Bitten ( A Short Story)

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"You have one choice here and one chance! Choose wisely." He said with an eerie and scary voice.

I was broken everything told me to walk away but if I did I would rip away a piece of my heart and the danger was worth saving that part of me......

Chapter One : The Accidental Meeting

I was sitting in the dusty old library of the small town in Italy I was staying. It was quaint. I had a huge argument with my ex-boyfriend/used to be fiance over his choice to cheat on me and decided a change of scenery was a good thing. Luckily I had a huge savings due to some unfortunate circumstances but still I had savings. I always thought he was the one. He had been there through the death of my parents and I loved him.

Since I arrived in Italy I felt more at home like someone wanted me here. I was really into reading one of my favorite vampire books standing between the old wooden book cases when he startled me by clearing his throat.

" So you like vampires?" He asked with a voice so smooth with his Italian accent it caught me off guard my back slamming into the book shelf behind me.

"Uh, I ..um ....I like to read stories about them...I guess.... You .....you shouldn't sneak up on people like that you could give em a heart attack." I said shakily I looked the stranger up and down and my eyes liked what they saw.

He was tall and tanned with dark hair green eyes and dimples his smile had me melting.

"Quello è il minimo delle vostre preoccupazioni il mio dolce."

"What do you mean by that sir?"

"Ah... I see you speak Italian um well I mean to say that if you involve yourself with me as I am what you called a stranger you don't know what..... uh I could do but I can assure you heart attack is least likely your fate. " He winked and gestured for me to follow him.

"Why? I don't know you...and ...well I don't know that I want to and you said called you a stranger I never called you a stranger I...."

"I figured you were uh thinking it most people do you know."

"I have family that will look for me if I go missing so you better not be trying to lure me to some dark corner to kill me."

"Hmmm...Tempting but no.... by the way may I have your name?" He continued walking toward the back of the library stopping in front of a door that said employees only in English and Italian.

"Um I dunno how your reading skills are but that says...."

" I know what it says I am owner and keeper of this library and behind this door is my own collection of books that mean something to me. My name is Angelo Christiano but you may call me Angel. What may I call you?"

"Oh um Il mio nome è Jenai." I said with a slight blush. I saw something flash in his eyes. He turned to the door putting a key in.

" I see that is what you say um beautiful. Follow me Jenai."

I knew I shouldn't but something in his voice was luring and tugged me after him.

"Wow ." I said in awe I could not have imagined a room like what was before me could reside in such a dusty facility..

Chapter Two Begging

I sat in my hotel room looking off the balcony into the distant busy Italian city falling into a daze remembering his luring green eyes he had given me his number and asked me to visit again said it would be his pleasure to see me once again and an honor to escort me to dinner. I wondered if all Italian men were so proper and well spoken or if it was just him.

My phone rang and I answered it was Tyleya my best friend she was going to be meeting me in Japan in about a two weeks and we were finalizing our plans,when my other line beeped it was Ryan my ex fiance/boyfriend what ever .

" Yes. what do you want?"

" Nai baby please look I know you took this trip to distance yourself from me but I love you. I need you. Please Nai please baby give me a chance to make it up to you let me come to Italy and-"

"Ry let me stop you right there. Look I am not mad any more I really don't hate you...I love you too -"

"But right? There is a but.... in your conclusion of the conversation you are only ending things with us because you are scared that you might really love me Nai ok I know that I hurt you that girl meant nothing to me ok it was a mistake I was drunk. You are everything to me I am coming there and you can't turn me a way I am going to fight for us I know that we should be together everything in my heart says so I am begging I will get on my knees. "

Silence lingered as I thought on my next response.

"You cut me off before I could finish I was gonna say I love you too and I miss you and even though it is gonna take some hard work and dedication I am willing to give you one last chance come here to Italy and do your best. Good night Ry , I need to catch some sleep love."

"Night Nai love you."

I closed my eyes I knew Ryan would be there in a couple of days and that was all I had to get to know my handsome mysterious "stranger "as Angel had put it. I wondered what it would be like to give this man what I saw in his eyes he wanted.Whenever our eyes locked it was like I could feel his thoughts and I saw lust.

Ryan was the one I loved but this man posed an opportunity a chance to learn who I really was and what I really wanted in life a change. This man that had a strange draw with me.

Chapter Three The Dream

I was in a Victorian gown that was red with a black lace overlay and a corseted top. He was in an old fashioned tuxedo his eyes peered through me he licked his lips walking slowly toward me.

"May I? He asked seductively.

I looked around shyly saw there was no one to catch us it looked to be his library it was luxurious like the one I had seen in the back of the library he owned. There were books of all sizes and genres. Before I could catch my breath at it's beauty his quick movements distracted me and I was in his arms it was a warm electric grip that made me gasp.

" You are mine. No other can behold you. To me you are bound."

A sharp pang throbbed at the base of my neck as his grip tightened. I felt his lips close over the wound . I wasn't scared I was euphoric. I calmed the racing pulse of my heart and looked him in the eyes and they glowed a soft lavender. His lips red with my blood . The muscle plains in his body were rigid but there was the soft touch of his fingers tracing the curve of my lips.

I awoke a bit startled at the vivid images that just played in my dream and to a knock at my door.

"Who is it?" I asked but there was no answer just another knock.

" I said who is it?" I yelled but again just another knock.

Frustrated I swung open the door. Angel stood teeth and fang bared and bit my throat. I screamed.

"Wake up! Baby Wake up. Jenai it's just a dream!" Ryan yelled shaking me from the nightmare after my dream.

I sobbed as he held me against him for comfort both mine and his.

"Jenai sweetie what scared you so badly it was almost as if you thought you were dieing."

"I know and I can't understand why Ry I just can't." I cried tears pouring down my cheeks so much they could have formed puddles.

The strength behind his hug made the nightmare disappear but the latent fear was hidden waiting to reveal itself again something told me it wasn't completely a dream.

Chapter Four Why are you Holding Back?

I watched Ryan watching my every move like I was under a microscope. It made me feel uncomfortable because I knew the events that occur over the two days prior to his arrival. I felt bad for even though we were broken up he was coming to work things out and while he was making plans to be here I was getting close with Angel if I had only knew what I was getting into.

"Jenai, you have been in a daze and having nightmares and not acting yourself since I got here it's scaring me your actions. To be honest I haven't seen you act this way since your parents died and I am worried about you. I love you and I feel like your not telling me whats going on."

If only he knew the trap I stepped in and just how bound I was.

Three days earlier.......

"Glad that you chose to honor me with your presence again Jenai." He said seductively

"Well you impressed me the other day Mr.-" Before I could finish my sentence he interrupted me .....

"No formal conversations here Jenai call me Angel it's what i'd prefer to hear you call me it is a sweet sound coming from your lips."

I blushed then continued, "Well Angel you impressed me greatly the other day with your private library and you did say I could come and enjoy it as much as I wanted while I was here for my stay."

"Yes as long as I get to enjoy it with you." He licked his lips and winked.

I could not help but to blush again. "Don't you have the rest of the library to look after?"

"No the library is closed today it is Sunday its always closed on Sunday."

"Oh i'm sorry I am messing up your day off I should go."

"No! You stay and read with me. I want you .... Here. Stay please.... it would give me great pleasure to have you in my company."

"Angel I don't know if that's a great idea, I just got out of a relationship and-"

"His lost .My gain. I want you to stay. I want to get to know you. I want to know you. I want....you." he said slowly backing me into one of the bookcases his hands placed on either side of me so I couldn't move his body centimeters from mine sending shivers over me and his eyes piercing into mine.It was a closeness that my heart and mind rejected but could not stop my body from welcoming it was like a magnetic pull the shivers caused me to physically meld my body to his my softer curves to his hard planes his scent was calming like lavender but there was something else behind it something luring. I heard a needy groan and an urgent moan escape his lips as his fingers glided under my shirt tracing the arch in my lower back. He stepped away from me removing all contact.

"No, please..." I whimpered at the lost of contact then gasped at the realization of what I was saying and wanting.

"Do you want me Jenai?" He said his eyes smoldering and piercing it was as if his eyes alone were caressing every inch of me slowly making him know the pleasure he gifted me with the wanting moans he coerced from me.

"Yes!" I said wide eyed at the words that left my lips.

"Will you give yourself to me? Be mine? He said his voice loosing all seductive tone and becoming more demanding. " If I give you me I must have you and all of you. I knew what you meant to me the moment you walked into my doors...you did too but I cannot make you be mine you must do so willingly."

" I want you Angel I can't go another second without your touch please i'm begging I give you me."

Although he wanted love to guide his mate to his arms he would take lust because in the end she would be his anyway. He walked slowly to lock the door. "Follow me my love I have something for you." he said looking into her eyes compelling her to obey his command.

They walked through a hallway to another room but not just any room it was Angels bedroom his safe place. Angel designed it with her in mind he saw in his dreams what she wanted at least he hoped. "Do you um approve my love?" he watched as she looked at her surroundings.

I was in awe the room was perfectly decorated there was a cool and warm feeling to the room literally the coolness in the wall color a deep charcoal almost black, but everything else was warm the chocolate leather bed and silk bedding and the fire from the fireplace ablaze the flowers by the bedside and the candles all over the room it was everything I could have dreamed. " Oh yes it's perfect." i sighed.

He picked me up and our bodies fit like long lost puzzle pieces he kissed my lips and I was in his world the same world from my dream. Our lips parted and he set me back down.

"Lay back on our bed so that you may be mine." He commanded.

I did as asked then as if I was dreaming his intense gaze and something powerful behind it undid the buttons on my shirt he stood still letting me see that he was not actually doing it with his hands my heart skipped and halted then sped up as fear built up in me.

He smelt her fear and it annoyed him he much rather the smell of her lust for him than fear so he calmly and tenderly spoke to soothe her nerves.

"Jenai my love I am not your average man I am much more and you are my mate you said you would give me you but I am giving you the chance to leave now because I will not force you. There is no reason to fear me I won't hurt you I am a Vampire I will not turn you yet instead I will just mark you as mine but I need to know that you understand and won't fear me. What is it you decide my sweet?

I looked at him wide eyed my knot in my throat in awe and shock of the words that left his lips as I opened my mouth to answer him...

Chapter Five Mine

The fear built up in my throat, a scream ready to emerge from my lips but instead...

"Make me yours Angel...." I shakily whispered.

He moved quickly over me with a glint in his eyes that made them shimmer.

He took his nail and pierced the skin on his wrist .....

"Turn over!" he demanded.

I felt his lips caress me from the top of my neck down my spine a warm pleasure fleeting through me making me gasp over and over and then I felt it, he used his nail to prick a cut into my lower back n dripped his blood onto it causing the most painful burn I have ever felt in my life my eye rolled into my head and I bit my lip to stop my self from screaming. Then he licked away the blood and it went from excrusciating pain to torturous pleasure.

"Angel wha....what just happened? I asked gasping for air.

" Mine!" He growled...pulling our bodies closer he leaned over my shoulder kissing my neck as he had his way with me.

"I wish I could truly make you my mate tonight but if i bite you there is no going back my love....I left my mark on you." he said pulling us apart leaving me wanting at the lost....he carried me before the mirror on the wall of his bedroom had me stand before it my back facing it..... "Look over your shoulder into the mirror you wear my mark".

I looked and was amazed to see a pair of black wings with a green arrow through it set on my lower back it shimmered in the light of the fire.

"Your blood did that?" I said in shock.

"Yes it's not half a sexy and beautiful as you but it will do.." He said nonchalantly.

" Ryan is going to be here tonight .....what am i going to do ....he is going to freak out .....oh no....oh .....no.......Angel what did i do.....Jenai said panicked."

" He means nothing to you anymore and you will never speak of him in my presence again if you don't want to see me angry ....if you defy me and my ownership of you he will die so it's best that you don't......You are Bound to me.....Get dressed and leave come back tomorrow I will give you tonight to tell him ."


"Jenai snappppp out of It Now!" Ryan yelled at her as she was in a trance.

"Huh? oh um sorry ry i i just i know you want the truth and you want to know whats scaring me but i can't go there just trust me... I love you and nothing will ever change that not matter how i may act..."

"Now you are scaring me Jenai, Nai baby i know that we have had problems but you have been acting weird and.....

Just as he was about to tell her his reason for being worried she leaned over to get her glass of water exposing her lower back to him.....

Chapter 6 Sleeping Love

Ryan was shocked Jenai wasn't acting like the girl he had fell in love with he came to fight for what they had to go home with a wife and not just his fiance but it seemed she was putting more distance between them he had been back three days and she had done nothing but try to sleep and that was interrupted with nightmares. She avoided eye contact and talking.... and when he asked about the tattoo she yelled that he didn't have the right to ask and why did he even care..... he tossed and turned and just when he was finally falling asleep...

"Angel...." she moaned.

His eyes widened did she just say another mans name? No shes dreaming right? he thought to himself but he turned over to see her standing eyes open and walking toward the door...

"Nai come back to bed sweetie..." Ryan pleaded hoping that she would he missed her and how she would let him hold her.She kept walking Ryan slipped on his shoes and followed her into the hallway through the lobby out to the streets to a library in nothing but skimpy pajamas? What the hell is going on he thought sleepily.......

Jenai walked into the library Angel was calling to her and the pull was something she could no longer resist .....

"Come to me love" he said in her mind.

She kept walking through the library past Angels bedroom out the door to the garden just beyond the bedroom patio........

"Come to me..."

Ryan followed her hidden behind the door he watched as she walked into a garden into another mans arms.....

"Jenai I cannot wait anymore I need to make you Truly Mine!" he demanded running his lips over her neck inhaling her scent his mouth watering and his fangs elongated he pierced her neck taking slow draws of her sweet blood into his mouth.

Jenai woke from her trance ......

"Angel ....No....Please Stop! Angel..... i can't......

"Mine your mine!" He said pulling his mouth away from the wound on her neck after sealing it with his saliva.

Ryan watched wide eyed as the man bit into Jenai's neck and drank from her like she was a fountain......this had to be a nightmare it couldn't be real......

Before he could come to terms with what he was seeing before his eyes the man had him by his throat.....

"You are Mine not His!This is what you are resisting me for I can snap his neck and that would end that..... I have told you over and over Jenai let me make it perfectly clear either you are mine and no one else is in your life by your choice come with me he lives or if you can't choose i kill him and effectively make the choice for you....You have one choice here and one chance! Choose wisely." He said with an eerie and scary voice.

I was broken everything told me to walk away but if I did I would rip away a piece of my heart and the danger was worth saving that part of me......

Bitten 2 coming soon...... hope you enjoyed :)

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