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Black and White


You Can't Take The Ghetto Out Of The Girl

Shannon had begged off going with us. She said she had a headache so I grabbed the girls and headed out. Our two girls were five and six and a half, and were the apples of my eye and loved their daddy, even more than the water park we were headed for.

"Crap," I said under my breath as we pulled into the park. The sign read, Due to a water main break, the park would be closed until tomorrow. "Sorry girls, we'll have to do it next weekend. Maybe mommy will feel better so she can go with us next week," I told them in my most sincere voice.

I knew that they were disappointed and more than a little down so I suggested, "why don't pick up pizza and surprise mommy with lunch?"

They got all excited and started jumping up and down. I let them pick out where we got the pizza, Chucky Cheese, and even what toppings to put on it. As we pulled up into our driveway, I told them to be very quiet so we could surprise mommy. We snuck into the house and put the pizza on the kitchen counter. I thought I could hear Shannon upstairs and I figured the noise from her TV would drown out our stomping up the hall.

Have you ever tried to sneak up on anybody with two little kids? They were snickering and trying their best not to laugh but their excitement was building. Outside our bedroom door we counted together, "one, two, three." And as I swung open the door we all yelled out "Surprise." But instead, we were the ones that got the surprise. There on our bed was my wife and the mother of my kids lying naked with a tall black man.

"What's that man doing to mommy?" One of my girls asked with a puzzled look on her face.

I grabbed the girls and led them down stairs, telling them to wait for me in the kitchen and ran back upstairs.

Shannon was crying and trying to say something when I told her to, "shut the hell up."

"I'm leaving with the girls and you two have ten minutes to get your black asses out of my house before I come back. If you're still here when I get back, I'm going to shoot you both where you stand, do you understand?" I screamed.

"Don't shoot man, I'm out of here," the guy pleaded.

My wife was on the bed crying when I grabbed her by the back of her hair, "that includes your black whoring ass too."

I walked back down stairs and told the girls we forgot to pickup soda and that we needed to go out again. We piled in the car and drove off. We went to the store, picked up a six-pack and headed back home.

How I held it together I'll never know. I was so damn hot from the anger I felt inside, I thought I'd explode.

"How the hell could she do this to me, and how long had she been screwing around?" were only two of a million questions I wanted answers to.

When we got back, her car was gone so I went upstairs. It looked like she'd packed a couple of bags and left. I came down stairs and told the girls' mommy must have gone out but we'd have our own pizza party anyway.

That was one long afternoon. I steamed in silence as the kids played video games. As night fell I gave them a bath, put them into bed and kissed them goodnight. They asked about mommy but I made up excuses and they were young enough to believe them.

I'd met Shannon in college. We were in the same business class and sat across from each other. She was very nice looking so after class one day I asked her out for lunch.

"Hi, my names Dan," I said with my best smile. "If you've got the time, you want to grab a bite?"

She looked me up one side and down the other before replying that she didn't date little honky white boys.

A little taken back, I replied that I normally don't date black ghetto trash, but in her case I'd make an exception.

We both looked at one another and laughed. "I'm Shannon," she said. "And I'd love to have lunch with you," she said with a smile.

You see, I was white and Shannon was black and were attending a college in the South. It took about eleven lunches, three diners and two movies before we became a couple.

She told me that her mother raised her and her two brothers, after their dad left. About how her mother was tough as nails, and said that young black men had only one thing on their mind, "so girl, you'd better keep your legs crossed." My big brothers kept the riff raft away from me, so I could work my way out of the projects and make something of myself.

I on the other hand, came from an upper middle class family. My parents drove home that fact that there were no free rides and that if you wanted anything in life you had to work for it. I had only an older sister, who married well, by age twenty. So we didn't have a lot in common, other than we both wanted the best out of life and were not afraid of a little hard work.

After dating for about six months, Shannon took me home to meet her family and I did the same the following month. Neither family was quiet sure what to make of it, but at least they didn't judge us. After two years we got engaged and life became a whole lot more complicated for both our families. The only redeeming fact was that both our mothers got along. They wanted the best for their kids, and if we wanted to get married, well so be it.

They did sit us down and say that black and white marriages were not a walk in the park. However, if we loved each other, that was all that mattered. My sister loved Shannon and her brother's Terry and Kevin would do anything for me because of the way I treated their little sister.

Sex with Shannon was hot to say the least. She was about 5'9", 135 lbs, small breasts and a nice small but round ass. We had sex for the first time after dating for seven months. She came back to my place after a party and although we were a little drunk, she was the one making the advances.

"You sure you want to do this?" I asked.

"You don't want me?"

"Hell yes," I replied.

She was beautiful. Her short hair glistened and her body was perfect. I kissed her full lips before wetting her upper and lower lips with my tongue. I sucked on her bottom lip, licked it again and kissed her hard. We swapped spit and tongues for what seemed like hours all the while exploring each other's bodies.

I loved her long brown nipples and they became hard as soon as my lips inhaled them. I licked and sucked one while I twisted the other making a small moan escape her lips. I was in no hurry and really wanted this night to be special. Shannon wasn't shaved but was trimmed very short. With one finger, I explored her pussy and found it to be wet as I went in to the first knuckle.

I kissed and cupped her small breasts, licked her stomach and stopped short of her pussy. I leaned up to kiss her once more and then dove into her honey pot.

"Oh my God," is all I heard as I licked and sucked her wet cunt. I ended up moving between her thighs so I could raise up her legs to get better access to her pussy.

Shannon was moaning and moving beneath me as I hung on. Every once in a while she'd let out a loud moan begging me not to stop as she held onto my head. She had dark, almost black outer pussy lips but was a pretty pink on the inside. She loved it when I'd spread her lips wide and drive my tongue deep inside her. With my tongue in her pussy I felt her cum the first time. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it tightly to her cunt as she moved it across my face.

With a coating of pussy juice all over my face, I crawled up and began to kiss and tongue her. The taste of her pussy juice on my lips drove her nuts. I went back down and concentrated just on her clit this time. I pulled back the little hood and exposed it. Flicking the tip of my tongue on her clit would cause her hips to rise off the bed. I inserted one than two fingers into her now soppy nest.

Shannon was now moaning non-stop and crying out that it felt so good and that she wanted me inside. She went off for the second time when I started sucking on her clit while finger fucking her. I could feel her tight pussy muscles grip my fingers as she let go. I was hard as a rock, so lubing up the head with her pussy juice I eased in.

I planned on going slow, until Shannon wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me all the way in. She gasped, was motionless for a few seconds before she started pushing back against my strokes. We started off slow but after a minute or so, were banging hard against each other. I was so horny that within five minutes I started shooting and Shannon followed right behind me. I pumped load after load into that pussy until I started to shrink and finally just flopped out of her. She grabbed me, and smothered me with kisses.

"That was the best sex I've ever had," she exclaimed almost crushing me. There was a slight pause before she leaped to her feet. "Holly shit," she screamed. "We didn't use a condom," she cried out.

"You're not on the pill?" I asked.

"NO! Never had to worry about that until tonight." She replied with this horrified look on her face.

We made it through that scare but she went on the pill the following week. She said she'd fooled around with a few boys when she was in high school, but had only let them have a little finger action before stopping them. She was basically a virgin until last night.

Two weeks later, and on the pill, we spent the weekend in bed, and what a weekend it was. We sucked and fucked until we both could barely walk. She became a great little cocksucker and had no problem taking my six inches all the way down her throat.

We were inseperateable after that weekend. We rotated holidays between the families as they both expected us to get married after graduation. We had both white and black friends who were envious as hell that we were so much in love and had made it work so well.

As a wedding gift, my parents gave us my grandparents two bedroom home free and clear. I got, through my dad's connections, a great marketing job and after a year was making more money than I'd ever dreamed. Shannon worked in a legal office and though the hours were long at times, really had a good future there.

That is, until she got pregnent. It wasn't planned but we accepted it. A year and a half later we had our second and Shannon quit work to raise our two girls. Just after the second baby, her mom moved in and stayed with us for almost four months to help out. That's when her mom and I became really close. Her brothers still loved to torment me every chance they got but would do anything for us.

It took a lot of arm-twisting but I talked them both into going back to school. I told them if they did well, I'd put in a good word with the sales manager to get them jobs. We had everything we'd ever dreamed of and I thought nothing could spoil it for us. That is, until Chris came to town.

Chris was a cousin of one of Shannon's closest friends. He came down for an extended visit from New York. He didn't have a steady job and only worked construction when he needed the money or couldn't sponge off of someone else. He was about 6'2", 210 lbs and built like a body builder. He had all the girls swooning when he walked by.

"Damm, I'd sure like to try some of that stuff," one would say.

"I heard he's hung like a horse," another piped in.

"I could get myself in a lot of trouble with something like that," a third added.

Shannon looked and said she was satisfied with what she had at home.

"Girl, you haven't been fucked until you've been fucked by a hung brother," one of her black friends said. "When you find one that can take you from across the room, then you'll know what it means to be fucked." They laughed, joked but all agreed that all their husbands would kill them if they were ever caught messing around. Shannon excused herself and went to the bathroom.

As she walked through the bedroom to the bathroom, out came Chris and he was naked. The only thing Shannon saw was the thick, twelve-inch piece of meat between his legs.

Chris broke her stare with, "stare any longer at it girl and you're going to burn a hole right through it."

She composed herself, apologized and went into the bathroom. God I didn't know they made them that big she said to herself. She did her business and walked out.

Chris was still drying himself off from his shower and made no effort to cover himself up. "If you see anything to want to try out let me know" he chuckled as Shannon left the room.

That night as they made love, Shannon couldn't get Chris's dick out of her mind. As she gave Dan a blowjob she imagined she was sucking Chris's cock. "How do you get something that size down your throat anyway," she thought.

"Earth to Shannon, earth to Shannon," I called out to her.

"Sorry hon, I was just thinking about something I needed to do tomorrow."

"When we make love? You really know how to stroke a guys ego," I replied.

Shannon had been helping Chris's cousin Tina pass her math and English classes. While getting ready for finals, Shannon was spending more and more time there and Chris was always sniffing around her. Going for a glass of water Chris came up behind her and pressed his dick against her ass.

"Wouldn't you like a little black meat for a change?"

"Chris, I'm married," she replied.

Grabbing her hand, he put it on his dick and said, you get a taste of this girl, you'll never be satisfied with that puny white dick of your husbands again." She pulled away and went back into the other room.

With Chris popping in and out of the room, it was getting harder and harder for her to concentrate on Tina's schoolwork. After about an hour, they called it quits for the day

"The math test is next Thursday and my paper is due the Monday after," Tina reminded her.

"Don't worry, we'll get you through it," Shannon assured her.

Sunday dinner was going to be special I told Shannon. "I have a surprise for Terry and Kevin," but I wouldn't tell her what. "You'll blab and ruin my surprise."

As we all sat around the dinner table I told everyone I had something to tell them. "There is nothing more important and special as family," I started. "No matter where you go and what you do, you know that you can always count on your family. Kevin, Terry, my brothers, effective Monday you will both have your own sales territories. You'll both be based out of here, which your wives' will appreciate, but will be responsible for the sales in two states each."

The table went wild with everyone congratulating and hugging each other. When the commotion wore down, both brothers came over and hugged me.

"No one gave this to you two, you guys earned it," is all I said. Shannon's mother came over to me when most people had left and pulled me aside.

"I wasn't too sure about the whole arrangement when you two first got together, but you've done more for this family in the last eight years than I could ever pay you back for," she said.

"Mom, we're family. This is what family does for each other." I replied.

On the drive home Shannon cuddled up next to me. "It looks like someone is going to get something special later tonight," she whispered. After putting the kids down for the night Shannon put on her sexiest outfit and came to bed.

"Now this is what I call window dressing," I said as I started removing it. "It's just like my birthday all over again, taking the wrapping paper off my present."

Shannon told me to lay back and enjoy. With her lips, she traced every contour of my body. She kissed me, worked on my nipples and move lower to my dick. Grabbing it and sucking it down brought me to an instant erection.

"Looks like someone is happy to see me," she said. Licking the head and under side, before she licked one nut and then the other.

"Damn girl, you have the silkiest mouth around and if you keep that up, you're going to get more than you bargained for," I told her.

Shannon was now deep throating Dan all the way down to his balls. "I could never do this to Chris," she thought as she stroked Dan's cock.

Straddling his dick, she lowered herself onto it. Now resting on his balls she wiggled her ass, "a perfect fit," she said. Shannon raised and lowered herself onto Dan's dick tightening her pussy muscles on the down stroke as she continued thinking about Chris.

I was in fucking heaven. I reached up, cupped her breasts and then played with her nipples until they stuck out almost a full inch. The only sound now was the smacking of Shannon's body against mine as she drove her pussy home.

Playing with her clit, Shannon imagined she was riding Chris's hard dick. With her eyes closed she felt the warmth of the climax coming over her.

Picking up the pace and frigging her clit with both hands, Shannon let loose with a scream. She ground her pussy onto my cock as she felt me explode inside of her. With her eyes closed, she leaned forward and kissed me until I rolled her over on the bed next to me.

"Aren't you the wild little thing tonight," I said to her. "You must have been super horny tonight," I told Shannon.

Shannon felt dirty when she realized she hadn't made love to her husband but had wildly fucked Chris in her mind. For a moment she couldn't even look at him until Dan reached over, put her face in his hands and said, "I really do love you," and kissed her again.

That night Shannon realized she had to get Chris out of her head. "I wish he'd just leave," she yelled to herself.

Shannon had Tina come to her house to study the next few nights. In this way, she didn't have to deal with Chris.

With the math test two days off, Tina called Shannon up. "I need you to do a quick review with me tomorrow," Tina pleaded. "But you need to come here, because I'm still trying to finish my English paper. Shannon relented and told me she'd be back in a few hours.

Tina knew her shit and was ready to nail the test. "I can't thank you enough," she told Shannon. "Stay here, because I've ordered a pizza to celebrate and I'll be back in a minute," she said as she ran out the door.

Shannon went into the bathroom and when she came out Chris was there. He grabbed her and kissed her hard. She pulled her face away but he kissed her again and this time she didn't. He was feeling her breasts and pussy and Shannon had her hands down his pants stroking his growing cock. She was breathing hot and fast when she heard the door slam and Tina yelling, asking where was everyone was. Quickly she put herself together and went into the kitchen.

"There you are girl," Tina said. "You look a little flushed, you ok?" She asked.

"I think I'm starting to come down with something," she told Tina.

Tina was eating, drinking and beaming. "I'm going to nail that motherfucker tomorrow and I have you to thank," she announced. After one piece of pizza Shannon said it was time for her to get home and to make sure and call her when she had finished the test.

Tina called the next day and said she got an A on it, and couldn't thank her enough. "All I've got to do is finish up this paper and I'm done," she exclaimed. "When it's done, I'd appreciate it if you'd read it and give me you opinion," she asked.

"No problem," Shannon replied.

Saturday morning, as Tina was just finishing up the paper, she called and told Shannon she'd be bringing it over.

"Dan and the kids went to the water park so it'll have plenty of time."

Tina was getting ready to leave when she realized she hadn't done the index page. "Shit," she said. Chris walked in and sat down. "Chris, be a honey and drop this paper off at Shannon's for me will you? She's going to read it for me while her family is gone for the day," she told him.

"Sure cus," Chris replied.

All the way over he thought of how he was going to bed the bitch. She was hot for him and all it was going to take was a little more pushing.

When she opened the door, the last person she expected to see was Chris.

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