tagFetishBitch's World Ch. 04

Bitch's World Ch. 04


Frank drove especially fast to get to town that day. Every time he hit a bump, the trailer of his truck jumped up, making Redhead yelp. He enjoyed making the bitch jump up like that. He had tied her leash to the side of the trailer so she wouldn't fall off the truck. At the same time, the leash made sure that she couldn't maintain balance because everytime she jumped up, it pulled her down to the same spot, making her fall on her face.

Frank would occasionally turn around to check through the glass window if her makeup was destroyed or if her hair was going awry. Once he was sure that she was perfectly made up, he kept driving and hitting the bumps hard. He eventually started laughing as Redhead yelped loudly at a triple bump.

Once they reached the doctor's clinic, Frank got Redhead off the truck and led her into the clinic. It was still early, so the clinic was mostly empty. Frank knocked on the doctor's cabin door.

"Come in!"

Frank walked in to find the doctor reading with his legs resting on a brunette whore's back. He smiled at Frank.

"Ah, Frank," he said, "What have we got there? Is that the niece of yours that you were telling me about?"

"Yes, Dr. Finnigan," said Frank, "Got her here to get her sterilized. I already fucked her cunt last night, you see. I need you to make sure she doesn't end up with my babies inside her."

Dr. Finnigan laughed, "Of course she won't. Let's get her up on the table."

Redhead climbed onto the inspection table as the doctor put on his gloves.

"But Frank," he said, stuffing three of his fingers into Redhead's mouth, "Why are you so scared of getting her pregnant? Imagine, if she has a girl, you could have another young piece of ass in eighteen years!"

Frank laughed, "You're mocking me, aren't you? I'll be seventy-eight and dying, then. I'd better be happy with what I have. And what if she has a boy? I have enough trouble because of that wretched son of mine."

"Now now, Frank," said the doctor, inspecting Redhead's breasts, "I was just messing with you. No need to think about your son, now. Anyway, let's get back to our little pet here. She seems very healthy, so you shouldn't have much trouble with her. Don't feed her too much meat-based pet food or she will get fat. Feed her fruit-based stuff in the morning, meat-based in the afternoon, a little milk in the evenings and vegetable-based stuff at night. Make sure she gets enough exercise to keep her tight. Take her for walks everyday, play fetch with her and make her run whenever possible. What did you feed her this morning?"

"Nothing much," Frank said, "Just leftover bacon and sausage."

"Why would you do that?" the doctor was perplexed, "You know you shouldn't give them human food or they start feeling important. Make sure you don't have to give her your meals again, unless she's only licking clean your empty plate. You may risk not feeding her one time if you're out of pet food, but never give her human food again... unless she's dying!"

Frank nodded. The doctor was right. He had made a mistake in treating the bitch too well. Next time if he had to take her out, he would feed her the muck first and then dress her up.

"How much time is the sterilization going to take?"

"It could take a while," the doctor replied.

"Well, then," said Frank, "How about I leave her here then? I have to buy a few things in town so I'll pick her up in a couple of hours?"


Frank left the clinic feeling energetic, ready to go shopping after a long time. He drove to the pet accessories shop and looked at the shop window carefully. There was a whole range of objects to choose from. The collection had gotten much larger since he last visited. He walked in, excited to find amazing new things. He first went straight for the buttplugs. After careful examination, he chose the shiny pink one.

He then went on to buy a bunch of panties, ranging from thongs to g-strings, in case he needed to take her out. He made sure that they were a size too small so they would push tightly against Redhead's clit. The very thought of it turned him on. He bought a leather leash that would serve well for some spontaneous whipping. He wasn't interested in ball gags because he liked himself a noisy whore.

He checked the entire shop carefully to see if he was missing something exciting. Finally, he decided to go with whatever he had. Anyway he had to save a little for the cage store, and that is exactly where he went after that.

At the cage store, Frank had to approach a shop assistant. It was difficult to find the right cage on his own.

"What kind are you looking for?" the shop assistant asked.

"Just about big enough for one small whore," said Frank, "and a tad too small if I put two in it."

"That's a classic choice," said the shop assistant, "and I have just the thing for you!"

He showed Frank a rectangular cage made of metal. On looking closely, Frank saw wrist straps made of leather in the two front corners of the cage. There were two straps at the back as well.

"Those are to keep her in place," said the shop assistant, "in case you don't want her to lie down or relax. It's great for showing off to guests. It properly exposes the front and the back of the body. And to keep her absolutely straight, you can attach the leash from her collar to her buttplug over the ceiling of the cage. That way she won't be moving at all, no matter what you do to her!"

Frank pictured what he was told. It was, indeed, a very tempting offer. He decided not to look at the price and take the cage anyway. Afterall, you don't find such lovely furnishings everyday.

Frank had finished shopping. He loaded the cage onto his truck and was about to get in, when he saw an unusually expensive car pull up in the shady, dark alley next to the shop.The town in question is the smallest of small towns and most people here only owned old trucks that helped them with farm work. To find a Mercedes there, that too in a shady lane like that, was extremely suspicious. Frank got into the driver's seat of his truck and watched carefully.

A suited man got out of the driver's seat of the car and opened the back door. His hand reached into the backseat and pulled out a chain leash which was followed by a whore, crawling out of the car slowly. Frank found it strange because he couldn't see what the leash was attached to. There was no collar on the slut's neck.

"Stand," the man commanded.

The whore immediately stood up straight. She was wearing the tallest red high heels Frank had ever seen. But it seemed that even without the heels, the slut was very tall.

The man walked the whore to the dysfunctional lamp post in the dark corner of the dingy lane, tied the leash to the post and drove away quickly, without another word.

Frank was shocked. He quickly got out of his truck and rushed to the corner where he had seen the whore being abandoned. He found her standing straight with her hands folded behind her back. She had thick, long blonde hair that hung loose over her bare shoulders. Her blue eyes looked completely blank, devoid of any emotion. She had fat pink lips that had enough colour in them without any lipstick.

Her breasts were large, round and firm, probably a D-cup. The rest of her body was extremely slim. She had a long torso and even longer legs. Her pussy looked almost perfect with no hair on it, consistent color and a bright pink clit just peeping out. Her body had just the right tan, the kind that Frank wouldn't mind. He now examined her back and finally discovered where the leash was coming from. Between her large, firm buttocks, Frank saw the leash hanging from a golden buttplug. He looked closely. It wasn't just golden- it was plated with real gold. This was no ordinary fuckpet.

(To be continued)


The new blonde character is dedicated to my new fan, Maggie, who pleased me with her emails. The character has been named as per her request. Love.

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