Bitch is Taught a Lesson



Tayven grabbed the frightened woman and forced her head into place. The other guys grabbed her arms and put her hands in the other holes. Andre lowered the wooden arm and she was caught, trapped like a rat.

Tayven had built the pillory out of wood he had on hand. He didn't have much so the pillory wasn't very tall. Crystal was forced to bend over at the waist to put her head in the cutout. It made for an arousing sight. Her big ass was prominently displayed.

Tayven picked up some scissors he'd brought with him. He began cutting her clothes off her. She whimpered and cried. The dress was expensive and one of her favorites.

Tayven said, "You've abused and humiliated a lot of people. Tonight, you will be humiliated. You'll be naked in front of these strangers."

He cut and ripped off her clothes. "They can examine your naked body. They can touch any part of you."

He removed the last of her clothes. Naked, she shivered with fear. Tayven said, "Guys, she's yours. Slap her ass. Finger her cunt. Play with her big titties."

The guys did that and more. They weren't cruel. They didn't hurt her, but they touched her everywhere. They caressed her curves, played with her floppy breasts, and wet fingers slid inside her pussy and ass causing her to gasp.

Tayven was pleased to see her squirm. He said, "It's no fun being used, is it? To be treated as an object and shown no respect. That's how I've seen you treat others."

"I understand," she cried. Through her sobs, she said, "I get it. I've learned my lesson. I've been a bad person. I'll change. Please let me go."

Tayven chuckled and said, "I don't think so. Maybe the guys should drive home the message by driving their cocks up your butt. Fucking your asshole!" He slapped her broad bottom to emphasize the threat.

"No. Don't. Please!"

"You've learned your lesson?"

"Yes, Tayven. Yes!"

"Okay, but I think the guys deserve something. How about a blowjob?"

She was relieved she wasn't going to be ass-raped. She nodded and said, "Yes. I'll suck them all off."

"Gentleman, step forward."

The guys took off their pants and underwear. Hard cocks bounced about. She sucked them all. They all came on her face. She started to object the first time a guy splashed on her face, but she held her tongue.

Tayven was pleased with the way the evening was going. He also had a massive, throbbing hard-on. He was turned on seeing Crystal naked and in the stock. She was so vulnerable. He also found it erotic to see her suck the guys.

He decided to indulge himself. As she was blowing the last guy, he went behind her, dropped his drawers, grabbed his penis and thrust it into her pussy. She was warm and wet, more so than he'd expected.

"Ahhh," she gasped as he penetrated her. She didn't complain or curse. She savored the sensation and then went back to sucking Andre's dick.

Tayven pounded her ass. He felt her responding and pushing back. He leaned over and slipped a hand around so he could finger her clit. He thought, "How absolutely embarrassing and humiliating would it be for her to come after crying about this situation? To have her orgasm after being stripped, groped and having sucked off three strangers. It would be the perfect end for this posh girl to show everyone that she enjoyed it after all!".

Tayven slowed down. At first, his goal had been to drop a huge load inside her, now he wanted his ex to cry out in orgasmic pleasure in front of these guys. His finger flew back and forth over her button. His dick stroked her G-spot again and again.

It happened. She fought it. She couldn't believe she was climaxing.

"Ohhh. Ohhh! Ohhh!"

The orgasm overtook her. Her body shook. Andre pulled out and stroke his dick and shot his jism all over her contorting face. Tayven thrust in deep and came hard. She trembled, gasped and came harder than she ever did before.

"Oh, God! OhMyGod!!!," she screamed.

The guys watched. They were surprised that she'd climax after their abuse. They all grinned, got dressed and left. Tayven dressed and walked them out.

"Great job guys!" he yelled as they got into their car.

"Call us, if she needs another lesson," Jamal said with a laugh.

Tayven returned to the panic room. He released her and he left. He locked the door behind him. She was a mess. She staggered to the bathroom, showered and then went to bed.

While she showered, Tayven working on the video he'd made of Crystal's comeuppance. He was able to make it seem that she was a willing participant.

He added portions. He focused the camera on him and said, "Crystal, this is your fantasy? For you to suck off three guys and have me bang you? Really, girl?"

By splicing the tape he made it appear as if she agreed to all the abuse. On the manipulated film, she could be heard answering yes.

He kept the part of the video where she said she would give the guys blowjobs. He deleted the portion of the video that showed she had been threatened with anal sex. The crowning touch was her trembling and moaning obviously enjoying a tremendous orgasm as her boyfriend fucked her while giving head to some hooded guy and was being touched by two others.

When the tape was perfect and looked to be a sex video of consenting adults, Tayven played it as a continuous loop on all the video screens in the panic room. When Crystal woke mid-morning, she saw it and realized that if she went to the police or told anyone that she'd been abused, this tape would show otherwise.

Tayven was satisfied he'd achieved his objective of getting her attention. He was confident that he'd abused and humiliated her and that there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.

Around noon, he unlocked the door and told her, "Make a complaint to the police and this tape goes to your parents, business associates and will be posted online everywhere."

He handed her some clothes. "A taxi is out front ready to take you home. We're done as a couple." He turned and walked away.

She dressed hurriedly and went to her apartment. She showered for an hour and still felt unclean.


A week later, Tayven was having lunch at his usual place. He was looking at an email on his phone when someone slipped into an empty seat at his table.

He looked up and was surprised to see Crystal. He prepared himself for an attack. He looked her over trying to judge her mood. He saw she was well-dressed. Her hair was done up nicely. She had on makeup and jewelry.

She smiled at him and said, "Don't worry. I'm not going to make a scene. I have one question for you. When can we do it again?"

His jaw dropped. He was caught by surprise. That was the last thing he expected. He stammered, "Ah. Ah. You liked it?"

"Yes. I've never come so hard. My body tingles and my pussy gets wet when I think about all those hands on me. All those cocks. I was helpless. Tied up. I couldn't stop you from doing anything you wanted to me and you took me like a bull. Powerfully."

"I see," Tayven said. It was just dawning on him that she was one of those women who enjoyed bondage and domination.

She asked politely, "Do you think next time all the guys can fuck me?"

The End

P.S. This is not the ending kurocero envisioned. He doesn't like the idea of others having sex with Crystal. To me, it seemed right. Who do you agree with? r

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Will you be continuing this series? I hope so....

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please do a follow-up to the story, I'd like to see a series out of this

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