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Bisexual Black Men's Story


Hello, there. Steve Chretien Lamont is the name and collegiate adventure is the nature of my game. I'm a student at Edelson College, a small four-year private school in Indiana. These days, I'm counting down until graduation. For a young black man from a poor Haitian family, graduating college is a big deal. I'm getting my Bachelors of science degree in Criminal Justice in a few months. I'm heading to Law School next. One of these days, I'm gonna be the Attorney General of the United States of America. The best damn lawyer in the nation. The Black Community and my family will be proud. Until then, I'm having some fun.

Edelson College, the setting of my adventures, was founded in 1980 by James Edelson, a former lawyer. It started out as a small private school but quickly spread its wings. In the year 2008, Edelson College boasts of a respectable, ten-thousand-person student body. We also have eight dorm buildings, four for men and four for women. The school also recently created several varsity sports teams. Currently, we offer Men's Intercollegiate Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Fencing, Rugby, Gymnastics, Rifle, Volleyball, Archery, Swimming, Cross Country, Wrestling, Football, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse and Bowling. For female student-athletes, we have Women's Basketball, Archery, Fencing, Pistol, Softball, Soccer, Swimming, Cross Country, Rugby, Wrestling, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Gymnastics, Bowling and Volleyball. All of these sports teams, collectively known as the Golden Spears, compete in the NCAA Division Two.

I'm a member of the Men's Varsity Fencing team. Yes, black men enjoy fencing too. I've always loved that sport. Anyhow, being the only black male member of the Fencing team has gotten me some national attention. Especially since I started winning tournaments. I love my sport. I had tons of admirers. It's partly because I'm a novelty in my sport and also because of my physique. I'm a six-foot-three, 240-pound black man. I get lots of attention everywhere I go, especially from females. I get attention from men too and absolutely love it. Being a sexually adventurous young man, I enjoy this and use it to my advantage. That's why I have so much fun it's not even funny. I could write an erotic novel based on my adventures, and I guarantee you it would have some hot and steamy stories. Word up!

Currently, I'm having some fun in the dorms with my pal Majandra Brown. She's a tall, thick, black-skinned, bronze-eyed black chick with a big ass. Standing nearby, checking up his cellphone is her boyfriend, Jayson Stewart. Jayson is a tall, good-looking young black man with long dreadlocks. He attends Indiana Military College, an all-male private institution of higher education. It was founded in 1948. Jayson wants to be a corporate bigshot someday. He's a business administration major. I considered going to Indiana Military College, but their sports teams are all Division Three, and Edelson College was offering me a full athletic scholarship. Division Three colleges don't offer athletic scholarships. I still visit that school often, partly because Jayson lives in the dorms and also to show him some support at his football games. Football is a big tradition at Indiana Military College. Jayson joined the team as a freshman. The school has an impressive sports program. They offer Men's Intercollegiate Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Football, Wrestling, Crew, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Swimming, Water Polo, Bowling, Horsemanship and Rifle. A military-style athletic powerhouse. Nice to see those still around.

All of us attend colleges which are in the same town. Jayson's school, the Indiana Military College, is located within five miles south of Edelson College. Majandra Brown attends Saint Clothilda College, which is only three miles south of Edelson. She's taking up Accounting there. Saint Clothilda College, founded in 1878, used to be an all-female school. In 1999, the school board voted to admit male students. Nine years later, men made up fifty percent of Saint Clothilda College's twelve-thousand-person student body. This was also reflected in their sports programs. Originally, the Saint Clothilda College Department of Athletics offered Women's Varsity Basketball, Lacrosse, Softball, Swimming, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Gymnastics, Soccer and Volleyball. Later, they added Men's Varsity Baseball, Bowling, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Football, Wrestling, Golf, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Volleyball and Lacrosse. All of their sports teams were Division Two, like ours. That's nice. I'd hate to think of Majandra being all alone in a campus with no sexy studs around.

Anyhow, back on topic. Majandra Brown, the tall and voluptuous African-American college gal walked around the dorm room nearly naked, showing off her plump black ass. She wore a black bra and thong which suited her sexy big body quite well. I like a big beautiful woman with a big ass. Especially if she is a big beautiful black female with a big ass. Jayson was too busy talking on his phone to notice the way Majandra was looking at me. I gestured for her to come to me and she did. We kissed, then began fooling around. In no time we got undressed. I admired Majandra's sexy, plump body. Damn, the woman had some big tits. I smiled and fondled them, then began sucking on them. I slipped my hand between Majandra's fleshy thighs and began playing with her pussy. My fingers slid into her wet snatch. Damn, she was hot.

I made my way from Majandra's big tits to her fleshy thighs and gave her pussy a good licking. I made her cum, then told her to return the favor. She smiled, then knelt before me as I lay on the bed and began sucking on my dick. My nine inches of long and thick, uncut black dick looked good in her mouth. Majandra began sucking my dick and licking my balls. I sighed in pleasure, and noticed Jayson looking at me. The black stud had a weird look on his face. We've both hooked up with each other's women before. Hell, we've hooked up before. Sans women. So I knew he wasn't jealous. We're real men and real men don't let a female get between them. Women come and go but your man friends stick with you. Nothing respects and loves a man the way another man does.

Majandra stopped sucking me off for a minute and winked at Jayson. He smiled and unzipped his pants, freeing his dick. I smiled when I saw Jayson's dick. Ten inches of long and thick, uncut Black Man Power. That's what he called it. He began stroking his cock while watching Majandra suck me off. He then joined us, a bottle of lube in hand. He simply placed his hands on Majandra's hips and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. First he lubed up both his cock and her ass, then, he slid his cock into her ass. That's my man. Jayson loves to fuck a tight ass. It doesn't matter if it belongs to a man or a woman. He's bisexual. Just like me. Majandra's body trembled slightly when Jayson popped his cock into her ass. Other than that, she seemed fine. Hell, I sure hope so, she was sucking my dick at the time!

Jayson and I exchanged high-fives as we both thrust our cocks into opposite ends of Majandra. He had his hands on her hips and his cock in her ass while I had my hands on her hair and my dick in her mouth. We got style! We fucked her good. When I came, Majandra sucked me off eagerly, draining my cum without spilling a single drop. Then, she smiled at me. I stroked her face. What a woman! Jayson continued drilling his dick into her butt. Until he had enough and came, sending his hot cum deep into her asshole. Majandra screamed in pleasure and I laughed, masturbating as an orgasm rocked her body. Later, we changed positions. In a rare display of her Ass To Mouth abilities, Majandra sucked Jayson's cock straight out of her ass while I got a chance to try that infamous plump black booty of hers. I easily slid my dick into Majandra's asshole. Jayson had been kind enough to lubricate it for me. He's such a nice guy!

I put my hands on Majandra's hips and pushed my cock deeper into her. I've always loved fucking big women in the ass. Especially big black women. I don't know why. I'm not the only black male with the same fetish, though. It's hard to find a black man who's not into that. We like big females with big asses, yes we do. It's a black thing. Majandra screamed as I drilled my cock into her butt hole. Truth be told, Jayson's big was slightly longer than mine but I was thicker. Getting fucked in the ass by my dick was no joke. It's been known to make both men and women squeal in pleasure while probing their bottoms. I noticed Jayson watching us. He smiled at me. I smiled back, then noticed his expression. He was giving me the come on look. I smiled back, and nodded. He grinned, and told me that I was gonna get it.

Jayson grabbed some lube, and came up behind me. He kissed my neck, then massaged my shoulders while I fucked Majandra. He told me that it had been some time since he fucked my tight ass. I smiled, and told him to remind me of what I'd been missing. Jayson laughed, then gently spread my butt cheeks. He greased me up with the lube, then pressed his dick against my backdoor. He asked me if I was ready. I nodded, still drilling my cock into Majandra's asshole. Jayson placed his hands on my hips and pushed his cock into me. Oh, man. Feeling Jayson's cock slide into my ass while my own dick was buried deep into Majandra's ass was a feeling so intense, I can barely describe it. I urged Jayson to fuck me good, and resumed fucking Majandra.

I fucked her good, shoving my dick hard and fast into her ass. She screamed, and begged me for more. Jayson began to fuck me harder and faster. I felt his cock burrowing inside me. It hurt like hell, even with the lube. That's my Jayson. The handsome black college man with the big black cock. And he knows how to use it. He fucked me good and made me scream, and this caused me to fuck Majandra even harder. Her screams filled the room, mingling with my own. Jayson grunted as he fucked me, and I screamed as I pounded into Majandra, who howled like a woman possessed. We fucked and sucked like sex was going out of style, until the climactic moment occurred. Jayson erupted inside me, sending his hot cum flooding in my ass. Almost at the same time, I released my own manly seed into the forbidden depths of Majandra's ass. She screamed loud enough to wake the dead and I joined her, before all three of us collapsed on the bed.

Man, I couldn't believe how intense the sex was, and I was there! The lovely Majandra, Jayson and I lay on the bed, our naked bodies covered in sweat. We all laughed. This was so much fun. We just lay there, talking about our favorite part of this steamy threesome. Majandra told me that she loved being with two men at the same time, and the fact that we were both sexy bisexual black men turned her on even more. She thought we should do this again sometimes. Seriously. I looked at Jayson. He smiled. Yeah, we could do that. Man, at that moment, I felt so happy. I kissed Jayson, then I kissed Majandra. They both laughed. I smiled, content. If I die today, I die happy. Word Up.

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