tagSci-Fi & FantasyBizarre Roommates Ch. 11

Bizarre Roommates Ch. 11


Jessica's POV

After leaving the werecat's apartment, we went home and changed out of our clothes, putting on something that seemed more fitting for the job. I should have never doubted Ryu for buying that camo gear during his "apocalypse training week". I also should apologize to him for calling him crazy.

"Uhmm. I think my tops a little tight." Me and Ryu's faces turned red. Chris's camo top was caressing nicely on her chest. With the wrong move, they could spring out and start jumping rapidly. "M-maybe I should change out and put on a more comfortable top."

Waving his hand, Ryu smiled while he stuttered. "I d-don't think we have time for that. M-maybe wait awhile for the fabric to stretch. Then it might it will start to fit."

Although he tried to retain his composure, I could tell Ryu was a little excited from looking at the werewolf girl, which made me a little miffed. Even with the zombie outbreak outside,

Ryu was being a perv and I was being petty. Once we got ready, we' all marched out and headed straight to the front door. We wanted to take the fire escape again, but it turned out our dash for sanctuary caught the zombie's attention and were swarming around the escape.

Cheshire's plan was simple and straightforward. All we had to do was charge into the cemetery and put an end to the curse that was bringing the dead back to life.

"Alright. are we all set?" Cheshire asked sternly.

The three of us nodded. However, before we could head out the door, we were stopped by a familiar cheer. "Yoohoo~! Ryu~! I need to speak with you~!"

We turned and saw our landlady coming out of her office and sauntering up to us. Judy approached only Ryu with a leering grin as her eyes examined the demigod's body.

Ryu was taken aback as her breasts got close to his face. He remarked nervously, "C-can't this wait, Miss Martin. My friends and I are heading to the old cemetery to take care of the zombie problem outside."

"Yeah, I have notice that lately. Nevertheless, that can wait. I need to discuss our little problem with all those renovations to your rooms." Our landlady grabbed Ryu's hand and dragged him into her office. The young man protested and tried to pull away from her.

"Come along, Ryu. There's no time to waste." After they went in, the door was shut in front of us and we were left alone.

"So...now, what do we do?" I questioned.

Swinging an arm in emphasis, Cheshire didn't look worried as he kept his cool. "Don't worry about it. Miss Martin does this all the time and it usually takes about 10 minutes to be done with and believe me, being in her office is all worth it."


Ryu's POV

There I was in Miss Martin's office. She had just dragged me into her office to discuss the constant renovations done onto our apartment every time me, Jesse, or Cristina almost destroyed the place for some inane reason. Even though I had already told her if we could postpone it, she wasn't having any of that. I guess her patience was wearing thin and needed to settle it now, even with the zombie apocalypse happening outside. However, that wasn't the only thing going on in her office.

"Wait! Miss Martin! What are you doing?!" Beads of sweat fell from my brow while my mind started to race with so many questions.

I was pinned to the wall with Miss Martin kneeling before me as she unbuckled my pants.

My dick exposed before her while her panting breaths caused it to stand erect. "What?! I thought I might entertain you before we get this started." Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, she stroked my rod in such a tender motion.

Her hands were soft, and the feeling got me even more excited. She grinned as she took amusement to my ecstatic state. "You see, Ryu. My...associates are getting annoyed by my constant demands of funding when your roommates start getting crazy. Even with all the other ordeals going around Sanctuary like the walking dead roaming about, they have become more unnerved with the dealings and since the Shelly Apartment Complex has become the most monetarily draining on their list recently, they asked me to do something about it." She moved her hands away and proceeded to gently twist the head. "In other words, I want you to keep you and your roommates' strengths in check before you start tearing the entire complex apart. That way, there won't be any problems in the future. If not, then you three will have to pay for all the expenses. Do I make myself clear?"

Before I could even respond, she pulled away but then took my cock into her luscious red lips and into her mouth. Her head bobbing back and forth while her hot tongue twirled around the base. My breathing increased as I grabbed the sides of her head and thrust my hips. She didn't mind me throat-fucking her. in fact, the act excited her as she pulled her top up, putting her large breasts on display while she played with her nipples. Suddenly, my cock throbbed against her tongue and with one last push, my cock erupted, firing my load and filling her mouth to the brim.

Taking a deep breath, I trailed a hand through my hair and wiped the sweat off my brow. I looked back down to Miss Martin and nodded my head. I replied with painted breaths,

"Okay. you've got yourself a deal. I'll tone it down on the destruction and make the girls do the same."

Her mouth swooshed my load lie mouthwash. I watched her swallow it all in one gulp before letting out an amorous sigh before standing up in front of me.

"Well, Mister Bushi. I'm glad you can be so reasonable." Miss Martin stretched her hand out, waiting for me to shake it to seal the deal. However, she grabbed my arm and pulled me into a tight squeeze. My face planted against her beautiful well-formed mounds with her top still up. "Once you're done with your little adventure with your friends, how about you come back to my office later. So, that we can finish where we left out, cutie."

She let me go. My heart pounding harder than usual with my face flushed. Putting her shirt back down, her seductive demeanor changed, scratching her cheeks as she moved a strand of red hair away from her face and chucked nervously. "Sorry if my method of negotiation seemed a bit...risqué and promiscuous. when you are a female landlord with most of the tenants being monsters, you either have to be tough and put your foot down or use your sex appeal and take advantage of their wild side until they comply. Besides..." My eyes widened in surprise when her lips embraced my own. My whole world started to spin around me. She pulled away and smiled affectionately. "You are just my type. When I first saw you come in, I knew I had to just tease you and give you some lovin'."

"If that's the case, then what about Cheshire? Did you do the same thing to him?" I

questioned. We both have the same build and height. So, I assume he would also be her type.

Jane's face immediately cringed. Her glare swayed away in disgust. Then she answered, albeit begrudgingly, "Let's just say that meeting him was my biggest regret. Don't get me wrong, that little cat boy was cute and is just has hung as you are. However, if you've been in his room and saw his creepy tendencies, then you know why being around him can sometimes make your skin crawl."

Being actually in his room, I could understand why she reacted in such a way. After pulling my pants back up and tucking my dick in, I bid Miss Martin farewell and headed out of her office's door. Once I was out and back in the lounge, I saw Jesse, Cristina, and Cheshire waiting for me while they passed the time playing on their phones. I even heard the sound of Angry Birds coming from Cristina's smartphone.

"So, are you guys ready to go?"

The three looked away from their phones and saw me standing in front of them where they put away their devices and sprung up out of their chairs. Grabbing our equipment, we proceeded through the double doors and out to the streets, being prepared for anything that would come our way.

Walking beside me, Jesse stared with her brows arched. She asked, "What did Miss Martin wanted to talk to you about."

I told her and Cristina that we needed to tone it down with the roughhousing in the apartment, or else. Their expressions were the same as mine, cringing in fright before returning to normal. Nevertheless, they agreed and after we got that out of the way, we pushed forward until we reached the exit. It wasn't easy, though. We have encountered a horde of zombies and the fight was more of a dozy than the encounter we had earlier.

Luckily, we were able to fight our way out with me wailing my fists and punching through,

Jesse using her acrobatics to dodge each strike and landing several kicks, and Cristina using her strength to pick up an SUV and throwing it at them, watching it slide across and smashing against the horde as a few hundred reanimated corpses began to pile up.

Cheshire, on the other hand, didn't really do anything and merely stood on the sidelines.

"Umm, Cheshire. Not to be a bother, but could you come a give us a hand here?!" I pleaded sternly. My face cracked a smile while pushing three zombies away without them gnawing my face off.

He didn't respond. Instead, he just stretched his arms and legs as a few pops followed. I was getting a little miffed. We were doing all the work while he was doing nothing. Then, bending his knees, he crouched down and right when he pounced, I watched him

transformed before my eyes. His body was covered in white fur while it became elongated until he was probably about eleven foot tall. His arms grew longer with his paws protruding claws, but his legs grew shorter with his knees bending backwards. Finally, his face became very feline, having long ears and muzzle with a row of sharp teeth and a huge mane around his neck.

At that moment, Cheshire didn't hold back as he thrashed his claws against the undead, tearing them limb from limb on the remaining zombies that were still standing. Our eyes grew wide at how savage Cheshire fought as he slaughtered every last one of them.

However, it wasn't just the way he fought that unnerved me. It was the sinister grin that formed on his face that scared me a little. Even Cristina was shocked by such a display of brutality despite almost using the same manner of force.

He was finally done. Bodies of the undead littered the vicinity. Breathing heavily, Cheshire turned to us and saw our jaws nearly hitting the ground. his fur covered in embalming fluid and dust. He staggered towards us as his body slowly transformed back into his human form.

"How's that for a hand?" he smirked. Cheshire brushed the debris off of him. his close strangely remained intact, even after turning into a beast.

Shaking my head, I got out of my daze. I replied with a stutter, "Y-yeah. That s-seems to have done the trick." Jesse and Cristina nodded in agreement at the end of the sentence.

"So, what now?" Jesse inquired.

"Now, we need to get to the cemetery and put an end to all of this. by my calculations, the curse is getting even more ornery by the century. It has already stretched passed the boundaries of the cities, infesting even the suburban areas. If it keeps going, it will soon spread to the neighboring cities, then the state of North Carolina, and soon the entire United States."

"Oh my God, that is, like, completely messed up!" Cristina gasped. Her hand covering her mouth in suspense.

"Exactly. That's why it must come to an end," Cheshire remarked. Taking a step forward, the werewolf boy sprinted with quick speed. "Alright. Come on. The sooner we get this done, the faster we can move on with our lives." Cheshire ran ahead of us. he was determined to complete the mission while hoping for no more interferences.

We quickly followed after him, running up a steep hill until we reached a tall steel fence that towered over us. Empyrean Cemetery was what it said above us with the sign having rusted over the years.

"I guess this is the place," I said obviously. A feeling of dread began to wash over me. at that point, it felt like we were passing the Rubicon for when we set foot into the cemetery, my breath was taken away.

It was like your average cemetery with statues of angles here and a couple of tombstones and crypts over there. however, there was one thing that stood out the most in the graveyard. Smack dab in the center, there was one crypt with a glowing green light festering out of it. beaming up into the sky, a massive green tornado swirled around the crypt like something out of a horror movie. Walking throughout the grounds were zombies but not the ones that we had encountered. They came in different shapes and sizes. Some bloated and shook the ground with each strut while throwing up bile as it burned a couple of tombstones into sludge. Others were bulky, having incredible strength with one of them smashing its' fist against one of the crypts, watching it shatter while letting out a bellowing roar in amusement.

Cheshire's body shivered while his teeth chattered. Jesse and Cristina's eyes grew wide, the laidback former's face becoming paler than usual while the ditsy latter's forehead was covered in sweat. My mind was beginning to race as I stared at the column of green energy that struck at the heavens.

At the start of all this, the four of us had immense confidence that we would go in and take charge of the situation. Unfortunately, what we faced outside was mere child's play. After witnessing what was before us, all confidence faded away for this was just the beginning of something even more devious than we thought. As the great Dante Alighieri once wrote in the Divine Comedy: "Abandon all hope ye who enters," which suit this scenario pretty well for we have just entered the gates of hell.


A/N: Hey, guys. sorry if I haven't updated this story in a while. Been a lot busy lately and needed some time off to work on other projects. Luckily, I was able to get this thing done while also catching up on continuity. Also, if any of you are growing tied of the zombies. fret not. the zombie arc is coming to an end and the story will go back to its usual three's company-esque monster harem erotic path. Anyways, hope you all like it.

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