tagLoving WivesBitch! Don' Make Me Have To Hurt Ya

Bitch! Don' Make Me Have To Hurt Ya

byThe Avenger©

Note: This series are just a bunch of stories that I have had on my computer for a while. Some of it is left overs from some other stories I posted and stuff. I am cleaning my computer of porn and making it porn free. And so I thought, heck, why not just round them off and post them. If you don't like them, heck, its OK. But don't talk shit! Bitch, don't make me have to hurt you!


Chapter 1

"Fuck all these fucking slave names. Cant they at least get their own names!" Mayor Bramble, that old ingrate, cursed, fuming as he hung at the Hotel bar in his hotel in down town LA. The huge, beefy, square jawed, steely gray haired Mayor felt cheated.

Heck, a name was supposed to give you an indication of whom you were dealing with. Take Ahmed Al Hadji, now that was definitely a camel jock. Take Xao Zhiang, now that was a damn red communist or some Asian. And Michael Montgomery, heck that was a good Anglo Saxon name, with heritage and tradition.

Now take Carlotta Martinez, a typical Mexican name, for a typical Mexican maid. Yeah, like his maid, a pretty, alluring illegal alien, that was sucking his cock and giving him the ass and letting him fuck her petite, slim alluring spicy self, a very generous allowance, secretly, of course. His wife knew about it, but hell, she was glad to have her peace from his eager pecker. She didn't make a fuss, always as he kept it discreet and gave her generous presents. Hell Mrs Mayor had even taught the maid how to wash her in the morning when her lazy ass finally woke up. And she would get her pussy and ass licked from the sweet, cat like, spicy little Mexican tongue all day, every day if she so wished. Carlotta might have been a square, prudish Catholic when she first got hired. But she had long realized that for a very generous, tax free salary, a nice room in their big mansion and lots of generous presents, she would have to sacrifice something too.

She had learned her lesson well too. It was about give and take. One had to sacrifice something. But heck, would the people of town be able to make the sacrifice.

But heck, that wasn't the Mayor's point, really. His point was that names usually gave you a clear idea of who were dealing with.

Now, take a name like Michael Montgomery, a multi millionaire, furniture manufacturer, owner of a business conglomerate listed on the NY Stock exchange. Hell, anyone would assume that one such Michael Montgomery was white, with Anglo Saxon roots.

Now, Mr Montgomery had stepped in to save Smithson's, a timber firm, and the biggest employer in town, from bankruptcy on the stroke of midnight, when all had but given up hope. And he was not only saving so many jobs and actually probably the town's very existence, but he was creating even more jobs and bringing in money, with huge investments. That was a great thing for the town.

And definitely, the Mayor had prepared the biggest reception to welcome their guest and savior to town. There would be marching bands, drum majorettes, cheer leaders, fireworks, country bands, even a rodeo, the whole she bang. In fact, it would be like 4th of July, Christmas and a whole gang of festivities put together, just in honor of the illustrious guest and savior of the town.

In fact, Mr Mayor had been looking forward to finally meet Mr Montgomery in person. And after the deal for saving Smithson had been completed, he had been so glad to be the first person from his small timber town to finally fly out to the city of Angels to meet the illustrious man. The meeting with Mr Montgomery had been very pleasing. Not only was he acquiring Smithson's and investing 3 million dollars, to ensure that his booming furniture business would have a secure supply of wood. Mr Montgomery was also setting up several businesses in town, sister companies, that would create many new jobs. As Mayor of a town on the brink of losing its livelihood and probably its existence, Mr Mayor had been ecstatic at getting to know Mr Montgomery's plans.

There was only one catch. Mr Montgomery wasn't no damn Anglo Saxon. He was a black man. And with his businesses, he would be bringing in several black people to town. Which was what he had wanted to talk to the Mayor about.

"Listen man, your town will get rich and grow big. I will see to that. But Mr Mayor, you gotta ensure that everything runs smoothly. I know you are small town, with very few blacks and they don't have shit to say. However, now, rich and influential black people will be coming to town."

"Well sir," the Mayor had said to the confident, rich, powerful black man, with an embarrassed smile. "Folk back home ain't used to rich eh black people."

"But you need my money and the color of it is green. I don't want any racial incidents with the bumpkin town folk. I know it will be difficult at first, but, you see to that, or I will damn well pull my money out and take it elsewhere. See you the day after tomorrow And eh, don't tell anyone that I am black. I wanna see their reaction when I get there. If I don't see a whole lot of surprised faces, I will look for a new Mayor. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir Mr Montgomery sir."

"Are you satisfied with your five star accommodation?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Here is some pocket money, you might wanna go gambling or having fun around town. In fact, Mr Mayor Bramble. Lets hit the town."

Mr Mayor couldn't complain. Mr Montgomery knew how to have fun. The black man had taken him to his spacious residence for supper, served by three sexy, skimpily dressed beauties. Soon, the Mayor was relaxing and forgetting that the guy was black, for Michael Montgomery, or Mike as he preferred to be called, was a relaxed, good natured, charming guy. As they had Cuban cigars and whiskey to wash down their tasty supper, he asked if Mr Mayor liked to get his dick sucked after super. The Mayor got nervous, wondering if the black man was a queer. But his host nodded to the girls, and two of them stripped down to their thongs and high heels and blew both guys as the third fed them grapes and mangoes.

Now, that was the life.

They had both cum, despite Mr Mayor's envy at seeing that the black man had a huge, bigger cock. Then Mike had taken him around town, to some gambling locations and then a top notch strip bar where they got private lap dances and had their dicks sucked again. Heck, to finish it off, Mr Montgomery took the Mayor to a private massage place, where they got erotic massages, which included hand and blow jobs being given by hot, sexy, top notch women. Mr Mayor loved his night out in the city of sin. Mike told him he owned all those places, and might open similar ones in the Mayor's town, to beef up the tourism angle. Of course, only if the law makers and enforcement officials could be depended on to cooperate. The Mayor said no problem, as long as something flowed to them. Hell, he had the whole town in his hand.

"I think you and I will get along very fine Mr Mayor."

Mike's parting handshake was a cool twenty grand.

Now, as the Mr Mayor sat at his Hotel bar for one last drink, and sipped on a drink, as he stroked the thick sheaf of bills in his pocket, his mind drifted to Carlota. Carlota had accompanied him to LA and was waiting in the room upstairs. Oh how happy she would be, when he gave her, well, maybe a couple of grand, to go shopping, buying her family back home sweet presents, as well as getting some sexy, skimpy lingerie to wear for him and spice up their loving. And yes, she would be getting a full body waxing, manicure, pedicure, permanent make up and all of that, so she could really look like big daddy's sweet little angel. He would also tell her to get a new nice leather pad, so he could spank her naughty, sweet little ass.

Even as his well used cock hardened again in his pants, his thoughts returned to his town for a second. He had already made big plans for welcoming Mr Montgomery to town in three days time. He had planned on parading the town's savior around town, sticking to him like glue, of course, so that people would think he was entirely responsible for getting him on board, something the Mayor had been all but claiming anyway, untruthfully, of course.

Now, parading around town with a black man, celebrating him, heck! There were a few blacks in town, poor folk, bearers of burden, who didn't have shit to say. People around here did not hold much of them. The lynchings had long stopped, and they were allowed to attend the same schools and stuff, but that was just about it.

But heck, suddenly having a new class of rich blacks in town, that would be hard for some folks to stomach. He shook his head, wondering how the people back home would take this new sudden, development.

Then Mr Mayor chose a new side. It was all about sacrifice. And no sacrifice was too great, to save their town. Mike was rich and powerful and awfully generous. And the town needed his money. He would just have to sell him well to the folk back home. Hell, if anyone didn't like blacks bringing in money and jobs, they could migrate, that was his final decision

Mr Mayor needed to relax in a hurry. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed. Carlota's sweet, heavily accented voice answered.

"Big daddy is coming, you little wench. I want you in the apron and high heels. And get that little ass ready for the spanking, you been a bad girl. A very bad girl!"

The Mayor bounded up the stairs.

Chapter 2

Late the following day, after a four hour plane ride and an hour's drive from the earnest big city, the Mayor sat in his mayoral board room, discussing everything with the organizational committee. He had wondered if he should warn everybody in advance that though all the employees from Mr Montgomery that had turned around had been white, the big man was black. He decided it was safer to play surprised, with everyone else. He would later just lie, that he had actually not met the guy in person in LA.

The head of the reception committee was Haley Bramble, his twenty five year old daughter. Everybody loved Haley. She was a pretty, alluring young lady, a presenter on the local TV Network. She, like everyone else, was very excited about the arrival of their town's savior

"Haley," he said to the tall, alluring blond, that was sitting next to him at the table, you, as the most alluring woman of our town, should welcome our guest. I would suggest that beautiful frock you wore at last year's apple festival. And something with our coat of arms. And a basket of fresh, red, delicious apples."

"Don't worry dad, I mean Mr Mayor sir, everything is already taken care of. I will welcome our guest fittingly."

"Good girl. And by the way, could you also chaperon him around a bit. He is only around a few days, and I don't want none of these bumpkins to give him the wrong impression about us."

"Yes sir, Mr Mayor."

"What do you mean chaperon him?" Haley's jealous husband, his son in law Donald frowned. "I don't want my wife around some guy we don't even know for five days."

"Heck Donald, she will just drive him around a bit for a day. What the heck. He is very rich and has lots of people for everything."

"She is my wife!"

"Oh darling, relax. Hush now."

"Dammit it Donald, you of all people should know better than to make trouble. Wasn't for Mr Montgomery, you wouldn't have a job in two months. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Haley, thank you. How are we going with the rodeo, and the marching band?"

Chapter 3

Haley, 25, was so excited as she left the Mayor's office. She had only one plan, to look very alluring and attractive. She would be the first thing the rich man from LA saw when he stepped out of his limousine. And she wanted to make a lasting impression. Heck, something interesting was finally happening in her town.

Haley snorted as she cruised to her home on a hill, as she thought of her husband's jealous reaction. She would give him a piece of her mind when he got home. For Haley was the one who had the pants on.

Haley was used to having her way. She had been the tallest, prettiest, hot, slim, pretty natural blond in her high school, with the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes. She was queen of the prom and captain of the cheerleaders. Boys had been known to beat each other senseless over her. So many guys had claimed to have fucked her, but the truth was, Haley hardly ever gave it up, being raised of prudish, good, clean and wholesome, religious folk. She kind of thought sex was something dirty, in the back of her mind.

Haley was not dorky through and through. She knew how to manipulate men. Even as a sixteen year old, she had manipulated men way older than her. She had never been good with figures, but her Math teacher let her pass all the tests, just for leaning back in her chair, spreading her thighs and flashing her panties during lessons. He even tried to fuck her, but she threatened to tell her dad, the Mayor and have him run out of town. She demanded an A plus, even though she hardly got one answer right, and she got it.

Of course she felt dirty and did go to church and pray every time after flashing her panties. She knew of course, that it was wrong, to get all hot and wet doing something so bad.

Haley studied journalism in New Orleans, for three years and graduated, returning home still a virgin. She then got a job at the local, regional TV Network. Haley had a smile to melt hearts and a voice sweet as honey. And she was tall, slim and blond.

The money wasn't all that great, but she became a local celebrity. The audience loved her. And she had all the bosses wrapped around her finger too.

She had married Donald, three years her senior, whom she had known most of her life and dated since the age of 15. Donald had studied Business Management and was now working for Smithson's, the timber company, the biggest firm in town. He earned a lot of money by local standards. They got married with a lot of pomp.

Haley's pussy was wet as she drove and it had nothing to do with her husband. The rich man arriving the next day was the cause of her arousal.

Her sex life with Donald was lackluster She was religious and prudish and inexperienced and so was he. And Donald always handled her like she was something precious and fragile. He seemed almost too awed by her beauty, to actually touch her, grab her and use her like a hot blooded woman. Not that she would have let him. When he tried to get her to suck him off, Haley freaked out and threatened to move back home. When he tried to watch porn with her, she threw the filth in the trash can. When he tried to get her to wear thongs, she threw that garbage in his face and said she wasn't not no whore. Donald had backed off. They had settled into a routine sex life. They made love in the missionary position once a week or so.

The thing about their relationship was that Donald was the bread winner, but she had the pants on. She was the dominant one. He gave the hot blond the impression that she was too good for him and so she acted like the queen. It started off with her deciding all the little things. He gave her an inch and she took a mile. He was too much into fawning, really. She started to act like, "Do what I want or fuck you!" Donald was too much into worshiping her and he wouldn't do jack shit to upset her. When he talked kids, she said, "We will have them when I say so, now don't fret hon."

Somehow, she could not decide to really give him her womb. She didn't know why, but hey, that motherfucker just bored her. She wasn't sure she wanted to put more wimps like him in the world, I guess, because I never really asked her.

His dad in law, the Mayor wanted to see some grand children. Well, after all, his first son, her elder brother had disappeared to San Francisco and it was an open secret that he was a fag. And his other son was in a Colombian jail, caught trying to smuggle ten grammes into a plane, in his lap top case. Talk about a dumb ass red neck. Therefore, the Mayor felt it was about time Haley had kids.

When Donald told him that Haley didn't want kids yet, the Mayor had taken the guy to the side and told him a man had to grow balls. But he might as well have talked to a tree. Donald was submissive to his wife, and too quick to say "Baby I love you." he even apologized to her when she treated him like shit. He went to a marriage counselor and was told that she was treating him bad just to get his attention. Well, as you know, only white guys can be gullible for such stupid shit.

Not that he was a dork through and through. Donald was getting the carnal sex she wasn't giving him elsewhere. But very secretly of course.

Once, when Donald was away traveling and she went rummaging around his basement, looking for something, when she discovered a huge stash of porn mags and DVD. She was shocked and even thought of calling her mom and the church priest. She ran out of there and it took her two days to go back down and grab a couple, that she watched behind locked doors and sealed, heavy curtains with the volume turned off.

She felt guilty from watching the filth. In fact, she told herself she was only watching it to see how bad the sinful world out there was. Heck, those people who made that filth and the ones who watched it were going straight to hell. She couldn't believe the things she saw, people fucking shamelessly, women sucking cocks like whores, licking balls, and getting fucked like dogs, even in the ass. She found it so decadent and disgusting. And she went and showered off the filth, after having stroked her swollen pussy to a shattering orgasm.

Haley started regularly watching her husband's porn when he was out of town, feeling less and less inhibited. To her surprise, there was a type of porn that Donald seemed to really like, for it made up at least half of his collection, and that was porn with huge, hung black studs fucking white women. Haley found it absolutely shocking, and most disgusting, to see white girls fucking with Niggers, like cheap, little Nigger sluts. Around here, those sluts would have been run out of town, and the black guy would have received a thorough beating, at least. Most probably, they might have made him decorate a tree.

Haley started masturbating to porn regularly. She discovered that when she drank and smoked weed whilst watching and stroking herself, it was even more fun. Haley's solo sex life became hotter and hotter. Something was unleashed in her. She started wishing to enjoy the same, wild, hard core sex from porn with her husband. She went and bought several vibrators, which she kept well hidden. When her husband was away, she used them in her pussy, making herself cum till she was drowsy from it. And she practiced blowing on them, trembling with excitement as she tried to imitate the girls from the porn videos.

For some eerie reason, Haley realized she liked to watch the porn with black studs. It scared her and thrilled her incredibly.

Haley started wondering why her sex life with Donald was not so thrilling. It seemed to her like he was very unskilled and came too fast. And she started wondering why his cock was so small. Having no other cocks to compare him with, besides the ones she knew from porn, he seemed incredibly small. Especially when compared to the black porn studs. Hell, he seemed to kind of just pale off.

Haley saw several scenes where women played with sex toys. O a visit to a big city, she put on a hat that covered her eyes and hid half her face, sneaked into a porn shop and bought a variety of dildos and vibrators. She tried them out in her hotel room and had fantastic orgasms. One thing that really turned her on, though she knew she should find it disgusting, was tasting her pussy off the sex toys.

Haley always checked the condom in Donald's wallet, to see if he had used it. It was always there. However, one day, she thought it looked kind of newer. She noted the serial number. When he returned after one of his trips, she checked, and realized that the number was different. She checked it five times, one after the other, and realized that he was using the condoms and replacing them with a new one when he returned home.

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