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Black Cave's Chat


Note: The following could be a real conversation. They happen thousands of times each day...some of them in this very chatroom. It is the truth of modern reality that the Internet makes it easier for us to explore all of our fantasies. If you can imagine it, then there is at least one fetish website dedicated to it. As she says, it is amazing what you find when you google it. Sometimes the results are good, I met my husband in one such chatroom. But it also makes cheating...such as in this story...easier...

In keeping with this form of communication, the story includes common abbreviations as well as grammatical and spelling errors. Are we less careful with this form of communication for expediency or because we feel freer of societal norms?


engagd_grl: 27yo wf in london...care to chat?

HOTblkUK26: hello there

HOTblkUK26: im from Essex

engagd_grl: 1st time here…just curious

HOTblkUK26: well how u finding it?

engagd_grl: ok i guess…not sure what to expect really

HOTblkUK26: big blk cocks everywhere lol

HOTblkUK26: so you single?

engagd_grl: yes

HOTblkUK26: what ya look like

engagd_grl: average...blonde/green eyes 5'2" and size 6

HOTblkUK26: i like the height

HOTblkUK26: im 6ft3

engagd_grl: what height?

HOTblkUK26: your 5ft2

HOTblkUK26: like short white women

engagd_grl: that would b me

HOTblkUK26: mmmmmmmmmm

HOTblkUK26: how long you been in2 blk men

engagd_grl: never dated anyone as tall as u

engagd_grl: i haven't

HOTblkUK26: yet..................

engagd_grl: never dated 1

HOTblkUK26: again yet...................

engagd_grl: amazing what u can find when u google interracial sex

HOTblkUK26: lol

engagd_grl: so do u cum here often?

HOTblkUK26: u happy you found it

HOTblkUK26: you wanna c a pic of me?

HOTblkUK26: i cum here like once aweek

engagd_grl: not sure yet...have 2 c how it goes

engagd_grl: sure...how i c ur pic

HOTblkUK26: thats cool

HOTblkUK26: well i could send one to ya email or mobile or on yahoo messenger but then it depends on u

engagd_grl: i'm smart...got new private email b4 i went surfing

HOTblkUK26: good idea its like you knew this would happen lol

engagd_grl: don't have my degrees 4 nothing

HOTblkUK26: lol well they paying off now lol

engagd_grl: not that well

engagd_grl: so will u email a pic then?

HOTblkUK26: im doing it now babe

engagd_grl: i have 1 but it is with a couple of girl friends

HOTblkUK26: very slow comp

engagd_grl: know that feeling

HOTblkUK26: just dnt know how to get it any better

engagd_grl: so do u meet women from here?

HOTblkUK26: might just have to get a new one lol

HOTblkUK26: ive met one or two

engagd_grl: not sure i would b that couragous

engagd_grl: did it go well?

engagd_grl: i suppose it is easier 4 men though

HOTblkUK26: sure it takes time

HOTblkUK26: for them it did lol

engagd_grl: so it was a casual thing then?

HOTblkUK26: yea thats the way they want it

HOTblkUK26: most wanna keep meeting

engagd_grl: do u?

HOTblkUK26: i did to one woman

HOTblkUK26: but she got too serious

HOTblkUK26: i sent pic

engagd_grl: thanks...i'll check

HOTblkUK26: let me know what ya think

engagd_grl: not there yet...might take a bit

HOTblkUK26: usually does lol

engagd_grl: yes

HOTblkUK26: but hasnt cum back saying failed so give it 5

engagd_grl: ok so what sort of things r u n2?

HOTblkUK26: nothing wierd just sex with willing wmen

engagd_grl: ok

HOTblkUK26: how bout you?

engagd_grl: so do u think people ought 2 explore their fantasies b4 settling down?

engagd_grl: pretty normal here 2

HOTblkUK26: hell yea!!

engagd_grl: really?

HOTblkUK26: god yes ive tried loads

engagd_grl: so it wouldn't b cheating if a woman lived out her fantasies b4 marrying her bf and having kids?

HOTblkUK26: noway ya gotta have fun

HOTblkUK26: and try what they been talking bout

engagd_grl: we do...but just always wanted 2 have sex with a blk guy

engagd_grl: well actually...more than 1

HOTblkUK26: you got any blk sex tys?

HOTblkUK26: group fucking mmm

engagd_grl: no...only a purple rabbit and clear glass one

HOTblkUK26: mmmmmmmmm

engagd_grl: have u ever done that? shared a girl i mean...although i suppose more than 1 woman would b a more relevant compaison

HOTblkUK26: ive done both

HOTblkUK26: me and afew mates fucked this one white gurl…she loved it

engagd_grl: it was not 2 rough?

HOTblkUK26: nar we was good to her but she wanted it harder n harder

engagd_grl: wow...i suppose she had been with blk men b4 though

HOTblkUK26: no never

engagd_grl: really?

HOTblkUK26: but she did after lol

engagd_grl: her 1st? how many?how many that 1st time i mean?

HOTblkUK26: 4of us

engagd_grl: i found an old pic from uni...but my hair was dyed

HOTblkUK26: what colour it now?

engagd_grl: now it is natural...dark blonde then i was into goth...it red/blk

HOTblkUK26: mmmmmmmmmm

engagd_grl: i sent it anyway naughtiest 1 i have

HOTblkUK26: thats cool ill go check it out hun

engagd_grl: i think that would b protocol 4 some place like this…u don't want 1 at my brother's wedding

HOTblkUK26: good idea…why not?

engagd_grl: 2 boring at least this one u get to c my knickers

HOTblkUK26: very nice

engagd_grl: u did get it?

HOTblkUK26: yes

engagd_grl: so do u think i'm a nutter? i mean my fantasies

HOTblkUK26: noway gotta have fun

HOTblkUK26: i could help out if ya liked my pic

engagd_grl: i bet u could...and i did

engagd_grl: can i ask a personal question?

HOTblkUK26: go for it

engagd_grl: r u big?

HOTblkUK26: haha yes i am…im 6ft3

engagd_grl: that was not what i meant…lol

engagd_grl: u said that already anyway…kissing while standing up would prove a challenge i'm sure

HOTblkUK26: oh right well im 9" the babe

engagd_grl: given that i am so vertically challenged

HOTblkUK26: ill have 2 lie u down then

engagd_grl: that might work better

HOTblkUK26: i think so

engagd_grl: do u use condoms?

HOTblkUK26: no...u?

engagd_grl: for something like this i would

HOTblkUK26: good gurl

engagd_grl: i mean i'm on bc but there r other things 2 consider

HOTblkUK26: im clean and can prove

engagd_grl: but r ur friends?

HOTblkUK26: i can get em tested cos u know u want em to fill you with cum

engagd_grl: and r they as hot as u?

HOTblkUK26: no lol

engagd_grl: now how would u know that?

HOTblkUK26: ey ok i guess… am i right?

HOTblkUK26: cos i know

HOTblkUK26: sent you another pic

engagd_grl: nothing yet...and yes u r right at least in the fantasy anyway…not sure i would risk it irl

HOTblkUK26: u in2 anal?

engagd_grl: never tried it

HOTblkUK26: well we all gunna wanna be fucking u so ya ass pussy and mouth gotta be ready

engagd_grl: anyone much smaller than u?

HOTblkUK26: yea bout 5ft

engagd_grl: don't think i would want to give that cherry to ur 9"

HOTblkUK26: u will sides it dont hurt if u good at it

engagd_grl: never tried to swallow or fuck 9 so would need 2 get used 2 that first

HOTblkUK26: ok we will do that

engagd_grl: so did u like my pic? would u want 2 b the 1st blk man 2 fuck my pussy?

HOTblkUK26: i think u a hottie

HOTblkUK26: Hell Yea

engagd_grl: still a tad concerned about the whole condom thing is only thing that is holding me back

engagd_grl: would u consider using them?

HOTblkUK26: for u i would

engagd_grl: and after that pic we might have a deal

HOTblkUK26: like? i take that as a yes

engagd_grl: if u'll use a condom, then let's meet 4 coffee and discuss thigns

HOTblkUK26: thats sounds fun

engagd_grl: where could we meet?

HOTblkUK26: where u from again babe

engagd_grl: north london

HOTblkUK26: i live in Essex

engagd_grl: a quick train ride

HOTblkUK26: we have a town centre with alot of pubs n clubs and hotels lol

engagd_grl: kind of doing this on the sly

HOTblkUK26: naughty you but i can be discreet

engagd_grl: u told me that i should try my fantasy right?

HOTblkUK26: Hell Yea u go gurl

engagd_grl: i know it is naughty but june is so soon and if i don't do it soon i might never get the chance

HOTblkUK26: im happy to help

engagd_grl: we agreed to try 4 a baby as soon as we r married...been 2gether since uni...and living 2gether 4 2.5 years now

HOTblkUK26: u get ya fun now

engagd_grl: but everytime i masturbate this is my fantasy

HOTblkUK26: mmmmmmmmmm thats a sexy thought

HOTblkUK26: do u get covered in cum

engagd_grl: pretty wet

HOTblkUK26: sexy!!

engagd_grl: it has been same fantasy since i 1st orgasmed when i was young...always being taken by several really muscular blk guys

HOTblkUK26: well i gotta help ya then

engagd_grl: this is going 2 sound horrid but it is how i cum...even with bf

HOTblkUK26: u Need it now

engagd_grl: close my eyes and think about it

HOTblkUK26: thats so horny making me hard

HOTblkUK26: now u can think of me

engagd_grl: so could i think about it and email u back later this weekend? u r very close 2 the mystery man in those fantasies...in looks

HOTblkUK26: sure babe if ya want my mobile numb to txt its cool

engagd_grl: would u b free sunday afternoon 4 coffee?

HOTblkUK26: now i will be that man

engagd_grl: could u email it to me?

HOTblkUK26: yea i got football in the morning but the afternoons is cool

engagd_grl: i'm afraid that bf will b home from pub soon...it is almost 10...and he ALWAYS is home by 10 on friday night

engagd_grl: am i a bad person? i really do love him

HOTblkUK26: is it cos he wants to fuck you

engagd_grl: but i can't imagine living my whole life and never trying this once

engagd_grl: lol...he will b n no shape 2 fuck 2nite

HOTblkUK26: no it ok babe

engagd_grl: he will have been drinking since the pubby lunch

HOTblkUK26: alot of women do it

HOTblkUK26: lol im sure your horny enough to fuck

engagd_grl: i know...i don't want 2 b 1 of those cheating wives things...just once...a final horray

engagd_grl: i will use the rabbit and think about ur pic...once he passes out in bed

HOTblkUK26: sounds like a plan

engagd_grl: will u really use the condoms?

HOTblkUK26: we can txt for abit till we meet if ya want to make ya feel more at ease

HOTblkUK26: if you put the condom on me ill use it

engagd_grl: don't know how much chance i will get

HOTblkUK26: gotta use ya mouth lol

HOTblkUK26: its cool if ya dnt thought it would be better for u babe

engagd_grl: this email is safer he does not know about it...new account...mobile is always around the flat...he might find it

HOTblkUK26: that wouldnt be good lol

HOTblkUK26: i understand hunnie

engagd_grl: but will need the mobile to confirm time & place 2 Sunday…i need to go asap

HOTblkUK26: save my name under a gurls name and say im an old mate u met on facebook

engagd_grl: but u will fill my fantasies 2nite 2 sure

HOTblkUK26: think of me when u cum

engagd_grl: i will

HOTblkUK26: say my name lol

engagd_grl: lol...actually i could...and get away with it

HOTblkUK26: really?

engagd_grl: almost swallowed my tongue when i saw what ur name was…my bf is also a kev

HOTblkUK26: lol…well go for it tonight then…srceam it

HOTblkUK26: 2 kevs fucking you? u know ud like it

engagd_grl: makes life simple don't it

HOTblkUK26: kissing your kev so passionatley while im fucking u so hard

engagd_grl: no way he would go for that

engagd_grl: and neither would i actually...i do believe in love and marriage...just need to live this one out...just once b4 i make that commitment and start our family

engagd_grl: i know it is wrong...but i will think about that another time

engagd_grl: i HAVE to go

engagd_grl: nite

HOTblkUK26: ud better go babe

HOTblkUK26: its 10

engagd_grl: i know

engagd_grl: cinderella has left the ballroom


You the reader will determine how this story ends. If you think that she should live out this fantasy, just this once, then your votes and feedback will encourage me to write a follow-up in Interracial Love.

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