tagInterracial LoveBisexual boys And straight girls.

Bisexual boys And straight girls.


My name is Nicolas and I've always been a big guy. Six feet two inches tall, heavyset and blond, that's me. I was born in Germany but my parents moved to Boston when I was a simple youth. Twenty years later, I am a college student in Boston. Some people call me Nick the Giant or Mister Teutonic, since I look like the legendary Viking warriors of Teutonic legend with my impressive height, large body and huge mop of blonde hair. I am studying Criminal Justice at Emerson College but in my spare time, I am an auxiliary firefighter. It's my passion.

I am a man of many passions. When I am not in school or fighting fires, I am writing erotic in my computer. I write all kinds of stories. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters make up my stories. There isn't enough gay fiction out there if you ask me so I do my part. I've been published in several magazines. Currently, I'm working on a small anthology of erotica which I hope to self-publish someday. My work and school don't really leave me a lot of time. I don' t get out much.

Yeah, life in the city can be quite lonely. The last guy I dated was a bad boy known as Spencer. Who is Spencer? A tall, good-looking Latino stud who works as a police officer in the city. We met when the cops from the local precinct played baseball against my fellow firefighters. A gifted catcher and pitcher, I made Spencer strike out, and he took an interest in me. At the time that I met Spencer, he was dating a girl named Michelle. He also had another man in his life, a mechanic named Anthony. As you can see, Spencer was promiscuous and bisexual to boot.

In spite of my better judgment, I fell for him. We had a passionate affair. Oh, I do mean passionate. Spencer and I would have sex in the men's room at Wall Mart, or behind Burger King. Anyplace we could find. It was fun for some time, then he broke it off. Spencer didn't want his girlfriend to find out that he was sleeping with men behind her back. I was thrown to the curb. This hurt me quite a lot. I retreated into working hard at school, and writing my stories. I was desperately lonely and thought about Spencer all the time. I hated him yet secretly wished he would love me back and leave the others to be with me. As you can imagine, it didn't happen quite like that. Spencer left me and that was that.

My friends were beginning to hassle me about not having anyone in my life. I wasn't sure what to do. I wasn't out to my buddies down at the firehouse. The crew was made up of eleven men and two women. I was friendly to all of them but not particularly eager to chit chat. Boston may seem like a liberal town but I've seen gays and lesbians being bashed, sometimes by closet cases and straight people alike. I didn't want to be forced out of the closet. I liked my life just the way it was, thank you very much. So, what's a man to do?

The solution to my dilemma came in the form of a ravishing young Black woman. The girl in question was Claire, a Meter Maid I'd met while on the job. Claire was a tall, good-looking woman with dark brown skin and short hair. Her face was round and pretty, with fine features, a wanton and curvy mouth and almond-shaped eyes. Yes, she was a lovely woman. We had become friends of a sort some time ago. I didn't know exactly how it happened. Contrarily to most stereotypes about gay people, I didn't have any female friends. I preferred to be by myself most of the time. Sometimes, I went to hang out with the guys. Just sometimes, that's how I liked it. I guess it's because I am not a group person.

One time, Claire invited me out to dinner. Reluctantly, I accepted. We went to this nice little bistro off Boston Common to grab a bite. Claire wore a black shirt and gray jeans. Yes, the gal looked lovely. Looking at her, I realized that it had been years since I've been with a woman. I first had sexual intercourse with a female at the age of eighteen. The girl's name was Melissa and she was a cheerleader. I was a basketball player. We had become pals in my last year of high school. One summer night, shortly after graduation, we had sex. It was great. I've always wondered what sex with a girl would feel like. I liked it.

Of course, later I would discover boys. Sex with boys was awesome. I was introduced to gay sex by Matthew, this guy I while a freshman. He was a gorgeous football player whom all the girls wanted. Of course, I got him pretty good. We shared several passionate nights in his dorm. Later, I would continue to have sex with other guys. I'd only been with one female in my life. As I looked at Claire, and checked out her curves, I felt a faintly familiar stirring in my loins. Yes, I liked this woman. Judging by the way she looked at me, I could tell that she liked me too. The attraction was mutual. We shared a kiss. It was alright.

That same night, we went back to her place. I was feeling very excited and very nervous. I hadn't had sex with a girl since I was eighteen, four years ago! These past five years, I'd only been with boys. As Claire kissed me and began touching me, I wondered if I would be able to go through with it. Oh, well. The way my body reacted to her touch surprised me. Apparently, the human body remembers things that the mind sometimes does not.

Soon, we were both naked and tumbling into her bed. I looked into Claire's eyes as she kissed me and climbed on top of me. I gently touched her breasts. They felt nice. Smiling, she kissed a path from my chest to my groin. When she took my cock in her mouth, I gasped. I remember Spencer taking my dick into his mouth. He was very good at it. So were Joey and Mike and all the other guys I slept with. My first girlfriend, the lovely Melissa never even gave me oral sex. How would Claire do? As she began sucking my cock and licking my balls, I breathed a sigh of relief. This girl obviously knew what she was doing.

Claire sucked my cock and fondled my balls. Suddenly, I felt a surprise intrusion in my rear as Claire slid one finger into my ass. I was reminded of that time when Spencer bent me over a kitchen counter and took me from behind. His thick Latin cock pumped in and out of my ass, much like Claire's finger was doing right now. Claire continued to suck my dick and finger my asshole until I came. When I did, she drank my cum. I've heard of women refusing to swallow after oral sex. Oh, well. To each their own. Claire did and obviously enjoyed it.

Later, both of us lay there, resting a bit. I put on a condom and entered Claire with one firm thrust. It had been ages since I'd gone up inside a female. Hell, if had been ages since I'd gone up inside anyone. Usually, the boys bent me over and stuffed me like a turkey. I thrust into Claire and she welcomed me inside her. I fucked her pussy for some time, then turned her over and flipped her on her back. I spat in my hand and rubbed the spittle against her asshole. She didn't protest. I slid my cock into her asshole, and began pumping away.

Claire screamed as I took her on a little trip to heaven. I pumped in and out of her tight hole. Her screams were music to my ear. We went at it like this for some time, then I finally came. Claire slowly let out her breath. I put my arms around her and remained inside her. My cock was buried inside a woman's ass. Deep inside Claire. I don't know for how long we remained like this. I squeezed out of her and we embraced. Neither of us said anything for the rest of the night.

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