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Bite Me


The dark dreariness of the night was like none other, yet it felt just the same as every night he could remember. It seemed as if the cooling fog was acting as a shield, trying to block out the horrid smell of the grounds. It wreaked of blood, death, and decomposition. He thought to himself about the number of bodies buried around his manor. How many women had he lured to his castle? How many bodies had he drained of life? Too many to count. He Thought about the beautiful women he had killed mercilessly.

He looked toward Elustra, His slave, He remembered how he had lured her toward his castle. He had cause her to hallucinate, The images she saw made something awaken in her, A lust that she had long ago repressed, She became crazy and had barged into his manor, begging for him to make her his, Wanting him to own her. and he had done just that. He had thrown her down onto the marble floor and fucked her until she screamed and then drained her blood from her neck when she reached the height of orgasm. he could not of course let such a treasure go to waste and he quickly made a cut in his wrist and had her drink from him. causing her to become immortal, Just like him. He had searched long and hard to find a woman like this, But He hadn't been able to he buried the bodies Of the women around his castle, all the failed attempts at finding a slave.

But after she had become a vampire she became too submissive She would do whatever he demanded but there was none of the lust and passion that was there before. He walked over behind her slowly as she stared out the window of the highest tower.

"Master, You are displeased with me?" She said in a soft voice.

"Why do you say that?" He asked, staring at her reflection in the window. Her long straight black hair, Her pale whit skin, the blood red lipstick...

"maybe it's the sad look on your face... or, maybe it's the silver stake you have aimed at my heart..." She looked into his eyes in the reflection and smiled. "Good bye master..."

"Good bye." and with that he thrust the stake into his lovers heart...

She woke up screaming, Not in fear, But in ecstasy, and in frustration, For the last week she had been having the dream about a tall man, with short brown hair and deep blue eyes, he stood over her gently rubbing and caressing her breasts. His hand sliding down to her pussy and tracing circles around her clit.. But the dream had always Ended just before she reached climax. Sh tried to remember more about the man. He was tall, and well built, short hair and gorgeous blue eyes, very handsome. But there was something... dark about him. something she couldn't place. She rolled over and tried to go back to sleep and ignore the wetness between her legs.

He had been watching her for weeks, amazed at her beauty. her short red hair, her blue eyes, Her large round breasts. He began to walk into her house as she slept every night, He would remover her blanket and slowly tease her. working her to within seconds of climax. He invaded her dreams as he did this and disappointed seconds before she came.

Sarra left her house early in the morning, She started to run down the side walk in her shorts and tee-shirt. As she ran the Images from her dream came back to her, just as vivid as the Night before. She could still remember his handsome face.. the piercing blue eyes, the messy brown hair. when she had awaken she felt as if he could still feel his hands on her body. The dream had seemed almost read.. she moaned softly and realized her panties were slowly becoming wet. Sarra kept running and the cloth panties rubbing against her clit was starting to become too much. she quickly darted into a store and headed to the bathroom.

She locked the door behind her and pulled the shorts down and then her panties before sitting on the toilet looking down at her wet pussy. she ran her hand against her clit softly and bit her lip. she Imagined that man again touching her pussy, teasing her. She thought of him kissing her mouth and a moan escaped from her lips that went unnoticed by any of the stores patrons. the thought came into her head of him pulling th e tight jeans down and his hard cock exposed as she pushed a finger into her virgin cunt and pushing against her G-spot

"Ahhh Godddd," s he screamed as she arched her back as she came hard. she leaned against the wall panting and trying to collect her self. She pulled her panties back up and decided it was time to head home.

It was night and Sarra had been masturbating all day, ruining all attempts at finishing her essay for College. her professor would be furious and it was due in 12 hours.. She typed away at her laptop but the dream kept replaying in her mind. she looked at the computer screen in front of her and blinked trying to clear her vision.

"Why am i so tired..." she mumbled trying to stand up but realizing she had no strength left she fell over on the couch her laptop falling to the floor. and she saw a dark shadow passover her prone form as her eyes closed...

Her Dreams were strange. A Huge mansion, walking through streets and road. and a Sign on the outside of an Irish pub "The Gallows" then the handsome man again, pushing her up against the wall pulling open her blouse, the buttons popping off, her breast freed, his mouth on her nipples, She groaned with pleasure as he bit down softly, her hand at the back of his head.

"Who are you?" she whispered as her panties were torn from her body and his fingers brushed over her sex. She blushed at being naked in front of this man, and the fact that her legs spread apart so easily. His finger slipped inside and s he arched her back "Please, no, I'm, a virgin" she begged put rocked her hips against his hand. He remained silent but look into her eyes then Kisses her, her mouth parting to accept his tongue into her mouth. he fucked her pussy with his finger slowly.

Sarra Awoke screaming in ecstasy her panties soaking with her juiced and a wet spot forming on the bed. she had come and her cum had flooded out of her, filling her panties with it until t hey became saturated with cum. she lay there moaning and drifted back off to sleep, This time s he had no dreams, she slept soundly for the rest of the night.

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