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Black Blood



Brief Explanation


Salem Valley lay like a green jewl cupped in the hand of the surrounding moutains with the morning sun serene upon it. Picking out the clean smooth streets, with their clear-cut leaves, the cozy brick schoolhouse wide-winged and friendly, the vine-clad stone church, and the little stone bungalow with low spreading roof that was the parsonage.

To make my point it was a small community in which neighbors said hi to each other every day and most of the citizens went to Possum Hollow Church.

A very nice community....almost. Salem Valley had been the vicinity of 44 murders in the last 2 years. All died the same way, drained of blood. Every cop was on the case and even the CIA and FBI.

The citizens were in an uproar, because they thought some sick vampiric psycho was out there praying on their loved ones. Which was sort of true.

What they did not know was that there was a vampire...a real one. His name was Troy. Troy was very handsome like most vampires with dark hair, blue eyes, and lithe grace.

Troy didn't want trouble toward anyone, but he was simply out of control. All of the vampiric community was concerned about his actions, because they didn't usually kill so many at a time.

People were getting suspicious to say the least. So, the vampiric elders got together to decide his fate....now to get to the actual story. I hope you enjoy!


Deciding Troy's Fate.


The elders sat in a half-moon circle and began the ritual in which to intiate their proceedings.

They were here to decide one of their own kinds fate. It was a difficult decision considering that it wasn't really Troy's fault. He just had the usual hunger.

"We must converse on this issue, my friends." JaQuez Lefite, the eldest of them all said. JaQuez respected Troy, and was very sorry for the complications in his life.

"JaQuez, where is Troy now?" a vampiress, Tera MacTrane asked.

"He seems to be in a community called...." he picked up his glasses and glanced at the file before him. "Salem Valley...very appropriate."

"What do you propose that we do?" the right-hand man, Levie asked.

"I think...that we will have to either hire a vampire hunter...or kill him ourself", JaQuez continued, "we have been through this all before, and now I am sick and tired."

All of the other vampires murmered either from agreement or disagreement.

"It seems a little bit much...." Tera paused. "But if we must resort to this, then I will fully agree."

JaQuez nodded her way and asked all of his fellow vampire and vampiresses.

"Then it is decided...we will hire....the one."


Vampire Hunter Introduction---- Jean Casteel


The day had been very long for a tired Jean Casteel. She was absolutely tired out, the target from her last assignment had killed her strength.

To describe Jean, let me first describe her attitude. She seems like a very tough and independant woman, but she can be very kind-hearted and sweet.

She has short black hair, translucent aquamarine eyes, and a very small built. But she is one of the most dependant and best vampire hunters in the world.

Jean opened her fridge and took out a package of chinese. She sniffed it carefully and found that she had only ordered it yesterday.

She went into her kitchen and got the silver-wear and began to slurp the dry noodles down. Jean was almost done when the phone rang.

"Hello, may I help you?" she said as soon as the phone was to her ear.

"Jean Castell I presume? This is JaQuez Lefite...I have an urgent assignment for you."

Jean was suprised that he had called...he was one of the supposed "elders" of the vampiric community.

"Ah...what a...suprise?" she heard him snort and she laughed slightly. "You might as well tell me my job."

She heard a him moving around and finally he seemed to find a comfortable spot. "One of our...community members has began to...make his own way?"

"I think you know what services we need of you." JaQuez said and waited for her reply.

"Ahhh...I think I do. How much are we talking here? You know I won't go unpaid for my supposed services." she smiled and began to look at her nails.

"We will be willing to pay you....900,000 dollars, in cash." JaQuez said. She whistled, "Looks like you DO have a problem."

She thought she heard him laugh whistfully and he said, "We certainly do...can we trust you to take care of this minor detail?"

"Well..." she began. "I don't really have any assignments at the moment...so I would be very..happy to do it."

JaQuez seemed happy to hear this and gave her the specs on her new target. "I will send you a complete analysis in a couple of days, please be patient Jean." And with that, he hung up.




As Troy blared by on his motorcycle in the surrounding area of Salem Valley he felt the hunger again. He was so hungry it hurt.

He saw some lights up ahead and found that it was a bar. He pulled over to...grab a bite to eat. The bar smelled of smoke and beer.

The only people who were there were either drunks or sluts. He was happy to eat either one. As he walked throught the bar he could feel eyes on him.

Lustful eyes and hateful eyes. Hateful being the men. Lustful being the slutty women around him. But he could feel another pair of eyes that wasn't lustful...and not exactly hateful..more predatory.

It made him curious...not scared at all but curious. As soon as he sat down a busty blonde came up to him and fluttered her fake eyelashes.

"My name is Vinny...you want to have a drink with me?" he smiled in a provocative way. He never gave his real name to useless people.

"Oh...babe you don't know how much." he pretended to laugh and had a couple of drinks with her. Then when he was leaving, he manipulated her thoughts to follow him.

As soon as they got in the alleyway his facade dissappeared and she was slightly scared. "But baby...don't you want my cock in your sweet little mouth?" she seemed to agree to it because she was staring with lust at his zipper.

Slowly she pulled it down and his dick sprang forward. She made her mouth into an "O" and put her head slowly down on his flag.

It felt good. He felt his hunger growing and growing when he felt that presense again. The alley was facing the parking lot so he could see a woman coming out of the bar.

She had a small with a nice shaped ass and nice tits, but what drew him to her was her face. Blue clear eyes, wide soft mouth, and a pixie nose. At the moment he saw all of her he came in the bitch's mouth.

She wasn't a normal citizen. She was the hottest woman he had ever seem. He pushed the blonde off his still-hard member and told her, "Thanks for the quickie babe, but your just..not worthy." she didn't even know how lucky she was.

The dark haired woman had got into her red jeep and was about to pull out. He decided to follow her.


The Chase


Jean was almost to her apartment building when she noticed someone on a motorcycle following her. It was the damned vampire!

She wasn't prepared though! She slowly pulled into her parking lot and was shaking when she got to her room number.

Jean still felt his presense and wondered how he had found out. Maybe it was a trap...but. She didn't waste time she went into her apartment and locked the door.

He could probably get in if he really wanted to...but it would give her time to prepare. She got out her gun and put it under her pillow as she went to bed.

Before long she heard the click of a window and knew that he was here. She felt the covers being pulled off of her slowly, and then....she pulled the gun out.


Unexpected Things


It suprised Troy when he found himself looking into a gun barrel. He saw the woman for what she was now...a vampire hunter.

She got off of the bed and pointed it at his face.

"I wasn't expecting you...yet." she said with a grim line where her beautiful mouth was.

"Ahhh...a vampire hunter." he said and flashed his canine-like teeth. "Terrific, at least I can rid the world of one more."

Her blue eyes clouded with undeniable rage and he felt as if he had conquered the world. Slowly she pressed the trigger.

He moved just in time and ended up behind her. She struggled. The little woman was stronger than she looked, because she got out of his hold and fell.

He saw blood, she had fallen and hit her head on the dresser. She was knocked out cold.

He didn't know why but he picked her up and cradled her to him looking at her face. He seemed to have developed a soft spot in the last 2 minutes. He smelled her hair, which he found smelled like honey, and carried her into the night.


Captive..and kinda kinky?


She felt the total lack of self, the lack of consiousness that was like a sting to the ass. She felt something smelling her hair, then carrying her.

She felt cold when she woke up...not the outside the inside. And when she opened her eyes she found dark blue eyes staring into hers.

He gently lifted her head and washed it carefully. She saw the blood-lust in his eyes...but he somehow controled it.

"Thank you..." she said and that was her last thought, because the blackness came again.

Troy stared at her. She was really beautiful. He carefully put all of his cleaning tools up and began to bandage her head. He didn't even know why he was even doing this...she had tried to kill him.

He should have drained her blood, maybe fucked the beauty he held, and got it over with. Maybe he still should now. She moaned in her sleep and he found himself erect. With just a moan she turned him on.

He ran his fingers gently through her short hair and felt something different. Something possesive and instinctive.

Then her blue eyes opened again. She tried to crawl away but he just got up and got her. "Now...thats not good manors...how about a kiss?" he grinned and she looked scared.

"I won't hurt you...much." then his lips were on hers. She tasted like honey and sugar, he wondered what her blood would taste like.

He climbed on top of her and began to scrape his canine teeth gently across her lips. It made her lips tingle and she began to get turned on herself.

She kissed him viciously and was suprised when she earned a moan.

"Are you horny baby?" he looked at her with red eyes now. "I'll make it stop."

Then he ripped off her blue tank-top and blue jeans. He found that she was even more beautiful without them.

To make matters better, she had on some sexy black ligerie. But that was not needed so he tore that off too.

She was so glorious when naked. He sucked on her nipple like a hungry baby and slid his tounge down her stomach to her pussy.

It was a nice pussy too. Nice, fat lips, pinkish tint, and best of all it was wet.

He ran his tounge on the edge of her pussy lips and she began to thrash out wildly. "Beg me." Troy said and began to lick harder.

"Please...please...oh god please....lick my pussy." and he did, delicately running his tounge upon her sensitive lips.

Then he pulled her legs up and said, "Stay like that." he pulled his pants and shirt off and his cock stood loud and proud out.

"Oh my..." she said gulping while looking at his dick. "Oh baby...don't worry....It will go in nice and smooth...I'll make you feel so good."

And with that he pushed his cock up to her nice, moist hole. He tried to be gentle, but his nature took over and he thrust wildly.

He had known she was a virgin, so he manipulated her mind to make it feel good. She moaned loudly beneath him and it felt so damn good to be so warm after being cold for so long.

He could already tell that this was the best sex he would ever have. He felt the muscles in her pussy costantly and finally he felt them contract wildly around him, signaling her orgasm.

He thrashed wildly and the veins stood out in his neck in the effort to reach his realease. Then his balls tightened and he did, plunging his teeth into the hollow of her neck.

Her blood tasted like the sweet nectar of a blooming flower and he hungrily sucked at it.

Even in his state of ectasy, he cradled her neck and stopped so she would live.

He held her for a while afterward, thinking. These were new feelings for him and he had no idea what to do with them. He kissed her on the head and cradled her until he fell asleep himself.




Jean woke to pleasure. She felt better than she had in a long time. She felt strong arms around her and she breathed in the musky scent of her lover.

Then she remembered where she was and who he was. She didn't need to think anymore, she got her clothes (or what was left) and slowly slid out of the bed.

She crept out of the house and got into his motorcycle and sped into the night.

He awoke and was content. He didn't feel hungry anymore and figured she had satisfied him. He felt on the bed for his lover and found her not there.

His eyes widened with suprise and then clouded with anger. He could only think of one thing...finding her and beating her ass to a ripe, cherry red.


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