tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBlack Cat Crosses

Black Cat Crosses

bySean Renaud©

"Stop thief!" A security guard shouted as he rounded a corner just in time to watch a feminine shadow vanish around another corner. He could still hear the muffled footsteps of the burglar so he started running again. He must have been catching up with her. This time he actually saw her white boots and flowing white mane as he turned the corner. He wasn't the only man chasing the felonious feline through the compound. There were at least a dozen others but she'd crossed his path she'd crossed and then he was the on hot on her heels. A troubling notion for the overweight Harold Garvey. If he caught her he didn't really know what to do with her. He knew what he wanted to do to her, the same thing he wanted to do to all of those super types. He wanted to fuck her. "FREEZE!" He shouted again. He didn't expect her to obey but if he was lucky.

There was a tiny flaw in that part of his plan. She had stopped. It wasn't because of him of course. Rather it was because ran down a dead end hallway. She was staring up at an iron grate about as big around as a basketball. Hardly large enough to get her head through and the famous cleavage in her low cut fur lined cat suit wouldn't have a chance. It was a recent renovation after the last time they'd been robbed. "Hm. I remember this being bigger last time." She placed one hand on her shapely hip and turned around. "So handsome, would you mind showing a lady the way out?" She pursed her lips in a mock kiss.

Harold had never seen her up close before. He was a native New Yorker so he'd seen her, and Spiderman, the Ironman before along with many of the villains that plagued the city. It seemed there was always one of them rushing off to stop some wrong doing, or in her case participate in some wrong doing.

Up close she was stunning. Five feet eight inches of impossible perfection poured into skin tight leather that clung to her flawless curves. Full red lips that begged to be kissed and hinted at other talents complimented blue eyes only partially hidden behind a half mask. "Stop."

"Or what?" She started slowly walking towards him. "You can't stop me." She sauntered towards him. Her hips were almost hypnotic. "If it'll make you feel better I can rough you up just a bit so it looks like you tried. I know you're just doing your job." Felicia continued walking towards the breathless guard.

He looked like he was about to pass out. She wasn't sure if it was because he'd chased her probably a quarter mile through the labyrinthine facility or if it was because he was so close to her. She was used to having that effect on men, even heroes were often driven to distraction by her outfit. It was cut low enough in the front to reveal her smooth stomach down to her navel. Her breasts seemed ready to spill out if she even took a really deep breath but the leather usually stayed in place. Usually. "Stop or I'll shoot."

"You wouldn't shoot me would you hun?" She posed slightly raising her leg and at the same time running her fingers through her hair lifting it so would cascade down around her face partially obscuring one of her eyes. "You don't want to put a hole in me." She was on top of him at that point, so close that when she inhaled her breasts brushed against his chest. He could smell her perfume, the faintest scent of vanilla and honey wafted off her magnificent body. "You want to put something in my hole." Harold reached for his baton. Mercifully, or mistakenly Black Cat only put her finger on the end of the club pushing it back down into its holder and twisted herself around him like a dancer. For a brief moment her body was pressed against his. "Maybe next time."

Her back was completely turned to him and she was about to start running again when an electric crackle caught her attention. Unfortunately for the masked beauty her reflexes were slower than the speed of sound. She didn't fare any better against the speed of lightning, over one hundred thousand volts raced through her svelte frame and dropped her to the floor at Harold's feet.

Black Cat was vaguely aware of what was happening around her. A normal human would have been out cold from a jolt like that but she was slightly more than human. Enough that she remembered blurred images of being pulled into a broom closet. She remembered struggling, almost escaping when he wrenched her arms behind her back and cuffed her. Three times. The first set of cuffs was around her wrists, the second was a pair with a longer chain wrapped around her arms just beneath the elbows and the final pair was a pair of thumb cuffs. He'd been equally thorough with her long legs shackling her ankles. She wasn't really sure she would have cried out if she could have but he'd even taken her voice away. What exactly would she say? Help I'm Black Cat. I came to rob your boss. Unfortunately a security guard caught me, tied me up and left me here? Please let me go? A shirt was thrust between her teeth and tied behind her head prevented her from even trying to find the answer to that riddle.

She remembered bits of conversation as well. Nothing she was saying or that was said to her but the conversation was about her. Apparently she had somehow escaped. At least that was what she thought she'd heard. The Black Cat had escaped, she'd gotten away from an Officer Garvey. He'd chased her to fire escape and she'd leapt off it and fired some kind of wire from her wrists swinging away just like Spiderman would have. It was a plausible story. It was even a likely story, much more likely than the truth. The truth was that the legendary cat burglar had been dropped by a rent-a-cop. How believable was that?

The guard hadn't taken any chances either. It seemed like every half hour or so he peaked his head back in and delivered a fresh hundred thousand volts that kept her mind in a fog too thick to really focus on escape if such a thing was plausible. She lost track of how long she was locked in the broom closet. She was starting to think she'd be found by the morning janitor when the door opened and Officer Garvey stood over her with a lecherous grin.

"I figure there are two things I can do here honey." Officer Garvey sneered as he reached into the closet and took a fistful of her white hair and dragged her out of the closet. Her leather outfit squeaked noisily on the floor but he didn't seem to care about the sound. "I can take call the boss, get the boys down here. Tell them that I got the drop on you as you returned to try again. I've worked for the Big Man for sometime. Pretty thing like you, if you're lucky he'll just turn you out. Least he would if you weren't a super type. You he might just shoot. You know him. What do you think he'd do to you if I turned you over to the man who you tried to steel his Jade Cat? The other is that you can let me put something in your holes."

Black Cat looked up at the man in horror. The last thing she wanted was that greasy little pig grinding against her. The alternative though was probably much worse. She'd still be raped but instead of by one guy who really seemed more interested in getting his rocks off than in hurting her by guys who were told specifically to hurt her. She couldn't depend on the fact that he wouldn't just put a bullet in her forehead either. The Big Man wasn't a super villain. He wasn't going to tie her upside down over a vat of acid and walk away. He wasn't going to send pictures of her to Spiderman to lure the Web Slinger into a confrontation. If he wanted her dead she'd suffer lead poisoning in minutes. That was if she was lucky. There were people out there who would pay handsomely for her.

Garvey dragged her into a small break room, and pushed the tables out of the way. He crouched over her and pulled the gag down letting it rest on her breast. "So what's it going to be?"

Felicia looked up at him. If she could get him to free her arms she knew she could take him. She'd probably take him even with just her legs undone but it would be risky. The world still wasn't completely clear and she knew he still had the stun gun on him. "Use me." Black Cat spat.

"Good." Garvey pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket.

"Whoa! I thought you weren't going to hurt me!" Black Cat protested staring at the blade.

"I was going to cut the costume off. Can't shove my dick through leather." He answered.

"Uncuff my legs. Just pull it off me. Please. Look if you're scared I'll escape cuff my leg to something first, or stun me again. It hurts like hell but I don't want you to cut me." She trembled slightly scooting away from the blade. "It's actually a two piece You can take my pants and panties off and leave my top, or cut my top just don't cut me."

Garvey considered his options for a second then unzipped and buttoned her panes pulling them down to her thighs. "Oh my god." He was slightly shocked to find that all her hair was snow white. He'd always assumed it was a wig or a dye job but if it was a dye job she took the effort to dye all her hair that color. He kept tugging turning the leather outfit inside out in the process. He didn't remove the cuffs from her legs until he was forced to.

Felicia wasn't ignorant of her chance. She could have kicked him in the head and knocked him out. From there she could. . .wait for him to wake up pissed off. If the handcuff thumbcuff combination wasn't enough to stop her from escaping she would have been gone by now. Being able to kick her legs wasn't particularly helpful. So she did nothing. She might have wriggled her hips just a bit to keep him from yanking her arms out of their sockets but that was it.

"You are sexy." Garvey commented as he looked down at Black Cat's spread thighs and in particular her slit. He took her by the ankles and spread her legs farther. It would have been a painful contortion for most women but the bandit was a world class gymnast. She could lock her ankles behind her head without discomfort. "Incredible."

Garvey felt his dick harden and twitch at the sight of the half naked heroine bound at his feet. He unzipped his pants and kicked off his Bates. Then he pulled his black slacks and boxers down and off freeing his dick.

Felicia wasn't certain if she should be amused or relieved when she saw his cock. It was just a dick nothing intimidating about it. Certainly not for a heroine who had been around the block with a few supers over the years. She never understood why but it seems like all heroes were attractive. . .and endowed. Harold was just an ordinary man about to get lucky.

Harold ran his fingers over the soft short cut tuft of hair over Felicia's slit then down to her pussy. Felicia watched Harold suck his fingers then spit on her slit and push two fingers into her. He steadily started pumping his fingers into her body. She fought to keep her face blank but in reality she was disgusted that this pathetic man was violating her body. That his rough calloused hands were rubbing against her smooth skin and two of his fingers were pressed inside her getting her ready for him. Harold worked a third finger into Black Cat's pussy stretching her tight hole wider.

It felt like forever when he finally stopped. There was the slightest hint of wetness between her thighs. It was an unavoidable consequence of his fingers working inside her and fortunate one to. That and a wad of spit on the purple head of his dick was the only lubrication Harold used. "Please wear a condom." She tried to sound firm but even to her own ears it sounded mousy. Harold didn't even acknowledge that she'd spoken.

Never in his life had Harold felt anything as tight as the Black Cat's pussy. Even after stretching her with his fingers he still had to be put his weight down to slide even halfway into her. Harold pulled back then pushed into her again. It took three tries before he was able sink all the way into her hot slit. He reached down and pulled the top half of her costume open freeing her tits for his pleasure. Black Cat remained silent as he licked and sucked her nipples, squeezing her breasts. "Goddamn you're hot." Harold groaned as he fucked her.

For a half hour Harold used Felicia. He twisted her into every position he could think of. Doggy style with her tits pancaked between her body and the floor grinding back and forth while he fucked her. He put her in the piledriver where just her head, shoulders and the tips of her toes touched the ground folded in half while he rammed into her. Every time he started to get close to coming he'd stop and switch positions. The entire time the costumed hero remained silent other than the occasional grunt.

"I want you on top of me. I want you to fuck me." Harold said pulling his cock out of Black Cat and lying back on the table.

"Please don't make me do that. Just finish fucking me and let me go." Black Cat pled.

"Do it or I'll call the Big Man. I want to be know what it feels like to have the Black Cat fuck me." He looked at her for a moment. Felicia knew there was no point in arguing with Harold, fucking him was better than the alternative. It would also give her a chance to push him over the edge. The heroine rolled easily to her feet and walked leapt up onto the table facing away from him. She didn't want to look into the perverts eyes when he made her rape herself. She squatted down letting Harold guide his pole back into her cunt sinking all the way down on the first try. "Oh my God. Look at that ass." Harold moved his hand to her hips digging his fingers into her flesh while she fucked him. Black Cat's ass jiggled as her hips rolled up and down on Harold.

Harold was getting close to his orgasm. Black Cat knew the signs well. His hips were twitching and his eyes were screwed shut. He was grunting more and louder and his grip was getting tighter and tighter around her hips. The Black Cat clenched her muscles around him determined to get her captor off as soon as possible. The sooner he came the sooner she'd be able to leave. She knew the best way to get a man off was to make him think he was doing well so long moan escaped from her lungs. She had him right where she wanted him. She moaned again as his cock started to expand inside her just about to dump his load. "No, I want to cum on your face!" Black Cat heard him but she didn't stop fucking him. She started to fuck him so fast that the sound of her ass slapping against his belly was nearly as loud as her moans. "If you don't I won't let you go!"

Felicia cringed but stood up and got off Harold sinking to her knees quickly. Harold barely had enough time to sit up all the way and take aim at the half mask. Felicia pressed her lips tightly together making sure none of Harold Semen slipped into her mouth. She could hardly believe that he had as much cum as he did. It was almost completely covering her face and dripping down onto her tits. She wanted to ask him for a towel or to take the cuffs off her or anything but if she opened her mouth it would slip in. Harold seemed very content just to stare at the semen stained super hero. He did for a minute and then he slid off the table and pulled his pants back on.

"Well you upheld your part of the deal." Harold reached behind Black Cat and removed the three sets of cuffs holding her arms. "You're free to go." Harold said and turned to walk away. The first thing she did was wipe the cum from her face and flick it to the ground in disgust. Black Cat took a moment to rub the feeling back into her wrists and roll her shoulders a few times.

"But Harold, we have to make it look real." This time she wasn't caught off guard. This time she knocked him cold with a single roundhouse.

At six o'clock the next morning the Big Man received a phone call from his chief of security. The priceless Jade Cat statue had been stolen at some point during the night. Not that there was any real doubt as to who would risk stealing from him but the Black Cat had left a note pinned to a security guard's chest. It included a very interesting story about how she'd remained in the building undetected for so long. The Big Man sent a limo to pick up Harold and bring him directly to his office.

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