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Black Bottom For Asian Stud


Man, I am finally exactly where I want to be. Right now, I'm getting fucked in the ass by a nerdy Asian guy named Jerome Lee while I'm sucking the dick of a skinny White dude named Andrew Stephens. These two gay studs are dominant Masters and I play the role of the sexually submissive Black male slave. Why are we doing this? It's a really interesting twist on the whole interracial sex thing and we like it like that. My name is Leonard Saint Paul. I'm a six-foot-four, broad-shouldered and heavily muscled Black Canadian policeman from the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec, who has a serious fetish for sexual submission and rough interracial sex. If you got a problem with that, you can kiss my Black ass. We all have fantasies. I'm not afraid to make mine come true, that's all.

Jerome Lee slams his dick up my ass like it's nothing. This nerdy Asian guy isn't afraid to fuck a big and tall Black man up his ass. I would have screamed if Andrew Stephens big White dick hadn't been filling my mouth. Man, I am getting serviced at both ends and absolutely loving every moment of it. Andrew is the kind of White guy who has a serious Jones for Black studs like myself. He's a total top who claims masculine Black bottoms are rare. I don't know why this White dude is tripping. I'm a masculine Black bottom and we are everywhere. All you got to do is look.

I mean, the first time I met Andrew and Jerome, I was hanging out with my girlfriend Sharon Johnson at this mall in downtown Ottawa, Province of Ontario. My girlfriend Sharon is a fine Jamaican chick with a cute face, curvy body, wide hips, big butt and sexy legs. I love banging the hell out of her every chance I get. Lots of Black men are envious of me when they see her and lots of White guys get mad jealous too. What they don't know is that I am bisexual and occasionally I like dick more than my lusty girlfriend does. Sharon of course is cool with the fact that I swing both ways. We were friends before we started dating. I spotted Jerome and Andrew and pointed them out to Sharon. She thought they were queer as hell and gave me her okay. I went over and talked to them. And we went back to their dormitory at the University of Ottawa to get our freak on.

While Jerome slams his dick up my ass, I suck every last drop of cum from Andrew's thick White cock. Man, I love getting topped by these two skinny bastards. And I could tell they liked fucking me too. We switched things around. Andrew had a go with my fantastic Black male ass while Jerome got some cock sucking from me. I eagerly sucked the Asian stud's big cock while the White dude positioned himself behind me. Jerome barked at me to do a better job sucking his cock. I nodded and continued. Meanwhile Andrew worked his dick into my asshole. Man, I can't get enough of this young White man's dick up my tight Black ass. Probably not something you're used to hearing a big and tall, macho-looking Black man say, right? Oh, well. If you don't like it, you can suck my dick!

Jerome slammed his dick down my throat while Andrew rammed his cock up my ass. The young White stud spanked my big Black male ass while thrusting his dick deep inside my asshole. Like a lot of gay and bisexual Black men out there, I've got a thing for White dick but I don't like to admit it. Well unlike the other gay and bisexual Black studs out there, I am man enough to admit it. Yes, I do crave White dicks and occasionally Asian dicks in my mouth and deep inside my Black male ass. It happens, folks. Deal with it. I am sick and tired of watching interracial gay porn where all the Black guys do is fuck White guys and Asian guys along with Hispanic guys. I wouldn't mind watching an interracial gay video where White guys and Asian guys along with Hispanic guys fuck a bunch of Black guys in the ass. I think it would be hot. And I know lots of gay and bisexual Black men have such fantasies. Trust me on that one.

After fucking my mouth and ass for a long while, Jerome and Andrew really put me through hell. Jerome lay on the bed and spread his ass cheeks wide open. I licked his asshole while Andrew sucked my cock. After I got done licking Jerome's asshole, Jerome fucked my ass while I sucked Andrew's cock. Andrew came all over my face and I eagerly drank it. I did this happily because there is nothing this submissive Black stud loves doing more than pleasuring his White master. I licked Andrew's cock and balls clean while Jerome slammed his cock into the forbidden depths of my tight Black male asshole. Jerome and Andrew laughed and told me what a good little submissive Black male slut I was. If I could have smiled, I would have. There is nothing that pleases me more than knowing that I satisfy my Masters.

After thoroughly fucking every hole I've got, Andrew and Jerome lead me to the showers. We kiss and frolic under the warm water, and another fuck session ensues. I kneel before my sexy White master and my absolutely gorgeous Asian master and beg them to suck their cocks. Smiling, they nod and I busy myself sucking two big cocks at once. I get them really hard quite fast, and then we start fucking again. This time, they really go to town on me. I've got two big dicks in my asshole at the same time. Whoever said double penetration in gay sex isn't possible certainly never met the three of us. I scream in passion as Andrew and Jerome rock my world. They fucked me silly until I begged for mercy. Then I left their dormitory and went back to my girlfriend Sharon. I had a really good time!

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