tagNonHumanBitten Pt. 02 Ch. 01

Bitten Pt. 02 Ch. 01


Bitten 2

Chpt 1

Ryan was gasping for air he felt the mans fingers crushing his throat. He was losing his grip on life. He just watched the man drink Jenai's blood.

"Jenai make your choice."

She eyed him warily.

"Angel would you kill me?"

Angel looked at her removing all signs of anger and masking his hurt at her question.

"Do you believe me to be a monster my love? I could never kill you. My love for you is far to strong to ever want to harm you."

" No I hope.....very much so that you truly love me Angel . See if you kill Ryan than I have no reason to live. I cannot bare to choose you I know I cannot fight how I feel for you. But it's the same with him. You have me. You are are like the blood in my veins now. But he is the air in my lungs I cannot live with out either one. So you understand my dilemma?"

He smirked and pondered her words.

"So you ask me to let him live then? Do you want him in your life I don't know that I can do that?"

"I am only asking you spare his life. Not that he live in mine. Give me that and I will be yours."

He looked at the pitiful human in his grasp. He eyed her expression as he slowly dropped him to his knees.

Ryan looked up at the man again had he heard right. The woman he loved was going to leave and be with this man who was willing to kill him.He struggled to speak his voice rough.

"Nai don't I love you please if it's about me you can survive without me don't go with him!"

"She made her choice young man leave it at that while i give this gift of living to you."

Jenai looked at him and her heart broke.Everything shattered. She lied to Angel.He was not the blood in her veins. Ryan was her heart , the blood that pumped through it , the air that she breathed . He was her everything. She mouthed " I'm sorry and I love you." as angel dragged her to him. He kissed her neck again biting her and dragging the blood from her this time almost to the point of death. He cut his lip and kissed her allowing her to taste his blood.

Jenai kissed him exhausted from him draining her but there was a taste so heavenly that she couldn't resist on his lips. She moaned at the sweetness of it.

He took one of his sharp nails to his wrist slicing just enough to get a decent flow going placing his wrist her lips.

"Drink ."he said wantonly he groaned as he felt the blood rush from his veins between her full lips and into her very being.

Jenai felt her strength returning to her but it was more than that it was something else . She opened her eyes shocked to see what she was doing. She was drinking Angels blood. He smirked

He loved her innocence he knew with their lifestyle though that it was about to be tainted. It was a shame .

Jenai felt a strange feeling a burning in her chest as she breathed it tingled and spread over her she crumpled to the ground. Angel stood and watched as Ryan ran to her aid amusingly.

"Jenai! Jenai! What did you do to her!"

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