tagMatureBitch of a Boss

Bitch of a Boss


I was a 30 year old employee of a large government bureaucracy when the events described below occurred. I was pretty shy and didn't participate in a lot of the usual office crap. I believed that I was there to do my job the best I could and in return collect my paycheck.

Soon, I was to be informed that doing my job was not enough. My boss was a real prudish 55 year old bitch who never smiled, especially in my direction. I would try to be nice and cordial to her but she generally scowled at me. I was amazed at her attitude because if you ignored the scowl and looked at her body she was God Damn sexy. In fact, I would actually fantasize about her.

Many times my fantasy would place someone's face atop her shoulders but her body was perfect. So perfect that when I was fantasizing about someone else her body often replaced theirs in mid-jack off. I love older women; after all, my wife is 15 years older than me. But my boss', Mary Lynn, body was special.

She stands 5'11" and is a solid 170 pounds with auburn red hair. The hair has white and silver in it that accents her beauty. But, as I said, it is her body that makes me hard. She has long slender legs that go on forever until they reach her perfect heart shaped ass. Her ass was by no means fat but it was very large, the kind you wanted to bury your face into. She has a flat stomach under her massive orbs. There was no doubt that in our office she had by far the largest rack, at least double D. And even though she was a little older her tits were by no means showing the first sign of sagging. She wore her hair up in a bun and dressed very conservatively, generally in a long dark skirt and a white blouse. It all gave her a school marm kind of look especially when she had her reading glasses on. At this point I was well settled into my routine as I had worked there for five years. It was not uncommon for me to use my break by taking a quick snooze in the break room particularily after a long night the evening before. It wasn't much of a break room; some prison cells might be larger. There was just enough room for a small table and four chairs, a couch, and refrigerator. It seemed to most of us that they really didn't want us to take breaks. But, I figured that if I had my work under control I was going to take my break the bosses be damned.

One day I was laying on the couch with my eyes mostly closed when Mary Lynn came into put something in the refrigerator. As I open my eyes slightly it was clear that she could not find any room on the top shelves and had to bend down to reach the bottom shelf. Now her ass is pointing straight out in front of my face no more than three feet away. My cock immediately gets hard forming a large tent in my pants. She stands back up and closes the door as I clamp my eyes shut. I have no time to hide my erection.

I hear her footsteps coming nearer and hope she doesn't look down. Her steps suddenly stop as she clears her throat. All of a sudden the cushion gives way as her ass is planted beside me. She wraps her fingers around the tent squeezing me hard causing me to jump out of my skin. Very angrily she snaps at me, "What is the big idea? If I ever see you flaunting your body like this again their will be pure hell to pay. You don't show your assets at work, I had better not catch you again, is that clear."

I just shook my head yes and waited to exhale until she left the room. Of course, I stayed hard until I went into the bathroom and relieved myself as her squeeze had really turned me on. Even when my wife and I fucked that night an occasional image of Mary Lynn flooded in. And believe me I both love and lust my wife but Mary Lynn had kindled some kind of spark deep inside of me.

The next day I went right back into the break room wearing a tighter fitting pair of pants. I laid there for awhile and had almost given up when the door opened and in strode the bitchy Mary Lynn. Even with my eyes mostly closed I could tell she got a good look at my crotch. She continued to the refrigerator and gave me the same show as the day before. I was a bit disappointed when she walked past me to the door. Then I heard her move a chair. It turned out she had braced the chair under the door handle to prevent anyone from coming in. Again, I felt the cushion move as she sat down beside me, this time with her ass virtually in my face.

She clasped my cock very roughly and lifted my ass off the couch as she literally pulled it that hard. She snarled, "You mean you did not learn from yesterday, you little bastard. What do I have to do to get you to obey my orders? Do I have to cut the God Damn thing off?" I was just a bit nervous and told her, "I would like to keep it."

Mary Lynn shifted her weight and unzipped my fly and pulled out my pecker as she said, "I don't know why all it is doing for you right now is getting you into deep trouble. If you cannot obey the rules we will have to reconsider your future here. Let me see if this God Damn thing is worth you possibly losing your job over."

She wrapped her hand around my eight inches and began pumping it. I was surprised that she was being halfway gentle with it. Her ass cheeks were almost touching my face and I swore I could smell her womanhood. As I was about to push my face against her rump she got off the couch and was kneeling beside my hips. Without warning she vacuumed my entire cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue working all around my shaft as she mouth fucked me in at a record pace. I had never seen a woman move up and down so fast on a cock in my life, not even in pornos. Thinking I had nothing to lose I reached for her boobs and fondled them.

It must have been the right thing to do as she unbuttoned her blouse far enough for me to play through her bra. My god, they were fantastic, the sweetest I had ever felt. Right then my job didn't matter; all I cared about were her boobs and the wonderful blow job she was applying to my cock. It didn't take very long as soon I was shooting spunk deep into her throat. She swallowed my release and stood up.

Calmly she stood in front of me buttoning back up her blouse covering up her sexy black bra. She licked the remnants of cum from her lips and told me, "You listen and listen good I expect to see your goddamn ass in my office at 11:00 or you can kiss this job good bye. Where the hell do you get off laying around here with a noticeable bulge in your pants and grabbing your supervisor's breasts? That behavior is totally unacceptable."

The next hour went by very slowly. I wasn't sure just what to make of things. I didn't get much done as I watched the minutes tick away. Promptly at 11:00 I arrived at her office and told Vickie, her secretary, that Mary Lynn told me to report to her. Vicky picked up the phone and told her that I was here. Then Vicky waved me on in.

Timidly I walked in to her large office. She sat behind a mammoth desk with two chairs in front of it. She looked up at me and scowled again and used her pen to direct me to one of the chairs. Grabbing a small pile of papers she neatly stacked them together and put them on a table behind her, leaving her desktop virtually empty. Leaning back authoritatively in her chair she asked, "Well, you little piece of shit, do you think that I could fire you without blinking?

"I guess so."

"You bet your ass I would. So, if you want to stay here your ass and everything else is mine, do you understand?"

"I think so."

She picked up the phone and said, Vickie come on in here for a minute." She hung up and continued with me, "I mean to say that I own you. You will do as I say. Hi, Vickie take off your dress for me."

Vickie protested, "But, Mary Lynn, he is in here."

"I know Vickie just face him and drop your God Damn dress now," snapped the boss. To my shock Vickie pulled off the shoulder straps and revealed her beautiful body to me. She had absolutely nothing on under the dress. She was slim and trim with nice sized boobs.

"Anything else I can do for you ma'am."

"I want to eat your cunt right now, so lay down here," Mary Lynn said as she patted her desktop showing Vickie where to lay. The girl, in her mid twenties, complied swiftly resting her ass on the edge of the desk with her feet on the arm rests of the bitch's chair. As she laid back I had a perfect view.

Mary Lynn wrapped her arms around the girl's thighs and tongued the hairy pussy furiously. After a couple of minutes the younger lady was clearly getting into it as she squirmed around and played with her own tits. Vickie came in Mary Lynn's mouth as the cum oozed onto the bitch's face. Mary Lynn sat back and looked at me menacingly as she gave Vickie the single that she was finished with her.

After grabbing a tissue and wiping off her boss's face Vickie Pulled on her dress and left the room. The boss walked around to my side of the desk and leaned against it saying, "Now, prick do you believe I can make you do anything I want you to do?"

Seeing the control she seemed to have on Vickie I answered, "Oh yes Ma'am I sure do. Did you have something in particular in mind?"

"Let us start with something simple. Kiss and lick my shoes and feet, and I will see if you are worth the trouble." She leaned back on her hands and held the dirty bottom of her shoe to my face. I figured correctly that was just a test and began licking and kissing all over each as it was presented. The only good thing about this was I could see her black panties as I looked up her thighs.

In less than a minute she kicked off her shoes and I was left kissing her feet. I looked up at her face for some reaction. The scowl had been replaced by a very slight smile. But, more importantly she was taking the pins out of her hair and was letting it fall onto her shoulders. It was so long and beautiful, and suddenly I noticed how much beauty she had in her facial features. I really saw her eyes for the first time they were a sensual deep blue.

She stood straight up and resuming her tirade, "You saw what I did to that bitch Vickie's cunt didn't you? Now it is your turn to do it to me."

Mary Lynn lifted up her dress and pulled off her panties. She carefully laid back on the desk exposing her twat to me. The hot red and silver bush seemed to pull me toward it. I kneeled on the floor and dove into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around my back holding me like a vice. One of her hands gripped my hair pulling me tight into her crotch while she played with her tits with the other. She tasted as sweet as honey as I licked up and down her cunt lips and flickered my tongue into her hole before circling her clit with the tip of my tongue. Her breathing was intensifying as she exhorted me on, "Eat me you bastard, Oh, shit yes, eat my cunt you perverted little asshole You had better make me cum. Oh God, that is fucking fantastic, Oh,oh, shit, Oh my God, Oh yes, Oh fuck I am cumming. That was pretty good. But, clean yourself and get back to your desk and I will let you know when you need to return later this afternoon and maybe you can keep your job."

She nonchalantly picked up her panties and walked back around her desk as I wiped her cum off of my face. Vickie gave me a knowing look as I walked past and said, "She really is a bitch, isn't she?"

"She sure the fuck is," I replied with a touch of anger and lust. It seemed like hours before I got the word from Mary Lynn that she wanted to see me. I had expected a phone call from her or Vicky.

But at 2:00 I checked my E-mail and saw the following message: "You have a nice cock and you are pretty good cunt lapper. But, I still don't know if you are worth the trouble to keep around here. Unless I can be sure that you will meet my needs whenever I need you to, you are out of here. If I ask you to eat my shit, you had better the fuck do it. But, we must see if you can pass the final exam. I don't know if you are man enough to handle my body. So, report to my office at 4:00 and if you can handle kissing my boobs I will have you fuck me. You better not be a minute lat or your job is history."

At first reading the E-mail both turned me on and made me a little nervous. But, after a minute of pondering its contents I was ecstatic. I didn't know how she could be so dumb as to put sexual harassment in writing. I printed out the message and waited for the appointed time and kept sitting there until the phone rang at 4:10, it was Mary Lynn. She was pissed off, "You had better get your mother fucking ass in here now!!!"

Calmly I answered, "I will be in when I finish this report, and it shouldn't be too long though." I hung up the phone without waiting for her reply. I sat there for a few minutes and walked to Vickie's desk and she waved me in. On my way I dropped a folder on her desk containing the nasty message. I got in the door and Mary Lynn ordered, "Lock the door and strip." I ignored her. I did kick off my shoes and walked boldly around her desk.

I stood behind the bitch who had put her hair back up in that damn bun. I shoved my hands between her arms and sides and grabbed a hold of both of her giant jugs and with triumph in my voice said, "If anyone is going to eat shit on demand around here it will be you! You will be my little bitch from now on." "How dare you, you little prick. Get your ass out of this office, you are fired, you son of a bitch!"

"Like hell I am. In fact, you are going to promote me. Not only that you are going to fuck me whenever I want but also help me to fuck whoever else I want to fuck around here."

"The hell I will. Now get your hands off of me or I will call security."

"I don't think so. That little message you sent me was the dumbest thing you have ever done. I forwarded it to my home computer and if you fire me I will send it to your boss and you will lose this precious $75,000.00 a year job. So, you see I don't think you are in a position to call the shots any more. So, bitch do you understand who is in charge of things now?" I unbuttoned her blouse as I spoke.

I felt her shoulders sag as she realized what she had done as she absorbed the knowledge that the tables were turned, "God damn it, you are. So, what do you want from me."

"First, some simple rules you will quit wearing your hair in a bun. Second you will start wearing the sexiest clothes you can find. And third you will let me have you whenever and wherever I want you. Is that perfectly clear?"

"Yes it is," she answered dejectedly. I pulled her blouse off the rest of the way and had her sit on her desk. I found the front clasp of her bra and opened it and revealed her luscious melons. They were perfectly round and symetrical and had very large nipples that were slightly bigger then pencil erasers. My lips found her dark brown nipples quickly.

In turn, I pulled each boob into my mouth bathing her tit flesh with my tongue. They tasted slightly salty from the sweat of the day. My hands worked feverishly on her massive mounds of meat as I attempted to suck as much of them into my mouth as I could. It wasn't long until she had her hands wrapped around my head and her feet around my back as she moaned and groaned. But the fact was, regardless of how we got here I really did want to fuck her, but now it was to be on my terms.

So, I pushed her down on the desk and yanked off her skirt and panties and shed my clothes quickly. My aim was true as my cock found her tight cunt with my first thrust. I could feel her use her muscles to squeeze my member as I stroked in and out. But, to her disbelief I suddenly stopped. I liked Vickie and wanted to take her off Mary Lynn's hook. I wanted to allow her the same option that I now enjoyed that if she were going to have sex with Mary Lynn it would be on her terms not the bitches. But, more importantly, she would no longer have to be humiliated like she had been earlier that day by having to perform in front of some flunkies like me.

With my cock buried all the way in her cunt I ordered Mary Lynn, "Pick up that phone and call Vickie in here. When she gets here order her to suck your God Damn titties."

Mary Lynn dutifully complied and Vickie came right in. There was a strange look on her face as if she didn't quite understand what I was up to. Mary Lynn gave the order just as instructed even holding up her tits for Vickie to take. Vickie hesitated, so I asked, "Did you read what I left you?"

"Yes I did. But, what does it have to do with me?"

"Don't you see we've got this Godden bitch right where we want her? You have sexual harassment in writing. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. In fact, she is at your mercy. Mary Lynn give Vickie the order again."

A smile came over Vickie's face as Mary Lynn half-heartedly ordered, "Vickie suck my boobs, now."

"Not on your life you cunt eating whore, "Vickie snapped. It was as if a burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

Taking it one step further I asked Vickie, "So, is there anything you want this bitch to do for you?"

My cock resumed pummeling Mary Lynn's pussy as Vickie thought for a second then pronounced her first order to the lady who had made her life hell for seven years, "I want you to be my whore from this minute on, you sorry Bitch. I am going to climb up on that desk and you will eat my cunt and asshole until I let you up." Mary Lynn just nodded in agreement.

Vickie, let her dress, once again, fall to the floor and bounded up on to the desk. I heard Mary Lynn deeply inhale as Vickie's hips covered the bitch's face. Vickie leaned toward me and gave me a short but sexy kiss and said, "Thank you; I didn't know how I would gain control of the situation. God, this is sure a sexy scene with us in full control of this Damn Bitch. She is a fantastic little cunt eater and your cock looks pretty good going in and out of her twat. Mary Lynn keep your hands to yourself."

Mary Lynn had started to reach for Vickie's boobs. Instead Vickie reached over and took my hands and placed them on her tits. While they weren't near as big as the boss's they were very sexy in their own right. The intenstity increased and soon I was ramming Mary Lynn full force. Her hips were bucking up to meet my thrust as Vickie was cumming over and over from Mary Lynn's tongue lashing. Satisfied Vickie got up and as she put her dress back on said, "You two have fun now. Call me sometime and I will repay you for your help with a good hard fuck, you deserve it. And, Mary Lynn I expect the raise I deserve tomorrow and be ready to take a dildo up the ass first thing in the morning."

Vickie swept out of the office as I continued to fuck our boss. As I continued ramming her twat I noticed her face was soaked with Vickie's cunt juice. The sight was just too much and I erupted deep in Mary Lynn's cunt. I had to do one more thing before going home. I withdrew from her and ordered her to roll over. I sat in her office chair and rolled over to where she now lay with her ass hanging off the edge of the desk. . I could see her cunt glistening with her fluids but my interest was her ass.

My hands covered her firm cheeks and pulled them apart. Her crack was hairier than most. I briefly kissed her cheeks before finding my way to her crack and then to her asshole. She had a very tight little ring and I had trouble getting the tip of my tongue inside. Once I did she seemed to open up like a blossoming flower. I must have tongue fucked her anal passage for ten minutes before giving her a firm swat on the ass and Saying, "I will be back for more tomorrow. Meanwhile I will call you at home late tonight with further instructions. But, whatever you do don't shower tonight or take off these panties."

In a flash I was dressed and in the outer office. Before I knew what hit me Vickie had her arms wrapped tightly around me and we kissed passionately with our hands cupping one another's ass cheeks. She purred, "Thank you again, so much. I feel so free of her now. She is sexy but it was horrible to be forced into stuff."

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