Black Daddy Domination


Fully erect, Todd was at least twelve inches. This wasn't exaggerated, Internet inches, when guys claim they are a foot long and they are really only about two inches over average. This was the real deal. Scott felt like he was in the presence of a true god for surely anyone endowed with such a huge cock was more than a mere man. A flash of fear came over Scott as he realized he'd never had anything quite that large in his ass before. He was a small guy and his mind raced with images of where all that meat would actually go forced in his colon. Fear and pain were aphrodisiacs for Scott, so with his tiny cock leaking a steady stream of precum, he dove for that humongous piece of meat with his mouth again, with the hopes that he could get it wet enough to compensate for a lack of lube.

This time, the blowjob he gave was sloppy and wet and dripping with spit. He used his hands to work the copious saliva up and down the shaft. When he felt himself heaving, rather than hold back, he let go with disgusting amounts of slimy fluids from somewhere deep within him.

If that weren't degrading enough, his tormentor and master was punctuating the scene with a serenade of degrading taunts. "Yeah you fucking white piece of trash. That's is, suck that big fucking black dick! You love that, don't you? Fagging out on my big, black knob. Take it you sissy fucking bitch. You know I'm going to ram that big fucker so deep in you that you are going to shit my cum for a week." In the background, Scott could hear the sounds of primal fucking on the DVD which aroused him even more. The only thing he could see was the muscled abdomen of his master and the wiry pubic hairs that framed the glorious cock that was deep in his throat.

Scott was crying, literally streaming tears of joy down his face. Before he knew what was happening, he was flipped over on his stomach and his ass was pulled in the air. His crotchless, red panties and his flimsy, red nightie were ripped from his body and tossed on the floor. Without a whole lot of ceremony, Scott felt the head of that gigantic dick being pushed in his boycunt. He grimaced a little and took it with relative ease as he felt his prostate being massaged. He started moaning like a cheap whore; his own tiny cock producing a steady stream of dick snot that flowed freely. He worked his ass like the true faggot bitch he was and luxuriated in the sensations of the strong, masculine hands that held his hips and the gigantic dick embedded in his ass making him feel like something sick and perverted and feminine all at the same time.

While it seemed like an eternity, it was really only a few minutes before Scott was filled to capacity. He reached back to feel about four, incredibly thick inches of cock that hadn't been able to fully penetrate him. He pumped his ass like the white women he had seen in pornos and he tightened his ass muscles like he'd been taught by his experiences with men. While Scott was satisfied with that, proud of himself for being able to take a full 8 inches like the insatiable ass slut he was, his Black Dom Daddy was not.

"You think that's all you're going to take? Oh, hell no. Bitch, you are going to take every fucking millimeter of my dick and you are going to love it, do you hear me?" With that, he pushed further and Scott tried to scramble away. He moved up higher on the bed and tried to resume wiggling his ass, fucking back on that cock, confident that he was giving his Black Daddy pleasure.

Not satisfied, Todd grabbed Scott by the shoulders and pushed harder, forcing at least another two inches incredibly thick cock deeper in Scott than he'd ever had before. Scott screamed out in pain. He did his best to pull away, fighting and struggling, but his efforts were nothing compared to the strength of the man fucking him. The pain permeated every fiber of his being, racing from his asshole to his nuts that were pulled tightly against his body to his hardened nipples and then all the way to the back of his eyes. Sweat dripped from his forehead and he whimpered, "Please, I can't take anymore. It hurts." Surely, his pleas would be understood. He was only 5'1". There was only so much space for all that meat to go. It wasn't because of lack of desire; it was logistics. He fought back, trying to save himself from serious internal damage.

"Oh is that so? It hurts, huh? You want me to stop? Do you? Do you want me to stop? Answer me, bitch! I'll stop, all you have to do is say the word. DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP?" None of this was new to Todd. He'd met lots of guys who couldn't take his entire dick before. But the power, the control, the domination was making him high. His became relentless, slapping Scott's ass, spanking him, causing him further pain that only registered as pleasure for both of them.

All Scott had to do was say yes. All he had to do was respond that he wanted things to stop. He didn't want to be raped; he wanted to be dominated, that was entirely different. He fantasized about being raped but the reality of it was something different. He reached back to feel the last two inches of dick that remained outside his body. They felt like two feet, the heat from that dick seemingly scorching his hand. He didn't answer. He let his silence speak for itself. He wanted the pain. He wanted to be fucked unconscious and if he ended up in the hospital in the process, then so be it. He lowered his face to the pillow, braced his arms against the headboard, and waited.

On thing Scott had failed to realize, even after all this time, was that he wasn't in control of things. He was grabbed by the back of the neck and pulled up like a rag doll. Instantly, he felt that dick being pulled completely out of his asshole and he cried out, only this time the pain was emotional. He felt empty and alone and worthless.

"You dirty cunt, clean my prick." The instructions were not at all ambiguous. Ass fucking was meant to be primal and dirty, so he knew that his responsibility was to taste the ass slime that coated his master's dick. Not surprisingly, brown streaks coated the dick. It could have been a lot worse had he not prepared himself but the evidence of shit was still apparent. He deeply inhaled the scent, making his dick leak more and his taste buds filled with the musky flavors of his ass as he licked and sucked it clean. It wasn't enough to make him sick but he reeled at all the disgusting things he'd ingested over the past few hours: dick cheese, snot, piss, and now butt sludge. Just the mere thought of that alone almost made him shoot his load. The only thing that kept him from cumming was the depraved thought that he might be pushed to do even more disgusting things and he wanted to be totally horned up for that possibility.

"Ride my dick bitch," as the pair repositioned themselves so that his Daddy was on his back, reclining in relaxation, as Scott prepared to mount him and fuck himself silly. Again, as before, the first eight inches went in with relative ease. His asslips sucked and nursed at the huge cock in him as she bounced up and down. Ashamed and aroused, he farted as the air was pushed up in his ass and he rode that cock for all he was worth. Still, he couldn't get that entire dick up his ass. He squirmed his ass down harder, trying his best to take more but he couldn't. Frustrated, his Daddy grabbed him around his hips and pulled Scott down even further. This time, as before, Scott screamed out in pain, but this time, he loved it. Pain was his pacifier. Scott was warped, twisted, and distorted, and he knew that only a disgusting white worm like himself could be aroused by pain, humiliation, and degradation.

Being tired of the cat and mouse games, Todd flipped Scott on his back and pushed his thighs back to his chest. He gripped the base of his dick and aimed it up with Scott's hole. He pushed forward, hearing Scott's cries in a distant fog. Encountering resistance, he pushed harder, working up a sweat. Determined, he pushed deeper, driving every inch of his dick deep in Scott's bowels. Giving him a full minute, he waited until he saw a look of acknowledgement on Scott's face and he began pumping, pounding, pushing and fucking. "Take that, bitch. Take all my big fucking Daddy dick you little twat. You white fucking faggot, I own you. I own your body and your soul." As if in a trance, he hammered his dick deeper and harder than he'd ever done before, grunting like an animal and turned on by the idea of using a white boy so completely. "I'm going breed your faggot pussy with a gallon of my cum. Do you want my baby, bitch? You want to be pregnant with your Black Daddy's baby? Say it!"

Scott couldn't form words. As the last of that massive dick invaded his intestines, he could only moan and scream in ecstasy. The sweat from his master's body dripped into Scott's mouth and eyes, the smell of man fucking permeated the air. He grabbed his cock and stroked it in time with the dick that punished his butthole. Glancing down, he could actually see the outline of that gigantic dick pushing against his stomach and he shot his load all over his stomach.

In pornos, that would be the signal for his lover to cum also, to finish in a blaze of glory in unison. In reality, Scott's Dominant Black Daddy was nowhere near the finish line. He kept pumping Scott's hole raw. Scott's legs were cramped, pushed uncomfortably back and his insides felt like they were being dragged out with each extraction of that black stick that fucked him. The pain was excruciating but it was comforting in a way. He felt absolved of his guilt, his arrogance, of his pretense of being bigger and better, at last he was absolved of the wretched stigma of being white. In that moment, he was a filthy fuck pig to be used and abused. He relished in the sensation of his asshole being pumped full of scalding, white, hot cum.

He passed out. Drifting in and out of consciousness, he awoke to being fucked and used time and time again. Night turned to day and he found himself being fucked in various ways, of serving his Black Master in unspeakable ways. Before he knew what was happening, it was Sunday night and he was packing to leave. He sobbed and bawled uncontrollably. Falling to the floor, he begged and pleaded with Todd to retain control of him.

From that day on, Scott Clair lived for the weekends. Mondays through Fridays were lived in a state of suspended animation for him, nothing seemed real; everything sort of floated by in grainy images of black and white. Friday evenings were when life was lived in full HD Technicolor. It was on the weekends when he could assume his true role and shed the pretenses of his average existence. Every weekend, Scott Clair became the possession, toy, and sexual playing of a Black Dom Daddy who inflicted the most horrendous and sadistic tortures on his pale, white flesh. For slightly more than 48 hours, Scott willingly put himself in a position to be degraded, humiliated, and used beyond most people's comprehension and he'd never been happier or more satisfied in his life.

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