tagInterracial LoveBlack and White Ch. 01

Black and White Ch. 01


My name is Jennifer and I am 19 years old, sexy Caucasian girl with brownish blonde hair. I am 5.6 36-24-34 with round butt that everyone loves including me. I pay a lot of attention to my butt when I am in the shower or laying in bed alone. I am totally shaved down there everywhere. I love feeling my own smooth skin, it turns me on a lot. I developed way too early and was the focus of attention of everybody at school. I went to an almost all white school, very few Asians but that is all. For the most part I am a very innocent and naive and sweet girl. But I have to tell you that I love black cocks.

My first year in college I had a few black guys in my classes. There is something exotic about that dark skin. I love how the dark skin looks against my white skin. I looked up on the internet and found out how big their cocks are supposed to be. It almost scared me to see such large thick fat cocks some even the size of base ball bats. I got hooked on black on white porn so much that every night after my roommate went to bed, I would look at tight white girls getting fucked in every hole by large black cocks. I would finger fuck myself to bed every night thinking about large heavy thick black cocks with huge balls resting against a tight butt crack of a very tight tiny white girl. My orgasms were intense and I found myself fucking myself a couple times a day.

I soon found a toy shop on the internet and placed an order for a large black rubber dildo. It looked very realistic in the pictures and when it arrived I could not get my hands off of it. Pretty soon I found myself coming back to my dorm room during lunch hour. I would remove my clothes, lay down in bed, and rub my clit while sucking on the big black dildo. Once it was all wet with my spit I would put a few inches inside my tight little horny pussy and cum. I would lay in front of a mirror so I can see the black dildo going in and out of my white bare hairless pussy with pink lips. I became so addicted that I took a couple pictures of the dildo shoved up my tight pussy. During the day at school I would look at the picture and get all wet. Sometimes I would get so worked up that I would step out of my class, go into the girl's room, close the door of a stall and put a finger in my pussy and cum while looking at my own picture. God I had become such a slut.

After a couple months of my secret sex activities with myself I decided that I wanted to see a live black cock and experience it first hand. There were three guys in my classes that I found attractive. Unfortunately two of them had girlfriends. One of the guys had a white girlfriend so I tried to become her friend and get more details. Tina started sharing with me the details of her fucking her black boyfriend. Upon my request she measured him one night. He was close to 9" long. OMG, that was huge and I craved a black cock of my own even more now. Tina shared details on how he loves to fuck doggie style and how he almost chokes her when she shoves his fat cock down her throat. She also said that he loves to finger her ass hole while fucking her pussy doggie style. These stories made me even more horny. I found myself going back to my dorm room at least once every day, getting naked and dildo fucking my horny pussy until I would cum. I started licking my own pussy off of the dildo and that made me even more horny.

I have been flirting with this other black guy. When I first started flirting with him he was talking to a girl almost on a daily basis. After a few days of my flirting with him he started to hang out alone, giving me a chance to get closer to him. Mark was handsome, 6' tall and very well built. A few times during our flirting session I noticed a nice bulge in his pants. I knew that my dream will come true. Very soon Mark and I started to hang out in the evening and a few days later I invited him to come over for movies. That was going to be my chance at a nice big black cock.

The night he came over we started to make out. After I felt his hands on my breasts I quickly went for his cock. OMG I was not disappointed. His bulge was huge and I enjoyed massaging it through his pants. A few minutes later I told him I wanted to see his cock. He smiled and got up and slowly unzipped his pants. I guess he had to be careful because the bulge was huge. My heart jumped with excitement when he dropped his pants. His boxers were too tight for him. There was a large tent in his boxers. My mouth started watering. I could not wait for him to strip tease for me any more so I yanked his boxers off in one quick motion and out sprung his enormous cock. It was huge, must have been at least 9 inches, almost 4" thick cause my hands hardly wrapped around his cock. He had a swollen rubbery head and extremely large and heavy balls. I was in heaven. This big fat black cock was all mine and I was going to fuck it every possible way.

I grabbed on to his huge balls and started licking his cock head. His hand automatically went on the back of my head and started to pull my face into his cock. I took the signal and sucked his cock in my mouth. I could only fit about 5 inches of it because I am tiny and my mouth is very small. I could already feel the tip of his cock in the back of my throat. I started sucking on his big fat cock. He tasted so good my pussy started to gush. I continued to massage his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other as my mouth sucked and sucked on his fat cock. After a few seconds of him shoving his cock in my throat he grunted, grabbed the back of my head pushed his cock down my throat and sprayed what felt like gallons of thick white creamy cum in my mouth. I felt his thick cum spray all over the inside of my mouth and down my throat. I could not swallow all of it and most of it seeped out of the side of my mouth.

After a few minutes of calming down laying next to each other, I asked Mark if he had ever tasted a white pussy. His response was to turn me over, put me on my back, spread my legs and dive his thick large wet tongue all the way deep inside my horny pussy. It felt like a cock going inside. He locked his lips around my horny clit and sucked on it hard. He chewed on my puffy white pussy lips and tongue fucked me until I came several times. As if that was not enough Mark spread my legs even wider and as he dived his tongue into my horny hairless pussy one more time I felt his thick finger pushing against my ass hole. Tina has told me that if that ever happens I should relax my anus and let the finger invade. She had told me to practice with a finger first few times before letting a man put his cock in my ass hole. I did what Tina had suggested and relaxed my anal muscles. As soon as I did that I felt Mark's finger slide inside my ass hole at least 3 inches. He started to finger fuck my tight little white ass hole as his tongue fucked my pussy one more time. Once I got used to feeling my anus getting finger fucked I started enjoying it and it became intense. I screamed, yelled and whimpered his name for minutes as I gushed out of my pussy. I came several times before he pulled his finger out of my ass and his tongue out of my pussy. We both fell asleep and woke up the next day.

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