tagIncest/TabooBlack Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 03

Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 03


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Resting on the couch nude after their shared pleasure, her head resting on his lap, holding his hand on her bare belly, Tom sat gazing at her beautiful chocolate colored body. He still couldn't believe she had come onto him so fast that afternoon when he was in the bathroom, her flirting with him at the restaurant, and then how she had taken him just now. He hadn't seen her in 4 years and she was treating him like they'd been lovers for years.

Well he had to admit the last time he'd seen Auntie May he'd still been in high school. Plus, he'd had a new girlfriend and that had promised him a blow -job after the basketball game, if they won. So he'd been distracted and in a rush to get away from the house and all the stuffy talk between his father, mother, Uncle Max and Aunt May about what college he was going to, and what his major was. He couldn't wait to get to the gym for the game and then meet up with her afterwards for his reward. He'd been so distracted by his girlfriend's promise he hadn't paid any attention to Aunt May, and barely noticed Uncle Max.

Unfortunately for him, they'd lost because their idiot center couldn't make his free throws after getting fouled repeatedly in the last 2 minutes, and so he didn't get his blow -job, or anything else from her - ever.

Now, 4 years later, sitting on the couch looking down at Auntie May resting her head comfortably on his lap, with her eyes closed, the more he wondered just what it was that had attracted her to him. No girl he'd ever met, or had sex with, had ever come-on to him the way she had -- and then enjoyed sex with him the way she had. Well, maybe that was partly because he'd never enjoyed sex with a woman as much as he did with her. She was so free and easy about it. She enjoyed sex more than any girl he'd ever met, she knew what she wanted and told him what she wanted, he could still hear her husky voice saying, "suck my nipples, harder, oh yes, suck 'em hard, ohhhhh," and so he had just relaxed and gave her what she wanted -- and she really liked what he gave her.

Watching her dozing on his lap, especially her smooth heavy breasts rising and falling, so relaxed, he wanted her like he'd never wanted a woman before. He felt it deep in his belly. He wondered what he was gong to do. She was married to Uncle Max, and he knew he couldn't hide his desire for her from his Uncle for long. He'd been lucky to get through dinner without staring at her or showing his feelings for her. Well, maybe it was just lust, but whatever he was feeling for her he didn't want it to end anytime soon.

But, what was going to be a simple vacation at Uncle Max's had gotten way more complicated that he'd ever dreamed anything could get.

He must have gotten lost in his thoughts, because when he next looked down at her, she was looking back at him, her hazel eyes watching him intently, with a gentle sated smile on her face. After a few seconds of looking into his eyes she said quietly, "Now it's time to talk about us, and Max."

When she said, "Us," and the way she said it, made Tom's heart skip several beats and begin to pound as if he'd been running for the last half hour. He wanted to say "he wanted her forever," but he was too apprehensive about appearing too possessive, and afraid of her telling him "no" to say anything, so he just nodded.

She read his mind, and said quietly as she squeezed his hand that was resting on her warm belly, "Max is not gonna chase you off Tom. He knows how I feel about you, and have felt about you, since the last time he and I saw you before you went running off to the game and that silly cock-tease girl friend of yours."

"Huh, how did you ...?" He was too surprised to formulate a coherent question. "How did you know anything about...?" he finally managed.

"She really doesn't really matter Tom. She's old news, and we're here to talk about us and Max. I've been elected to give you the history of me and Max. I met Max at a party at your parents house when you about 15. You and your sister were away at some camp for Spring Break, and your parents threw a party for the sales people and I was one of the invitees along with dozen or so other people."

"What sales people are you talking about?" Tom asked, mystified. He'd never heard of his dad having any sales people working for his painting business.

"Your Dad and Max run a very successful national business that has several dozen sales people. But, Max will tell you all about that later. Right now all I'm gonna tell you about is me and Max, then me and you."

"What about Dad's painting business?" he insisted feeling suddenly uneasy about all this new information that he had no idea existed. "Dad runs a house painting business. He's been painting houses as long as I can remember, and I've never seen any salespeople anywhere near the business."

"Well, yes and no. Your Dad owns a painting contracting business alright, but Roy runs for him, and I don't think your Dad has even touched a paintbrush in the last 15 years," she said laughing. "He started the business just after your mom got pregnant with you so he'd have a legit job and a visible source of income, so that when you went to school none of your classmates, or the school, would give you a hard time about his business."

"What?" He asked sharply, this was starting to sound scary ... or like some loony tunes fairy tale.

"Max will give you the whole story about the business and your parents. Right now I want to focus on Max." She said, sliding his hand down to the warm wetness between her legs, which she hoped would have the effect of focusing his attention on her to the exclusion of questions about the mysterious business, but her move predictably backfired given where his hand was and how it got there.

"Don't get carried away," she murmured, looking up at him, as his fingers explored her warm and still wet pussy, running over and around her clit, then into her wet slot, began to excite her. "I love the feel of you fingering me, but we have to talk about this before Max gets here," she said putting her hand over his just to calm the distracting activity of his fingers, not to remove his hand from where it was, but it didn't work.

He watched her, expectantly, waiting for her to acknowledge the wetness soaking his fingers. He really wanted her now. He wanted to run his tongue all over her, and up between her legs where his fingers were now exploring her enchanting wetness, trying to make her moan like she had when he was sucking her nipples. His thoughts transmitted his desire to his cock and she felt it stir and start to harden.

"You're really going to make this discussion difficult aren't you?" she asked grinning, "Well it's not going to work," she said turning her head toward his belly and letting his cock spring free from under her head, as she slid off the couch and forced her body between his legs. "I'm gonna make you cum faster than you've ever cum and then maybe you'll listen to me instead of your cock," she said, as she took his now fully erect cock in her mouth.

And she did just that -- despite his best efforts to resist her. Sliding her mouth over just his rising young cock she sucked his most tender and vulnerable place - hard, causing him to moan deep in his throat at the unexpected intensity, "Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm," then he gasped, "Aaarrggghhh," when she slipped her fingers between his cheeks finding and lightly fingering his hole, "Ahhhhhh, uurrrgghhh," he moaned as he twisted his bottom attempting to escape her probing fingers, but she held him firmly as she teased his bottom. Powerless to prevent her fingers from intentionally exploring his hole and feeling the thrill that ran down his spine as her fingers deliberately started to penetrate him, he willingly surrendered his bottom to her and spread his legs wider, giving her full access to his rear slot. When he did, she penetrated his now relaxed and eager slot with two fingers, sliding them in and out slowly at first then faster as he readily moved his bottom against her fingers. He groaned softy, "Uurrggghhhh uhhhh rrrgghhh," in protest of his loss of control "UURRRG, GGHHRRHHH," as she forced him toward orgasm with her fingers. He tired tensing his muscles to prolong his pleasure, but she when she shoved a third finger into his willing bottom, he gave her his white creamy pleasure, "Uuhhhrrhhhm," moaning with every spurt, "Mmmmmm, aaaahhhh, uurrgghhhh" that sent his warm white cream gushing into her insistent and irresistible mouth as he wiggled his impaled bottom on her wonderful fingers.

It had happened fast. Way too fast - as in less than a minute -- too fast. "That's not fair!" he protested weakly as he and his cock slowly relaxed. "That was way too fast; I didn't have a chance to enjoy it or anything!"

"That's not what your cock and your happy little bottom told me." she said, licking dribbles of his cum off her lips, and grinning like the cat that had gotten all the cream. "Serves you right for not paying attention," she said, "I've learned that boys with hard cocks don't listen very well, so now I've fixed that for the next few minutes. You'll get your chance to get even later. But for now you need to listen to me."

To be continued on Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Chp 4

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