have had a reminder of Ivan. Your insistence killed my baby. I want you to know how my baby felt, crushed to death in my womb."

Caroline held up a used envelope and pulled out a piece of paper.

"Remember this? You wrote this letter to me. I think it will be useful now. Shall I read it to you? You can't object, can you? The really interesting parts say:

'I'm sorry to have caused you so much pain. I would do anything I could to take the pain away. Nothing can replace your baby. Please believe that my intentions were for the best. I'm sorry that they had to end this way...'

It was so thoughtful of you not to date it. It will do very nicely as a suicide note."

Caroline put the letter in a fresh envelope. The postmark on the old envelope would have given the date.

I kicked out as hard as I could with my legs. The womb absorbed the impact and forced my legs back in place.

"Now I am going to unplug the Goddess and re-plug her through a timer. I took this timer from your flat. It only has your fingerprints on it. A few adjustments with a tip of a pencil... There. It is set to come on at eight o'clock when I will be in front of a crowd of thousands. Goodbye. I am going to fit the body securely, then her wrap-round skirt. When the timer activates the Fertility Goddess will try to give birth to you. Do you want to know what will happen?"

I glared at Caroline. That was all I could do.

"Her uterine muscles will start to contract. Her legs will spread and she will slowly, ever so slowly, increase the pressure at the upper part of the womb. You won't move. What a pity. Your exit is glued shut and outside the body and panties will still be in place because you didn't press the switch to remove them. When she thinks, but of course she doesn't think, does she? that you have begun to be born the rest of her uterine muscles will pull inwards to express you from her body. As you will still be there, those muscles will crush you to death. Or you might die of suffocation as the muscles break your breathing tube..."

I could almost feel the womb shrinking around me as Caroline spoke. She walked away, coming back without the timer. I had felt the change as the electrical supply to the Goddess had been cut. It had been a small effect like someone adjusting their position in a chair but it had happened. Would the Goddess be relaxed enough for me to fight my way out?

"That's done. Now for the shroud..."

My light was cut off as Caroline pulled the black body down. I heard the snaps as she closed the poppers. I was moved slightly as she wrapped the skirt.

The last thing I heard was Caroline's formal heels tapping her way out of the flat. How long would it be before that timer switched the Fertility Goddess on and I began to die?

Caroline would be bringing Halloween joy and laughter to hundreds of children while I died in the womb of her creation. She loved children. The seat belt had deprived her of the possibility of having any of her own.

Perhaps her intention was to make me the sacrifice to the Fertility Goddess. She had trapped me so that the Goddess would strain and strain and never give birth to me – reproducing Caroline's pain at the loss of her own fertility.

I waited for the timer to start the process of crushing me to death.

Confined in the dark inside Caroline's plastic Goddess I had no idea of time. When she had left it was about an hour before the ceremony with the Flying Witches. After that hour the timer would switch on. Caroline wouldn't return for at least another hour. By that time I would have been dead for at least three-quarters of an hour.

Would Caroline come straight back? Or would she delay her return? What did it matter? If she came back soon, or later, I would still be dead.

Despite my situation I found it arousing to be sealed in a womb holding me so secure and safe. If the uterus and its exit hadn't been sealed I might have even enjoyed the idea of the Fertility Goddess giving birth to me. As it was, I would be the Goddess's first human sacrifice. Would that make the Goddess unsaleable or more valuable?

I tried wriggling. Every movement was suppressed by the Goddess's tight embrace. My head was cradled between her plastic bones. I was curled into a foetal position and as helpless as a real baby would be once its mother's womb began to contract around it.

I closed my eyes because I could see only a little light filtering through the black body stocking and wrap-round skirt. I must have dozed, unlikely as it seems, while waiting for the first sign of movement that would tell me that the Goddess was about to crush me.

I felt a movement. I opened my eyes in the dim light. I could feel some movement but not the sound of the Goddess's pumps and motors. Below my head I heard the poppers of the body stocking being opened. The wrap-round skirt was parted and the body stocking raised. I blinked in the sudden light and saw Caroline looking down at me. Even upside down, her face seemed to show concern for me. At first I couldn't hear what she was saying.

"Nick!" She shouted, "I'm sorry Nick. I didn't mean to leave you more than a few minutes. I'm sorry. Are you OK?"

I couldn't answer. The snorkel tube was filling my mouth. I couldn't raise a hand. The plastic womb had stifled all my movements.

"I'm going to set her in motion to let you out. Don't worry. She won't crush you. She'll take her panties off first."

The super glue! What about the super glue? I though furiously. It didn't matter about the body stocking or panties if the Goddess's birth canal was sealed with super glue.

Caroline might have read my thoughts.

"The glue? It wasn't glue. It was vaseline from a small handbag size tube. You'll slide through easily."

I felt the whirr as the Goddess's motors began. She reached forward and pulled her panties down her legs and off. She lay back and spread her legs wide. The plastic bones cradling my head swung aside as her legs moved. Slowly my body started to slide down into the passage to the outside. My head emerged into open air.

Caroline unstrapped the harness holding the snorkel in place and eased it out of my mouth. She kissed me on the lips as she threw the snorkel across the room.

She was wearing a long formal black dress with a show of cleavage. Her arms wrapped around me, pulling me against her breasts as she lay back on the mattress. As I emerged slowly Caroline dragged me along the mattress still keeping my face in her cleavage. My boxers were left behind as my legs emerged from the Goddess.

Caroline rolled me slightly and hitched her dress up to her waist. She pulled me face level with hers and covered my lips with hers. I couldn't move a muscle yet after being confined so long. Caroline's hand found my erection and fed it into her warm pussy. That spurred me into action.

Despite my muscles screaming as they regained movement, I thrust myself deep into Caroline. Whatever she had intended, she had nearly killed me. Fucking her senseless seemed a start for my revenge. I pounded away on her in a frenzy that I had never had with any woman ever. My fervour began to wane. Caroline was loving my brutal fucking. She was writhing and moaning under me. Her arms hauled me closer. Her hips thrust back against me. Her muscles contracted around my tool as I banged into her.

All thought of revenge or explanations or expostulations vanished as she and I became one animal determined to make love harder and stronger than I had ever done. My stamina seemed endless. I was close, so close, to a climax yet never quite there. Caroline was convulsing under me with climax after climax. Something about the situation had turned on all her switches into sensual overload. All I could do was keep thrusting into her writhing body.

At last she clamped her legs and arms around me in one final spasm. That was enough for me. I released everything into her and sagged into her fierce embrace. She kissed and hugged me over and over again as my body slumped into a spent lassitude.

I woke up later. Caroline had wrapped me in a sheet. I was lying with my head in her lap as she stroked my hair gently. I looked up at her.

"Why?" I asked.

"Why? I intended to scare you, to make you appreciate what the loss of my baby really meant. What I didn't intend was to leave you so long. I went out to my car to load some items for the display and was caught by a TV crew who insisted on filming me all the way to the event."

Caroline stroked my cheek.

"I intended to come back in a few minutes and let you out. The TV crew took so long that I had to go straight to the Halloween event. I thought you would be safe, held in my womb. You couldn't get out. You couldn't harm yourself and the Fertility Goddess certainly couldn't. I had pulled the plug out of the socket."

I snuggled against her tummy. It wasn't the same as being inside the womb she had made but was soft and warm.

"While I was gone," she continued, "I finally accepted what I had been fighting for months. I love you, Nick. Now I know that when you wanted me to put that seatbelt on, all you were thinking about was my safety. If I hadn't, I would be dead. I'm alive. I'm working and enjoying my work. I am rebuilding my life and I want you as part of it. All the time I was out I was thinking that I was cradling you in my womb. That made me feel warm and sexy. I wanted to come rushing back here to make love to you. Now we have. Did you like it?"

I responded by raising myself to kiss her. She kissed me back.

"One thing I would like, Nick, is to try the Fertility Goddess for myself. Do you think you could operate her if I showed you how?"

I nodded.

"Let's do it. Now."

Caroline explained the Goddess's controls several times. We retrieved the snorkel. I strapped it in place. Caroline couldn't talk as we stripped her and eased her inside the plastic womb. I flipped the switch that made the Goddess replace her panties around her hips. I pulled the body stocking down even though Caroline shook her head violently. I wrapped the black skirt across the bulging belly, sealing Caroline in darkness.

Shall I leave her there, trapped in a womb of her own creation, or shall I press the switches that will make the Fertility Goddess give birth to Caroline?

I'll wait. I'll make the decision later...

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