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Bitter Sweet War


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<3 ChocolateDesires

Mykel sat in front of the many monitors reading various articles. One read: MYSTERIOUS CREATURE SEEN KIDNAPPING A WOMAN, another read: COULD THERE REALLY BE THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT? He shifted rubbing his eyes as the headlines swirled around in his head.

This was going to be another tireless night of erasing memories and destroying evidence. He reached for his cup of coffee. The liquid tasted like his mood, nasty and bitter. A door slammed open behind him and he couldn't stop the roaring headache from crashing into him. He turned and hissed at his partner Kyan's noisy appearance.

"What's got your panties in a bunch princess?" Kyan entered the room and plopped down on the couch giving Mykel a nonchalant look.

"Where the fuck have you been? You know Kronos is wreaking even more havoc since his awakening and it's piling the work on for us. We have a shit load of work to do and your out here lollygagging."

Mykel's anger spiked as he saw Kyan do an eye roll. "Don't worry I have it all handled. While you were busy tracking Kronos I wiped all the witnesses memories and was able to destroy any evidence left behind."

"Well thanks jackass for doing your job for once." Mykel grinned as Kyan stuck the middle finger up at him.

Good. He was really on the edge lately. Mainly because Kronos was back on Earth. He was an all powerful demon who was banned from Earth and sentenced to forever stay in Hell. Decades ago Kronos was able to walk on Earth in a human form but because of his arrogant, all consuming, ferocious personality he almost exposed all supernatural creatures while causing a world war. One of his human minions, Adolf Hitler, was a prime example of what happens when a demon's powers go to their head. With the combined power of vampires, werewolves, and witches not to mention the help of a very pissed off Satan, Kronos was banished.

But now somehow Kronos walks the Earth again. But instead of the devastation he caused before he's more subtle and on a mission. He's only been snatching women as if searching for someone. No one knows who but everyone was on high alert. No female vampire, werewolf, or witch was allowed alone. Not until Kronos was stopped.

Mykel leaned back in his chair. A soft throb emanated from his gums and his throat. He hadn't fed in forever. Another reason why his mood was shot to hell.

"Damn, when was the last time you fed."

"I don't know maybe April."

"What the fuck Mykel! It's June! You need to go feed. What the hell are you trying to do? Kill yourself!"

Mykel hissed and looked up at Kyan with reddening eyes. "I left my mom at home so stop bitching. I'm perfectly fine."

Kyan studied his friend and could see he clearly wasn't. Taking a different approach he stretched and stood giving his friend a cocky smile.

"If it's not blood that has you in a knot then it has to be pussy. When's the last time you got some ass vamp?"

Mykel glowered at Kyan and swiveled the chair back around to the monitors.

"Don't tell me it's been that long since you got some."

"My sex life is none of your concern!"

"Stop the dramatics. It is my concern when my best friend isn't getting an adequate amount of ass."

Mykel turned back to Kyan to see him clearly trying to push his buttons. "If you must know mutt, I've been talking to a new girl for about a week now."

"And when do I get to meet the little damsel."

"In due time, now leave me alone." Mykel grabbed his now cold coffee tossing it into the nearest trash. He grabbed his folder on Kronos and made his way to his private office. Slamming the door he walked over to his desk and plopped down flipping on his computer. He hurried and logged on to the dating site he had been browsing and saw that the girl was online. Something about her drew him in and she was able to calm his increasing headaches. He hurried and sent her an IM.

DarksVamp: You're up late

Desiree had just got off of a long shift at work. She worked at a club called Mint as a bartender and only put up with the crazy hours because of the great tips. She stumbled into her one bedroom apartment stubbing her toe on her love seat.


Hopping on one foot she took off her boot while plopping onto the couch to take off the other. She pulled the many bills out of her pocket and counted it. Two hundred and fifteen dollars. God she loved the tips. She made her way to her room stripping and then hopping into her huge shower.

Humming her favorite song she couldn't help but think of her mystery man from the dating site her friend forced her onto last week. He was sweet and nice what she usually dated. But something told her that it wouldn't pan out. As she dried off she put on an oversized blue shirt that said "Who's the Boss?". She jumped onto her bed getting back onto the dating site while dialing her friend Fran.

"Sexy Beast speaking how may I assist you?" Desiree rolled her eyes as she went through the other guy's profiles. "Shut up Fran. I'm on this crappy dating site of yours. I keep coming across losers."

"Beggars can't be choosers."

"I'm not begging for anything!"

"Please! You're so pent up from sexual frustration that even my panties get in a bunch when I'm around you!"

"Oh hush! Everything doesn't have to be about sex." Desiree rolled her eyes at the exaggerated sigh Fran made. At least she didn't think everything had to be about sex. Or love for that matter. It was so hard to find in this day and age that she would settle for a nice kind loyal man who didn't even have to interest her sexually. As long as she wasn't alone she would be fine.

In her deep thoughts she was startled from a loud ping! sound. She looked to see her mystery man had IM her.

"Fran I got to go. Really late night and I'm tired."

"Goodnight honey!"

She ended the call throwing her cordless phone onto her bed snuggling under her covers. She looked outside and saw lightning flash. Her fear spiked. Hopefully mystery man could take her mind off of it.

DarksVamp: You're up late

She giggled. If anything this was pretty early for her. Glancing at her clock she saw it was close to one in the morning.

MeetMyDesire: Not really late. Early if anything. How was your day?

DarksVamp: Pretty Stressing.

MeetMyDesire: Oh still working on that huge case?

DarksVamp: Yeah, but enough about that. Tell me more about yourself.

MeetMyDesire: Hmmm well as you may know from my profile I am 24. I work at a club as a bartender where I get amazing tips. My favorite color is green and I love animals. =)

The conversation continued on smoothly for another thirty minutes before a huge bolt of lightning cracked across the sky. The thunder came soon after causing Desiree to nearly jump out of her skin.

MeetMyDesire: TTYL have a long day tomorrow.

She hurried and logged off the site dialing Fran's number.


"Fran I'm coming over this weather is getting to me."

"Alright you little baby."

Desiree hung up the phone hurrying and grabbing a coat and her keys. She slid her feet into some rain boots and ran down the flights of stairs until she reached her car. She jumped in and backed out cautiously making her way to her friend's town home about fifteen minutes away. A twenty four hour mini mart was coming up on her right and she decided to pull up and get some snacks.

Kyan left the precinct. He couldn't understand why it was so hard for his friend to indulge. He did it all the time and felt damn good about it too. His stomach growled and he realized he hadn't eaten all day. Pulling over to the nearest store he stepped out and was assaulted with a delightful scent. It smelled of rainwater and pine. Following the scent he made his way into the store and was presented with a real beauty.

She was short. Maybe 5'4. Her black hair touched her ass even in it's current state of disarray. She had on an oversized T-shirt that hid her body well and he couldn't help but imagine what laid underneath. Her skin was an amazing caramel color and shiny as if she applied baby oil to it. The best part was her face. Her button nose was currently scrunched up as she read the choices of chips offered and her hazel eyes seemed to glow eerily almost.

She was sexy. Smelled divine. And he wanted her.

Desiree read the many flavors of the chips not liking one. Finally she settled on grabbing a bag of hickory barbeque when a very deep melodious voice crossed over her senses.

"And what are you doing out so late?" She hesitantly turned and was greeted with a downright wolfy grin. She looked up into the gray eyes of the stranger. They seemed to be playful but had an underlying serious current to them. His hair was black and shoulder length cut very wildly as if he just rolled out of bed or had been running through the woods. His mouth was cute. The bottom lip slightly fuller then the top. His body screamed health nut. He was fit but lean and not to big. The black shirt that was snug across his chest and his arms that bulged as he crossed them proved that. His height which she guesstimated to be about 6'5 was impressive.

"I didn't know I needed a pass to be out late." I turned briskly not giving him the benefit of seeing my face redden a little.

"Around these parts you do. You're not afraid of what could be out there in the dark?"

"Nothing that a little trigger friendly huntsman can't get rid of." She watched as his grin deepened causing her heart to beat a little faster. He was breathtakingly beautiful.

"Well where's your huntsman?" She chose to glare at him and walked off into the next aisle for sweets. He followed right behind her. She wasn't in the slightest afraid of him just annoyed.

"I would like to continue my shopping alone please."

"And I would like to have company while I shop. I see we're at a pass." She rolled her eyes and grabbed up some blueberry muffins. As he reached across her to grab some donuts she caught a whiff of his unique smell. It was spicy yet heady and delicious. It oozed sex. She felt herself getting slightly aroused and saw him tense beside her.

"When was the last time you had some?" She snapped her eyes up to his and could feel a heat creeping from her neck up to her face. She looked down at her oversized shirt and rain boots not deducing that it made her look like a hooker.

"Listen I don't know you nor do I care to know you. I don't know who you think you are asking about my sex life! That may fly with your fly by night girls you encounter but not me." She pushed past him and made her way to the front counter to pay for her stuff.

He looked surprise. At her outburst and the double meaning of his question. He was asking her about the donuts he held not her sex life. Hurrying to catch up to her he threw his donuts on the counter and handed the guy his card right when she was about to pay. She looked royally pissed and that only seemed to attract him more.

"Look I know what it may have sounded like back there but I wasn't asking about that, I was asking about the donuts." He watched as realization hit her face and the tint of red that peeked out from under her caramel skin.

"I'm so sorry! You probably think I'm crazy. Let me just go." He watched as she hurriedly grabbed her bag and rushed out of the shop. His mind was telling him to just leave her alone but his mostly dormant wolf was telling him to follow. He left out behind her to find her struggling to get her key in the car door.

"You know how you can make it up to me." He grinned as she jumped from his voice dropping her keys.

"And how's that?"

"Give me your number."

She looked hesitantly at the huge guy behind her. He looked innocent enough but also like a bad boy. The guys she always tried to avoid. She liked calm goody two shoes guys who were nice. Not men who spoke there mind and ignited sexual urges she didn't know she had.

"I promise I'll only call you once a day. In fact I'll give you my number and you call me." She nodded her head and finally got her car door open. She reached for a paper and pen and handed it to him. Their fingers touched and a spark left them making her hurry and snatch her hand back. He wrote out his number and handed her the paper.

His grin was contagious causing her to smile and she couldn't help looking at his canine teeth that seemed to poke out of the left side of his mouth.

"What's your name?"

"Desiree. Yours?"

"Kyan. Hope you make that call. I would love to see you around."

She smiled and started up her car pulling out slowly. He should of got in his own but he stayed rooted to the spot making sure she got out of the parking lot safely. Something about her was different. It had to be if it stirred his usually laid back wolf. He shook his head of the thoughts and finally made his way to his car.

Desiree pulled up to Fran's town home with both mystery men on her mine. Especially Mr. Kyan. She walked up and unlocked her friend's door having a key of her own. Walking in she saw Fran on the couch watching TV.

"What took you so long?"

"I got held up by this guy at the mini mart." Fran's full attention was on her now. She could see her friend's light blue eyes almost light up.

"Oooo, Ms. Desiree has become a full fledge bachelorette!"

"No I haven't!."

"You went from having no men to having two!"

"I would hardly say having, one isn't my type and the other I only speak with online."

"So! Tell me about them."

"Ugh Fran! Well the one from online is sweet and kind and I can talk to him all day if I had too. But the other I met today, he is just not my type. He's straight forward kind of cocky and just seems like a bad boy or play boy."

"Ooooo it seems like your love life is going to get spicy!"

Desiree groaned and plopped down on the couch bringing a sheet over head.

"Uuuugh I hope not!"

Her sleep was restless and left her feeling like crap. Desiree groggily sat up to find Fran already gone. She stood and stretched grabbing for her keys and unfinished bag of chips. Leaving her friend's house she wondered what her plans would be. It was her first Saturday off since she began working at Mint and she was going to take full advantage of it. As she pulled up to her apartment her phone rung bringing her back to reality. She frowned as she read the unknown number. Clicking the green button she put her phone to her ear and listened.


She hurried and ended the call a shiver running down her spine. This was the third time in two weeks that this had been happening. Some weirdo would call breathing hard whispering small words to her. She jumped out her car and looked behind her thinking someone would jump out and snatch her.

Don't be silly Desiree. It's just a few kids playing on your phone. No biggie.

It still didn't stop her from running up the flight of stairs and hurrying into her house.

Mykel was watching the many patterns unfold in front of him. Kronos was only snatching blondes and black women. What the fuck is he doing?

In the month that he has been back he snatched a total of 12 women all human and all around the suburban area of Glazed Dale. The city he happened to work in. He couldn't help thinking that the demon was just toying with him. What the hell could be in Glazed Dale that was so important to Kronos?

As he was in deep thought a ping! broke him out of it. He forgot to log off of the dating site last night. He exited out of his Kronos files to see his little delight waiting for him.

MeetMyDesire: Good morning

DarksVamp: Good morning to you beautiful. What does the day have in store for you?

MeetMyDesire: Well it's my first off day in a while. I was trying to find something to do.

Mykel couldn't help the smile that graced his face. Finally he could ask her out and not get the sting of rejection if she so happened to be busy.

DarksVamp: How about we meet up? Lunch is on me.

MeetMyDesire: Perfect! Where and what time?

Mykel tried to think of somewhere he could possibly take her. He wanted it to be nice but didn't want to overdue it. In a way he wanted to impress her.

DarksVamp: How about Kinley's at 1?

MeetMyDesire: Great I'll see you there

She logged off instantly and he couldn't help but feel a flutter at the prospect of finally meeting her. He didn't know anything about her looks neither did she about his. He imagined her being a leggy blonde or a fire red vixen. His mind was getting away from him and he started back on his Kronos file.

What the hell am I going to wear! Desiree zoomed around her room looking for something that would be appropriate for lunch but sexy enough to grab his attention. She finally settled on a pair of fitted jeans that made her ass look delicious. She combed her hair into a ponytail, put on a silk pink blouse, then applied a little lip gloss. The finishing touch was a pair of pink wedges that made her legs look longer and feet sexier. Finally happy with the finished product she left her house on her way to meet her online guy.

She was thinking on the conversation her and Fran had earlier. What type of girl would she be to date two men at the same time. Yes a modern women in this day an age but she wouldn't feel like herself. Fran told her to go with it but she was still hesitant. Maybe if she got some liquid courage. A little vodka or maybe some cognac. Anything that could help step her sex appeal up and conscience down.

She pulled into the parking lot of Kinley's thirty minutes later. She was nervous. How are we going to recognize each other? Oh my God, I don't even know this man's name! She stepped out and walked into the restaurant looking around she felt she would never find him.

A teenage girl with curly brown hair and freckles skipped over to her.

"Hi ma'am are you MeetMyDesire?"

Desiree blushed at her computer name and nodded her head. The girl smiled and told her to follow her. They made their way to the back near a semi-secluded spot. The girl stopped at the booth smiled and walked off. Desiree turned her attention onto the man sitting. He slowly stood up and Desiree felt a warmth spread throughout her.

The man was gorgeous! His blonde hair was cut short and it matched his chiseled face perfectly. His lips were thin but a nice light pink color. His body was fit almost reminding her of the mystery guy from last night. Only huge tattoos that looked tribal adorned his arms. He was tall maybe 6'2 give or take. And his eyes were a smoldering dark blue that seemed to be drawing her in, almost hypnotizing her.

She smiled cautiously and was glad he smiled back. He gave her a content look as if he liked what he saw. Great. Better then great. Maybe this will go better than she planned.

If Mykel was anything it would be way off. Not once did he think that his little ray of sunshine would be a black woman. She was beautiful. Her outfit insinuated her curves and her eyes trapped him instantly.

He held out his arm signaling her to sit and she slid into the booth. As she brushed past him he couldn't help enjoying the rainwater and pine scent. It smelled as if she just took a run through a forest. He slid in after her and they both began looking through the menu.

Once their food was in front of them the conversation started to pick up instantly.

"So are you still working on that top secret case?"

"Yes, It's driving me nuts but it's worth it if I can save more lives."

"So what exactly is your profession?"

"If I told you I would have to kidnap you and wipe your mind."

He loved the sound of her breathy laugh. It was so soft and sweet he wish he could bottle it up and save it for later.

"What made you get into bartending?"

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