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Standing six feet tall and slender yet curvy and big-bottomed, with dark brown skin and long, neatly braided black hair, Yasmina Adeleke is by anyone's standards a vision of beauty. Born in the City of Toronto, Ontario, to a Nigerian Muslim immigrant father, Omar Adeleke, and a white Canadian mother, Nicole Thomas-Adeleke, Yasmina Adeleke was used to having men of all hues sniffing after her due to her exotic good looks and more.

In the City of Toronto, a gigantic metropolis filled with beautiful women of all hues, Yasmina Adeleke was definitely one of a kind. The unlikely daughter of an interracial and interfaith couple hailing from opposite ends of the world. A genius housed in the body of a supermodel. This tall beauty isn't just easy on the eyes either. Nope, Yasmina is also a devoted and award-winning student in the Law School of the University of Toronto.

The tall, exotically beautiful and brainy young Muslim woman attracted the male gaze the way metal attracts electricity. All of them wanted a piece of her chocolate pie, but the only men to light her fire were Ahmed Mahmoud, a tall and handsome young Somali-American guy whom she ran into at the University of Toronto, and his good friend Mike Sloan, a tall and slim, Midwestern Canadian white dude with red hair and nerdy glasses. Decisions, Yasmina definitely had some to make. What's a gal to do?

For ages, Yasmina Adeleke felt torn between the two handsome young men. Both had a lot going on for them. Ahmed Mahmoud was a newcomer to the City of Toronto by way of the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Mike Sloan came from the City of Calgary, Alberta. The two of them moved into the apartment down the hall from Yasmina's place, at a building located within walking distance of the Mississauga Campus of the University of Toronto. The two studs were as different as can be. Ahmed was in the MBA program at the University of Toronto while Mike studied civil engineering. As different as night and day. Yet they were the best of friends. How could it be?

In her talks and flirtations with the two roommates, Yasmina Adeleke felt drawn to both Ahmed Mahmoud and Mike Sloan. Feeling torn, Yasmina began spying on Ahmed and Mike to find out more about them. For a time, Ahmed was dating a tall, fine-looking white chick with blonde hair and blue eyes named Meredith Shay, and apparently, Mike didn't have a problem with that. Yasmina Adeleke, the daughter of an interracial couple, found that surprising. Most of the white guys Yasmina knew had a problem with black male/white female couples...and this included white males with minority girlfriends as well.

If anything, Mike Sloan seemed at ease with Ahmed Mahmoud and Meredith Shay's relationship, which puzzled Yasmina Adeleke. One day, Ahmed and Meredith got into a violent argument, and that was the last Yasmina saw of the tall blonde chick. The nosy biracial gal was secretly thrilled that Meredith was out of the picture. Even though Yasmina hadn't decided which one of the two sexy studs she wanted, she considered Meredith a rival. Well, not anymore. The blonde chick was gone for good, and Yasmina couldn't be happier. Until the day Yasmina saw Ahmed and Mike making out in the laundry room. Talk about a shocker!

Yasmina Adeleke's heart winced as she discovered that the two guys she found most attractive were into each other. Why were all the good ones queer? Sensing her presence, Ahmed and Mike stopped making out and stared awkwardly at Yasmina. Smiling, they explained to the shocked young woman that they weren't gay. In fact, they were bisexual. The reason Ahmed broke up with Meredith Shay is because she couldn't handle his nascent bisexuality. Yasmina looked at Mike, then at Ahmed, and smiled. A deliciously wicked idea sprang into the naughty biracial gal's brilliant and twisted mind.

Mike Sloan winced as Ahmed Mahmoud slid his nine-inch, uncircumcised chocolate dick up his asshole. The burly black stud gripped Mike by the hips and thrust deep into him. Mike groaned as he got fucked and backed up a bit, driving Ahmed's dick even deeper inside of him. The two of them went at it passionately, and the bed shook as they did their thing. Sitting at the edge of the bed, Mike's friend Yasmina Adeleke watched, fingering her wet pussy excitedly.

Ahmed smiled at Yasmina as he continued slamming his big dick into the red-haired white dude's asshole. Yasmina blew Ahmed a kiss, and then continued fingering her wet pussy. Hot damn, what Yasmina beheld turned her on like nothing before. Ahmed pulled his dick out of Mike's ass, and the two studs lay on the bed, spent and breathing heavily. Ahmed pulled the condom off of his dick, and tossed it aside. Mike sighed happily and thanked Ahmed, who grinned. That's when Yasmina decided to join in on the fun.

Yasmina grabbed hold of Mike's dick and pumped it in her hand, and then she began sucking on it. Ahmed watched attentively, stroking his thick Somali cock. Yasmina sucked Mike's dick to full hardness, and then rolled a condom on it. Just like that, Yasmina straddled Mike and impaled herself on his dick. Mike reached upward and caressed Yasmina's big tits and even smacked her big brown ass as he thrust his dick deep into her cunt. Hard and fast they went at it, until Mike came. Yasmina rolled off of Mike's softening cock, and looked at Ahmed's dick hungrily.

Smiling, the Somali stud waved his big brown dick at her, and Yasmina went to him. The biracial beauty knelt before the exotic stud and took his dick into her mouth. Yasmina sucked Ahmed's dick and licked his balls, and was surprised when Mike joined in on the fun. The nerdy white dude licked Ahmed's balls while Yasmina sucked his dick. The Somali stud moaned, overwhelmed as a mixed-race chick and a horny white dude joined forces to suck his dick and balls. When Ahmed finally came, his cum fell over both Yasmina and Mike's faces. The two of them shared Ahmed's cum, then smiled up at him.

Ahmed grinned at Yasmina, and then pulled her up. Mike grabbed a box of condoms and rolled one on Ahmed's dick. Just like that, everyone was ready to roll. A smiling Yasmina got on all fours, and she shook her big brown ass at Ahmed, who grinned. Ahmed gripped Yasmina's hips and thrust his dick into her cunt. Yasmina winced as Ahmed's thick dick filled her pussy. Meanwhile, Mike waved his dick at her and a horny Yasmina began sucking on it. Ahmed smacked Yasmina's big butt as he fucked her, then exchanged dap with Mike.

Yasmina Adeleke's body shook as Ahmed Mahmoud and Mike Sloan poured their masculine energies into her. At some point, they switched things up on her. Mike lay on the bed while Yasmina rode him, her cunt impaled on his dick, while Ahmed took her from behind. The Somali stud spread Yasmina's big brown butt cheeks, applied lubricant against her butt hole and then pressed his dick against her anal cavity. Yasmina turned around and smiled at Ahmed, who nodded. The Somali stud eased his dick into Yasmina's asshole, and the brown vixen squealed in pleasure mixed with pain.

Yasmina Adeleke moaned deeply as she felt two dicks cram into her holes. Mike Sloan's cock filled her cunt while Ahmed Mahmoud's dick filled her asshole. Happy as can be, Yasmina howled like a madwoman, not caring if her neighbors in her fancy hipster's apartment building heard her. She was getting fucked and loving it. Ahmed and Mike kept it coming, slamming their dicks into her cunt and asshole with relentless passion. They went at it until Yasmina finally tapped out...two or three wonderful, wicked and passionate hours later.

Thus began a wonderful chapter in the lives of Ahmed Mahmoud, Yasmina Adeleke and Mike Sloan. Three people, as different as can be ( save for their education at the University of Toronto ) enjoying each other in every way possible. Yasmina is a frequent guest and visitor at Ahmed and Mike's place down the hall. After a while, the neighbors got used to the noise. This is a Toronto building filled with collegiate young people, after all. All is well that ends well.

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