tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlack Babysitter Drilled

Black Babysitter Drilled


Guy had watched Misha grow up. He had known her for the last seven years. She was the daughter of his ex wife’s best friend. Since his divorce his ex Charlene moved out and lived about 10 minutes away. Misha’s mom had a drug problem and was now in prison and Misha lived with her grandmother a few blocks from Guy. She was Guys reliable babysitter for his 8 year old twin boys. They loved her and looked at her as a big sister. Misha was 18 now. She stood 5'8" around 125 lbs with long wavy black hair and a sensuous milk chocolate complexion. She was not a girl anymore and very beautiful indeed. But Guy only recently noticed her blossoming frame.

About a month ago Guy asked Misha if she could watch the boys while he worked late. He would swing by the community center to pick her up along with a colleague from work and drop her off at his house where she had her own key and a room as well. Guy parked right in front of the entrance and waited for Misha to come out. There was a group of men standing outside discussing the game of basketball they had just finished when Misha came out. Their conversation stopped as she passed them by. They were obviously drawn in by her beauty and some were a bit more forward than others

“Hey sexy got a minute?”

“Whoa she’s tight!!!”

“Look at that fat ass.”

Misha smiled she made her to the car and that’s when it happened. Guy looked at Misha and suddenly saw a woman. He didn’t see the little girl in pigtails anymore but he saw a new side to her. He watched as she approached he car and took in the sight of her lovely C-cup tits bouncing under her t-shirt. He gazed at her tight belly and long athletic legs and how her lowrider jeans accentuated her supple hips. He stared at her smooth brown skin and full lips and envisioned his long hard cock in her young mouth. When she opened the door and got in Guy was lost in a haze of lust when she spoke.

“What’s up Guy? You ready to go?”


“Huh? Oh I’m sorry Misha, I was just daydreaming. Yeah I’m ready to roll.” Guy felt his cock grow thick and stiff in his pants screaming to be released. As he drove Guy couldn’t help steal glances at Misha fantasizing about her all the while. Before dropping Misha off Guy picked up Tony, his best friend from work and they rode over to Guy’s house. When they got to Guy’s house and Misha started to exit the car her lowriders got lower than ever as she got out and rode down exposing a white lace thong and the crack of her teenage ass come into view.

“Bye guys. Have a good night.”

Guy and Tony were tongue tied as she walked away swinging her hips seductively and they zoomed in on her perfect thick round bottom. Both men were unconsciously rubbing their swollen members as she glided away. Her body was heavenly and Guy was about to slap himself for not realizing it sooner. How could he not see it before? Misha had filled out and was a very desirable and salacious young woman. Her body was well toned and tight she was everything any red blooded man would desire in a fuck toy. Fuck toy? What a good idea!!! He hadn’t ever before this day thought of Misha more than a friend and a little girl. Now he was thinking of her as a fuck toy.

“Jesus Christ dude!!! Do you see her ass? She’s gorgeous Guy. We gotta do something about that.”

“Yeah man. I was just thinking the same thing. I never noticed it until today but she damn sure looks like she’s ready. I’m gonna look into it and get back to you.”

Guy and Tony were more than best friends. They did everything together. They’ve spent many a night bar hopping and girl banging by evenings end. They’d conquered many female territories in their day and they had their sights set on a new prize. Guy and Tony were quite the handsome pair. Both were tall and well built specimen. Tony had sandy blond hair and blue eyes while Guy had short cropped wavy hair. They had exchanged women and double teamed several more. In fact it was a doubleteam of a big titted Japanese tourist that led to Guy’s divorce when Charlene walked in on the shenanigans returning home unexpectedly. If anybody could bang the babysitter it would be these two hounds.

For the next few weeks Guy watched Misha closely regularly having her watch the boys and performing various household tasks. Guy felt like a secret agent as he spied on her. He listened to phone conversations with friends who called and came by the house. Little by little he began to gather the sort of information that he needed. Guy was astounded by how little he knew about Misha. Slowly but surely the facts started to come to light. Misha didn’t have a boyfriend, she drank, she was considered a tease by the guys in school and two more interesting tidbits. Misha was not a virgin and she was attracted to older men and wanted one to show her the ropes. As he eavesdropped at her door Guy knew he had a chance. Then came the surprise of his life as he listened further. Apparently Misha had a big weekend planned. Guy was scheduled to be out of town on business and Misha had set up a secret rendezvous with a man she met over the internet. Suddenly seeing Misha as a fucktoy didn’t seem outrageous. As she continued, Guy felt his cock twitch and found himself stroking his cock slowly as she giggled and whispered her intentions.

“Girl I hope he’s got a big dick. He was talking some good shit on the chat line and he better back it up. He was talking about how he wants to fuck me hard and deep and make me scream. My pussy got wetter and wetter, I can’t wait until Saturday.”

Guy couldn’t believe his ears as he jacked himself furiously thinking about taking her. This was his chance and he couldn’t let it slip by. He had the perfect plan to make it happen and had to call Tony ASAP to put it in motion. Guy decided that since she met her potential lover over the internet that was where they would start. Guy explained to Tony the computer geek exactly what he needed. He wanted to hack into Mishas email program, identify the stranger and scare him off. Then they would email Misha from another address and pose as the stranger. Tony got into her email and found out the guys name was Rod and went by the internet alias “HotRod”. They emailed “HotRod” and said that they were her father and she was underage and if he tried to contact her again they would notify the authorities. Suffice to say he was scared shitless. On to phase two where Guy and Tony laid the groundwork for Saturday night. It was Thursday and they needed to act fast. Guy postponed his trip and told Charlene Tony would be dropping the boys off around 9:15 Saturday night.

Guy then sent a series of lewd emails to Misha over the next few hours detailing exactly what he wanted her to do Saturday. The responses to these emails also revealed a great deal about Misha. She was a freak in training. Misha talked about how she wanted to feel what it was like to be pounded hard and fast, how she fantasized about having more than one cock at a time and her new fantasy. She wanted to suck a big cock until it shot off in her mouth. Guy and Tony tossed that thought around for a while deciding that would be a special treat for her. They relished the idea of her full African lips engulfing their thick poles. Guy then instructed Misha exactly how the evening would begin. She was to have the boys in bed by eight and then turn off all the lights and light candles leading upstairs to her room where she will be dressed in her plaid school uniform skirt white silk blouse no panties or bra. She was to consume three shots of liquor to lower all inhibitions. While she waited she was to finger herself until he came through the door at precisely 9:30pm. Not only did she consent to this dangerous game she even made a demand of her own. Misha insisted that she wear a blindfold and when he came into the room he immediately push his dick meat into her hungry mouth. Done deal Guy replied and it was on.

Saturday arrived and it was a long anxious day for Guy and Tony. Guy left and told Misha he’d see her late Sunday night. He drove over to Tony’s house and parked in his garage. They talked about the big night and did some drinking. At 9 o’clock Tony picked up the boys and dropped them at Charlene and picked up Guy along the way back and dropped him off at his house where he would wait until 9:45 before making his entrance.

Guy opened the front door and was delighted by what he saw. Misha had followed his directions to the letter. The house was dark and trail of candles led to the room upstairs where the young black girl waited. He climbed the stairs slowly in anticipation. He got to the door and he could hear her soft moans as she was obviously still carrying out his orders. He checked his watch and the illuminated display read 9:30pm. He pushed he door open slowly and what he saw sent his hunger over the edge. Misha was laying on her back on her bed skirt hiked up to he chest with two fingers pistoning in and out of her dripping pussy and her other had with a good hold on her tits. Guy felt himself grow instantly and pulled his dick from his pants and walked to the bed stroking himself up and down. He pulled Misha up by her arm and told her o open her mouth. Soon as she opened up Guy pushed himself in holding her head in place as she moaned over his cock. He grabbed her free hand and wrapped it around the base of his black pole. He held her head as he stroked her mouth deeper. He was bigger than anything she had ever had and was having trouble adjusting to his considerable thickness. He could feel her soft lips massaging his burning member. He couldn’t believe it was finally happening. Misha was sucking him off!! Guy began to build up speed in her mouth. His hand tightened it’s grip on her head and Guy began to fuck her mouth in earnest. Back and forth, in and out he moved his hips. Hearing her gasp for air fueled his sexual frenzy and soon his hips were a virtual blur. Misha moaned and gasped and Guy noticed Tony standing in the doorway. Guy decided to put on a show for his friend.

“Suck that big dick Misha. Show me how a good black slut sucks dick” Guy said as he plunged in an out of her 18 year old mouth.

“Yeah that’s it take all of my dick. Suck it real good!” The only other sounds in the room were of Misha’s wet face fuck and her moaning. She loved being used like this. It was better than she could have ever imagined. Tony had completely disrobed in the doorway and was jerking his long white cock.

Suddenly Guy pulled his dick from Misha’s mouth and said “It’s time for a surprise Misha, a big surprise.” Misha was startled by the familiarity to his voice. She couldn’t immediately remember but just then she heard him yell “Lights!’ The lights were flicked on and Guy snatched off her blindfold revealing himself along with Tony. Misha shrieked in surprise

when she saw who was on the other end of that 9 inch monster and who had it’s white twin is his hand at the doorway.

“Well,well,well look what we have here Tony. A genuine honest to goodness internet slut. Thought you were gonna fuck a stranger tonight huh sexy. Well me and my boy here thought otherwise. We figured if you wanted to get fucked this weekend it should be by someone you know.” Misha tried to cover herself up but Tony came over and ripped open her blouse exposing her big brown tits.

“Yeah Misha we thought it would be better this way. We’ve got everything you need right here.” Tony grabbed a handful of her hair and said “My turn I want some of what you just gave him.”

Misha was dazed and confused. She couldn’t believe what was happening and she also knew she was in no position to resist. They had played her and she fell right into their laps. After all she was going to use Guys house for a sexual romp and no one would ever believe her after all the emails she sent to “HotRod” if she cried rape. She couldn’t believe Guy would do something so devious. But through all the confusion was something else. Her pussy was soaking wet. Tony pulled on her hair and offered his cock to suck. It pulsed and grew by the second.. She had never had a white man before and tonight was to be a night of firsts. Misha opened her mouth and took him in. Tony threw his head back and let out a sigh of relief that he was finally in her young nubile mouth. Guy sat on the edge of the bed and cheered him on.

“She’s a natural Tony. I think she loves having a dick in her mouth. Look at her she’s a hungry whore dude. Make her suck every inch man.” Tony pushed more and more into her mouth until he felt himself pop through the opening to her throat.

“Ahhhhhh. That’s it little darling get it all. I love to see a black slut suck my cock. It looks like you like it too ain’t that right slut? Misha gagged and was about to choke and Tony snatched his rigid rod from her mouth. But instead of letting her gather herself Tony pulled her head closer as she coughed and slapped her all over her face with his saliva covered cock. It was a lewd scene as he bounced his cock off of her thick lips and rubbed himself over her stunning dark features. Guy came over and began groping her breasts. Tony then pushed himself back into her mouth fucking her face once more. Misha started jerking Guy’s cock while she sucked Tony. Guy wrapped his hand around hers tightly to show her how he wanted her to do him.

“Look at the chocolate whore with my big ole white sausage in her mouth. Looks like a true beauty queen. Do it little girl do it. We know what you’re about missy and we’re going to teach you a valuable lesson tonight. Maybe next time we’ll call your friend HotRod over next time and give some extra dick”

“Yeah we’re going to teach you how to bring out the inner slut and live your dreams. I can’t take it anymore man I gotta sample the pussy.” Guy laid her down on her back and pushed her legs back. He looked down and saw a clean shaven piece of brown and pink heaven. He waited a long time for this moment and it was going to be great. He spread her good and wide and without warning slammed his rock hard black snake into her all the way. Misha yelped and her eyes got wide as she had never felt anything so large and demanding inside of her before. As she started to moan loudly Tony shoved his dick back in her mouth to keep her quiet. Guy just held his cock inside of her letting her get used to his tremendous size and to savor his maiden voyage into the teenagers love canal. Guy began to stroke her slowly gradually gaining speed and strength. Guy was beside himself inside of her.

“Oh my god Tony this pussy is the tightest I’ve ever felt. I could fuck her forever man.” Guy picked speed again and was working his way towards a frenzy. Misha was moaning over Tony’s fat cock through her stretched mouth. Guy raised up and grabbed her thick thighs and laid her legs on his stomach and chest. He now began to fuck Misha like she wanted, hard and deep. He fucked her so hard she couldn’t concentrate on sucking off Tony so he just decided to bounce his dick off of her face again and take in the show. The sound of skin clashing and a young woman wails of passion filled the room.

“Yeeeeeesssss. P..p..p..p..p..please fuck me. Fuck me h h..h..h..haaaarrrd. Ahhhhhh” Tony leaned over and squeezed her quaking tits hard as Guy deep drilled his nubian whore. Guy held her legs tight and power fucked her young pussy making sure she got every inch on every stroke. Tony was anxious to get a piece and tapped Guy on the shoulder.

“May I cut in” Guy raised up and Tony took his place, he too slamming his prick in all the way knocking the air from her lungs. Tony kept the youngster in this position with her legs pointed o the sky fora few minutes more and then told her sit on his cock. Misha got on top of him and started to ride him reverse cowgirl style bouncing her big black ass up and down on his bloated white spear. Tony was mesmerized by the sight of her ass as it shook and vibrated on every down stroke. Misha was lost in lust as she rode him for everything she was worth.

“Ooooooo yes Tony. Fill my tight black pussy with that big white dick. Oooooohhhhh it feeeeeeeeels sooooo gooood” Guy stood in front of her and gave her something to suck on. He looked down at her face while she sucked him and he knew that she had been turned out tonight and he would be able to use this body anytime he wanted. She was perfect. A gorgeous young black fucktoy. Tony was banging her hard down low and he was stuffing her up high.

“Lets bend this bitch over dude.”

“Good idea it’s about that time” Everyone disengaged and Misha got on the bed on her hands and knees and her lovely black ass wiggling invitingly as she pulled her skirt up to reveal a perfect ass. Tony grabbed her hips and Guy began to spank her. They took turns slapping her thick black ass over and over and she loved every second of it.

“You’ve been a bad girl Misha and you need o be punished. Bad girls get there asses spanked until they straighten up and fly right. Misha wailed in delight as the two grown men abused her tender young ass with their hands reveling in the sight and perversion of it all. Guy stood behind her and slid his cock into her holding tightly to her hips. Misha threw her head back in ecstasy as Guy began his vaginal attack. Tony stood in front of her rubbing his white prick across her thick lips. Guy was stroking slowly savoring every second of this new adventure.

“This pussy is so good man. We should’ve banged this bitch a long time ago.” Guy began to pick up the intensity in his pelvis moving faster and faster trying to get as deep as he could inside the teenager. Tony continued to abuse her mouth and face groping her large hanging tits as well. Guy again began to spank her heavenly ass as he pounded her even harder.

“Yeah this is how a slut like you needs to be fucked. You need to be treated like a two dollar whore.” Mishas ass was a picture of vibrating flesh as every stroke now was brutal continually knocking the wind from her. Mishas mouth just hung open with no sound coming out as if she was in another lust filled universe while these men used her young body. Tony took the opportunity to slide into her mouth. He grabbed both of her ears and pushed and pushed until all nine inches of his cock were buried in the ebony girls face. She could barely breathe as Guy power drilled her from the back and her throat was filled with Caucasian cock. Guy pushed his thumb into Mishas ass and she moaned over Tonys pole as he fucked her face. Guy then gave Misha a series of vicious strokes and pulled out.

“Sit on it girlfriend.” Tony pulled his dick from her mouth and Misha let out a sigh of relief and mounted Guys waiting black snake. Misha began to bounce up and down as Guy sucked her heavy breasts. Tony stood behind the two and once more smacked her ass on every down stroke for emphasis.

“Oh my god. Yeeeees. Fuck me with your big dick, Don’t stop fucking my pussy please don’t stop!” Tony was mesmerized by the sight of her quivering black ass going up and down grinding on his buddys bloated dick. He climbed on the bed and spit on his dick. Guy wrapped his arms around Mishas upper body holding her tightly and Tony started rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her ass. Sduddenly Misha felt him trying to push into her ass.

“No. Stop don’t do it you’re too big. I can’t handle it....” Tony ignored her pleas and pushed in harder finally getting 3 inches inside of her chocolate butt.

“Arrrggghhh” Misha screamed as her anal virginity was unceremoniously taken. “Noooo. Please take it out”

“No can do missy. This ass was meant to be fucked. You walk around with your tight jeans hugging your fat ass cheeks and you think somebody’s not going to take you up on your offer? Well I’m gonna fuck your black ass real good slut. There’s nothing like a big white dick pounding a thick black ass.”

‘Except a big black cock in a white ass” Guy chimed in. Tony started slow spreading her ass out trying to get deeper. He could feel Guy on the other side and they began to get the timing down. Guy would bury his cock deep into her pussy while Tony pulled out of her sweet bottom. When Guy pulled out Tony stabbed her ass deeper than the last time. Misha writhed and twisted getting the banging of her young life as the two friends fucked her like a rag doll. Tony was increasing his speed trying to get all nine inches into her guts pounding her young ass pulling her hair making her cry out.

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