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Last Friday night I met this girl Katy at a club, a cracking little number. We got talking and she invited me back to her house, On the way back in the taxi she said that she had come out because she had her brother staying with her and he was having a few mates over for some fun. She went on to tell me that her brother had just split with his wife because she had found out that he was bisexual. “I have known for years he likes cock, who can blame him there is nothing better than sucking on a nice cock.” She said. With that she reached down to my crouch and squeezed my cock that was all ready getting hard.

Arriving back at her house we went into the living room there where seven guys sat around watching a video, which they had paused when we entered the room. Katy introduced me to her brother David and he introduced me to his friends Paul, Mike, Steve, Mark, Jason and Kevin. Katy then led me up stairs to her bedroom and told me to undress. Well I didn’t need asking twice I was naked and lying on her bed in a flash. She came over to the bed and grasped my cock hard, “Your mine, got it?” she said squeezing my cock so hard she brought tears to my eyes.

With that she went over to the dresser opened one of the drawers and took out some rope, she then told me to lie with my bottom just over the edge of the bed. I did as she had told me, she then tide me down. I remember thinking to myself that she must have done this before, because she seamed to know exactly how to tie me so that I could not move an inch. I was so hard I wanted to cum but she just finished tying me to the bed then moved over towards the dresser and got undressed. Wow she was something else, legs that went on forever. A nice little shaven pussy and the best tits I have ever seen.

She then climbed on top of me facing my cock and sat on my face, “Lick it Bitch,” she said, grinding her shaven pussy into my mouth. She smelt so sweet and tasted even sweeter as I lapped at her pussy. “You are going to be my slave, got it?” she said. “Yes” I replied as best I could, its hard trying to talk when your mouth is full of pussy. “That’s yes miss” she yield as she ground down hard onto my face. At that point I thought I was going to pass out. If only I had.

Katy then lent forward and took the full length of my throbbing cock into her mouth, she expertly sucked it up and down taking it deeper than any girl I have ever known. It wasn’t long until I got that feeling in my balls and they tightened, God I was going to cum, just then my whole body tightened up and I shot a huge load of cum into Katy’s mouth squirt after squirt until there was no more. With that Katy span around squeezed my cheeks to open my mouth and spat all my cum into my open mouth. Covering my mouth and nose with her hand she told me to swallow. Witch I had no choice but to do if I wanted to breathe again any time soon. I had never tasted cum before and it was a bit salty but I just quickly swallowed it as I was told. Katy then removed her hand and said “Good boy, hope you liked that because your going to be my little cum eater weather you like it or not. Aren’t you slut?” “Yes miss I replied, not quite knowing what she meant by that.

Katy then got up went over and opened the door and to my horror in walked her brother and hiss mates completely naked. “He is all yours” she said, coming back over to the bed. She climbed onto the bed and sat next to me, “Come on guys this cum slut has got some work to do if he wants to fuck me.” “Do you want to fuck me slut?” she said, “yes miss I replied.” “well be a good boy and do as you are told and you will get to fuck me later. Ok?” “Yes miss” I said.

Just then one of the guys put his cock in my mouth, “Suck it bitch” he told me, I have never even touched another guys cock before and here I was with one in my mouth and six more waiting. I sucked up and down this guys cock, it was so big my mouth was finding it hard to accomadate all of it. I could feel my cock starting to get hard and I couldn’t help my self but I was actuly starting to like this, just then I felt a mouth close around my cock. Man this guy could suck cock better than even Katy and boy could she suck. Just then the guy with his full length in my mouth started cumming and cumming, I had trouble trying to swallow it all as it shot in to my mouth so hard and fast. “well he is a good cock sucker boys whos next….

Bye the end of the night I had swallowed so much cum and been but fucked over and over again, But I enjoyed it really and best of all I got to fuck Katy.

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