Bitten Ch. 02


Night descended on the town, and crept up on Lily unawares.

She awoke with a start, unable to get her bearings. With blurred vision, she looked down her body to see the silk chemise clinging to it, her hair strewn about the place.

It took her a moment to realise she had fallen asleep after her intense orgasm, and a further moment to realise it was dark.

Her head snapped to the wall clock, and she swore when she saw the time. Darting from the couch, she undressed as she ran to the bedroom, flinging her chemise wildly in the air as she went. Hurriedly, she tugged on her polo shirt, realising too late she wasn't wearing a bra.

No time for that now.

Nor panties.

The thigh-length pleated skirt slipped easily up her legs and over her pert buttocks, while she checked her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was tussled, but in an appealing manner, and her face had enough colour from her afternoon fun to render make-up redundant.

The cool night air rushed between her legs as she jogged out in to the street, reminding her how hot her pussy had been earlier. Her tits swayed under her, the nipples chaffing against the cotton as they bounced with each hurried jog.

The bright light from the 24 hour supermarket loomed on the horizon like a sarcastic beacon.

Breathlessly, she slumped in to her seat behind the check-out just in time to see her boss emerge from her tiny office. The prim middle-aged woman didn't need to see Lily late for work again. Luckily, she didn't.

A sigh of relief.

As she tapped her code in to the register, she noticed Buckley sitting across from her. He had an unusual smirk on his equally unusual face, and when she questioned it with a raised eyebrow, it morphed in to a smile.

He was an odd boy this one. Very shy, barely spoke, and as pale as the moon. Lily couldn't remember a time when she saw him in daylight. And she often caught him staring at her, which didn't make her uncomfortable as such, but could be tiresome. She knew she was in for that tonight, realising as she did that her nipples would be poking violently through her cotton top without the barrier or support of a bra.

She wondered if that would make him hard.

The thought surprised her. Up until this afternoon, she wasn't aware how much she enjoyed being watched. She shifted in her seat, sitting up straight and pushing her chest forward, idly looking off down an aisle. When she turned back, sure enough, his eyes were bulging and aimed directly at her nipples. She felt them stiffen slightly, and wondered if he was suffering the same problem.

She didn't like men, but she found she liked this attention.

The doors clattered open, and the delivery man nearly fell over his cart. Lily didn't know his name, even though he'd been in every night since she began working here. It seemed impolite to ask for it after such a time.

He did what he always did; stood gormlessly to one side of the entrance and waited, saying nothing, doing nothing. Lily was bored, so decided to have some more fun. She swivelled her chair around and pushed her tits out once more, this time looking idly down a different aisle.

When she looked back, she saw him yawning, his gaze elsewhere.

Her shoulders slumped.

Then she had another idea.

Lily stood up and feigned the need to retrieve something from under her check out. Bending slowly and purposefully down, she let her pleated skirt ride up and expose her naked buttocks. Stooping low, she stepped her feet apart, and looked back through them.

He was staring out of the window picking his teeth.

Fine. Maybe Buckley would appreciate the show.

She stood back up and made a face of disappointment and confusion. What she was after was obviously not there. Next, she turned around and bent right over the adjacent but otherwise empty check out. Her feet came off the ground and she wiggled them coquettishly as she delved into the recesses of the unit. She knew her naked ass was on display, and it made her clit tingle. But she couldn't engineer a way to spread her legs for him.

"Delilah Skipwith," the roar almost echoed around the store, and Lily sprung bolt upright in surprise.

She slowly turned to see her boss stood in her office doorway, a look of fire burning from her eyes. She strode forward and sniffed haughtily.

"Sorry Ms Carver," Lily pouted as she sat down, "I need some bags."

"I'm sure you have plenty," and with that she snapped the cap back on to the stupidly big marker pen she was holding, as if to say that was the end of the matter.

Before Lily could counter, Ms Carver noticed the delivery man and her mood worsened. With a hissed whisper she asked, "Why didn't you tell me HE was here?"

Lily shrugged. Her mind had been elsewhere.

She watched Ms Carver turn on the most fallacious of smiles for the briefest of seconds, then beckon to the man with her head that they should head out to the store room. He never noticed her demeanour around him, and simply did as he was bid.

Ms Carver's heels clattered on the hard floor as she disappeared down an aisle, followed by a squeaking cart.

Lily rolled her eyes at Buckley, who smirked in response.

Ms Carver was the most prim and proper woman Lily had ever met. She tied her hair back so tight it must give her headaches. Every night she wore a shimmering silk white blouse and a tight black skirt to the knee. Her heeled shoes were black, and she wore no other adornments. But Lily always noticed her body. For her age, it was wonderful. Slim, pert and alluring. Her small but perfect tits always poked proudly under the dancing silk, and the skirt hugged her shapely ass so tight Lily was convinced she wore no panties. She definitely never wore a bra, which made Lily wonder how firm those little boobs must be.

Lily was getting turned on again.

This was no good.

The store was deserted, and would be all night, but she needed to take her mind off sex. Ms Carver would be out back for a while, as always, fussing over the poor man's deliveries, sending most of it back in disgust. Lily was too full of adrenaline, and needed an outlet.

She bounced to her feet and felt Buckley watching her as she skipped across the store towards Ms Carver's office. She often did this, just for the hell of it. It was strictly out of bounds, which is what made it fun. There was nothing in there, except the thrill of rebellion.

Lily sat down on Ms Carver's impossibly firm swivel chair and stared at her desk. As always, there was nothing on it, the in-tray was empty, the out-tray stacked in an anally neat pile. The paraphernalia was all perpendicular and precise. Lily did was she always did. She shifted the stapler to a crooked angle.

Today, she also grabbed one of the giant marker pens from the holder and unclipped the cap slightly. But before she could return it, something twinkled in the metal support of the in-tray. That was new. There was a light source behind her.

Pen still in hand, she slowly swung the chair around, and her jaw-dropped at what she saw there.

It wasn't the giant LCD display that shocked her. Nor was it the fact it was showing some kind of CCTV feed, split four ways. It wasn't the indignation of a closed circuit system pointing at the check outs that shocked her either. It was the fourth camera, and what it was pointed at that had made Lily gawp.

The light danced on her face as she leaned in closer to make sure she wasn't imagining it.

She wasn't.

Ms Carver was sitting on a stack of boxes, her legs wrapped around the delivery man, their mouths locked in one of the most passionate embraces Lily had ever seen.

She touched her own lips as she watched them kissing, unable to imagine what it must feel like to have another person's mouth pressed against hers.

The man's hands were on Ms Carver's hips, squeezing them passionately, but suddenly, he slipped them up her body and found her pert little tits through the blouse. She watched Ms Carver break from the kiss and saw her mouth open with a moan, as those hands massaged them rhythmically, and his mouth went to her neck to nuzzle.

Lily longed to know how that felt.

She was fixated on Ms Carver's face; contorting and flushed, her mouth gasping for air silently. Lily wondered if she could get some sound. Unsure what to do, she idly pressed the screen.

The quadrant expanded and filled the frame. Ms Carver's face was four times as big now, and Lily was mesmerised by it. She watched her grab the man's hair and pull his mouth back to hers, imagining her tongue pushing wantonly in to dance with his.

Lily licked her lips, as she always did when her arousal was growing.

She touched the screen again, hoping it would reveal some controls, and it did. Nothing she could see would move the camera, but she was pleased to find a volume slider, which she dragged sideways with her finger.

The sound rose, and she could hear their lips smacking.

Coyly, she craned her neck to check no one was coming, and dared to turn it up a little louder. Just then, Ms Carver pulled away and gasped again.

The sound was electric, and Lily could feel that moan vibrating through her clitoris.

She wondered what had caused the noise.

His fingers had found her nipples through the silk and it looked like he was pinching them hard as they kissed, rolling them from side to side.

Lily bought her hand up and pinched her own nipple through the cotton, squeezing hard enough to make her stifle her own gasp. She matched his motion and found herself gripping the marker pen tight in her free hand.

Is this how Amy would make love to her?

The man buried his face in to the nook of Ms Carver's neck, and she rolled her eyes in ecstasy. She obviously had very sensitive nipples, and loved her neck being suckled.

Lily wondered if she too would react with such passion.

She didn't wonder for long though, because on the monitor, Ms Carver grabbed the hem of her blouse and tugged it over her head, before tossing it to one side. Then she straightened her back and presented her left breast to the man's eager mouth. Lily heard him sucking it passionately, and luxuriated in the gentle groaning that it induced.

Lily's legs spread wide across the firm seat of the chair and she pulled her pleated skirt up higher. Her curly blonde pubes pointed the way down to her wet lips, but she wanted to mirror what she was seeing.

So instead of attending to her purring clit, she slipped her hand under her top and began to caress her left nipple, imagining it was a wet eager mouth. Ms Carver pulled his head to her other nipple now, and gently swore as he suckled on it.

That was too much for Lily, and she too let out an aroused expletive, soft and husky.

Lily watched as the man's hand snaked down to her skirt and pushed its way up her naked thigh. To Lily's surprise, Ms Carver lifted her hips and pulled the skirt up. Less of a surprise though was Ms Carver's lack of panties.

His fingers seemed to fumble between her legs inexpertly, and this looked like it annoyed her. She actually tutted, and grabbed his head, pushing him down on to his knees, spread her legs wide open and sat back on the box. She was completely shaven, and she held his head in place as he began to lap and lick at her.

Lily let her fingers drop to her own clit now, and she mimicked lapping at it like a tongue, desperate to know how it would feel for real. She strummed at herself, eyes wide as she watched Ms Carver reach down with her free hand and use her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide.

"Lick it," she instructed sternly, before arching her back and moaning louder now.

Lily fumbled at the volume, dialling it down, hoping no-one could hear outside.

Sitting back, she swung her leg over the arm of the chair and opened herself up for attention. Using two fingers, she toyed with her swollen bud rhythmically, listening intently to the moaning and swearing of her boss. Whenever she directed him what to do next with his tongue, Lily copied on herself, and loved hearing the new noises it produced from Ms Carver.

Lily so wished she could do this with Amy. Feel a tongue on her silky puss.

Ms Carver suddenly sat up and pulled the man upright by the ears. Staring in to his eyes with a look of derision, she expertly undid his cover-alls and let it fall to his ankles. Her hand gripped his shaft and began to stroke it up and down. Lily had no idea what a cock felt like, and didn't want to know, but she was fascinated by how it made Ms Carver feel.

The normally prim woman was talking dirty to her lover. Asking him all sorts of questions about how hard he was, and how badly he needed her. To each inquisition he replied with increasing arousal, until she was pumping his cock hard and fast and he was grunting.

Then, in one smooth movement, she lay back on the box and pulled his cock to her pussy, feeding it deep inside and wrapping her thighs tightly around his hips. With each powerful thrust of the hips, her moans grew louder, and her pert little tits shook with the pounding.

Lily had only ever felt her own fingers inside her, and found herself longing to feel something new in there. The giant marker pen in her hand made itself known. She looked at it, looked back at the rutting on the screen, and decided to use it.

She was so wet it slipped in with an ease that shocked her. She swung her other leg over the opposite arm of the chair, and pushed her spine in to the back. She was wide open like the dirty little whore she felt. Her eyes on the monitor, she began to fuck herself to the timing of his hips. She was pumping so hard and deep she could feel her tits bouncing under her top. Her other hand snaked down and her fingers danced on her clit.

Lily came.


But she didn't stop, because he was still going.

Ms Carver was beyond noise now, her body writhing and her face contorting into spasms of ecstatic pleasure. Her hands were massaging her little tits and her thighs gripped her man powerfully.

Without warning, she sat up again and dropped to her knees, worshipping at his crotch. One hand pumped his shaft as she craned her neck and took one of his hairy balls in to her mouth. This didn't interest Lily, but what she did with her other hand made her fuck the pen harder.

Ms Carver reached down and began to finger herself vigorously, in the same way Lily always did. Her other hand stopped pumping and she straightened up, gripping him at the base of his cock and feeding it deep in to her mouth. It kept going. She took it all, and she didn't seem to mind when he gripped her tightly bunned head and began to fuck her mouth as enthusiastically as he'd fucked her pussy.

She moaned hard with a mouthful of solid flesh, and Lily came again.

The pen pumped slower now, and Lily looked down to see it coated in her juices, her lips full and pouting, her clit throbbing.

But they weren't done. Ms Carver stood back up and bent over the boxes in the same way Lily had bent over the check out. She presented the man with her ass, and he accepted it in his hairy hands. Reaching under herself, Ms Carver fed him back inside her wet lips and gasped as he began thrusting even harder.

Lily luxuriated in her after glow, and watched intently as her boss commanded the man to come on her. He pulled out and obliged, his sticky white seed coating her tight buttocks gleefully. Then he spanked her hard and called her a bitch.

She loved it.

Breathlessly, she lay on the boxes, her chest heaving, the semen on her bum, as he pulled up his cover alls and left without a word.

Lily kept watching, slowly teasing the pen in and out.

Ms Carver rolled her eyes to the heavens once more, only this time they rested on the camera, and widened with fear.

She was looking right at Lily.


Lily darted to her feet and dived towards the monitor. She fumbled with the touch screen, trying to find the volume slider, as she watched wide-eyed while her boss mopped herself up, pulled down her skirt, and tugged on her blouse, all the while staring up at the camera nervously.

Lily finally returned the volume to mute, but couldn't figure out how to get the screen back to the four cameras.

Ms Carver disappeared from shot.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Lily banged at the screen wildly and without purpose.

She could hear the clacking of those heels out in the store now.

At last, the four camera feeds reappeared, and she darted from the room, sliding in to her check out seat just as Ms Carver rounded the corner of an aisle.

They stared at one another as her heels clacked by, heading for her office.

"Your mother would be interested to hear of your earlier display."

Lily had nothing to say, and instead blurted, "Well, he's asleep."

She gestured at the snoring Buckley, but Ms Carver wasn't interested. "You're just lucky she owns the place I suppose."

With that, she disappeared in to the office and shut the door.

Lily caught her breath finally.

Then she felt the marker pen in her hand, sticky and wet. She stared at it, then slowly pushed it in to her mouth and tasted herself on the plastic.

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