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Bitten Ch. 01



Blinding light, rough movements, the familiar sound of the metal door grinding open, a rough shove, I stumble. I bounce against the padded wall, the jolt through my body causing me to moan as my heart pounds in my ears. The slamming of the door as loud as a scream to my super sensitive ears, the locking mechanism settling into place as loud as thunder makes my head throb. A few seconds of deafening silence and then the music kicks on, barely audible to everyone else its the perfect level to drown out all the outside noise but not enough to cause me pain. My heart continues to pound in my head as I focus on the heavy beat of the techno music, my heart slowing to beat in time with the music. The cool darkness and pulse of the music is what keeps me sane. I mark each beat of the music and throb of my heart for nearly an hour before I slip into a trance that's as close to sleep as I can get. This is my new reality.

Caught somewhere between heaven and hell. That would be the best way to describe it. This four foot by four foot padded cell is my oasis. The world outside it my own living hell. I'm not here because I'm crazy. I'm here because they fear me. I am kept in a room void of everything but these four walls, ceiling and floor of rough white canvas stretched over padding because ever since I was bitten, I am the most dangerous, most sought after lab rat in the world. But let me start over... start at the beginning like most stories should...

Chapter One – Ceremony

The year was 2189 and most of the worlds population had migrated into massive city like hubs throughout the world founded around old world metropolises. New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and Buenos Aires were all now massive Meccas. If you were smart you lived well within the walls of these hubs, to live on the fringe was dangerous, to live outside, was suicidal. The wastelands were full of monsters. Or that's what the humans think. Children are taught at a very young age that in the wastelands if the vampires don't get you, the werewolves will. What the humans don't realize is that most of the 'monsters' actually live right next door. When in control we look just like any other boring human. Vampires aren't super pale, or sparkly. Werewolves aren't dictated by the moon, mostly anyway. Those who can't control their primal natures are the ones who are cast out of the hubs by the rest of us to protect our own identities. They form colonies in the slowly dying architecture of the once thriving cities.

Most of the stories that give children and adults nightmares are based off of a three day period once a year known as the blood moon. Even with all the technological advances we've made in the last hundred years science can't figure out why the full moon, tied to the autumnal solstice of the northern hemisphere causes both the vampires and the werewolves to go mad with blood lust. Some speculate that its tied to a Milena old blood feud between the vampires and the werewolves, others believe it is the curse of a scorned witch. Regardless of its beginnings the blood moon is the time the entire world comes to a screeching halt. Humans lock themselves away, the non humans... go crazy. Its three days of pure bestial insanity, breeding, feeding, and fighting are pretty much the only things on any non human creatures' mind.

Up until now I have discussed vampires and werewolves as a single entity under the category of "monsters." Let me make one thing clear right now. They are not one entity, they are like oil and water, they do not mix and when the two come in contact the result is violent, bloody chaos that usually results in one if not both parties mortally injured. Also, as keen as our senses are when in our primal forms, when we are walking around as humans you can't tell who is a ware, vamp, or human. We even all smell pretty much the same. Blame technology for that as well. Cleanliness was a problem when the hubs first began to centralize. Now everything is maintained via advanced technologies that process the environment and keep it in "perfect" condition. Should someone spill a drink on the bar, the bar simply absorbs the drink, instantly dries, and the nanotechnology of the bar breaks the drink down into its harmless base products and is either immediately re-sampled into something useful, or transported to a storage location to be used at a later date. The 'bots' in charge of maintaining the air quality are so efficient, they eliminate any particle or compound that does not directly make up "perfect air" immediately. It makes it nearly impossible to smell anything other than "clean." Because of this it has happened on occasions that a ware and a vampire have lived next door to each-other and not know it for years.

Wealth is relative inside the hubs. Everyone is issued a standard flat. A single one bedroom apartment complete with one basic amenity. RICU, Robotic Individual Care Unit, everyone just refers to them as RIC. RIC is responsible for just about everything that was managed by humans and appliances in the 20th century. RIC monitors the upkeep of your home, ensuring that air quality meets standard, that your clothes are never dirty, and provides you with your meals. Kind of an all in one kitchen, laundry room, and maid. You spend your money on all the luxuries. Like anything, you get what you pay for. The comfort of your bed directly relates to how much you paid for it. The sign of a wealthy person is a household full of possessions. Those in the "middle class" have living quarters that are far more sparse. Those in the bottom rung of society tend to have empty shells for a home with RICs that are poorly maintained.

So what am I? I used to be far more sure of that than I am now, but in the beginning, I was just a vampire. Now before you roll your eyes at me, I was no queen of the vampires or some leader's daughter. In the vampire world I was a breeder, a nobody. In the human world I was a marketing director for one of the largest technology companies in the world. Located in the center of New York Hub my flat boasted a view of the neighboring building, the balconies from their flats a whopping 10 feet from the edge of my own. This was considered a lot of space. At least I HAD a window. It was a sign that my position at work had afforded me a comfortable living along with the view. At least, that's how it appears... in the human world. But I'm not human.

As I said before, in the vampire world, I am a breeder. And the job is exactly as wonderful as it sounds. You're "born and raised" to make more vampires. Old world concubines look like queens compared to a breeder. Now we have 'standards' no breeder is allowed to be bred until she turn of age at 18 and may not breed with anyone not directly approved by the black court. Basically what it boils down to is as soon as your body is stable enough to bare children you would serve your blood right proud by producing as many approved offspring as possible till your body gives out.

Its such an intricate part of the vampire society that each breeder is given the vampire version of a "Sweet 16" party. The young woman is laid out upon an alter, her body bound in such a way that access to her vagina is not hindered in any way and she is forced to watch as each approved 'donor' has his way with her. Should a girl be found "corrupted" or "broken" prior to this ceremony she will be killed on the spot for her betrayal. Even if her condition was because of a non consensual event.

My childhood was nothing really worth talking about. I grew up in the 'middle' class of human society. I was the result of a breeder. I had no real parents. I had been assigned to a male vampire who to the humans appeared to be in his mid 30s. He was a 'single parent' who refused to talk about my 'mother.' These types of families were not uncommon in human society and it made it far easier for vampires to blend in. Only having to falsify one back story instead of two. My life was fairly normal growing up, get up, go to school, come home do homework, learn the vampire histories after that and go to bed to do it all over again the next day. Weekends were full of playing with the other children in our tower. I had lots of 'friends' but only one was what I'd consider close. I knew better. I knew what would happen when 16 came around. Sarah lived a few doors down from my 'father' and I with her parents and three brothers. We had sleepovers a lot because we had space. Six people is a lot of bodies in a single flat. As we got into our teenage years we were all shipped off to the same prep school where Sara and I became roommates. As close as we were I'd never told her I was a vampire. That was against the rules. I now know she had secrets of her own.

The year I turned 18 I started dreading the fall. I knew what was coming. I feared it. My first blood moon as an 'adult.' This was the year my life would change... forever. Little did I know that it would be far different than what I had imagined. We made plans to spend the blood moon with our families. Sarah's parents wanted everybody home during the dangerous time. At least that was the story. Mine was that my father wanted to see his little girl. In reality I had to be away from Sarah because I had a ceremony and a life to submit to. When I hugged Sarah goodbye at her doorstep that Friday I had no idea I would be running into her again so soon. I hurried the few doors to my own flat, knowing my father would get angry if I was late. We had things to do... I had to 'prepare.'

Within minutes of walking through the door we were headed out again, my father had everything packed before I got there and the helicab was already waiting on the rooftop to take us to the airport. To anyone who was looking we just looked like we were one of the hundreds of people who go away for the blood moon. Spend the few days in some high end resort instead of locked in your tiny flat. But a few of the planes that left the airport that night did not have a sandy destination. They were making the short flight out over the hub's walls and deep into the wastelands. We were headed for the largest vampire colony in what used to be the United States, It had taken over half of old world Chicago. It was also one of the most dangerous colonies because every vampire knew that Chicago's underworld was crawling with wolves.

But my mind was not on our destination or the wolf colony hidden just below the surface. My mind was on the ritual. In a few short hours I would see my first mate. I wondered who they had chosen. I squirmed, uneasy and a little excited in my chair. We were greeted at the gate by an escort. A half a dozen men who looked very capable of tearing the airport apart let alone a person were there to make sure nothing happened to me between now and the ceremony. Did they really have people try to escape? I shivered at the thought. I certainly didn't want to find out what would happen if I tried.

The rest of the time before the ceremony was a bit of a blur, had one of the guards spiked my drink in the car? The water had tasted a little funny. I remember I had been taken to an area to be prepared where I had been stripped and bathed, the water just a little too warm against my skin leaving me a slightly pink color. While in the bath they had shaved my legs, (I'd done that just yesterday but ok?) and they'd shaved around my pussy. It felt odd to be bare there, my skin super smooth now also sensitive. They had then rubbed oil into every inch of my skin leaving me smelling of rose and sandalwood. They'd paid particular attention to the area around my pussy as they rubbed the oil in, careful to avoid touching my pussy or clit and by the time they were done I was dripping with need. Just as they finished there was a loud knock at the door. It was the guards again, it was time.

I tried to hold my head up high as I was marched naked as a jaybird to the ceremony hall but as I felt the eyes of the thousands of people gathered I blushed bright pink and my eyes dropped to the floor. I wanted to run and hide. When we reached the altar I was effortlessly lifted onto it and the cool slate against my skin made me gasp. Hands roughly grabbed my wrists and pulled me down onto the altar pulling them over my head. Just as I felt the cool iron close around my right wrist I felt my ankles grabbed and my legs spread, soon the weight of the shackles could be felt on each wrist, and each ankle.

It was clear the altar had been designed just for this. It angled downward from your head to your feet and it had a distinct upward curve that arched your back causing your breasts to jut forward. The alter ended just past your buttocks and your legs were shackled at the ankle so that your toes were just a few inches above the ground and your legs were spread so that whoever stepped between your legs had perfect access to every inch of your body. Now I was nervous.

After I was bound to the altar the master of ceremonies walked down the aisle, up to the altar and stepped directly between my legs where he knelt. I felt his fingers roughly spread my pussy lips to expose my hole to his eyes. The cool air of the room against my super heated skin made my pussy contract. I felt his finger slide between my folds scooping up some of my moisture.

"Someone's enjoying this," he whispered to me. I turned red with embarrassment. I whimpered as I felt just the tip of his finger prod at my opening. Having felt my hymen still intact he turned to the crowd of vampires with a smile on his face. "This girl brings us honor by following our traditions..." I tuned him out as he went through his speech. I didn't want to be here, the room was cold, there were lots of people watching me, and I had no idea who I was about to bed with.

Now let me pause here for a moment and tell you a little bit about vampire anatomy. While similar to human there are a few very distinct differences. Over the last few centuries vampires have been specifically bred to survive. No longer is it about "keeping bloodlines pure" or "converting suitable humans". Both result in weaker, more unstable vampires. Science has once again let us bare children like humans. We no longer have to pass the 'virus' on to a victim. We now control the creation of offspring as if breeding dogs. Paring male and female to achieve the best possible results. When not in our human facade the most noticeable difference is our size. Females tend to be small, averaging 5 feet tall and lean. We are designed to be fast, agile. The hunters. Males are significantly larger, averaging nearly 7 feet in height, some pairings have even resulted vampires reaching nearly 8 feet tall. Males are usually heavily muscled, they are designed to do one thing well... kill werewolves. Both male and female vampires have the same similar facial bone structure, something that looks like its crossed between a cat and a human. The eyes are larger in proportion to the face than a humans, extended incisors and a strong jaw are all characteristics. Our genitalia is in direct proportion to our size. It's always a tight fit. Back to the ceremony.

As I continued to tune out the master of ceremony's speech I tried to guess at who my partner would be. I didn't know of any other vampires my age. A cheer from the crowd broke my train of thought. The MC must of just introduced my mate. I slowly turned my head and followed the crowd's eyes up the aisle till they landed on the man standing naked in the doorway. He was gorgeous. He was tall, as he stepped through the doorway he had to duck his head to keep from hitting it. As the light in the room washed over his face it took my breath away, hes the type of creature that provokes the thought of "tall dark and handsome" my eyes wandered over the muscles of his chest, the smooth line of his stomach and down to his crotch. I swallowed hard. Even in human form he looked big. I stared at his cock trying to figure out how I was supposed to take something that large in me until I heard his roar. He was about halfway down the aisle and I felt the magic ripple through the air as he dropped the facade. I watched as his skin warmed to a dark honey color as it rippled over the changes in his body. He grew taller, his defined human muscles took on their vampiric counterpart. His body exuded raw strength. His nails lengthened to claws and his fangs descended. He was magnificent to look at. As he started down the aisle toward me again I risked another glance at his hardening cock. I wished I hadn't. He was huge.

I tried to tug at my restraints. They wouldn't budge. The MC left the platform just as my mate reached the steps leading up to it. All attention settled on us. I panicked as he approached me but I did my best to hide my fear. I didn't know if in this form he was more animal than human. The last thing I wanted to do was provoke him. I watched as he stepped between my legs as he studied me. I looked up at his face and was relieved to see his eyes had not yet clouded over with the blood lust, there was still "human" behind the beast. He reached out and pawed at my breasts with his clawed fingers, rolling one tender nipple between his thumb and forefinger while he pinched the other. The heat of his cock rested against my stomach as he toyed with me. I closed my eyes and bit back a whimper. When he looked up from my breasts to see why he'd gotten no reaction out of his ministrations, "look at me," he commanded, his voice a low growl. I opened my eyes slowly and looked down at him pleading, I wanted to ask him to not do this, tell him I wasn't ready for this etc all that came out was a whispered "please."

He recognized my fear, his eyes softened a little, he reached up and grabbed my hair, pulled my head to the side baring my neck to him. To anyone watching it looked like he was about to mark me as his. I tensed, waiting for the combined pain of his bite and his entry but instead he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, his voice soft and sensual, warm velvet.

"I must take you. You know this." his free hand dropped between my thighs, his fingers spreading my lips, his touch far more tender than the MC's. "I can not promise you no pain," he slowly slid a finger into my warm pussy and stirred it gently. "But I will try not to hurt you," he lowered his head to my breast as he slid a second finger into me causing a mixed moan to escape my throat. His suckling felt good, so did the slow stirring of my pussy but the stretch was a bit uncomfortable. We stayed this way for a few minutes.

As he moved from my right breast to my left I felt him start to add a third finger, i tried to pull away but the shackles allowed only about an inch and I whimpered as the tip of this third finger entered me causing my eyes to water. This was too much too fast, it stung. He felt my retreat, and heard my pain and slowed his movement a hair but didn't stop. "shhhhh," he soothed and pushed forward again with his third finger. It burned, I whimpered again and started to tremble. I couldn't do this. His fingers hurt, I knew his dick would be even worse. The crowd was growing restless. They couldn't see his hand and they were impatient for some 'action.' He knew he had to give it to them, he was out of time. He withdrew his fingers and I sighed with relief as the burning pressure went away.

I felt him shift between my legs and then I felt the head of his shaft slide between my folds, he was coating it with my moisture. I panicked again. I started tugging at my restraints, trying to kick out at him but couldn't break free. He placed a hand on my chest and pushed me into the altar making it impossible to move. "Don't fight me, I don't want to accidentally hurt you." He leaned forward and guided the head to my opening, and began to slowly push inward. The burning pressure was back instantly and it was growing exponentially worse with every millisecond. I whimpered and shook my head,"It already hurts"I growled and tried to push him off me with all my strength but between the shackles and his arm I might as well have been fighting the wind.

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