tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlack Cat's Night Out

Black Cat's Night Out


thanks to hkf999 for the edit.


The black cat prowled the rooftops looking for an easy score. She liked to start with an easy job and work her way up to the hard stuff. Maybe she could even get spidey out to play tonight.

There was a new mob boss in town, he wasn't very important but she figured he would have a few valuables lying about. She had heard that he hired rent-a-cops and everyone knows that there not worth shit.

She went through the window easily and headed towards where she assumed the safe was. It was where she suspected, sunken into the floor behind the desk. She had scoped the place out earlier and the information she had received seemed to be correct. There was a single security guard at the front desk.

The guard looked seriously bored and she thought he might fall asleep at the desk. He was a pathetic specimen, he was overweight and the only thing he looked likely to catch was a cold. She had seen flickering images on his face and guessed it was TV he was watching and not security camera's.

She put him out of her head and got back to work. She moved the carpet and stared at the safe. It was an easy one to crack and she got to work eagerly. She listened closely as she turned the dial. She was so intent on listening for the click of the lock that she didn't hear the door opening.

She felt a thump and started to lose consciousness. She looked up in disbelief and saw that it was the security guard that had knocked her out. This thought passed through her head before she lost consciousness altogether.

Bob the security guard had been watching TV as usual when he thought he heard something. He almost dismissed it but the boss had been very paranoid lately. He kept saying the black cat is coming. Bob thought it was all nonsense but he knew that if he didn't check it out the boss would have his ass.

He went up the stairs being as quiet as his bulk would allow. He opened the boss's door quietly and saw a very soft light coming from behind the desk. He had his truncheon out. He crept closer wondering how she didn't hear him. He hoped that if she did notice him he would get hazard pay or at least get a grip of that ass.

It sure looked like black cat, her ass was covered in those tight leathers or latex. He had only seen it in photos before but it sure looked a lot better close up. He continued advancing until he was standing beside her. He brought the club down knocking her out. She slumped to the floor but managed to look up with a look of disbelief in her eyes before passing out completely.

He stared down at her for a minute before getting out the cable ties. He found that they worked a lot better than hand cuffs in restraining people. He pulled her hands behind her back and tied them together.

He decided to bring her to the "interrogation room" and have some fun. He bent down and lifted her grunting with the effort. He carried her in a fireman's lift steadying her with a hand on her fine ass. He was getting hard just thinking of seeing that ass without the costume.

He reached the room easy enough, the boss didn't like to travel to far to "work." He dumped her on the ground inside the room. He put her lying on her back with her hands under her. He started running his hands from her feet all the way up her body. His hands glided on the soft leather easily.

Not far above her navel the costume started to show some skin. A v-shape was visible expanding towards him with the massive swell of her breasts. The insides of her breasts were visible for all to see and combined with the tightness of the costume he guessed that she was a bit of an exhibitionist. He ran his pudgy fingers along the v enjoying the feeling of the soft leather changing to the feel of soft flesh and back again.

He gave her tits a bit of a squeeze but it wasn't as much fun because she was still out. He turned her over to get another look at her fine ass. Her platinum blonde hair falling down to cover her face. He started at her feet again and worked his way slowly up to her ass. He massaged it for a minute with his thumbs.

He stood up creakily and stared down at her. He had had a bit of fun and maybe he should call someone higher up or the boss man himself. He tried to remember what weapons she used. He had felt up most of her body and didn't feel anything like a gun or knife. Casting his mind back he remembered something about claws.

She used to have retractable claws but he thought the Chameleon's device had taken them away. He looked at her body again closely and at last his gaze alighted on her gloves. They were tapered into claws at the fingers and even if they didn't have retractable claws they looked like they could do serious damage.

He bent down again and examined the gloves closely. He pricked one of his fingers on the end and they were very sharp. He looked for a way to take them off. His hands got tickled with the fur just above her wrists. He eventually found the release just under the elbow. He unzipped them then double checked that she was still unconscious. He cut the restraints and pulled down the gloves quickly.

He had one glove off but while taking off the other he must have hit some switch. The claws came out. One nicked the ass of her costume scoring a deep line in it. He could see white through the hole. He left the gloves on the table then secured her hands again. She started to move then. He put her sitting on a chair and tied her legs to it.

He left the room then bringing the gloves with him. The boss had built the interrogation room on a police design with a two-way mirror. Bob headed to the adjoining room to see what his guest would do. She was coming around now and starting to struggle. The bonds held her though.

When she finally came round fully she took a look around the room. She saw the two way mirror and seemed to glare at him through it. He could see her fingers flexing behind her back. They flexed again and again, nothing happened. Confusion now marred her face this gave way to anger.

He enjoyed seeing someone so high strung brought so low. She struggled again but saw that it would get her nowhere. She finally said, "well get on with it then, what do you want?"

He let her stew for another few minutes before walking back into the room. When she saw him again she nearly lost it. "you, you I was taken down by a fat little rent-a-cop, I thought my luck had changed"

"I can go get my boss and his heavies if you want, they wont play as nice as me" replied Bob.

"What do you want with me?"

"I want to have a little fun, and I don't think your in any position to argue anyway."

"I would rather die that let whatever small thing resides in your pants go anywhere near me"

"That can be arranged easily, you picked the wrong place to break into" he turned to walk out the door. She stopped him just before he closed it behind him.

"What exactly do you want with me" she asked in a defeated voice.

"Let me use your body however I want and I might just let you go without calling anyone else" he replied gleefully.

She gave a small dip of her head but the anger was still clearly visible on her face. The mask around her eyes hid some of the crinkles of the grimace.

"So you wont try anything funny? All I have to do is call out and back up will arrive"

"I told you I wouldn't just get it over with" she almost screamed at him.

He was really turned on now. He moved behind her and started fondling her breasts. The costume while kinky was a hindrance to his feel of her breasts. He cut the ties holding her to the chair and bent her over the desk. He examined the slit that the claw had made but couldn't make out much of the material.

He tried stretching the tear wider but the material resisted. When that didn't work he put his finger into it and started rubbing it. The material had a cottony feel. Then he started looking for a way to get the costume off. The top he slid off her shoulders and down to her waist. It was all one piece and he couldn't get it off fully with her hands tied.

He reminded her not to move before freeing her hands. He slid the costume down past her ass. He freed it from her arms. He rolled it all the way down to her ankles, this would prevent her from fighting and also keep her from escaping.

He looked at her panties and did a double take. They were indeed cotton but it was the design on them that had him goggling. There were pictures of spider-man going the whole way around them. He knew that she was supposed to have some sort of fascination with the spidey but this was just weird.

He supposed she thought that she would have spidey covering her ass and pussy day and night. He ran his fingers around the waistband then trailed them lower. He could feel no push of bush from the front of her pussy and guessed that she had it shaved.

He pulled down her panties slowly enjoying the shapely ass that was revealed. She tried to turn around but he just shoved her back onto her front again. He wanted to take her from behind first, after that he might try something else.

He pulled down his trousers and took off the tool belt with the truncheon in it. She still wore a studded collar and her mask. Her head was turned to the side trying to look at him without turning her body. He bent down to give her a sloppy kiss making sure to be careful in case she tried to bite him.

He took down his boxers revealing his now hard dick. He ran his hand along her slit putting two fingers into her pussy to prepare it for his dick. He positioned her as best he could the edge of the table just touching her pussy. He entered her slowly, her lips tight against his cock. Once he was secure he reached around to grab a handful of breasts.

They did feel a lot better out of the costume. He tweaked her nipples as he kept pumping into her. He knew that the outer 3 inches of a woman's pussy was the most sensitive but he was only interested in his own pleasure. He ploughed into her deeply enjoying the little moans that unwittingly escaped her lips.

She didn't beg him to stop but he could tell that she wasn't enjoying it. This thought made him move quicker inside her. He didn't really want to cause her pain but he liked causing her humiliation. She always seems so high and mighty in the papers so this was only decent payback.

He could feel that he was about to cum and decided to wait inside her while he did so. He released inside her enjoying the shudder that passed through black cat as she felt the cum swirling in her. He extracted himself slowly, his hands still pinching her nipples. He rubbed his dick up the outside of her slit to her ass hole.

He could feel her tensing and waiting for the thrust. His dick was softening now and he didn't really want to do anal anyway. He kept it just touching her, holding it in place with one hand just to prolong her agony. Anticipation of a deed was supposed to be worse than the deed itself. It seemed that this motto was true for everything. He eventually pulled back seeing her ass cheeks unclench.

He turned her around so she faced him. Her pussy was clean shaven and he ran a finger along it plunging two of them inside her. She was nice and wet, whether from his cum or her own excitement he didn't know.

He pulled up his trousers and boxers and decided to take a few pictures of her body for personal use later on. He took a few of her front first focusing on her pussy and her tits. When she saw the phone she tried to reach out and take it. This caused her to trip over her costume and panties. He got more pictures of her lying on the ground. Her ass was stuck up in the air and she was facing him with murder in her eyes. Her face was red contrasting with her almost white hair.

"Quit it or i'll call for back up and release these pictures to the Bugle"

She tried to lunge at him again pushing herself up from the floor. She had almost reached him when her balance was screwed up again with the costume. She fell forward landing at his feet.

"Well there's no need to bow before me but if you insist" he laughed, a great bellowing sound from the bottom of his stomach

"If the threat of exposure doesn't do it for you" he said sitting down on her ass effectively pinning her to the ground "then I'm going to have to secure your hands again" he pulled her hands behind her and secured them again with a cable tie.

She struggled but he outweighed her by nearly 100 lbs. He got up and then pulled up her spidey panties. He took pictures of her still facedown with them on, then helped her to her feet. He put her leaning back against the table again facing him. These pictures were great her white cottons with her tits hanging out.

He didn't know whether to let her go now or have some more fun with her. He spent a few moments thinking about it.

When she came around fully she was in some sort of interrogation room. She was no stranger to these but there was something different to this one. She struggled trying to break free but her hands were tied behind her back and her legs were tied to the chair. She looked for the two way mirror she was sure would be present.

She spotted it and glared at whoever happened to be behind it. She tried to extend her claws. They didn't work what the hell, she tried again with the same result. Her gloves were gone that really pissed her off. "Well get on with it then, what do you want?"

There was no answer for a few minutes and then the door opened. She couldn't believe her eyes. She though she had been imagining him before the blow but there he was the fat little rent a cop. She traded verbal blows with him while trying to think of a way out.

When she heard that he was going to call in his superiors she reluctantly agreed to his demands. He wanted to use her body for his own selfish pleasure. She thought she would be able to divorce her mind from it to make it bearable.

He walked behind her grabbing her breasts. She felt the pinch of his hands through the material. He loosened her feet and bent her over the desk. He took his hands off and moved them downwards. She felt him poking around her ass then she felt his finger move closer to her body. He was touching her panties, there must have been some tear in her costume but she didn't know how it got there.

She managed to blank her mind for a few minutes. The next thing she knew her costume was wrapped around her feet and so were her favourite pair of spidey panties. She liked to think of him licking her pussy through the cottony material.

She felt something enter her and for a moment thought it was his dick. Then it split in two so she guessed that it wasn't it, it was his pudgy fingers. She felt them come out and then his dick entered her. She felt it going in deep. She tried to imagine that it was spider-man that had his dick in her but the rent a cop ruined that illusion as well.

He kept talking the whole time, telling her about his day and his boss and his life. Every time she tried to imagine spider-man rent a cop kept coming into her mind. His words kept flowing into her bringing her back into the interrogation room with him. Her pussy was pressed up against the cold of the interrogation table.

She felt her nipples being pressed hard and couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips. She felt his dick pounding into her. He went in as far as he could. She felt his balls against her ass then. She could feel the throbbing inside her and then he released his load. She felt very dirty and wished she was any place else.

What was happening now brought flashbacks of the first and only other time she had been raped. She didn't have the pleasure of killing him but she could certainly kill this little toad. She would play along a while longer and then take her revenge. She felt him pulling his dick put of her and waited to see what would happen next.

One of his hands left her breast and she got tingles as feeling returned to her nipple. She felt his dick moving along her crack up to her ass hole. She felt his dick touching the entrance and tensed her ass cheeks against the inevitable penetration. She waited imaging the feel of that thing in her ass. It did not come and at last she released her ass cheeks.

She was turned around to face him seeing that sickening grin on his face. Two fingers entered her again probably the same ones that was in her earlier. His fingers came away wet. She looked down at herself in disgust, how could her body betray her like that.

She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the glint of triumph in his eyes. She heard little snicks and opened her eyes again. He had a camera phone out and was taking photos of her. She reached out trying to get it off him but her costume wrapped around her ankles tripped her up.

She fell face down on the ground, her breasts cushioning her fall somewhat. She looked back over her shoulder and he was smiling down at her still taking pictures. She tried to burn a hole through his head with her gaze but he didn't pay any attention.

She heard him threatening to release the photo to the paper but she was too angry to care right then. She pushed up off the floor intending to do a spinning kick. The costume tripped her again, she couldn't believe that she had forgotten about it. This time when she landed it was facing him. She tried to get up again but he sat on her. His bulk pushing her pussy against the floor. She felt her hands being wretched back and tied together again.

Next she felt him pulling her panties back up, maybe he was going to let her go now, but no such luck. When her panties were in place he just took more pictures and she was helpless to stop it.

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