tagInterracial LoveBisexual Butch Women Rock!

Bisexual Butch Women Rock!


The first time I laid eyes on Amber Tate, I knew I wanted her. The short-haired, curvy, somewhat masculine white chick with the short dark hair, large breasts, wide hips and big round butt simply took my breath away. Clad in a short-sleeved white T-shirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap, the twenty-something tomboy looked hotter than most of the women I'd seen in town. Of course, I had only been in the beautiful State of Alaska for a month and the people up here were an odd lot but I still know a pretty lady when I see one.

Tasty-looking dame, I thought, and licked my lips in anticipation. Then I saw the rainbow flag sticker on her backpack, and sighed in disappointment. Of course, I thought, shaking my head. The gal just had to be a lesbian. And a rainbow-flag sporting one too. Probably militant as hell. Great. Now, don't think I'm a homophobe. Hell, I am a bisexual man. I find both women and men attractive, I just happen to prefer the ladies. That's all.

I don't know why, when I am drawn to a female, I often feel attracted to obviously unavailable women. The last crush I had, a hijab-wearing Muslim gal named Fatima Al-Zahran, was both married and out of my league. Why do I do this to myself? The woman was forty years old, and I met her in my university library. We became friends, and flirted a lot, but nothing ever came of it. That's it for me and the ladies. When it comes to guys, I like them tall and masculine. Unfortunately, annoying effeminate bozos tend to be attracted to me. I avoid them like the plague. I just can't have what I want. Story of my life.

Oh, snap. I guess I forget myself sometimes. You must be wondering who this is. My name is Stephen, a big and tall young Black man living in the City of Juneau, Alaska. I moved there after graduating from Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. After earning my bachelor's degree in Criminology, I felt like getting out of Canada for a while and somehow, I ended up in Alaska. In a town where people of color are rare, I get stared at a lot. That's okay, though. A lifetime in Canada's Capital region, which is whiter than snow ( with the exception of the Greater Toronto area of course ) pretty much prepared me for it.

Anyhow, back to the story at hand. I've always had a thing for tomboys, masculine women, butch chicks, whatever they want to be called. Like a lot of brothers, I find white women quite appealing. I guess it's true what they say about opposites attracting. I approached the lady casually as she walked into my corner of the supermarket, and asked her about fresh fruits. Smiling at me, the butch gal asked me if I was the vegan type. I couldn't keep a straight face. Not even to save my life, I replied, laughing.

Grinning, the lady nodded and told me she felt the same way. I smiled and nodded. The gal was even better-looking up close. Dark brown eyes, short spiky black hair, and a round, animated face. Friendly eyes, too, and not the stern gaze I expected. Oh, and she smelled sweet, too. Her perfume was strong, and very feminine. I don't know what I expected a butch woman to smell like. I guess I expected her to wear Old Spice instead of whatever girly, fruity and flowery scent she was sporting. Nice accent, the butch lady said, snapping me out of my reverie. Where are you from? she asked, licking her lips.

My name is Stephen and I'm from Canada, I said proudly, extending my hand for her to shake. The butch lady smiled faintly, and shook my hand. Her grip was firm, but not unusually so. Nice to meet you Stephen I'm Amber Tate, she said. I smiled and we bantered a bit. Amber was not what I expected. The lady had a thousand questions about Canada. We just stopped in the middle of Aurora Foods, one of Alaska's biggest grocery store chains, and chatted each other up. Hot damn.

Well, I was happy to talk to Amber about anything, especially my homeland. In an odd way, Alaska reminds me of Canada, especially the Prairies. Lots of white folks, lots of Natives, lots of people with guns. That's how Ontario used to be before immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia changed its demographics and the Liberal party took over its politics. Of course, Americans tend to know very little about Canada so I found it refreshing that Amber Tate was genuinely curious.

Always wanted to visit the great white north, Amber said, grinning. Not for the first time I noticed that she had a lovely smile. I smiled and winked. Sometimes I push my luck and overstep my boundaries but, dammit, I'm new in town and don't know anybody besides my landlord Mr. Moffatt and Lester, the old dude down the hall from me in my apartment building. I'd love to tell you more over a cup of coffee, I told Amber. The lady took a deep breath, and I braced myself for rejection. And it never came. Sounds good to me, Amber said, grinning, then she told me her digits. I nodded casually and punched her number into my Blackberry. Cool, I said, and wished her a good day.

I watched Amber Tate go, and had to smile. Rainbow-flag sporting Butch chick or not, the way her big round ass looked in them blue jeans had my full attention. I totally want to hit that, I said to myself, and smiled. I went home that night and called her up. I'm not a believer in waiting two days to call a broad after getting her digits. I was on a fact-finding mission. Was Amber Tate single? Was she feeling me? Yeah, she's kind of masculine-looking, with the short hair, tattoos and rainbow flag but her body language said 'interested' when I was talking to her. Unless I misread her and imagined things. Nah, I'm a very realistic kind of brother.

Amber Tate picked up on the third ring and greeted me warmly. Hello stranger, she said happily, and told me she'd been expecting my call. Very astute of you Miss Tate, I laughed, and started chatting her up. I learned that she was originally from the City of Tacoma, Washington, and moved to Alaska to be closer to her elderly aunt Gertrude who lived in Juneau in a big house full of cats. Family is everything, I said, and Amber laughed. I'm recovering from a foot injury and learning to be active again, she said, and I saw an opening. Let me take you to play paintball, I said, crossing my fingers. This was the moment of truth. What would Amber Tate say?

Sounds good to me, Amber replied, and I grinned broadly. The next day, I met Amber at this quaint little paintball shop called Tag Zone in downtown Juneau, and we had some fun. For a big gal, Amber was surprisingly quick on her feet. Still, I'm an expert when it comes to paintball and this resourceful amateur couldn't escape from me. End result? I shot Amber Tate in the butt with my paintball gun and while falling she got a lucky shot that caught me on the shoulder.

Ouch, Amber yelped, rubbing her big round butt. Apparently it stung. My bad, I said, and gave her a hand up. Amber batted my hand away, and instead lashed out with her foot. Damn, I didn't even see her foot move and she kicked my legs out from under me. I fell on my black ass, and Amber leapt on top of me. Man, the butch chick pinned me down. I used to wrestle guys in high school, Amber crowed proudly, and I groaned. I'm six-foot-two by 250 pounds and Amber is a fairly big gal. Not that I minded a big, beautiful, sexily masculine woman on top of me but damn....yeah.

Alright I give, I said, holding my hands up in surrender. Amber looked at me, an amused look in her dark eyes. Taking off her visor, she smirked. Never underestimate me, she laughed, and got off me. Yeah right, I said, and rose to my feet. Nice game for a beginner, I said, and Amber smirked. Let me buy you dinner, I offered, and she gladly accepted. We went to the nearby Milano's Pizzeria, and grabbed a bite. Man, butch women can eat! Four slices of pizza, two sandwiches and three Pepsis later, Amber and I were still at it.

Winking at me, Amber burped loudly. Sorry, she said, blushing slightly. I shrugged, then burped myself. You can always be yourself around me you weird beautiful woman, I said, gently touching her hand. Amber looked at my hand on hers, and smiled faintly. Sounds good to me Captain Canada, she laughed, and I laughed too. After dinner, we walked around Juneau for a while. Alaska isn't the most diverse part of the United States. In fact, it's a sparsely populated place, nothing but wilderness, with a few towns and cities here and there. I once spent three weeks in the Yukon as a young Eagle Scout. Alaska reminds me of that place.

People kind of stared at Amber and I as we walked through Juneau, and I resisted the urge to comment on it. A while ago, a black female friend of mine in Toronto was venting on Facebook about the demise of her relationship with a white guy whose family didn't approve of her. I commiserated with her because, as a black man who sometimes dates white women, I can relate. A lot of white families don't like it when their daughters date men of my color. In her venting, my lady friend went a bit far, calling all white guys cowards, and that angered a white female friend of mine.

I've since learned to take a chill pill when it comes to racial issues, unless I'm dealing with a fool who says the N-word around me. When that happens, all hell breaks loose because I don't tolerate that kind of stuff. All these thoughts swirled through my head as Amber and I got stared at by random white folks and a few Natives as we walked through Juneau. This place could really use some racial diversity, Amber remarked, and winked at me. I smiled cautiously. Amen to that, I replied, and we continued our walk. Astute, isn't she? Cute butt too. I definitely had a good feeling about Amber Tate.

That's how it all began, ladies and gentlemen. The romance with the butch-looking and GLBT-affiliated, Anime fanatic, cat-loving and decidedly odd white chick who changed my life. Amber Tate is like a unicorn, man. For real. I considered myself a lesbian for years but now I'm open to dating both sexes, she told me one night, while treating me to some Chinese food at the Nugget Mall. I looked at her thoughtfully, then broke into a grin. I leaned forward. Glad to hear it, I said, then I kissed her.

The first thing I noticed as Amber Tate's lips pressed against my own was how soft they were. Gently, she kissed me back. You've got sweet lips Captain Canada, Amber said, grinning, when we came up for air. I took her hand in mine and kissed it. Awesome, I said, and we left the mall together. I took Amber to my place, and what followed was decidedly an evening for the ages, ladies and gentlemen. I hadn't made love in months, not since I left Ottawa, Ontario, for Juneau, Alaska. Time to show this bisexual butch redneck American woman what us black Canadian men are all about.

As soon as we got to my place, Amber Tate and I got it on. I didn't even bother with giving her a tour of my one-bedroom spot. We barely made it to the living room before we started taking our clothes off. Make love to me, Amber said haltingly. I smiled as I beheld her naked, curvy body. My eyes drank her in, taking note of her big breasts, round belly, hairy pussy, thick legs and big round ass. I love a big white ass. Yummy, I said, and kissed Amber again, then began licking her tits. Lying on the bed, the sexy butch gal relaxed and enjoyed as I went to work on her.

Spreading Amber Tate's big sexy thighs, I inhaled the sharp scent of her womanhood. Lots of females use vaginal deodorant down there but not this butch gal. Nope, Amber flaunts her own aroma. I stuck one then two fingers inside her pussy, then began teasing her clit with my tongue. Oh shit, Amber whispered, licking her lips. Taking that as a good sign, I continued what I was doing. Soon I had three fingers inside her.

Amber Tate rubbed the back of my head, and pressed my face against her cunt. Go on, she said, and I began munching on her pussy with gusto. This was my first time going down on a butch woman, and I intended to make it last. In the back of my head I worried that a woman who had been with lots of chicks, and probably had them go down on her, might not be impressed with my oral skills. Can a man eat pussy better than a lesbian? Conventional wisdom might say no but this brother was determined to meet the challenge.

I licked and probed Amber Tate's hairy cunt until she cried out in pleasure, literally gushing hot girly cum all over my face. Damn you're good, Amber cooed as I lapped up her cunt, tasting her feminine juices. I smiled with satisfaction and winked at Amber. My turn, the sexy butch gal grinned, and I nodded happily as she got on her knees and grabbed my average-sized, uncircumcised black dick. Grinning, Amber looked up at me with my dick in her hand. My first dick in a decade, she said, then took me into her mouth.

I lay on the bed, smiling as Amber sucked my dick. A butch chick is going down on me, I thought, mystified and thrilled at the same time. For a gal who's spent a decade exclusively bedding women, Amber wasn't bad at all when it comes to sucking the Johnson. How am I doing? Amber asked, stopping for a moment. Although I smiled at her and gave her the thumbs up sign, I was irritated. What man is foolish enough to say anything negative to a woman who's holding his dick? You're doing fine babe, I said, winking at Amber.

Smiling, Amber resumed what she was doing. Soon I was ready to explode. Oh damn, I moaned, and Amber intensified what she was doing, sucking my dick greedily, almost angrily. When I reached that magic moment, my knees buckled. I came, and amazingly, Amber swallowed every last drop of my seed. Yummy, she said, literally polishing my dick with her tongue. Wow, I said, catching my breath. Smiling, Amber looked at me and asked me if I was ready for another round? Hmmm. What do you think I said?

Moments later, I rolled a condom on my dick and Amber Tate climbed on top of me. I looked at this beautiful, short-haired, alabaster-skinned, tattooed and cat-obsessed bisexual butch chick. Your ass is mine, I said, gleefully giving her ample derriere a firm smack. Prove it, Amber teased, locking eyes with me. Grinning, I put my hands upon her wide hips as she lowered herself onto me. Eye to eye, we exchanged a kiss as my hard dick slid into her cunt. At last, I was inside of her.

Amber licked her lips and grabbed my face in her hands. Fuck me like you mean it, she said. I smiled and slammed my dick into her, hard. If little miss butch likes the rough stuff, she definitely came to the right place. I'm going to show what you've been missing, I said, and gently bit Amber's nipples, eliciting a surprised cry from her as I continued fucking her hard, ramming my dick into her pussy while smacking her ass.

If her dark hair had been longer I would have pulled it. I love the rough stuff, Amber cried out as I continued drilling her. Wrapping my arms around her to firmly hold my big beautiful butch lady into place, I fucked her as hard as I could. Amber moaned softly as I made love to her. We went at it for a while, then exhaustion claimed us. After we came who knows how many times, we lay exhausted and sweaty on the living room carpet. I looked at my beautiful bisexual butch lady friend. How was it? I asked, curious. Amber tugged at my chest hairs. Frigging hot, she laughed. I kissed her then, and Amber kissed me back passionately. We fell asleep like this, and I must say, it was one of the most passionate experiences of my life. Bisexual butch redneck women rock!

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