tagInterracial LoveBlack Breeding Jocelyn Ch. 02

Black Breeding Jocelyn Ch. 02


Jocelyn was so caught up in the heat of passion she had no immediate memory how James coaxed her back onto the king sized bed. Her head lay on the pillow with her legs spread wide. James was working his way from her feet up to her legs now kissing every inch of her soft white skin with his thick black lips.
Jocelyn had shivers traveling up her spine as the huge muscular black man inched closer to her open pussy. She felt his hot breath on her inner thighs now. His wet lips touched her skin gently kissing her inner thighs. His head worked from each thigh leaving a wet trail as he eased his huge body forward until she felt his hot breath breathing down against her hot pussy mound.
James started to push her legs up and back and bent her knees until she lay with her pussy wide open as an invitation for the big man. The lights had been dimmed but Jocelyn could still see James peering straight at her pussy lips. He seemed to be taking it all in at the moment.
Than he started to move again gently kissing her upper inner thigh only an inch or so from her delicate pussy mound. Jocelyn’s pussy was completely shaven. She finally felt James run his thick hot wet tongue across her mound like a cat would lick cat-nip.

Jocelyn was breathing heavily as James toyed with her pussy. He flickered his tongue across her most delicate area gently spreading her pussy apart only to retract making her want him that much more.
James was nibbling again. Biting the flesh of her inner thighs. He worked his fat head back and forth than teased her pussy again with his hot mouth. His big hands griped her legs holding them tight against her chest.
All Jocelyn could do was lay back and enjoy whatever pleasure James was inflicting on her hot quivering body. Moments went by than minutes as James finally worked his thick tongue between her delicate pussy lips. He was working her magic against her clitoris now making her body jerk and quiver with anticipation of what was going to happen soon.
Mimi tightened her pussy muscles around Tom’s cock as he spewed the second hot load of cum inside her tight pink pussy. Tom moaned as he felt her soft black hands push down on his chest as she slowly raised up allowing his cum to drip out.
She climbed off Tom and quickly laid down on her back after having several intense orgasms while riding on Tom‘s cock. She wiped her eyes and looked over at Tom who was still secured tightly to the bed.
Mimi twisted her body raising up just high enough and reached over and stroked Tom’s face gently with her right hand. She ran her long well manicured nails along his face than lowered her face down to his and planted a gentle warm kiss on his lips.

Tom’s cock was now limp but it still throbbed with life as this beautiful black woman kept giving him long passionate kisses. Mimi finally backed off than looked down into Tom’s pleading eyes and spoke.
“You shouldn’t worry about your wife. She’s in good hands tonight. Tomorrow will bring a whole new day. You’ll finally see that your lovely wife has been well cared for tonight.”
Mimi kissed Tom’s lips again than abruptly leaped out of bed and quickly disappeared into the bathroom leaving Tom still secured. He lay there starring up at the ceiling and hoping that he might hear Jocelyn’s voice in the next room. There was almost complete silence except the faint sound of water running in the bathroom.
Jocelyn’s belly heaved and her whole body shook as James worked his black magic on her pussy. He was wonderfully skilled at bring women to an ultimate height of please with his talented mouth.

Every time she was about to orgasm, James would skillfully and slowly back off allowing her body to settle down for a few short seconds until he repeated his work. He knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted her so worked up that she’d claw and dig her fingers into his black skin like a cat in heat once she was impaled on his thick black cock.
James started working on her wet pussy again as her body squirmed on the bed from his touch. She stretched her arms out and held his thick head with her dainty white fingers as he savagely worked the tip of his tongue on her quivering clitoris.
Jocelyn moaned out load like a wounded leopard. It was only moments ago that James stopped what he was doing to her pussy and looked up while she lay their gasping for air and said.
“Tell me when you want my cock.”
Those words had been swirling around inside Jocelyn’s head now since he said them. She was reluctant to beg to be fucked but she wanted him badly inside her pussy now. She wanted James to put out that fire that was burning inside her belly.
James kept working his tongue on her clit as Jocelyn’s. He heard what she said but wanted to hear more so he kept working. Jocelyn’s body was moving in motion with his tongue. The tips of her fingers teased his kinky hair almost like she was trying to coax him to fuck her now.

Finally. Jocelyn had enough! She swallowed hard one last time and arched her head up off the pillow and said. “James. I want you to fuck me now.”
James finally eased up and looked into her pleading eyes.
“Are you ready for my cock now?”
Jocelyn shook her head up and down before settling back down on the pillow starring at him in a way he couldn’t refuse. James finally raised his huge black body and slid up above her until he was looking straight down into her eyes.
“Put my cock into your pussy.”
James hovered over the trembling housewife as she reached down taking hold of the massively thick black cock. She spread her pussy lips with her other hand as she slowly guided the big mushroom head towards her waiting wet quivering pussy.
Jocelyn’s heart raced as she felt the large purplish black head touch the inner folds of her pussy. Her body tensed as she tried to prepare herself for James.
Tom rubbed his arms as Mimi unlocked his ankles. He felt somewhat relieved after being secured to the bed with handcuffs for the past couple hours. She unlocked the last ankle allowing him to stretch out his legs while he moved his arms around in the air.
Mimi giggled as she starred back at Tom. “I bet you thought I’d never let you go again, didn’t you?”
Tom smiled back at the gorgeous black woman watching her knock-out body move across the bed. She brushed her large breasts against his chest as she planted another hot kiss on his lips.
This time, Tom was able to put his arms around the woman and held her tight allowing her hard nipples to dig into his skin. All thoughts were practically forgotten about Jocelyn until suddenly a loud moan like cry could be heard coming from the next room.

Tom gazed up at Mimi for a split second and almost pushed her off until Mimi settled him back down.
“It’s alright. Everything will be fine. Your wife must be enjoying herself right now and you should be thankful James is giving her so much pleasure for her to express herself in such a way.”
Tom just starred at Mimi with a blank shocked expression on his face. There were more moans that followed that were clearly audible from the next room. If fact, Jocelyn’s voice could now be heard almost screaming out in passion.
Tom tried to listen closely to understand what was being said but Mimi soon covered his lips with hers and pushed his head back on the pillow.

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