tagAnalBlack Anal Sex in the Hood

Black Anal Sex in the Hood


Hello, there. How are you doing? My name is Marcus. A tall, good-looking black man living in Boston. Thirty one years old. Former college football player. By day, I am an assistant district attorney and volunteer fireman. A respectable member of the community. Nobody knows about my other side. What can I say? I am a freak and a rather cheerful sort of psychopath. By night, I am a sexual adventurer. I like to chase booty in the hood. Black booty is the best. Why else would any brothaman put up with constant bitching from a ghetto hussy? Tonight, I'm in the hood, looking for some big-booty ghetto bitches. I found plenty to keep myself occupied. I love the hood, especially Dorchester. Bitches down there never let a brother down.

I found this bitch named Shaniqua. She stood about five feet ten inches tall, with jet-black skin and long braided hair. Her face wasn't very pretty but she had a thick body, large breasts, wide hips and a big, plump bubble butt. Just the way I like them. I offered her ten bucks for a good time. Since she's a corner street ho, she was totally down with that. What can I say? I definitely know how to pick them. We went to a tenement to have ourselves some fun. I didn't regret the encounter. Let's just say that I enjoyed every damn minute of it.

Shaniqua and I went into the tenement and found a secluded room. Hell, there was even an old mattress on the floor. How about that? I put her on her hands and knees and took out my dick. Ten inches of long and thick, uncircumcised Black Man Power. My dick has been known to make bitches of all races sing a different tune. Tonight, this ghetto bitch was going to feel its awesome power. She began sucking my dick and licking my balls. I thrust my cock down her throat. Her throat must have been kinda deep because she could take most of my dick easily. I smiled and continued shoving my dick in her mouth. She sucked me good. All whores from the hood are professional cock suckers. Licensed by the Hood Cock Sucking Academy. Taught in the mean streets of Boston. To show my satisfaction, I came all over her face. She smiled and eagerly drank my cum. Licked me dry. I grinned. That's a good ho. A true professional. They don't make them like that no more!

Next, I had something else in mind for her. I put her on all fours and spread her big plump black butt cheeks wide open. For some reason, I've always been fascinated by big black women with big black butts. I always wonder if they're into anal sex. Wouldn't it be cool if all big women out there with big butts were into anal sex? Maybe they are and they just don't let men know. That would be kind of funny. Anyway, I inspected Shaniqua's big and plump black ass. Her ass had some pimples on it but that's okay. I didn't care. I'm not prejudiced. All I need is tight, warm and fresh hole to shove my dick into and she provided that twice over. I'm an open-minded guy, you know?

I pressed my long and thick black cock against Shaniqua's asshole. Why must I slide my dick into this big black woman's asshole? There are so many reasons and they're not at all what you think. These days, bitches are out of control. And no man steps up to take them down a peg or two. Which explains why the world is the way it is right now. The most out of control bitches out there are those big black bitches from the hood. They're downright scary. Meaner and more slutty than other bitches. Well, I'm doing my part in taming them. One asshole at a time. Hey, I'm doing it for America! With that, I slid my dick into Shaniqua's asshole. The big black woman howled as I rammed my cock into her asshole. I smiled. This sound was music to my ears. I gently took her long braided hair in my hands and yanked her head back. Then I shoved my dick even deeper inside her.

Shaniqua's asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around my dick. Okay. For the longest time, I've been beating people over the head with the little-known fact that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. Well, I discovered something else. Big women's assholes are universally tighter, right? But big black women have the tightest assholes of all. No lie! Must be why I was enjoying myself so much while drilling my big black cock into Shaniqua's nether regions. Plus it's always fun to shove your dick into a black bitch's asshole. It has been proven to temporarily halt their constant bitching. Word up!

Shaniqua was screaming like a woman possessed as I rammed my cock into her asshole. I smiled and continued to fuck her. To spice things up, I took out my belt and began whipping her some. She screamed in surprise. I laughed and continued to whip her plump black ass. This was so much fun. Every time the belt fell across her plump ass cheeks, her body shook and her asshole actually tightened, albeit involuntarily, around my cock. I fucked her good, delighting in giving her exactly what she deserved. She squealed in delight mixed with pain and actually begged me for more. I rammed my cock into her asshole like anal sex was going out of style. Something happened in the middle of our wicked fun. Would you believe that the big black bitch actually farted? Yes, she farted when my big black cock was lodged up her asshole! Laughing, I decided to give her a just reward. I came, sending my hot cum deep inside her asshole. She screamed in pleasure. I laughed, this was so much fun.

Next, we tried something really twisted. I wanted Shaniqua to take me. Yeah, I like to switch around. Turnabout is fair play, you know. I gave Shaniqua a strap on dildo which I pulled from my backpack. She smiled in delight, and told me that I was going to get it. I got on all fours and she came up behind me. The big black bitch strapped it on and pressed the dildo against my asshole. She placed her hands against my hips and pushed. I gasped as I felt the dildo go up into my asshole. Man, that shit hurts. But I liked it. I like getting fucked in the ass by a strap on dildo. Lots of black guys do but won't admit it. Shaniqua was loving it. She told me she was gonna make me her bitch and slammed the dildo into my asshole. I squealed in delight. That stuff feels good. I like getting fucked in the ass. It got my long and thick black cock even harder. Word up!

We changed positions. Shaniqua put me on my back so that she could look into my eyes while pounding my black ass with the dildo. I stroked my black cock while she rammed the dildo up my ass. Damn, it hurt. I screamed. This turned Shaniqua on even more and she continued slamming the dildo into my asshole. I screamed as the massive dildo invaded my asshole. It was ten inches long, as long and thick as my cock. Damn it, I knew exactly how she felt when I slammed my ten-inch black cock into her asshole. We went at it for a long time until we both came simultaneously. I know, it's a rare occurrence but what the heck. It was fun. Afterwards, we both had a laugh and headed for the showers.

By the way, Shaniqua and I aren't really a client and a prostitute. And I'm not really a hood-dwelling psychopath. We're actually a couple, Yep, we're husband and wife. She works as a college professor in Boston. And I'm an assistant district attorney for the local county. We play this game once or twice a month just to spice things up in our relationship. Can't let things grow stale in your marriage bed, you know? Yeah, it's fun to be different. So, did you like it? How about the twist near the end? I know. You weren't expecting it. My wife and I like anal sex in every which way. We're freaky like that. It's all in good fun. Anyhow, see you around.

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