tagErotic CouplingsBitten Ch. 04

Bitten Ch. 04


Lily could feel the music thumping through the ground as she approached the club. She'd spent nearly as much time picking her outfit as she had convincing herself to do this.

The moon was fat and high in the sky, and the dust kicked up with each step she took nearer, rising and swirling as much as her own apprehensive stomach.

Amy had been online all afternoon talking her in to this, and they finally made a plan to meet here, at Coven. Lily hadn't heard of it before, even though it was on the outskirts of town, and had no idea what to expect. But that was the least of her anxieties.

She smoothed her tight skirt around her ass, and pulled it down slightly. It was short, shorter than she was comfortable with really. Any lapse and she would be flashing the whole club. Last night, that thought would have turned her on, but tonight was a different matter.

Panic rose as, for no reason whatsoever, she decided she was dressed utterly inappropriately. She stopped, turned on her heels and walked briskly back the way she came. What was she thinking wearing such a plunging neck line? It looked so alluring in the mirror, but now she realised it was just cheap.

Then Amy's comforting words cooed in her mind once more. Everything she had typed had placated those nerves, and the memories of them now helped beat down the dread.

She stopped again, adjusted her décolletage, turned round as gracefully as she could manage and stepped back towards that pounding music.

A tweak of attitude was all she needed. She felt her tits gently bouncing with each confident stride. The curves of her cleavage would drive Amy wild all night, and she'd be fighting hard to keep her hands from them. Her naturally pouting lips would prove too much to resist. The tight curves of her perfect ass would feel wonderful in Amy's hands as she cupped them, pushing her tongue into Lily's mouth ...

Christ, Lily was amazed at how badly she needed the sensual touch of another human being.

With one last considered breath, she stepped inside.

The heat hit her hard in the face, and the music pounded at her ears relentlessly. A heaving mass of bodies writhed in the swinging lights and billowing smoke. Her feet stuck to the floor.

Why the hell would Amy want to meet her here?

It was disgusting.

Her eyes darted about, looking for something familiar, something to calm her nerves once more. Hundreds of faces, but none of them friendly.

She bumped her way to the bar and squeezed herself in between two people who didn't even notice her presence. After a long wait, the barman finally got to her, and she had to shout at full volume to get her order heard. When it arrived, it was wrong, but she didn't have the lungs to make a fuss. She grabbed her luke warm tap water (it was meant to be vodka and ice), and skulked in to a corner.

This is where they had agreed to meet.

In this dingy, dank, dark, smelly little alcove with a sticky table and an infested looking love seat.

She poked at it with a reluctant finger, seeing if it was fit for human use. What she felt she didn't like. Instead she hovered to one side of the seat and stared back out into the sprawling mass of dancing bodies.

Lily was beginning to feel a little bilious.

Sipping on the tap water didn't help.

It was too much, all of it, and she decided to leave.

She turned to dump her glass on the rickety table, and when she turned back out towards the room, she saw her.

Not Amy.

Her neighbour.

The blonde Goddess.

A beacon of tranquillity in the storm of heaving people. It was as if the crowd moved around her, affording her her own peaceful idyll. She danced, eyes closed, rocking her hips to the music, her crop top allowing a view of her smooth stomach as it gyrated rhythmically.

Lily was transfixed.

A thin sheen of sweat clung to her skin as she moved, glistening in the spinning lights. Her arms snaked in the air above her, and reached for the sky, while she dropped her head down.

Then she stopped.

Deathly still.

And without raising her head, she opened her eyes and looked up through her hair -- right at Lily.

Gasping, Lily dropped her glass in shock. As she fumbled to retrieve it from the grungy floor, she looked back out at the dance floor, but her neighbour was gone.

Had she really looked right at her?

Her imagination was playing tricks on her, and it made her even more anxious to leave. She left the glass on the floor, and trotted towards the exit. She'd barely made it two steps before she bumped into someone's chest. With an apology she tried to go round, but two ice cold bony hands grabbed her shoulders and stopped her.

Looking up she saw the familiar but unwelcome face of Buckley.

"Not now," she shouted, but he didn't hear her.

Instead, he leaned in very close to her ear and loudly said, "Don't rush off, she'll surely be here any moment."

Lily pulled away and looked at him with panic, "What?" she demanded at the top of her voice.

He seemed to notice her concern, and leant in again, still holding her shoulders, "Your friend. I saw you waiting alone. You wouldn't come to a place like this on your own. Would you?"

She relaxed a little and shook her head. He began manoeuvring her back the way she came, but she had no energy to fight him. The night was a disaster, everything was ruined. And being back in this mangy little alcove bought it all home to her.

Buckley smiled.

Lily did not.

What had she been thinking? It began to play on her mind that Amy had been weaving an elaborate joke at her expense. Of course she didn't feel the same depth of emotions about this "relationship" as Lily did. It was a sham. A farce. A fucking joke. Lily scoffed loudly that she'd even used the word relationship. It was typing.

She kicked at the floor in annoyance.

Buckley stepped closer. Lily shivered at the move, hoping to God that he wasn't going to make some clumsy move for her.

For the time being he didn't.

He shouted something but she couldn't hear what, so she shook her head and gestured to her ears. That bought him closer.

"Don't worry," he bellowed.

Lily didn't know what to say to that, so just shrugged.

"Been stood up?" he screamed.

She made a face and turned to look out at the dancing mob. He never spoke this much at work, why they fuck couldn't he shut up now? But there was his voice again, balling in to her ear.

"Never mind. Sometimes things happen for a reason."

She closed her eyes and shook her head. Here it came. She folded her arms tightly across her chest, and became as cold as she could.

"Maybe WE were meant to meet here."

Lily sucked her teeth and made a face, stoically not looking his way. She felt him step closer.

"I mean, who says Amy was the right person for you anyway?"



She turned on him accusingly and jabbed his chest with such a force he stumbled backwards. "How do you know about Amy?" she roared.

"I -- she - you mentioned her the other night."

"No," she jabbed again, then again, "No I didn't. I've never mentioned her to anyone. EVER. You asshole."

And with that she lifted her knee swiftly into his groin, spun away and bounced her way through the crowd, tears streaming down her face.

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