tagErotic CouplingsBisexual Holiday Discovery Ch. 02

Bisexual Holiday Discovery Ch. 02


After a little while Bill said he was going to see if Joan was alright and left John and me sitting by the pool.

"Right, now he's gone, tell me what you were really up to earlier." John said turning to face me.

"Ok but could you put some sun cream on for me before I start burning." I said laying face down on the lounger.

Kneeling beside me he undid my bikini top and began rubbing suntan cream on my back with one hand whilst his other started massaging my ass, pulling the bikini bottom up into my crack, exposing both tight cheeks to the warmth of the sun.

"Well?" He said impatiently kneading my soft flesh.

"Well, you know you've always fancied a threesome; well I think all your fantasies are about to come true." I began telling him how we had sucked each other's cunts.

"Fucking, hell, tell me more, you actually sucked her cunt?" He asked working his hand slowly down my back.

Hearing a slight noise I looked over to see Bill stepping quietly out from the lounge holding a glass of iced water to stand behind the pool tree, dodging behind it when he thought he had been seen. I had just enough time to see he was now clad only in a pair of shorts and for his benefit I groaned loudly as John's fingers dug into my fleshy buttocks.

"Tell me all about her." He urged.

My breathing got deeper, as he massaged my ass with both hands, and I squirmed with passion as he reached up and pulled the bikini bottom down. Raising my hips I allowed him to pull them down and off and I turned my head and smiled at him whilst out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of Bill pushing his shorts down. For the first time I caught sight of his large, uncircumcised cock as it sprang free. It looked as though it was about 8 inches long and very thick with his balls hanging loose in their sac as he pulled his foreskin back and forth watching John working the cream up and down the crack of my ass, slipping his fingers into my dripping pussy. Getting up on my knees, so that Bill would see my large breasts swaying naked for the first time with the nipples jutting out. Twisting around I pulled John's shorts down and moved to one side so that Bill would see his erection. Now not worried whether I could see him, I saw his eyes drop to look at John's swinging erection. He seemed fascinated by the sight of John's cock which isn't as thick and at least 2 inches shorter than his own, which I continued stroking.

Turning around again I slipped my fingers between my legs, spreading my moist labia and panted "Fuck me ......" loud enough so that Bill could hear and pushed back impaling my cunt on his cock and fucking him wildly, slamming against him. Mumbling and moaning loudly I kept rubbing my pussy as he grabbed hold of my hips and began thrusting hard and fast, keeping up my frantic pace. Looking over my shoulder I could see the utter lust and satisfaction on John's face as he thrust wildly with his hips. Every so often he withdrew his cock from my sopping cunt and rubbed the head on my clit and then down until it rubbed over my twitching rosebud and for a moment I thought he was going to fuck my ass. Suddenly I heard a muffled cry and looked directly at Bill, who was frantically pulling on his glistening cock, and our eyes met for the first time. Smiling at him I ran my tongue over my lips and went back to pushing back on to John's cock which had now returned to my cunt, trying to help him go deeper, and making primeval sounds of pleasure as we both came together.

After a few moments he pulled out and rolled me over and lay on top of me rubbing his wet shaft that was still cumming between my breasts, as my hand frantically rubbed my clit. Easing out from below him I rolled him over onto his back and positioned myself so that Bill would have a clear view and engulfed his now semi flaccid cock in my mouth sucking on him like a woman possessed. His hand was rubbing our mixed cum over my stomach and thighs, as I writhed beside him letting his cock slip from my mouth to lick his balls. Reaching down he guided my head back to his cock, and feeling his fingers slipping between my legs I eagerly sucked on him.

Moving back, his cock again fell from my lips, as reached out and pulled me closer until he sucked my clit into his mouth tasting my juices along with his own cum.

Pushing me back onto the warm poolside slabs he push my legs up and back until my knees were almost touching my nipples and he sucked and lapped at my flowing pussy making me cum over and over again.

Pulling him by the back of his head I dragged him up, our wet bodies sliding against each other until our tongues entwined in a passionate kiss. We lay like that for several moments, and then collapsed next to each other, trying to recover.

Through half open eyes I could see precum oozing over Bill's fingers as he still pulled on his own throbbing cock and he was almost cumming himself.

"Hey, don't move quickly or say anything, just look over towards the lounge door!" I whispered in John's ear.

Just then we both saw Bill freeze with his raging cock in his fist as his wife demanded "What the hell are you doing"? Joan demanded looking over his shoulder just in time to see me take John's cock in my mouth again.

We both heard him stammer "Couldn't help it......, I couldn't take my eyes off them".

"I can see you enjoyed the show" she said reaching down to stroke his now flaccid drooping cock.

"C'mon tell me all about it" she said dropping to her knees. "Tell me everything!" She said taking his semi limp cock between her lips. In an instant he was hard again as she sucked on his dome until suddenly she stopped and insisted "tell me what they did or I won't eat you".

As he told her what he had seen she must have remembered what I had told her and started sucking and squeezing his balls before one of her fingers slowly slid between his legs to stroke his tight rosebud.

She looked across at both of us watching intently and smiled when he couldn't hold back any longer and exploded in a rush, all at once, shooting his hot cum into her mouth.

Pulling him down she thrust her tongue into his mouth and for the first time he tasted his own cum that coated hers and the inside of her mouth.

"Wow! You just kept coming and coming!" She said breathlessly.

He knelt next to her, holding her close to him and I saw her cheeks, chin and neck were covered in his thick white cum where it had leaked from her mouth.

Bill could hardly believe his ears when she blurted out "Please! Suck my tits and make me cum! I need you so much!"

His hands cupped and squeezed her breasts, tugging on her nipples sending her into raptures of pleasure as he sucked the nipples into his mouth.

"Oooohhh don't stop"! We heard her cry out "I'm cumming.... Suck harder......!" He continued sucking as his hand moved down to find her shaven pubes.

"When did you do this?" he gasped pulling away but couldn't say anything further as she pulled his lips back to her nipples. Her hand wandered down and guided his fingers back to part her already wet labia.

"Aaaahh......!" She cried out louder, writhing with the flush of her first cum.

Tell me when you did this"? He pleaded as his fingers traced over her shaven pubes.

"We did it whist you were scuba diving!" She said trying to push his head down between her legs.

"We, what do you mean? What do you mean "we", tell me!" He insisted.

"Oh please! Suck my clit and make me cum"!

"Tell me" he said flicking her clit with his finger.

"Oooohhh.....Sue did it! Now suck me"! She cried out frantically.

His face was a picture of astonishment as obviously the thought of the two of us together. Knowing Joan had told me that she had never liked the idea of two women together, let alone letting one as close as we had obviously got almost made him cum again.

"Lick me. Eat me. Suck me!" She cried out loudly as she squeezed her tits together offering them to him.

Using his tongue to probe every inch of her from her clit to the edge of her cunt lips, he eagerly lapped her flowing juices. She was so wet that I could see it running down his cheeks like water, coating his neck with her cum. Thrusting against his face until he grabbed her ass and slipped one finger from each hand into her cunt, letting her push against his intruding fingers. Her hips rocked intensely against his mouth and tongue. Using his hands and fingers he pulled her open, as she thrust against them. She cried out, sobbing that she was coming, her hips shuddered and she climaxed long and hard. As she lay panting his arms bent her legs back and wide as he plunged his cock into her drenched cunt thrusting hard and deep, hearing her gasp and moan he began to fuck her long, deep and hard.

"Fuck me"! She cried out, holding her legs back as his hips moved with abandon, his hard cock slamming into her upturned pussy hard and fast.

Her legs came down suddenly as she climaxed again, forcing herself away from his cock and lay there shuddering, his cock springing free spurting on her mons, stomach and thighs. He lifted her legs, stroking his cock with his hands against her thighs and labia as the flow of cum increased and his cum spurted again.

"Yeeeez! I'm cumming again!" he yelled, his whole body shuddering.

"Cum all over me!" She yelled back as her hands found her pussy frantically rubbing herself, trying to cum again as he sprayed her face, breasts and stomach with jets of cum.

She smiled and cuddled closer, her head on his chest, one leg draped over him as they kissed, happy and content just being together. Feeling eyes on him Bill looked over to see me with John standing behind me, his hand cupping one breast as I stroked my shaven pussy. I was mesmerized by the size of his cock, although now wilting it still looked as big as John's when fully erect and I was almost drooling at the thought of it fucking me. I glanced back towards John and was surprised to see him staring straight at Bill's cock as well.

"Interested?" I asked smiling at him.

"Hum, what you talking about?" he replied slightly startled.

"Looks really suckable, don't you think?" I said squeezing his cock.

Without waiting for a reply I carried on "Why stop at a threesome? Lets make it a foursome and perhaps you could suck him!"

"Come on lets leave them to it and you can tell me what she was telling him about her shaven pussy and exactly what you just said." He said squeezing a little harder.

"Ok, I don't know whether it's the holiday or what, but she seemed to go mad after asking me to rub suntan cream on her back. Before I knew it her top was off and I was caressing her breasts and we were in all over each other. I couldn't help myself and wanted for the first time to make love to a woman" I said following him onto the beach.

"Jeezze" was all he said "go on, I want to hear all about it" he said rubbing his erection again

Without leaving anything out I told him everything that had happened "that's it, your fantasy come true" I said gripping his hand and squeezing hard whilst dragging his foreskin back.

"Want to do it again"? He asked, his voice sounded if he didn't know what answer he really wanted to hear.

"Ummm, yeah if you don't mind and I pretty sure Joan will be up for it. I don't really understand what's happened to her, she's completely changed. Well you saw her just now."

"Yeah, do you think I could watch and maybe join in?" He said as his cock sprayed me with more cum.

"What makes you think she would want to or that I would?" I replied and saw the look of pure dismay come over his face. "Perhaps if you and Bill also joined in, maybe" I added.

"Hope so" he just said and I wasn't sure exactly what he meant.

"You mean you wouldn't mind me sucking Bill whilst you were with Joan"? I asked.

"Umm..., yeah I suppose so, if that's what you fancy too" he quickly answered,

"I know Bill can't take his eyes off your tits and I think he fancies you"

Blushing I didn't know what to say and fell silent.

"Well"? Do you want to suck his cock"? He carried on.

Smiling I replied "Only if you want me to."

"No, you tell me what you want!"

"Well.......... "

"Ok let's see what happens" he said leaning over to kiss me.

"Ok, but can I ask you something?" I cuddled into him.

"What's that?" he replied hugging me, my breasts squashing against his chest.

"Um, haven't you ever wondered what it would be like feeling another guy's cock?" I cautiously asked not knowing how he would react.

He didn't say anything for some time then just said "Yeah, I must admit that I have often thought what' it like to be to hold a hard, throbbing, pulsating cock in my hand, in my mouth and even have the courage to take my anal virginity."

"Wow!" was all I could say trying to fully take in what he had just admitted.

"To feel it stiffen in your fingers. Feel it expanding in your mouth as you suck it with your lips, and tease it with your tongue? And, Jesus, what's it like when another man shoots his stuff, cumming loads of his hot wonderful cream right in my mouth, all over my tongue. Yes, I have wondered what its like! Now I suppose you think I'm gay!"

"Of course I don't! Not just after telling you about be making love to Joan" I responded.

"Thanks." He mumbled as I thrust my tongue in his mouth and when we broke apart I said "I really hope Bill will be up for it because the thought of you sucking his hard cock is really turning me on. Here, feel." Guiding his hand to my wet cunt I entwined his finger with mine and thrust it as deep as I could.

Suddenly a shadow loomed over us and we were interrupted by Joan.

"Hey you guys, Bill wants to see if he can hire a car so that we can go over to that restaurant he was told about. He's sorting out his license, here's a towel if you think you need it." She said tossing a towel down.

As we looked up she made sure that we saw her shaven pubes and pussy as she was pulling up her bikini bottom.

"We're OK as we are, aren't we John" I said beginning to get up and taking the towel away from him noticing with satisfaction that her gaze was on his swaying still erect cock.

"That's nice" she said without taking her eyes off him "though I suppose you should put these on when you go with him" she continued offering him his discarded shorts.

Kissing him goodbye I watched as he strode off to find Bill.

Stepping closer Joan took the towel, and began rubbing my breasts before lowering her head to suck them with great gusto making my pussy instantly dripping wet again.

"Wow, you were so right about blowing Bill, did you see what happened? He's never ever kissed or played with my nipples like that before and did you see the amount of cum he kept shooting?" she enthused as she pulled away from my nipple.

"Yes, I felt quite jealous" I replied, thinking that I would test the waters as they say.

"From what Bill told me, John really fucked you."

"Yeah but don't forget that you made sure that I saw Bills mighty cock and it is quite a bit bigger" I laughed.

"Well there's enough to go around, that's if it's not too big for you." She mischievously laughed.

"Just give me the chance." I retorted.

"Ok, that's settled, now come here I want to make love to you again" she said holding her arms out.

As we relaxed afterwards she asked "Did you mention anything to John about our thoughts of all of getting together?"

"He's certainly up for it, what about Bill?"

"I thought he was going jump on you there and then and it was all I could do to stop him" she smiled.

"Great, I know John can't wait to see us together but I don't see that they should be the only ones to put on a show, do you?" I probed.

She looked mystified and just said "I don't get what you mean, I want to make love to you as much as I can."

"What I mean is, what's good for the goose goes is same for the gander and they should put on a show for us". I replied looking her directly in the eyes.

"You mean they should wank and shoot off for us?" She said disbelievingly.

"Well why not; wouldn't you like to see them cum together?" I posed.

"I suppose it could be interesting." She replied.

"Have you never asked or wondered if Bill felt like holding another guys cock?" I exclaimed getting slightly aggravated.

"No never, he's never even wanked himself in front of me!" she snapped.

"Hey, don't get angry. Everybody wanks, so we know he does and I bet he's probably thought about another guy's cock and he was certainly looking at John's earlier." I said putting my finger to her lips to stifle her protest and carried on "John was telling me how he would like to feel a cock stiffen in his fingers and feel and tease it with his tongue making it cum right in his mouth. I'm sure he would have told me more but you interrupted us. He's not gay, just like thousands of us; remember why should they be any different to you or me?"

"I guess not, it's just that I've never thought about it before and never made love to another woman until today, so I suppose its going to take some time to get used to it" she answered thoughtfully.

"Did Bill like you feeling his ass?"

"Umm yes, his cock seemed to get harder and he actually seemed to try and get me to fuck him" she said remembering.

"Well then, anything is possible isn't it?" I smiled.

"Let go and get ready for the meal" she replied wandering off towards the villa.

To be continued

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