Bisexual Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01


I gulped and looked down to see my own cock rock-hard and throbbing in time to my pounding heart. I wanted to take Doug's cock into my mouth, to taste him, to feel him throbbing and twitching as he slid his cock in and out of my lips. I wanted to feel his cock swell in my mouth, then experience and taste the explosive spurts of cum flooding my mouth - yet I was a bit afraid.

What would his cum taste like? Would I be able to swallow it all?

Lisa once more took Doug's cock from her mouth, and pointed it toward me. "Suck him, Craig," she whispered in my ear. "Suck his dick for me." I flushed red with embarrassment. I don't know why, but even though I found the idea of sucking another man's dick exciting, it also made me feel uncomfortable. Lisa held Doug's cock before me while I cupped his balls. His head was rounded and bulbous, like some small exotic pink plum, and I could see a clear drop of pre-cum seeping from the tip as Lisa gently stroked him.

Playfully, Lisa brushed his cock against my mouth, leaving a trail of precum on my lips. "Go ahead," she said enticingly, "you know you want it." I hesitantly leaned forward and touched the velvety tip of his dick with my tongue... once, twice, then a tentative lick across the head.

This is it, I thought to myself. I was about to take another man's cock into my mouth for the first time. I took a deep breath as I looked over at Lisa. Then, gazing into my wife's blue eyes, I brought my lips to Doug's rigid shaft and began to run my tongue along the taut skin on the underside of his achingly erect penis, sliding my tongue slowly up and down its length. Lisa watched, spellbound, as I ran my tongue all over the ample surface of Doug's cock.

"You can do better than that," she said. "Open your mouth!"

The instincts that I had imagined in my fantasies took over. I moved closer and, for the very first time in my life, opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head of an erect cock as Lisa guided him into me. I could taste Doug's muskiness and a hint of cum. As I opened my lips Doug thrust forward very slowly and pushed the end of his cock all the way into my mouth. Above me I heard Doug moan gently as I swirled my tongue round the tip of his sensitive dick. His cock-head throbbed as I swirled my tongue back and forth along the underside, exploring another man's dick with my mouth, lips and tongue. Another cock, besides my own, which, at least for that one night, I was free to touch, fondle and taste as I pleased. It was incredible to realize that Doug enjoyed having me suck his dick. Feeling the way his cock swelled and throbbed in my mouth as I sucked him left no doubt!

With my lips I could feel the soft ridge where the head met his engorged shaft. "Mmmm" he moaned, as I swirled my tongue across his cock. I took him deep into my mouth, sliding his entire length into me and held him there with his pubic hair tickling my nose. My mind was reeling at what I was doing, and my own cock ached between my legs.

Then, slowly I slid back, letting him out of me, inch by inch, all the while moving my tongue along his silky shaft. Then down again, and up again, setting a rhythm. Occasionally, I would stop and hold his rigid cock and simply lick and swirl my tongue along him. Then back into my mouth, bringing him ever closer to orgasm. Doug's eyes were closed, and his mouth gaped open; his breathing ragged.

I looked over at Lisa and she smiled at me as she continued stroking Doug's dick and balls. He was hard and smooth and hot and my wife was stroking him into my mouth. I couldn't believe I was on my knees sucking another man's cock and my wife was helping!

Lisa leaned in and began to suck Doug's cock with me. I let his dick escape from my mouth. His gorgeous cock bobbed in the air for a moment before she wrapped her lips around it. We alternated sucking his dick for a few minutes, then we both ran our lips and tongues up and down his shaft at the same time, down to the root of his cock, then back up to the head, over and over again, licking and sucking and kissing. At the tip of his dick, our tongues intertwined as we licked his cock and kissed one another. I'll never forget the feeling of French kissing Lisa with the head of Doug's cock in both of our mouths.

My mouth left his cock and I lipped down to Doug's big balls, while Lisa continued sucking his dick. I licked his balls, first one and then the other, feeling the juice in them with my mouth and tongue. The hair on his balls tickled my lips and face. After a few minutes I trailed my lips back up to rejoin Lisa and she relinquished his cock, guiding him back into my mouth. I swirled my tongue all around the head and slurped at it while my fingers went up and down on his shaft. I started bobbing my head up and down going farther and farther down on his cock until he was again buried in my throat and I was swallowing his cock head.

Lisa had let go of my dick and was stroking Doug's cock into my mouth, while simultaneously rubbing her pussy with her other hand. Her fingers were a blur down between her legs, as she rubbed her clit. She moaned from the pleasure she was giving herself and I watched her shudder as she brought herself to another orgasm while I continued to suck Doug's beautiful cock. Pulling his dick from my mouth I whispered to Lisa, "You look like you need some help there... let's go to the bedroom!"

Lisa and I stood up. She reached out to Doug and me and encircled our cocks with her delicate fingers. With a dick in each hand, she led us back to the bedroom. The three of us laid on the bed, Doug and I on either side of my beautiful wife. We began caressing Lisa, rubbing our hands over her body, kissing her lips, neck and breasts. She smiled and murmured a contented sigh, feeling two men worship her, two pairs of hands exploring her beautiful body, two mouths licking, sucking and kissing her. Lisa has fantastic tits, and I love the way they pool on her chest when she lays on her back. I kissed her breasts, flicking her perky nipples with my tongue.

I moved back to kissing Lisa's sweet lips, and could still taste Doug's cock on her breath. Glancing down, I saw Doug cup her breast and draw a nipple into his mouth, sucking on her. He slid down her body, showering her with kisses, until he was kneeling between her legs at the end of the bed. She drew up her knees, revealing her pussy. I gasped, realizing that my wife was showing her beautiful pussy to another man for the first time in seventeen years.

"Please," Lisa moaned.

I knew how gorgeous her pussy looked, her wet lips pouting, engorged with excitement. Doug ran a fingertip along the cleft of her pussy, running it through her soft hair, over her clit, past her wet lips, right down to her bottom. She moaned softly as he touched her, and then more loudly as he repeated this tantalizing action, teasing and caressing.

Doug leaned forward and kissed her clit, a soft, gentle kiss. She pushed her hips up to him, wanting more, but he turned instead and kissed along the soft inside of her thigh. He licked and kissed his way from her inner thigh to her knee, soft, wet, teasing kisses. Then he worked his way back up, flicking his tongue across her clit before moving onto her other leg. He gently nibbled on the soft flesh of her thigh, feeling her legs pressing against him, her hips moving, urging him back towards her pussy.

Doug slipped his arms under her ass and around her legs, pulling her to his mouth as he pushed his tongue inside her hot entrance. Lisa cried out and her entire body shuddered as she felt Doug lick her clit, alternating between caressing it with his tongue, and sucking hard. Again she moaned as he ran his tongue along her pussy, over her clit, into her opening, over her lips, sucking them into my mouth.

He kissed and sucked and tormented Lisa, teasing her body as her orgasm built up inside her. I watched Lisa purse her lips as she concentrated on the pleasure he was giving her. It was incredibly sexy to see her so enraptured with pleasure. She was enjoying every minute of it, gasping and groaning as she thrust her dripping pussy up to meet Doug's tongue while I caressed her neck and kissed her lightly on the lips. She parted her lips and bit lightly on my lower lip. Suddenly, she put her hand on the back my head, and pulled me to her, simultaneously arching her hips up to grind her pussy against Doug's mouth and tongue. Doug held her tight, his tongue buried in her pussy, licking and sucking her. With a cry she came, her orgasm coursing through her body, her pussy throbbing against him. Gradually, she relaxed. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open. Her breathing was heavy, and her cheeks were flushed. I kissed her lips, and her eyes flew open. She smiled at me, and pulled me down to kiss me deeply, her tongue flickering across my lips.

"I want him inside of me," she said.

"Is it OK?" Doug asked me.

I couldn't believe it was happening! My stomach fluttered as I said, "Yes!"

Lisa spread her legs wide, and Doug climbed on top of her. He opened my wife's pussy lips with the head of his cock and slowly began to work his dick into her pussy. Lisa looked into my eyes as Doug entered her. I saw that instant of welcome in her eyes as he penetrated her inviting pussy. Her arms reached out for me and pulled my face to hers. We kissed softly and passionately, our tongues dancing as she shuddered with excitement. I watched as her legs lifted to wrap around his back. He was in deep, and she wasn't letting him out. I watched as my beautiful wife's facial expression change from passion to lustful desire as Doug thrust within her. Her lips parted and her eyes fluttered as her breaths came heavy and fast. Her breasts were flattened under Doug's chest, and her hand was grasping at the sheets.

I moved to the foot of the bed for a better view. I was transfixed at the sight of Doug's thick cock pulling out, and then slowly sliding into her pussy, stretching her lips wider and wider until he was balls-deep in my wife. The sight of my wife's pussy wrapped around another man's cock was so exciting and erotic I almost came right then! Lisa moaned as Doug slid his cock in and out of her slick pussy. In no time, Lisa was cumming around his thick shaft, her legs wrapped around Doug's back, shuddering and shaking with the pleasure of having his cock buried inside of her. After she came, Doug began to do her slowly, pulling his cock almost all of the way out, and then sliding all of the way back into my wife. With each outward stroke, her pussy lips clung to the shaft of his dick, leaving his cock wet and glistening with her juices.

I moved to the head of the bed again, and began kissing Lisa's lips, neck, and breasts while Doug continued to stuff her tight pussy with his dick. I caressed her breasts, her belly, and then reached down between her legs to feel where they joined. Her pussy was wet and slippery from her juices, and I slid a finger down either side of Doug's shaft as he pumped his dick in and out of my wife's eager pussy. The feeling of touching them both like that was indescribable. Lisa was shuddering and quivering to my touch, softly moaning through her parted lips, her eyes closed. At long last I was fulfilling my fantasy of seeing Lisa with another man and at the same time I had the unique and liberating freedom to touch and play with another man's cock... with my wife's approval and help.

Lisa reached out with one hand to grab my cock, her other hand on the back of Doug's neck, holding him tight to her breasts. Hearing her moans with each inward thrust and feeling her hand tighten and relax on my cock in time with their movement was incredibly erotic. I thought she was going to squeeze the head off of my dick!

I found her clit, rolling it under my fingertips, and Lisa went wild with lust. She began grinding her pussy onto Doug's cock, rocking her hips to meet his dick as he thrust into her, clutching at the bed sheets. Her legs curled around his body and tightened around him, trying to pull him deeper. She was moaning with every breath. She came, wrapped around his thick cock, as I rubbed her sensitive clit.

Doug couldn't hold out any longer. He pushed into Lisa's pussy as far as he could, then began a series of short, quick stokes, keeping his cock deep inside her while he came. With my fingers still on either side of his shaft I could feel his dick throbbing as he pumped his thick, creamy load deep into my wife's hot pussy. Thrust after thrust, and squirt after hot, thick squirt, he filled my wife's pussy with his sperm. I massaged and milked his dick as he slowly slid in and out of her, until his spent cock slipped from her body and my hand was all covered in their gooey juices.

Doug rolled off of Lisa, exhausted, his freshly fucked cock sliding out of my wife's cum filled pussy, all creamy and spent. But I knew she wasn't done yet. Lisa looked me right in the eyes, knowing what I was thinking, and opened her legs. Her pussy lips were spread wide, all rosy and flushed, and the entrance to her pussy was open. I could see the first hint of Doug's cum welling up from her depths. She squeezed, and a white dollop of Doug's sperm appeared at the entrance to her pussy. "Want to clean me up?" she asked. My heart leapt to my throat, and my cock was throbbing in time with my pulse. Speechless, and literally shaking with sexual excitement, I could only nod. My cock felt harder than it had ever been in my entire life.

I slid down between Lisa's wide open legs, my face level with her pussy, and breathed in deeply, savoring the musky scent emanating from her freshly filled pussy, a mixture of her own sweet pussy nectar and Doug's fresh, thick sperm. It may seem odd, but to me there's something incredibly erotic and desirable about a pussy or a cock all covered in gooey cum, still hot and sensitive from an orgasm. I stared at Lisa's sticky, sperm filled pussy, still wide open from being filled with Doug's cock. Her lips were swollen and puffy and stretched apart, revealing the pearly sperm inside of the wet pinkness of her juicy opening. Her fiery pubic hair was matted with semen and pussy juice. As Lisa opened her legs even wider, the first glob of Doug's thick white sperm rolled out of her pussy and down toward the tight rosebud of her bottom.

"I think it's time that you cleaned me up now," Lisa said assertively. Shuddering in anticipation, I caressed her pussy gently with my hands, and moved my face lower. I was worried that she would protest the moment my tongue met her bottom, but nonetheless I ran my tongue between the cleft of Lisa's buttcheeks until I found her tight little sperm-covered butthole. Boy, was I wrong! The moment my tongue flickered over her bottom, Lisa shuddered and rocked her hips back, exposing her butthole to my tongue. I couldn't believe my luck, as I probed and caressed her perfect rosebud bottom with my tongue, making sure not to miss a drop of Doug's semen. I ran my tongue around her tight bottom in circles, darting back and forth across her tender rosebud, scooping up Doug's cum with my tongue. It was salty and musky and bitter, and I loved it. Lisa writhed in pleasure as I rimmed another man's sperm from her bottom.

"Is this what you want?" she asked, squeezing her pussy muscles to reward me with another glob of Doug's sticky sperm. I licked upward, and slid my tongue into her opening, eating Doug's warm, gooey cum from my wife's beautiful pussy. As my tongue made contact with the wet folds of her sensitive flesh, Lisa let out a low moan. I lapped Doug's semen from her, licking up and down her pussy, fluttering across her swollen clit and then going back down to where Doug had just been deep inside her, depositing his thick, hot sperm, and licked at their juices leaking out of her. I kissed, licked and slurped Doug's cum from my wife's overflowing pussy. I couldn't believe how much semen was inside of her; Doug must have shot an enormous load. There was so much cum leaking from her pussy that I was forced to swallow several times. I pushed my tongue into her opening as deep as I could, swirling it around her entrance as Doug's cum welled up from her depths, then eagerly gulping down the mixture of their juices, feeling the hot spermy juices coating my tongue and mouth as I felt his cum slide down my throat.

I slid one finger into Lisa's pussy, then another. Doug's cum had made her very slippery, and I could feel his gooey sperm oozing around my fingers as I slid them in and out of her pussy. At the same time, I flicked my tongue back and forth across Lisa's engorged clit. She began to grind her pussy against me, and shuddered to another glorious orgasm.

"I want you inside of me," Lisa said. I lifted my head from between her legs and kissed my way up her body until I was on top of her. Grasping my dick, I parted her pussy lips and positioned it at her opening. Lisa's pussy was still relaxed and open from having Doug's cock inside of her, and I easily slid into her warm creamy interior. The combination of their juices was incredibly exciting. Lisa's pussy had never been so slippery. Doug's cum coated her walls, and as I pushed in I could feel the wetness of his sperm and her pussy juice ooze out around my cock. When I pulled my dick almost all of the way out, it was covered with a thin layer of their juices, and as I thrust in I could feel it gushing out onto my balls. The feeling of Doug's cum lining the insides of Lisa's silky pussy had me trembling with desire. Excess semen spilled out of her and down her ass cheeks. I grabbed Lisa's hips and tried to just slowly stroke in and out of her, but I had to hold still so that I wouldn't immediately cum.

Doug caressed Lisa's breasts, cupping them in his hands and lightly tickling her nipples. Lisa moaned in pleasure as he lowered his head to her breasts, kissing her nipples while I resumed gliding in and out of her wet pussy. I looked down between her legs and watched my dick, coated with another man's semen, plunge in and out of my wife's pussy. Each time I withdrew, it pulled out more and more of his cum, leaving a large wet stain on our sheets underneath Lisa's ass. The only sounds were our heavy breathing and the soft, wet noises of our love making.

Doug knelt beside us and slipped his hand down between Lisa's legs. Suddenly, she was thrusting hard against me. He had found her clit, rolling it under his fingers, and occasionally I could feel his finger tips brushing the top of my cock as I slid in and out of my beautiful wife's pussy. Lisa ground her wet, slippery pussy against me as she came, and the feeling of Doug's fingers caressing us both where we joined only heightened the experience.

Lisa reached out and encircled Doug's stiffening dick with her fingers as I continued making love to her. She began to rhythmically squeeze Doug's cock in time with my thrusts, and soon his dick was once again standing straight out from his body. Doug moved to kneel beside us at the head of the bed. "You can suck it again if you want," he said to me.

Pausing with my dick still buried in Lisa's sopping pussy, I took Doug's cock in my hand. Once more, I felt his hardness, sliding my fingers slowly and gently around it. His dick felt so solid and yet soft to the touch at the same time. All I wanted to do was take it in my mouth, but instead I moved my mouth down and slowly licked and sucked his balls, while gently rubbing him with my hand. He groaned quietly as I gently sucked one of his soft orbs into my mouth. After licking and kissing his soft, smooth sac all over, I slowly ran the flat of my tongue back and forth across his rigid cock shaft and up to the crown.

Lisa reached up and held him in her hand while I flicked my tongue around the head of his cock. I licked under the ridge of his bulbous cock head, and up onto the wet eye, tasting the residual traces of Lisa's pussy nectar and the load of semen he had just deposited inside of her, mixed together with the pre-cum that had begun to leak from his straining cock. I swirled my tongue around and around the head all the while thinking I am doing it...I am licking another man's dick and it feels and tastes so good. Then I slowly wrapped my lips around the head of Doug's beautiful cock and slid down his length, filling my mouth once more with his velvety hardness.

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