tagAnalBlack Book Diary Entry: Anna

Black Book Diary Entry: Anna


I went to a party with a bunch of friends and that was the last thing I remember. I woke up naked covered only by a sheet. I don't know how I got here, but I woke up in someone's apartment, somewhere. I don't know where I am. I don't know where my car is. I don't remember driving here. Where the Hell am I?

"Hi handsome," she said walking in the bedroom wearing nothing but an open bathrobe.

Apparently, we had sex. She had a decent body with smallish tits, A cuppers, and a shaved pussy. She was cute, blue eyes with dark brown, straight hair. She was tall, maybe about 5'9", and slender. I'd say no more than 130 pounds. She looked how Cher used to look when she was with Sonny, only this woman was prettier than Cher ever was.

"Hi," I said. "What time is it?"

"Look at your watch, silly," she said laughing at me.

"Oh," I said looking at my watch. "I'm sorry, but I don't remember anything."

"Yeah, you were pretty drunk towards the end of the night. Your friends brought you here, after I closed. I told them that it'd be okay if you stayed the night."

"Where am I?"

"You're in my apartment downtown, silly."

"Sorry, but who are you?"

"Who am I? Wow, you really were out of it. I'm Anna," she said. "I was your server."


"Waitress, at the bar."

"Oh. Anna, I remember you now, I think. Yeah, it's slowly coming back to me," I said holding my head and squinting my eyes. "What happened?"

"Tequila. I think you had six shots after all that beer. I'm surprised you didn't puke."

"Where are my clothes?"

"All over," she said. "Once your friends dumped you here, you were all over me, lover boy."

"I was?" I looked at her trying to remember. "Did we?"

"Did we? Did we ever," she said fanning herself with her hand. "Let me tell you, you missed a good time. You were crying?"

"I was crying? No way," I said looking at her trying to see if she was pulling my leg.

"When I made you cum, you said it never felt that good and started balling like a baby."

"I did? No, no way. I did not. I never cried when cumming, before, why would I do that now? You're putting me on."

"You were. You were crying like a baby girl," she said laughing.

"Whatever, lady," I said not knowing if she was teasing me or telling me the truth.

I was getting a bit miffed that she called me a baby girl. I didn't have much patience right now with the really bad hangover headache that I had. All I knew was I wasn't in the mood for jokes. I just wanted to get my clothes, find my car, and go home.

"You were amazing."

"I was."

"Oh, baby, yes you were. I never had anal sex like that before."

"Anal sex? I had anal sex with you? No way."

"Yes, Sir, you did. Why?"

"I never had anal sex with anyone before."

"Wow, if that was your first time doing it anally, I can't imagine what your second time would be like," she said reaching over for a tube of gel. She put a dab on her fingertip and inserted her finger in her ass. Then, she looked at me, as if I was a banquet and she was starving. "I'm ready, baby. Let's get it on. Fuck me, baby."

"Fuck you? Up the ass? Now? I have a headache," I said suddenly feeling like so many of the women who didn't want to have sex with me and used having a headache as an excuse.

"C'mon, let's get it on," she said again. "I'm horny for you."

"I'm groggy," I said trying to quickly shake off the cobwebs. "I really need to go home and go to bed."

She straddled me backwards with her ass facing me. Between her ass practically in my face and all this anal sex talk, I was beginning to get turned off by ass. Then, she reached down, lifted my cock and sucked it until I was hard. Damn, this woman could suck cock.

Without any difficulty, she inserted me in her ass. I couldn't believe it. I know I just wrote it before, but I still can't believe it. She inserted my cock in her ass, just like that, no pushing, no bending my cock, no struggling to get it in, no cursing when it wouldn't penetrate, no nothing, it just went in, as if it was meant to do that naturally, you know. Weird, especially after all the horror stories I heard my friends tell me the first time they had anal sex.

At first I was grossed out, but then, once she started humping me and banging my pelvic bone, as if I was one of those bounce balls that you sit on and hang onto the handle, once I was in her ass and sliding in deeper, it felt pretty good. Hey, maybe I'm a natural at ass fucking. Who knew?

Maybe this is my thing. Maybe in another life I was Greek or Turkish or a black man horny for ass, but this baby had back. You dig?

I couldn't believe it when I instinctively rolled her over. Now I was really fucking her behind. On her knees with her ass up in the air, she had her face buried in her pillow. Otherwise she would have been screaming so loud, too loud not to cause a raucous with the neighbors and for them to call the cops, as if there was something wrong. Only, there was nothing wrong, just some good, hard, deep ass fucking going on here.

I thought I was hurting her, but she was loving getting fucked in the ass. She loved it hard, the harder the better. I slapped her ass a few times and she loved that, too. Totally new for me, I've never been with a woman like her before. I reached down and cupped her little titties, while fucking her big, round ass.

I've always shied away from anal sex. I never knew it'd be like this. Never have I felt anything like this before. This was better than having regular intercourse. My cock was harder and I was fucking longer without cumming. I made her cum, something that I could never do with regular intercourse and she was loud, really loud, but I liked how she was so vocal letting me know immediately what she liked and didn't like.

"Who's the man? I'm the man. I'm the ass fucking man."

"Oh, baby," she said putting her arms around my neck and giving me a big, wet kiss. "That was amazing. You're amazing. I've never been fucked up the ass like that before. I never had an orgasm, while being fucked up the ass by anyone, even by those sailors that I brought home, one time from a party, last year."

Gees, I just had anal sex...again. I just fucked a woman I just met up the ass without wearing a condom, who did a fleet of sailors. Great. That's just great. I just hope she doesn't have anything contagious.

"Excuse me," I said. "I want to get cleaned up. I need to go home."

"Cleaned up? Go home? Wait, don't you want me to blow you, first? It's only right, after you gave me something so special, lover."

She looked as if I had just insulted her. Not ever having fucked anyone up the ass before, I didn't know there was anal protocol or ass manners with regard to anal sex. I was threading new ground here. Hey, I didn't get the memo.

"Blow me? You want to blow me now?" Not one to ever turned down a blowjob, only I just had my naked cock up her ass. "Wouldn't you prefer if I washed," I wanted to say the shit off my cock or at least the stinky smell, but I didn't, "my cock first."

"Oh, no," she said. "I don't mind tasting myself. It's a natural aphrodisiac."

Aphrodisiac? Maybe for a dog, but since when is shit an aphrodisiac to a human? This broad is daffy? I don't even pick up my dog poop. I leave it for someone else to do that. Besides, it's good for the lawn, I think.

"Okay," I said thinking that there's no way I'm kissing this dizzy broad after she sucks my cock that's been up her ass.

Holy shit. When she started blowing me, she blanked my mind in the way that a long, wet kiss would from Angelina Jolie. She gave me a blowjob like I've never had before in my life. This broad was crazy mad for my shitty cock.

She was going to town on my cock, as if it was a giant all day sucker and she was in a lollipop sucking contest. Man, it didn't take me long to shoot a load of cum in her mouth. I broke the blowjob cum speed record, if Guinness keeps a record of such things.

Then, I don't know what came over me, but I was overcome with emotion. I just started crying with happiness and jubilation. It was just such a beautiful thing. I found her. The perfect woman. The woman that I would marry. I was in love.

"Anna (sniff, sniff), that was the absolutely (sniff), best blowjob (sniff), I ever had in my life."

"Thank you, baby, I'm glad you enjoyed me sucking you off, after fucking me up the ass, again. It was my pleasure."

See? How perfect this woman is? It's her pleasure to give me a blowjob.

"You're welcome," I said.

Never have I been as aroused as Anna made me feel. That anal sex was raw sex, full blown animal lust and I was in love with this crazy bitch of a broad. I not only kissed her after she sucked my cock that had been buried up her ass, but I French kissed her and loved it.

Then, as dessert, I flipped her over and tossed her salad. Suddenly, I was into ass. I was all about ass.

I really made sure that I got my tongue all the way up that anal cavity real good. I was licking her ass, as if I was a dog licking a wound. Over the years, I've given plenty of guys an ass whipping, but she was the first woman that I ever gave an ass licking.

Always, whenever having sex with a woman, it was their pussies they wanted licked and never their asses, not ever their asses. Yet, Anna preferred having me not only stick my cock up her ass but also my tongue, too.

"Anna, tell me, I'm just curious, what nationality are you?"

"My Dad was from Russia and my Mom was from Romania."

Not knowing about either one of those people, never having met someone from Russia or from Romania, before, I wondered if all the women from that part of the world preferred anal sex or if it was just a particular peccadillo of Anna.

We were married shortly after that day and I've been happily fucking and licking Anna's ass ever since. Yes, I still cry after she gives me one of her special blowjobs and she still thanks me for the pleasure of allowing her to blow me. What a woman? What a fabulously perfect woman?

"Anna, I love you."

"I love you, too, lover boy."

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