tagNonHumanBitter Sweet War Ch. 02

Bitter Sweet War Ch. 02


Thanks to everyone that commented and favorited my story! I'm glad to hear some of your opinions and as the story progresses don't be afraid to voice more. If I offend anyone with my very small historical references my bad! It's only fiction and I mean no harm! Thanks again!

<3 ChocolateDesires

Kronos ran his hand down the pretty blonde's face. She shivered in anticipation and dropped to her knees rubbing her face against his erection.

"Is there anything I can do for you master?"

"Suck it."

She fumbled with his belt and unzipped his pants. His cock sprung out angrily. It was swollen big and veiny. She slowly licked from the base to the tip and back up again. She heard a growl and looked up to see her master's eyes a pitch black. It sent another shiver down her spine to be pleasing this creature.

She slowly opened her mouth engulfing the head. Slowly she moved down taking half of his ten inches into her mouth. She looked up at him to see his head rolled back. She slid further down until his dick was touching the back of her throat. She slowly slid back up and then down again at an agonizingly slow pace. She knew what he wanted but he also knew what she wanted.

He finally grabbed her hair and yanked her head down hard onto him. This caused her to swallow him while gagging. He began to fuck her face at a blinding speed and with a guttural moan he released himself. She could feel the cum hitting her throat and smoothly filling her stomach.

Once she felt him softening she slowly moved her head away releasing him with a sloppy pop sound.

Kronos looked down at the delicious little blonde he had. No she wasn't the blonde he was looking for but she would do until he found her. The blonde stood up and kissed him before sauntering out of the room.

Kronos thought it would be easier to find the little weakling humans. Every time he thought he was close he got knocked back two feet. He felt out with his mind for one of the woman. He was able to contact her through her cell phone using his mind. He could only get out a few words before the burning started. This proved that someone had a protection spell over her. Only a witch could block off his power.

He growled and walked over to a mirror and blew into it. A blurry image came into focus. He was staring into the face of another demon, his brother Zetos.

"Found the girls?"

"No damn it! Someone is protecting them. I can feel their auras in this city. I know their here. And their mates are here too."

"You need to get them before they meet their mates."

"I know."

"I can only hold off Satan for so long. He'll come sniffing soon enough and my powers are becoming depleted."

"Give me some time. I can feel I'm getting closer."

The mirror blurred and went back to showing his reflection. He thought back on the decades ago when he made a promise he planned to fulfill. How dare the mutts and bloodsuckers put him away for eternity! What made them think they had the power? For that reason he planned on making their lives living hells. He would take their mates and fuck them into submission. Hell maybe he'd even turn them into succubus and let them back on Earth to tear the creatures apart.

He mused and felt himself get hard. Yes he couldn't wait to fuck the living shit out of them. He would make them regret the day the fates dictated their soul mates.

Desiree sat in her car taking deep breaths. How in the hell did she go from having absolutely no dates to two in one freaking day! She felt guilty yet surprisingly uncontrolled accomplishment. She was doing something out of the ordinary and with two very handsome very sexy men.

"Okay Desiree you got this! Just enjoy your date and don't be nervous. Guys date multiple women all the time and your only dating two. No big deal. As soon as one outshines the other you'll date one and let the other off easily."

She felt way better after her pep talk. Glancing at the clock she saw that it was five minutes until eight. She let out a breath and stepped out of her car. She had on a little black dress that tied around her neck. It stopped a little higher then mid thigh and was really tight making her breast and ass look larger. She made sure to sprinkle some body glitter onto her arms and legs and had on some very bright very high hot pink stilettos to complete her outfit. She left her hair down and threw a few spiral curls in it. It was time for a hair cut. It almost touched her ass and she couldn't manage it any more.

She thought her outfit was a tad bit much but Fran, the woman who thinks like a man, said it was perfect. Walking across the street she made sure to look both ways. At least this time she knew what her mystery man looked like and his name. As she approached she made eye contact with a guy near the door. She smiled trying to be friendly but he obviously took it as more. He hurried and approached her smiling devilishly.

"What is such a fine specimen like you doing here by yourself."

Her cheeks started to heat. Fine Specimen? Did she look like a science project?

"I'm on a date. The guy is inside."

"I promise if you come with me you'll have a better time."

She looked into his dark brown eyes that seemed to get darker if that's possible. She was going to tell him where he could stick his proposal when she heard a growl behind her. Startling her she jumped and was met with a fierce gaze from Kyan. Even though he was angry he also looked scrumptious. His hair was as unruly as ever and he had on some nice slacks and a light blue dress shirt that was open slightly. There was a very sparkly rolex gracing his wrist that almost blinded her with all the diamonds.

"She's with me. So back off."

Desiree turned to see the other guy bow in submission and then hurry off. Her mouth formed a perfect o watching the act.

"You look like a fish with your mouth like that."

She could feel her ears burning and turned and glared at him. He could be the finest man on Earth but it still didn't give him a pass to say stupid shit.

"Let's get this over with."

She turned on her heels and rushed into the already crowded restaurant. Kyan followed and hurried behind her. He told the hostess a private table for two and she seated them immediately in a small booth that was on the upper level and almost away from the noise and commotion of the rest of the place. She left two menus in front of each of them and left.

Desiree picked up her menu and glanced over at Kyan who was watching her like an animal does prey. She swallowed and brought her attention back to the menu. She was going to need a drink. She could call for Fran to pick her up and get her car tomorrow. The waitress came and Desiree ordered a California Long Island ice tea while Kyan just ordered water.

Desiree glanced over at Kyan who was still giving her the predatory gaze.

"Could you stop that."

"Stop what?"

"You're looking at me like you want to eat me."

"I wouldn't mind doing just that."

Desiree quirked a smile at him and snorted looking back at the menu. Tonight was going to be a long night.

Kyan watched as she sipped on her third drink. Her face was flushed, eyes lowered, and her rainwater and pine scent disappeared revealing a spicy cinnamon smell. Was she aroused? He felt the rumble come from his chest and his wolf was equally satisfied. She smiled at him big and goofily. He couldn't help smiling back.

She scooted over closer to him and laid her hand on his arm and started squeezing it.

"Wow you're soooooo freaking big!"

He smiled at her and noticed curiosity cross her face. She scooted closer and without a warning stuck her fingers into his mouth. The growl left his mouth before he could stop it and she only giggled.

"You're canines are big! How'd you do that? You get teeth surgery or something?"

She hiccupped after her words and he knew she was buzzed maybe even drunk. If she was drunk she wouldn't remember anything of tonight anyway. So he could say just about anything.

"I'm a werewolf that's why they're so big."

"Ooohhh you're a wolf?"


Her eyes became real big. They almost glittered. He couldn't stand it her smell the way she looked so innocent and so sexy in her more than little black dress was driving him crazy. He grabbed a handful of her hair and brought her face closer to his. Gently he covered her lips with his and gently nudged her lips apart with his tongue.

Her moan was throaty and caused him to harden immediately. He gently put one arm around her waist picking her up effortlessly and placing her in his lap. She was so soft. His hands kneaded her waist and stomach she seemed fit but couldn't get rid of the softness of the little pouch she had. It only increased his arousal.

He kissed her harder an explosion of pineapples gracing his tongue. As he pulled her closer into him he didn't notice or cared to notice that his nails had elongated biting into her skin. She let out a whimper and he growled canines growing. He kissed down her chin and onto her neck nibbling softly. His hands bit into her side and he heard the whimper again this time stopping. Letting her go he saw his hands and hurried and reigned in his animalistic side. How in the hell did he let that happen? He looked up to see Desiree watching him with a haziness over her eyes.

Desiree knew she should of just been a good girl and ordered a simple drink, but no! She had to order an alcoholic beverage that had her seeing, feeling, and hearing things.

She could of sworn she saw his canines get larger and his eyes swirling a dark amber color. She could of sworn she felt claws biting into her sides. She could of sworn she heard him say he was a werewolf. She could swear all day long that she saw, felt, and heard these things but it would be the drinks talking. Right?

But what she knew was reality was the fact that they just shared a mind numbing kiss. And she was currently sitting in his lap where his erection was pressing against her ass. She tried to move but he suddenly grabbed her giving her a painful look.

"Give me a minute. Please."

She made eye contact with him and saw the confusion in them. She felt tired, sleepy, and more importantly sickly. Didn't she only drink three glasses? She had always been a lightweight. Finally Kyan gently picked her up sitting her back on her seat. She watched him rub his face and let out a frustrated groan.

"I don't think we'll be making the movies tonight sweetheart."

"That's too bad."

He looked into her eyes and she could see he was searching for something. What? She did not know. All she could do was offer him a smile and another hiccup. He frowned and abruptly stood leaving a few bills on the table. He grabbed her hand making sure she was steady enough to walk before he left the restaurant.

"I shouldn't have let you drink so much. You drove didn't you?"

"Yes. But I can have a friend come get me."

"Give me your keys. I'll take you home."

Desiree was no silly woman. You don't just hand over keys to a man you just met. It was crazy and almost suicidal. To bad her rational side was gladly put to sleep by the liquor inside. She handed over her keys without hesitation and he gently lifted her into the car strapping her in before getting in himself.

He asked where she stayed and she could only give the name of the apartments. He took it from there and soon they were pulling up to her apartment. She sighed as she felt his warm hands wrap around her waist gliding her out.

Her head reached his chest and she looked up at him hesitantly. Standing on her toes she kissed him on the neck. He groaned slamming the car door shut and pushing her back against it capturing her mouth in an all consuming kiss. She felt herself getting wet beyond her control and felt him stiffen and try to back away. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. Finally he pulled her arms away and put distance between them as he tried to get his breathing under control. They both watched each other and she saw that swirling dark amber color again.

Maybe it was the liquor talking. No it was definitely the liquor. She could feel the slickness between her legs. Her dress was rubbing against her nipples deliciously and she had a man in front of her who could solve all her problems.

"Do you want to come inside?"

His mind started playing dirty images of the many things he would like to cum inside. But he knew that's not what she meant. But he also knew if he went inside what would end up happening. His wolf was more dominant then it had been in years and he couldn't control him around her. He didn't get it. But he didn't want to hurt her.

"I don't think that's a good idea."

He watched as her face dropped. She looked hurt. Rejection colored her face and he wanted to change his mind go upstairs and fuck her until she couldn't speak English any more. But he knew he couldn't. Not with his wolf this close.

"Well goodnight Kyan."

He watched her as she grabbed her fallen keys and made her way up the flights of stairs. He saw her opening her door and then closing it. His wolf disappeared and he was back to himself again. What the hell was wrong with him. And what about this woman was driving him crazy?

Desiree couldn't feel her arms nor her legs. In fact she had a blinding pain behind her left eye. Slowly opening her right eye she scanned her surroundings. She was on the kitchen floor definitely. She sat up and felt a sharp pain shoot up her back.

"Damn did I get hit by a freight train?"

She slowly stood and walked to her bathroom to shower stripping along the way. As the hot water caressed her back she couldn't help thinking about last night. It seemed to be going well until she got drunk. She vaguely remembered anything. Except him driving her home. Oh yeah and the rejection to her invitation.

"That's what you get Desiree! You should of known not to go for the bad boy. He'll get you wet then leave you high and dry. Ugh I need to just stick with my goody men."

She finally got out of the shower and threw on some sweats. Her phone started ringing uncontrollably.


"You slut! Why didn't you call me last night? Did mister man spend the night perhaps?"

Desiree rolled her eyes at Fran's bluntness. Leave it to her to make everything sound so crude. "For your information no. In fact that may be the last time I see mister man."

"Oh no. Why? Was the date that bad?"

"No. The date was actually fine. It was my third drink that was bad. I ordered liquor."

"Oh stop being dramatic it probably went better then you remember."

"Oh really? Well how come when I practically offered him sex he turned me down without hesitation."

"Damn, uh well maybe he was being considerate of your drunken state."

"I highly doubt it. I'll just stick to Mykel. At least I know that he's safe and the relationship won't go straight to hell."

"My God Desiree you're such a bore! What do you have planned for today?"

"Nothing at all."

"Well come over, I'm going to cook us lunch."

Mykel walked into his office actually in a good mood for once. All thanks to Desiree. She really did a number on his mood. As he made his way towards the fitness room he got a faint whiff of rainwater, pine, and cinnamon. It smelled as if Desiree passed through.

Following the scent he came upon Kyan hitting a punching bag. The scent seemed stronger and he couldn't help the hiss that escaped his clenched mouth. Kyan turned and glared at Mykel.

"What's your problem?"

"You. Why do you smell like that?"

"Like what?"

"Rainwater, Pine, and Cinnamon."

Kyan's eyes narrowed and he remained silent for a few seconds.

"I had a date last night. What's it to you?"

"Well my date happens to smell like your date. I was just wondering."

Mykel and Kyan continued to have a staring contest when finally they both broke out in grins. Kyan sat down to drink some water while Mykel began jump roping.

"So tell me about this date of yours."

"She's beautiful."

"Besides that dingus."

"She's 5'4. Caramel skin. Long hair that touches her ass. Amazing body, smile, personality. She may be the one."

Mykel watched as Kyan's face took on confusion and then he brushed it off.

"What's up with you?"

"It's just my date sounds exactly like how you described your date."

Mykel became silent and began jump roping faster at a blinding speed.

"So you're saying we're dating the same girl?"

"No, I mean it's not possible. There's how many women in Glazed Dale and plus no one person has a unique sent. Plenty of people can smell like rainwater and pine."

They both knew that was a lie. Everyone was entitled to a slightly unique sent. They just didn't want to admit the inevitable. Mykel stopped jump roping and they both were silent.

"Maybe you're right. I mean my date only smelled of rainwater and pine while yours had some cinnamon in there."

"You know we could just say her name and see that it is obviously a different girl."

"Okay on the count of three. One, Two, Three!"


Silence filled the room. Both men were in shock but then shock opened the gateway to anger.

"She's mine Kyan so back the fuck off."

Kyan stood and flexed his back as if preparing to pounce. "How are you going to tell me to fuck off when she's not yours!"

"I met her first and have been talking to her the longest."

"And I was the last one to see her last night."

Mykel's dark blue eyes instantly turned black as his feral side pushed to the surface. "You fucked her?"

Kyan smirked happy that he had the upper hand. "No but believe me she was open and willing."

Mykel punched Kyan with blinding speed sending him flying into a wall. Plaster broke off and Kyan jumped up with an animalistic snarl. Kyan lunged for Mykel who disappeared out of sight. He was behind him and sent a what could have been fatal to a human kick to Kyan's spine. Kyan crashed into a running mill smashing his face onto the concrete floor. He rolled to his back right as Mykel landed near him.

Kicking out his leg Kyan sent Mykel tumbling to the ground. He grabbed his arm and twisted it until he heard a hiss. As quickly as the fight started it came to an end.

Kyan's mother Pam and Mykel's mother Sasha were between the two men in a flash.

"Stop this nonsense you two! You are to big for this!"

Mykel hissed at Kyan who in return growled. The two mothers looked at each other and shook their heads. Sasha touched them all and in a blink they were in a heavily wooded forest outside of a small black cabin.

"What were you two fighting about?"

"Kyan is trying to steal my woman."

"Mykel doesn't understand that the woman belongs to me."

Pam gave both of them a scorching glare. "And both of you don't understand that she is a young female who does not belong to anyone. If you two so happen to be dating the same woman understand it's just dating. She will choose her suitor at the end."

"But what if she's my mate!" They both yelled in unison. Another series of growls and hisses started. Both mothers looked at each other warily before Pam cleared her throat. Full attention was on her.

"You two must know something very vital to your lives and your work mission. But I will not tell you. Someone else will."

Both men were confused. How could their mothers know anything about Kronos versus what they already knew. Pam knocked on the door swiftly. It creaked open softly and then a high pitched almost whimsical voice came out.

"Pam, Sasha, Mykel, Kyan how may I help you."

"May we come in?"

The door creaked all the way open and the four stepped in. The cabin was furnished very tastefully with black throw rugs and leather couches. The only out of ordinary things were the huge black kettles, many spell books, and many various bottles that housed very weird ingredients.

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