Bitter Sweet War Ch. 02


In front of them stood a very tall 6'3 woman. Her body was very thin and lean and her gray hair was cut into a bob. She had very pale skin and her face was angled. Her eyes were a light blue and held much wisdom. She smiled knowingly at the four and made her way over to a round table that was illuminated by candlelight. She motioned for them to follow. Mykel and Kyan were quiet still brooding over the days' events.

Once all seated the witch looked around the table and finally settled her eyes on Pam.

"What brings you Pam?"

"I think you know Amelia."

Amelia smiled and turned her eyes onto the men.

"I guess your mothers have not told you yet."

They both nodded their heads in the negative.

"Decades ago when your fathers put away Kronos he pledged to ruin the lives of you two being that you're the eldest sons.. Elders had premonitions that Kronos would take your mates. That is why he is back on Earth."

Kyan's fist tightened and a low growl escaped him. "And how the hell can he get our mates when we don't even know who our mates are?"

"Do you two remember getting shots when you were younger?"

Confusion settled on both men's face. What did shots have to do with anything.

"Those shots were potions myself and the elders whipped up. It dampened the mating pull within you so that you wouldn't be able to recognize your mates in case Kronos got what he wanted. We couldn't risk you two going rogue from the lost."

"How could you make the decision to take away the right of us to our mates!" Kyan's fist hit the table so hard a crack went through the middle. His anger was evident and his wolf was very near ready to rip the witch to shreds. How dare they be denied their mate. Pam put a soothing hand on her son's shoulder which relaxed him immediately.

"Amelia what I'm asking you for may seem far fetched, but we want our sons to experience their mates. We didn't consider the lives of the human girls they're mated to and if it's the only way to save them as well our sons should be able to find them."

Amelia sat back casually with a witty grin on her face. With a flick of her wrist the crack in the table was fixed. Everyone around it looked at the table in astonishment and then up at the old witch.

"You want me to reverse the potion in them and turn on their mating instincts?"

"Yes Amelia, can you do it? I know it's a lot to ask and you needed the assistance of the elders before but this needs to be done if we have any hope for the girls."

Amelia's face split into a wild smile her eyes taking on an eerie glow.

"I shall do it. But it won't happen fast. After I make the potion and cast the spell the mating pull won't hit until another six days maximum."

"Thank you Amelia that's all we ask."

Amelia nodded and stood grabbing a long butcher knife and two bottles. She approached Kyan and cut into his left wrist summoning the blood into the bottle. She did the same for Mykel and then placed the bottles into a secret compartment.

"I take that one of you may believe someone is your mate?"

Mykel and Kyan made brief eye contact before Kyan spoke. "Yes we do believe that one girl we both happen to be seeing is one of our mates."

Amelia's eyes lit up briefly and then a genuine smile graced her face.

"I had my suspicions. If you both believe this so, you will need to make sure she is well protected from Kronos and also once six days hit you may not want to be near the girl. Once the mating pull starts since it's been dormant for so long you may not be able to control your inner beasts and end up hurting the poor girl."

Both men nodded in understanding and the old witch walked to her door opening it. "This impromptu visit was very entertaining. Do tell me which one gets the girl once the potion goes into effect. I wish you both luck."

They all exited the house and stood outside the woods. Today seemed to be going so well for Mykel but it seemed his life just got that more complicated.

"And one and two and three and four and one and two and three and--- COME ON DESIREE PUT SOME PEP IN YOUR STEP!"

Desiree's entire body felt on fire and achy. On top of the hangover she sported, Fran tricked her over to her house to do a crazy exercise routine. She wanted to scream as Fran yelled and the man on the DVD yelled too saying we weren't sweating enough. How in the hell would he know! He can't even see them!

"Fran I'm tired!"

"Desiree pick those knees up. Higher. HIGHER!"

Desiree finally gave up and plopped down on Fran's burgundy love seat. Fran looked back and paused the DVD. Desiree was getting her breathing under wraps and wanted to punch the little petite blonde's face. Fran was about an inch shorter than herself and reminded her of a pixie. Her blonde hair was about mid back the longest she ever kept it and everything else about her small. But she made up for it in spunk and her personality. She was the loudest person she knew.

"Desiree you're such a baby!"

"Well Fran you must have forgotten that I do have a slight hangover."

Fran rolled her eyes and went towards the kitchen. She brought out a fruit bowl with two bottled waters. They ate slowly and quietly. Desiree wished it was a fat burger and fries instead.

"So whatcha gonna do Desiree?"

"What are you talking about?"

"With the two hunkisaurs!"

"I'm not even going there with Kyan. I'm fine with Mykel."

"Hell well shoot Kyan my way then."

Desiree couldn't help the anger that rolled over her. Why should she care if Fran wanted Kyan it's not like they were exclusive or anything for that matter.

Fran could see the emotions play across Desiree's face and it sprung her into action.

"I mean you can take nice boy Mykel and I can take bad boy Kyan. It would be fun. Maybe he can show me a few tricks."

Desiree looked over to see Fran had a devilish smile on her face. No way in hell.

"Fran gosh calm down. I'm not going to send him over to you. Besides I doubt I ever talk to him again."

"Yeah right Desiree."

Desiree's phone began ringing off the hook. She glanced down to see an unknown number. Not wanting to answer it she silenced it.

"Who was that?"

"I don't know the number."

"Well answer slow brains it could be one of your men."

Desiree rolled her eyes and waited for the phone to ring again. Once it did she answered with a quiet hello.



"Hi, this is Mykel. I was wondering if you would mind going out today."

"Oh uh where exactly?"

"It's a surprise. I can come get you around three-ish."

Desiree glanced at a clock noting it was already 1:30. "Okay that's fine. I stay in Sharvelle Apartments. Apartment number 2304"

"Perfect see you soon."

Desiree looked over at Fran who had a huge smile on her face. "Which one was that?"

"Mykel, he's taking me on a surprise date."

"Aw how cute! Have fun girly."

"I'll try."

She grabbed up her stuff taking it out into the car and waving at Fran before she left. She hoped the date with Mykel went very well.

Mykel couldn't help relishing in the fact that Kyan sat heated on the other side of his desk. He heard every bit of his and Desiree's conversation.

"I think we need to lay down some ground rules."

"Ground rules? And why would we need that dear Kyan?"

"Don't fuck with me Mykel. You know exactly why. We don't know whose mate she is and doing something too intimate could be disastrous."

"I understand. And what rules do you impose?"

"No kissing, no biting, and no fucking."

"You take the fun out of everything. But if I recall didn't you say she was open and willing last night? Tell me you didn't touch her or kiss her."

Silence. "That's what I thought if you got to touch her and or kiss her I deserve a free pass as well."

Mykel could see the anger brewing under Kyan's demeanor. Amber swirled viciously through his eyes and he knew his wolf not only was close but did not agree.

"Fine but one fucking kiss and don't touch her below the waist. I swear if I smell you all over her---"

He cut himself off and sprung out of his seat. He needed to leave. His wolf was too close to the surface.

"One more rule. We let each other know when we are seeing her. No if, ands, or buts about it."


Mykel couldn't help the competitiveness that welled up inside him. She would be his and his best friendship with Kyan was not going to stop what he rightfully earned. He watched as 2:30 slowly approached.

"Let the games began."

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