tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBitch Control Vol. 01

Bitch Control Vol. 01


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

Bright sunlight pierced through the window of a car moving down the street. A man sat in the driver's seat, behind the wheel and a pair of dark sunglasses as he made the drive through Downtown L.A. His next stop was a gym that went by the name of Tight 'N Fit. His job depended on the gym with a funny name. Most of his life had been dedicated to eventually reaching the role as a personal trainer where he would make his living from fitness, something that the man loved. Joe Murdock was that man. Though California was not his home state, fate had tipped the scale in his favor to make a living there. He was a former athlete who turned fitness trainer. This was the safe route to go with his life after suffering some knee injuries playing college basketball. A shattered knee completely ruined what he had hoped would be a career in the NBA.

Joe earned his first nickname around work as 'Duke' from the fact he used to play at the famous university of the Blue Devils. His other nickname was 'Big Joe' due to his height. He was a Center on the team with a dominating height of 6"8. He was just 22 years old in the year of 2006 when he blew his knee and ended his college career. It came in a game during March Madness playoff season against LSU. They went on to lose that game but the damage was enough to end his hopes for entering the NBA draft. After suffering the injury, he finished his scholarship in marketing and moved out to California. Coming from a poor family, the scholarship he earned to an elite college came entirely from playing basketball in high school. It took a few years to get over the depression of having his hopes and dreams crushed, but Joe learned to move on and enjoy new things in life.

Now he was a man at 34 years old, living a good life in Los Angeles. Joe was able to still channel his love of basketball as a personal trainer. He worked with athletes for a few years, training up and coming rookies and D league players for a year before he landed the job at Tight 'N Fit. The gym was a high roller, fancy and only for those that had money deep in their pockets to pay premium for private work outs and trainers. Joe found himself working with women more than men in the past year. Every now and then, there was a young trainer who had to be taught the rules and introduced into the job. Today however, was a special day. He had a job with someone who would be a dream come true for anyone to work with.

Super model Kate Upton had come into Tight 'N Fit just a few days ago requesting a private trainer. Joe gladly took the job. It would have been a dream for most men in the country, to be able to work alongside the most famous model in America right now. Kate was easily the most high profile client he had received as of today. Before her, the most pleasure he had was working with some no-name NBA players and a few rookies. Occasionally, a player for the Lakers dropped into the gym but gone were the days when they won championships. He smiled to himself while pulling his car into the parking lot of the building. He had his own personal parking space in the back, just like anyone else who worked there. His car was a white Lamborghini Diablo. A speed demon of a car just to show off his wealth.

Stepping outside the car, the hot air could be felt over his face. Joe sighed and ran his hand through his short brown hair before he shut the door and went walking to the entrance. The security guards just smiled at him, as they knew he was a regular face. He wore a pair of jeans and a yellow shirt. His arms may not have been huge, but he still had strength in his muscles. Joe walked in and made his way around the desk before one of the assistants came walking towards him.

"Joe, you've got a visitor waiting outside your office."

"Thanks, I'll get to it right away."

That visitor had to be Kate Upton. Joe had met with her yesterday when she came to the gym requesting a personal trainer. He did not trade phone numbers with her as she had not signed the paper work yet to become his client. Kate told him yesterday she would return for that, and he figured that's why she was back. Walking through the lobby, he seen the blonde model sitting in a chairing waiting in the room. She wore a black T-shirt and some yoga pants with her hair curled up in a pony tail. He waved to her and smiled.

"Miss. Upton, is that you?"

She turned to look at him, her pony tail whipping about.

"Hey, Mr. Murdock! Happy to see you made it in time."

"Of course, I wouldn't miss this day if my life depended on it. Come on, Kate! Step right into my office, this way."

He gave her a reassuring smile as she raised herself from the chair and followed him out of the lobby and down the hall. His office was on the left side with a big name plate that simply said 'Murdock' on it. On the opposite side was a door that said 'Johnson', one of the other trainers. He and Kate walked into the office room and she looked around. The room was fixed in white paint on the walls with a big black marble stone desk. His desk had a number of notebooks and files while his walls were decorated in photos She looked around and noticed pictures of him in what appeared to be college basketball. His degree from Duke was framed on the wall next to the photos. While she was distracted at the frames hanging up, Joe sat behind his desk and went through the contract files. Kate spoke up while he flipped through the paper work.

"Wow, you played basketball in college?"

"Yeah, that's from a long time ago."

She studied the photos and then gasped.

"Oh, you went to Duke!"

"Yes I did, Miss. Upton. Everyone around here calls me that as my nickname."

Kate turned around and smiled at him while he laid the paper down on the desk. She moved to sit down in front of the desk and grabbed the contract in her hands. Joe spoke again.

"Have a full read through of it before you sign it. Who knows? You might be calling me Duke too not before long."

She gave him a smirk before her eyes fixated over the piece of paper. Everything read as a legal form to the Tight 'N Fit gym on the first few paragraphs. It wasn't until Kate made it to the bottom did she see the demands for the personal trainers. Everything read as a stock contract, nothing exactly personalized whatsoever. Her first thought was that all trainers must have the same contract. It granted her complete control of her diet and choices for work out exercises. Each trainer was assigned his or her own private gym according to the paper. Kate read it over and then reached for a pen on his desk and signed it. Joe sat back listening to the pen sign over the dotted line on the phone. Once she was done, she lay the piece of paper on his desk and Joe smiled back at her.

"I guess you have no questions or anything since you went on and signed it. Welcome to Tight 'N Fit."

Shaking her head, Kate laughed.

"No! I've already made the payment arrangements too before you came in. So with signing the deal, I think you will be my new personal trainer now, Mr. Murdock."

"Oh please, call me Joe."

"Call me Kate!"

He held his hand over the desk for them both to reach out and shake hands together. After breaking apart the hand shake, Joe looked back at her and smiled.

"Do you have any plans when you want to begin work outs yet?"

"Yeah, I want to come in tomorrow and work with you."

Joe slowly got up from his chair while sliding out the drawer from the bottom. Inside contained keys and various other items. He went through until he found the key for his personal gym. It was silver with the number '8' on it. He sat it on the desk for Kate.

"This is the key to my private gym, I'm sure you read that part in the contract."

She nodded her head while grabbing a hold of the key. Joe continued speaking.

"You can come in any time as long as it's on the hours of the gym. There will be no one inside but you and I. If any janitors come in and you don't want them, tell them to get the hell outta there. Understood?"

Kate giggled at his words, informing her she could kick the janitors out.

"Yeah, I got it. You're gonna be showing up too right? I don't want to be all alone in there."

"Of course! I'm your trainer now, I will definitely be there."

"Great, I'll see you tomorrow morning Joe!"

The buxom blonde super model got up and moved to the door. Her hair waving around in a ponytail as she went for the door and made an exit from his office. Back in the lobby, a black man came through the front door with a duffel bag in his hands and a pair of expensive red headphones tucked over his ears. The man wore a suit in a black jacket with one button over a white shirt and then white pants down on his legs. He walked through the lobby as the blonde super model passed him up. As she walked by, the man stopped and turned to look over his head. He knew exactly who she was, for he was another trainer at the gym. Sam Johnson laughed to himself and continued walking, grabbing the headphones from his head to pull them down to his neck. The black man smiled big when he looked at Joe.

"You got her signed up, huh?"

Joe looked at Sam confused.


The other man just rolled his eyes.

"Come on, man. Did you just have a brain fart? You know what I'm talking about!"

He looked back and laughed. By now, Kate was long out the door.

"Oh, yeah! I got her down on contract, I'm officially her trainer now as of today."

Sam smirked, turning his head to look at the empty doorway and then back at Joe.

"Lucky man. I'd give anything to have Kate Upton as my next client."

"Oh, don't worry Sam. I'll get her to sign an autograph for you."

Joe laughed at his own joke. He and Sam liked to go back and forth trying to aggravate one another. They were good friends, easily Joe's closest in the past two years since Sam began to work at the gym.

"I ain't gonna spoil all the fun you're going to have with that busty chick. Who knows? Maybe in the near future I'll get lucky to land someone like her as my next client."

"It don't hurt to dream, I'll give you that."

The two men walked off together. Joe had turned around to head back down the hall and into the offices. Outside the lobby was the main gym where anyone could apply membership and enjoy what the business had to offer. It was up in the top floors that had the private areas for the premium membership with a personal trainer. There was three private gyms where two of the personal trainers had their own playground and all the tools necessary at their disposal. Joe figured after the meeting with Kate, he would close shop and head back home to relax. It would be the second day he had to get it through his mind, that his new client was the most famous super model in the country right now.



The doors to the gym opened at 10 AM, just half an hour before lunch break on the work schedule. Kate arrived at 10:38 accurately on her watch. She had a small meal before heading out to the gym. The buxom blonde super model came in wearing a white shirt and matching yoga pants with a pair of neon green sneakers over her feet. In her hand, she came with her iPod and a pair of headphones. It was obvious that Joe had not arrived yet as she checked out at the front desk and then headed to the elevator to take the next floor up. The key he had given her yesterday was tucked into her pocket. Once the elevator made it up, she looked over the rooms in the hall and found the one that said 'Murdock' on it.

Sliding the key into the door, Kate took a step back as she opened the door forward and looked into the room. Bright lights shined from the big dark glass windows on the right side of the room. She had seen the windows from outside the building, but didn't quite guess that they covered the private gyms. She closed the door behind her before she began to walk about, observing the room in front of her eyes. The room was large in size, but was at least 1/4th the size of the main gym downstairs. The room contained all the equipment necessary in numbers greater than one: weight benches, utility benches, squat racks, pull up bars, purple and yellow exercise balls, cycle bikes and only a single treadmill. There was a wide variety of useful items, Kate simply looked around as she walked around the room. On the floor remained two large black mats, obviously there for comfort when working on the floor.

Off in the corner of the room opposite of the windows, she noticed a large white chair and a foot stand. Below it sat a white mat, which appeared to be some sort of relaxing zone she guessed that he used. In the same corner was a matching white couch. Up above the couch, she seen glanced at a few large picture frames. One of them contained an NBA jersey, purple with a white #34. Over it was the signature and the name 'O'Neal'. Right next to the framed jersey was a picture of Joe himself with Shaquille O'Neal, she laughed after walking away from the corner. While she walked around the room, she peeked out the tall glass windows. Looking her blue eyes down on the streets of traffic moving and pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. In that instance, she heard the door move and then turned her head.

"Joe, is that you?"

The man stepped into the room. He wore a pair of sweat pants and a blue T-shirt as he came in. Kate walked forward to him and he smiled.

"Yes, good morning Kate."

"Good morning to you!"

"I see you've made it before me, you like the place?"

She nodded at him while smiling.

"Yeah, I was just looking around. I saw your picture up on the wall with Shaq. I'm guessing that was your idol when you played basketball?"

He laughed and nodded his head.

"Correct guess! I played Center position, the big man was my favorite player growing up."

Placing her hands on her hips, she gave him a little smirk before responding.

"Pretty funny that you are some Lakers fan and ended up in L.A. to work. That must feel kinda like a dream come true, huh?"

With a laugh, Joe nodded.

"Well, that's how it goes sometimes. Coincidences in life can lead you places. My dad watched the Show Time teams of the 80's with Kareem and Magic. To be honest with you, I didn't become a fan until Shaq came along."

Joe flashed her a wink but Kate just smirked.

"How lucky of you, Joe."

"Well, yeah anyways...Let's get down to the real business!"

Looking at Kate, he raised his hands and clapped them together as he looked back at her.

"Come along, this way."

He stepped forward, walking her to the right side of the room back near the door. Kate had not even noticed a second door in the room. He opened it, walking her inside what was a mini-hall way in marble floor and white paint on the walls. There was a fancy bathroom behind another door with a large sink and mirror. The main part of the hallway had two large lockers. Kate watched as Joe grabbed the metal name plate from the locker. The one on the left had his last name in a plate on it. There was a small desk at the end of the hall with some paperwork, books and schedules on it. Above the desk was a microwave and small refrigerator mounted on the wall with a few photos hanging up by magnets. Kate just watched his every move. He fixed the nameplate and then came back, placing it into the handle of the locker. She read 'Upton' on the plate and then smiled back to him.

"Oh, nice. So I get my own locker huh?"

"Yeah, you can come back here and change clothes and whatever. There's also a shower to your left, right in there."

As he pointed his finger, Kate looked into an open doorway that led into a large shower room. The floors were beautiful, sparkly white marble and with ten large sprayers. The room was at least big enough to hold a dozen people all together. She stepped back into the room while she watched Joe open the locker and take his shirt off. From that moment, Kate got a clear view at his chest as she watched him change into a muscle shirt. After he changed, he looked over at her and nodded.

"Come on Kate, let's get started."

"So you're gonna be working out with me?"

"Yeah, for sure. What would be the point of you paying me as a trainer if I didn't share the room with you?"

They walked out of the little room and returned to the gym. Kate just smirked at him before winking.

"I like that, it's easier when I have the trainer working alongside me."

"So what do you wanna do first, Kate? We gotta set up a schedule and all that, your routine work out."

"I like to start the day off jogging."

"Well, what about we use the bikes?"

Kate nodded her head.

"I would love to start with them, let's go for it!"

Joe moved to set up the cycle bikes for them both. It was the perfect way to begin the daily work out. It took a few minutes to get situated, but once they did, the clock had started on a work out session. Kate used her iPod to listen to some music while her feet pushed down the petals and she moved on the stationary cycling bike. She listened to a few Hip Hop songs, as well as old pop songs from the mid 2000's while she rode the cycle for the next hour. Since this was the first day, Joe usually allowed his client to set up their own workout routine how they seen fit. He didn't care, for he was getting paid to do all of this. He and Kate went on to spend an hour with the cycling bikes and then it was time for some new work outs.

Squats and push ups were done between the two of them side by side on the mat. Like Joe had promised, he did every exercise with Kate to keep them even as trainer and client. Later on, they broke out the exercise balls to do some stability exercises. Joe showed her a number of routine exercises that Kate already was experienced with through using a ball. She did variations, five small work outs to pass two hours in time. Before calling it a day, she had to discuss with him how she preferred to use a treadmill while lifting small weights. Before calling it a day, Joe offered to take Kate out for some food which she agreed. As her trainer, he felt he was already beginning to grow a friendship with the beautiful super model.



The bright daylight burned with intensity in the sky by the afternoon over L.A. Joe sighed while he jogged down the sidewalk with Kate at his side. Her hair was wrapped up in a ponytail and she wore a dark blue shirt, yoga pants and sunglasses while he wore a purple shirt and similar pants. Over time doing their workout schedule, Joe refused to neglect Kate's desire to do a jogging exercise outside the gym. Only as long as he could accompany her like he did with all the other exercises. It had been two weeks of hard work for five days a week. He couldn't help but admire and respect her dedication to training. Kate never told him exactly why she wanted to work out so much, but he never asked. It wasn't any of his business and with this being his first famous client, Joe made it a point in his mind not to push himself too far into their personal lives.

Kate was thankful that she could get out in L.A. and avoid the paparazzi somehow. Today was Thursday and this was their first jogging exercise together of the week. Joe had arranged a schedule where they could run for two days a week. She was impressed with his careful eye, never planning too much to work her into exhaustion. So far with two weeks of training together, everything had mostly been business. She never flirted with him but occasionally thought to. Sometimes they would have a small conversation about the usual topics. Joe had teased Kate last week about her beloved New York Jets, in which she responded by reminding him of what the Lakers had become. Small little stuff like this was always fun. The music stopped in her iPod after she snatched the headphone jack out of it. She looked at Joe as they came to a stop down the road.

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