tagInterracial LoveBlack Cuckolds Exist in Ottawa

Black Cuckolds Exist in Ottawa


What's up, people? Charles Ampadu here. I'm a black man living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, although I originally come from the City of Tamale, in the northern side of the Republic of Ghana. I studied engineering at the University of Ottawa and presently work for the Canadian government. I have a wicked hot story to share with you, kind folks.

My wife Lorraine and I met at the University of Ottawa. Just a pair of young Ghanaian-Canadian students, wide-eyed optimists and hardy newcomers to the Confederation of Canada. Lorraine studied law at the University of Ottawa, graduating in 2008, the same time as me. We fell in love and got married, right out of university. My wife Lorraine and I have a son, Stephen, and a daughter, Madeline. Life is alright for us, but we have run into some troubles in our otherwise strong marriage.

Our sex life isn't what it used to be, folks. Once, Lorraine and I had a passionate relationship. Lately, things haven't been exciting. Like a lot of sexually frustrated men, I turned to golf, and porn. I went to the website Screw My Wife Club, and liked what I saw. In one of the videos, a light-skinned black woman got fucked by a tall, bald-headed white dude while holding hands with her nerdy black husband. For some reason, I found this hot.

I sat there, jerking off to the scene. Like a lot of porn watchers, I find the idea of cuckolding hot. Usually, in those cuckold movies, a black guy with a big dick fucks a slutty white woman while her white husband watches. That's most cuckold movies. Me? I kind of like reverse interracial cuckold movies. They are extremely rare and hard to find.

In another reverse interracial cuckold movie which I came across, I saw something really hot. Black porn starlet Candace Nicole portrayed the role of a black slut wife who gets fucked by a white male porn star while her black husband watches. At some point in the scene, the black husband fucks her as well. I found it really hot, but it was still missing something.

Nope, the hottest reverse interracial cuckold movies I came across featured Black female porn star Ana Foxx, a big-dick white dude named Chris Strokes, and a skinny, light-skinned black dude whose name I don't recall. Chris Strokes fucked the hell out of Ana Foxx while the light-skinned black dude played the cuckold, complete with a chastity device on his dick, and after Chris Strokes came all over Ana Foxx pussy, the black cuckold licked the cream. I don't know why but that last part made me cum!

Alright, the world of black cuckolds, black slut wives and reverse interracial cuckolding was fast becoming an obsession for yours truly. One day, I decided to broach the subject with Lorraine Ampadu, my dearest wife. The idea of the tall, gorgeously dark-skinned, large-breasted and big-bottomed West African goddess whom I was fortunate enough to marry getting fucked by another man, especially a white guy, turned me on.

When I sat Lorraine down and told her what I was into, my wife was quite simply stunned. You see, we West African immigrants, whether Christian or Muslim, are a traditional bunch. Still, Lorraine was a lot kinkier than I realized, and after I made this revelation, my wife surprised me with a revelation of her own. My darling wife Lorraine likes dominatrix type of porn movies, and all this came about after she read 50 Shades Of Grey and became interested in BDSM.

Lorraine and I decided to give her dominatrix kink a try. A tit-for-tat type of deal between us as husband and wife. If Lorraine was satisfied with me after the dominatrix session, she would consider giving my cuckold fetish thing a try. The things we do as married people, eh? Well, I have never been the type to back down from a challenge. Bedroom adventure beckons, and I must rise to the occasion.

Ladies and gentlemen, my meek and easygoing, traditional West African wife Lorraine turned into a real she-devil...and I loved it! In her persona as Mistress Lorraine, my sweetie dominated the hell out of me. Mistress Lorraine ordered me to kneel before her and suck on her strap-on dildo, and like the sub I am, I obeyed my mistress command most eagerly.

Mistress Lorraine smiled at me as I polished her strap-on dildo with my mouth and tongue, and then she put me on all fours. I felt both nervous and thrilled as Mistress Lorraine got behind me, and lubricated my asshole with Aloe cream. Without further ado, Mistress Lorraine gripped my hips and pushed her strap-on dildo into my asshole. I moaned softly as Mistress Lorraine began fucking the hell out of me with that phallic toy of hers.

Alright, I won't dwell into the details but Mistress Lorraine wrecked my ass with her strap-on, and I couldn't get enough of it. Afterwards, I thanked my wife profusely for one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life. Lorraine smiled and kissed me, and then whispered into my ears the words I'd been waiting for. Yes, my West African wife would give cuckolding a try. I am one lucky brother!

After a long search, and interviewing several candidates, Lorraine and I settled on a white guy to play the white bull in our black slut wife/black cuckold scenario. A young man named Steve, six feet tall, slim and red-haired, friendly and respectful, from the City of Gatineau, Quebec. Lorraine and I discussed things with Steve and we were all on the same page.

The magical night came, and we got our freak on. I sat in the living room, stark naked and happy as can be. At long last, my black cuckold fantasy was coming true! My wife Lorraine played the part of the black slut wife perfectly, undressing while Steve and I feasted on eyes on her tall, sexy and curvy, magnificent West African goddess's body. And what a sight Lorraine was!

Steve stroked his long and thick white cock while watching Lorraine undressed. My own long and thick black dick was trapped in a chastity device which Lorraine purchased at Wicked Wanda's adult store near downtown Ottawa. Lorraine got on her knees and began sucking on Steve's big white dick while I watched, devouring the sight of my black wife sucking off another man. I wonder if I am the only black man out there with such fantasies.

Steve ran his hands through Lorraine's thick Afro while she sucked his dick, and he winked at me smugly. A frisson coursed through me as I, a black man, watched my gorgeous black wife sucking off a white guy's dick right in front of me. I was both turned on and disturbed, in ways that I cannot explain. And I absolutely loved it!

Steve came all over Lorraine's face, and my sexy black wife sucked off every last drop of the white dude's cum. Afterwards, Lorraine got on all fours and Steve rolled a condom on his dick before slamming his dick into her cunt. Gripping Lorraine's wide hips tightly, Steve began fucking her with gusto. While fucking Lorraine, Steve spanked her big black ass, and Lorraine screamed passionately and seemed to be enjoying herself.

After a while, Steve and Lorraine switched things up. Lorraine lay on her back, her sexy legs in the air. Steve licked and fingered her sweet black pussy, then fingered Lorraine's asshole. Lorraine begged Steve to fuck her in the ass. I was stunned, for this was something that Lorraine never let me do, citing her Catholic beliefs. I watched, amazed, as Steve lubricated Lorraine's asshole with Aloe cream and slid his dick into her backdoor.

Lorraine screamed wildly as Steve began fucking her in the ass, his thick white dick sliding in and out of her asshole. My sexy West African wife seemed to love the feel of a big white dick up her ass. In spite of everything, this turned me on. With my black dick in a chastity device, this wasn't a good thing. Every time I got hard, the chastity device clamped down on my dick. Painful and erotic at the same time. I absolutely loved it!

After fucking Lorraine's ass for a good while, Steve pulled out of her. Lorraine smiled wickedly at me and told Steve to cum on her cunt. Steve nodded, pulled off the condom and came all over Lorraine's hairy bush. Like the black cuckold that I am, I did my duty. I licked Steve's cum off of Lorraine's cunt, and smiled at my wife, who nodded happily. This was certainly one for the ages. At last, this black cuckold's fantasy came true, thanks to my black slut wife Lorraine and our good friend Steve, the white bull!

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