tagInterracial LoveBlack Bulls in Chastity!

Black Bulls in Chastity!


Meet Bartholomew "Bart" Jones, a big and tall young Black man living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Born in the City of New Orleans, Louisiana, Bart moved to the Canadian Capital to expand his horizons and explore new things. He had a Business Management degree from Louisiana Tech University, and felt like giving life in Canada try. Life in Canada had always fascinated the handsome and sinfully adventurous Bart...

After checking out various companies in the City of Ottawa, Bart ended up taking a job with a certain crown corporation, the fabled Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation. He's fairly active in the local BDSM and swinging scenes, under the moniker Taureau Noir, which means Black Bull in French. He is exploring new things in today's story, and going beyond stereotype by crossing certain boundaries. This makes for an original story, to say the least...

The gist of the story is this, what makes a cuckold? Is it a physical or mental thing? Is it a racial thing? Bartholomew Jones has been active in the bull/hot wife/cuckold lifestyle for several years. As a handsome Black man with a big Black cock, he's exactly what those White couples with a cuckold fetish are looking for. What happens when a well-endowed masculine Black man gets tired of being the Black bull and wants to try being a Black cuckold instead?

"Shut up and take this big Black cock," Taureau Noir said to his latest bitch, a blonde-haired White woman named Gwendolyn Tremblay, whom he had on all fours, face down and ass up. Gripping Gwen by the hips, Taureau Noir worked his big Black cock, all fourteen inches of it, into her asshole, and even with plenty of lubrication, it was tight fit. Gwen was screaming her head off, and her screams were sweet music to Taureau Noir's ears...

"Yes Master," Gwen squealed, feeling absolutely abased but more alive than ever as fourteen inches of thick Black cock filled her asshole. Gwen's husband Clive Tremblay sat nearby, with a chastity device on his small, pale White cock, as he watched his wife Gwen get fucked in the ass by an overly endowed Black man. The French Canadian cuckold was absolutely stunned by what he was beholding, and it was both exciting and humiliating at the same time...

"Clive, come over and lick your wife's pussy while I fuck her asshole with my superior Black cock," Taureau Noir demanded, and Clive looked at Gwen, hesitated, then did as the Black Bull commanded like a true White cuckold. Taureau Noir smiled as Clive began licking his wife Gwen's pussy as she got fucked up the ass. Clive was both turned on and disgusted by the promixity of Taureau Noir's cock to his face as it virtually glided in and out of Gwen's asshole...

"Yes sir," Clive said, as he began licking his wife Gwen's pussy, while watching the hypnotic movement of Taureau Noir's big Black cock sliding in and out of her asshole. Unlike a lot of White women out there, Gwen had a big beautiful round ass, and nothing turned Clive on more than watching her get fucked in the ass by a big Black cock. This is so awesome, Clive thought as he continued to give his wife Gwen's pussy a tongue bath...

"Oh yes, Master Taureau Noir, cum in my ass," Gwen squealed and the curvy, pale-skinned, blonde-haired and blue-eyed French Canadian woman shuddered violently as the big Black cock spewed hot cum deep in her asshole. Taureau Noir smacked Gwen's big pale ass, and slowly pulled his big Black cock out of her asshole. Moments later, Clive wrapped his mouth around Taureau Noir's big Black cock and sucked him off like a good cuckold, tasting her ass on his magnificent tool. Thank my lucky stars for this, Clive thought lustfully as he sucked Clive's cock.

"All too easy," Bartholomew Jones/Taureau Noir said to himself as he drove home to his nice townhouse located in the Ogilvie area of Orleans, Ontario. Another one done. The City of Ottawa was full of cuckold couples, mostly White men and White women who wanted to worship Black men with huge Black cocks. A macho brother with a vicious streak and an insatiable urge to experience new things, Bartholomew Jones was more than willing to bang the hell out of those White women in front of their limp-dick, usually secretly bisexual or gay, White males.

Lying in his bed that night, Bartholomew Jones allowed himself to think about the kind of things that he would vigorously deny if queried on the subject during the day. Bartholomew had been around the block in his twenty seven years. The brother had banged all kinds of women, Caucasian women, African women, Asian women, Latin women, and even Arab women and Indian women. Bartholomew Jones fourteen inch Black cock definitely did not discriminate and likes to venture into the mouths, vaginas and assholes of ladies of all hues...

Bartholomew Jones has a secret which he keeps from his adoring public in the worlds of swinging and BDSM. The man known as Taureau Noir, the King of Black Bulls, has a hidden desire. He's quite curious about the other side of cuckolding. Bartholomew Jones is wondering if Black cuckolds do exist. The only person he's told about this is his ex-girlfriend and current confidante Marianne Duchene, a tall, beautiful young Haitian Canadian woman who also goes by the name Mistress Dee.

"Bartholomew Jones, I have much respect for you, you know this, I think that if a Black Bull like yourself wants to become a Black cuckold, at least part time, it would revolutionize things, I want to help you, I'm one of those rare Black Mistresses who loves Black male subs," Marianne Duchene said softly. The day after Bartholomew Jones banged the hell out of Gwendolyn Tremblay and got his big Black cock sucked by her husband Clive, he went to visit Marianne. A rather interesting chat followed...

"Alright, Marianne, let's give the whole Black cuckold thing a try, I'm kind of curious," Bartholomew admitted, and Marianne gave him a heartfelt hug. They agreed to meet within a few days, and that's when Marianne introduced Bartholomew to her good friend Floyd Grey, a tall, handsome, openly bisexual White male with brown hair and green eyes. Floyd works as a nighttime manager for the local Loblaw's, and he's single, and open to playing with sexy, unique individuals.

"Pleasure to meet you, Bartholomew, I'm Floyd," said Floyd Grey, and he smiled at Marianne before shaking hands with Bartholomew Jones. The three of them were in Marianne's living room, at her nice townhouse in the suburb of Barrhaven, Ontario. The adventurous trio chatted and had some wine, and they discussed the ins and outs of what they were about to do. With everyone onboard, the fun was about to begin...

"Bart, I am going to put your fourteen-inch Black cock into a chastity device, this is a historic moment," Mistress Dee said, and Bart smiled and nodded. He'd gotten naked, and stood before the sultry Black dominatrix, looking like a buff chocolate hunk. As Mistress Dee put the chastity device on Bart's huge Black cock, Floyd Grey undressed, and Bart smiled upon noticing that the pale dude had a good-sized cock. Perhaps nine inches, not bad at all...

"This is so hot," Floyd Grey said, and he put on a ski mask and then he and Mistress Dee showed Bart a thing or two. Mistress Dee took a butt plug and inserted it into Bart's asshole. Like a lot of Black males, Bart had a certain fear of anal penetration, but he was also secretly turned on by it. Flashing Bart a wicked grin, Mistress Dee grabbed Floyd's big pale cock and began sucking on it. A Black man with a fourteen-inch Black cock getting cuckolded by a dominant Black woman who is sucking a White male's cock in front of him. What will they think of next?

"Bart, be a true Black cuckold, watch me, your favorite freaky Black woman, suck a White male's cock while your own big Black cock is in a chastity device," Mistress Dee said, taunting Bart. As Bart watched, Mistress Dee wrapped her lips around Floyd's cock and began sucking on it while fingering her already wet pussy. Bart watched, fascinated, and found himself both turned on and disgusted. This was his fantasy, reverse cuckold interracial, and it was finally coming true. It was a bit more than he bargained for...

"Alright, Floyd, I admit it, I like watching your big White cock slide in and out of Marianne, I mean Mistress Dee's mouth," Bart admitted, and Floyd grinned. Meanwhile, Mistress Dee gobbled up Floyd's cock like it was nobody's business. Winking at Bart, Mistress Dee took Floyd's fuck stick out of her mouth and waved it at him like candy. After a brief hesitation, Bart got on his knees beside Mistress Dee/Marianne and helped himself to some BWC...

"Go for it, Bart, suck Floyd's cock, you know you want to," Mistress Dee said gleefully, and Floyd did just that. He grabbed Floyd's cock and sucked on it even harder than Mistress Dee had, much to Floyd's delight. Mistress Dee got so turned on by watching a macho Black dude with a big Black cock ensnared by a chastity device suck on a big White cock that she fetched her strap-on dildo. Pulling the butt plug out of Bart's asshole, Mistress Dee replaced it with something much bigger, her favorite strap-on dildo...

"Oh fuck," Bart groaned, and he stopped sucking on Floyd's cock long enough to shoot Mistress Dee a look. The sultry Black dominatrix winked at the new Black cuckold and gripped his hips, ramming her strap-on dildo into his asshole. For many years, Mistress Dee had the pleasure of taming males of all races, from White males to Arab males, from Latino males to Indian males, from Chinese males to Filipino males. She cuckolded them, turned them onto dick-sucking bitches, and fucked their asses with her sex toys. Still, this was her first time doing that to a Black man...

"Mistress Dee, you've had enough fun pegging our friend Bart, I want some of his sweet chocolate ass," Floyd said, and Mistress Dee nodded, then looked at Bart. Bart hesitated. The moment of truth had come. It's one thing for him to explore his curiosity about the whole Black male cuckold thing, and maybe suck some White cock, but it's quite another to take the plunge and get butt fucked. This would definitely change everything...

"I'm cool," Bart said to Mistress Dee, who smiled and nodded. As the big and tall Black dude, a Black bull turned Black cuckold, got on all fours, the freaky Black dominatrix lubricated his asshole with Aveeno cream. She made sure Bart's ass was well lubricated, then placed Floyd's cock at his backdoor...after rolling a condom on it of course. Without further ado, Floyd gripped Bart's hips and shoved his big pale cock up the burly Black dude's tight butt hole...

"Hmm, Bart, I must admit, I like the idea of a Black dominatrix like myself having White bulls fuck Black bulls up the ass and turn them into Black cuckolds, it's what I do to diversify the world of kink and make it a better place," Mistress Dee said gleefully. The freaky Black dominatrix rubbed her clitoris and smiled as she watched Floyd ram his big cock up Bart's ass, and the Black bull turned Black cuckold screamed like a bitch as he got butt fucked by a live cock for the first time in his life.

"I love this tight Black ass," Floyd said, as he plunged his cock into Bart's ass, and the burly Black dude's screams were sweet music to his ears. For Floyd, as a White bull, there was nothing hotter than fucking a freaky Black woman's tight pussy...except maybe fucking a Black man's asshole in front of her. And the Black man in question had to be a straight but curious Black man or a fully bisexual Black man, because gay Black men feel nothing for women sexually and are therefore useless in such scenes.

"Oh fuck, this hurts but I love it," Bart screamed, and Floyd laughed and smacked his ass as he rammed his cock up the Black bull turned Black cuckold's tight backdoor. Mistress Dee masturbated furiously, loving what she was beholding. An overly endowed Black guy with his big Black cock in a chastity device getting butt fucked by a bisexual White dude while she, a freaky Black woman, not only watched but participated in the proceedings. Good times indeed...

After all was said and done, a good time was had by all. Bart Jones went home with a smile on his face. The handsome brother from New Orleans, Louisiana, is definitely going to continue to bang freaky White women in front of their White husbands as the top Black bull of the Ottawa BDSM and swinging scenes. Still, he was also going to continue to explore the Black cuckold lifestyle with the help of Marianne/Mistress Dee, his freaky Black dominatrix, and Floyd, the well-endowed White bull. Things were definitely looking up...

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by Anonymous

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by octabrain09/17/18

Why moderators approve such a trash?

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by Anonymous09/10/18

It doesnt take a painter

It doesnt take a painter to reckognize bad painting. All you have to do is look at it and you know its bad. Just like this story. A spambot could write a better story. This is just another example of more...

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by Soron66609/10/18


i like this story. its really good and i think all other with there anonymous comments should just try and write a better one

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by Anonymous09/10/18

Utterly stupid


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by Anonymous09/10/18

Another steaming pile of racist stereotypes

Nevermind the fact that this is the same poorly written garbage this guy always writes. Ignore the terrible dialog, the crummy descriptions, and the utter turn off the awful sex is. Then you can see thismore...

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