Black Diamond


"You like that black cock don't you Lynn? You like sucking on that black dick," he questioned. She merely nodded her head without letting the black pole slip free,

"Yea, suck on daddy's dick. I knew that afternoon I was washing my car, you couldn't take your eyes off me. That was the day I knew how bad you wanted it. You did, didn't you baby. All those nights and afternoons watching the brothers fucking on the video, you been wanting some of daddy's cock haven't you sugar."

Again, Lynn nodded. "Tell me. Tell daddy how much you want my black cock,"

Lynn removed the meat from her lips long enough to confirm his answer, "I do. I want to suck it. I want your cock," she moaned as she went back to slurping on his hard shaft.

"Daddy?" I thought. Marc was referring to himself as daddy.

Standing outside the window, I watched as her small white hands slid up and down his shaft. Her soft pink lips moving up and down on the black meat which disappeared in her pretty mouth. She was gasping as she tried to swallow all the prick but could only manage perhaps half as he moved her blonde hair behind her ear.

My own cock was rock hard in my pants and I wanted to take it out and cum standing there by his den window watching the spectacle of my friend getting a blowjob from my girlfriend.

He was right though. Both Lynn and I both wanted it to happen. There was no denying it now. She was possessed by his cock and I was totally turned on watching it. "Look on the TV baby. Look at what I'm doing to Vicky," he encouraged. On the television, the video showed Marc fucking Vicky good. Her legs spread wide as he pounded his cock into her pussy. His black ass moving up and down as he thrust into her wet box.

"I'm going to take you upstairs and fuck you now, That's what you been wanting isn't it baby. To have my hard black cock in that tight white pussy. That's what you've been dying to feel isn't it," he kept on.

"Yes, yes I want it. I want your black cock in my pussy. Fuck me," she begged in between wet slurps on his ebony shaft.

"Tell daddy what he wants to hear. Tell me," he demanded.

"I want you to fuck my little pussy. Fuck me like you fuck your other white girls. Use me," she begged.

"You gonna' be my little black cock slut? You gonna' be like my other white bitches and fuck the brothas'," he grilled.

Marc was beginning to really talk in a manner I had never heard him before, using slang, calling Lynn a bitch, a slut. Yet she wasn't offended. She seemed to be more turned on and so was I as my dick throbbed in my pants.

"You know when I'm done with you, you gonna' be hooked on black cock. You gonna' want it like you've never wanted anything else. You won't be able to get enough of it. We'll fuck that bitch hole of yours but you'll want more cock. Once I fuck that white pussy of yours, it will belong to black cock. You'll never want anything else. Is that what you want? You want your pussy to belong to black cock? You want that bitch?" he demanded to know.

I couldn't believe how Marc was talking to Lynn. This was a side of him I'd never seen before. But here she was on her knees, slurping on his cock, wet with her saliva that dribbled from her mouth.

I thought I saw tears rolling down her cheeks, almost as if she were crying but she didn't sound like it as she answered him back, "Yes, please make me your slut. I'll do whatever you want me to do, be with whoever you tell me, just fuck me with that cock. I want to feel your cock. Please give it to me!" she begged.

As she turned in my direction I could see that it was tears. Her mascara was rolling down her cheeks. Marc lifted her head off his cock. "Come up here," he instructed as he guided her to a sitting position facing him on the couch with her squatting just over his cock.

"You know when I put this in what it means don't you," he inquired as he grasped his black rod in his hand under her. Lynn simply nodded her head, rested it on his. "Move up a little," he directed as she raised her ass just a few inches as he guided the head of his thick cock to her quivering pussy.

"Daddy's gonna' fuck you now baby. That's what you want isn't it. To feel my big cock stretch that pussy," he cooed. Lynn nodded as he put the head just between her folds.

"Settle down on me baby. Take my meat," he demanded.

Lynn gently sat down on the black shaft as I saw it disappear under her until her ass was flush with his crotch.

It was done. I knew it. I wondered if Lynn and I would be the same. I wasn't sure. Not after this night.

"Who's that pussy belong to?" he asked softly as he kissed her face.

"You daddy. It's your pussy now," Lynn admitted as she sought out his mouth and willingly took in his tongue that he put out to greet her quivering lips.

They fucked slowly for several minutes, barely moving their hips together on the couch as they remained in a passionate kiss. Every once in a while she would arch her back and lean back and present her breasts to him which he sucked into his mouth.

He moved from one tit to the other and I couldn't hold back any longer as I unzipped my fly and stroked my cock. In just a matter of seconds I launched a stream of cum that hit the brick and fell harmless to the ground.

Before either Marc or Lynn came, he stood her up yet never losing contact with her pussy as she wrapped her slender white legs around his back and he carried her up his steps to his bedroom. Still locked in a kiss as her breasts mashed against his firm black chest.

I knew he was going to fuck her good once they got upstairs to his bedroom. Then I retreated back to our apartment which is what Marc had told me to do.

Lynn came home several hours later with red marks on her breasts and neck. As soon as she slipped into bed we had the best sex we ever had. I thought she would be exhausted but she seemed to have a surge of energy. She didn't mention Marc but fucked her with a passion. I'm not sure she had ever given me better head! Then she moved up and wanted me to go down on her and I wondered if she had showered and cleaned up since their torrid evening of lovemaking.

The answer was no.

A few nights later, Marc and I were hanging out at my apartment when Lynn came home from shopping. She could tell we were both a little stoned but she had quit giving me shit about it instead she teased us both about the heads we were becoming. Lynn went upstairs and changed and came down in a pair of black shorts and a white top. Her erect nipples poking through the soft fabric of the shirt.

She retrieved Marc and I a beer and poured herself a glass of wine. Marc whistled at her and then made a comment how fine she looked. I was past the point of being jealous and took notice too how sexy she was acting in front of us both.

Marc fired up another joint and passed it to me after a long hit. Lynn just looked on watching the two of us toking some fine weed. Then Marc did something that really surprised me as he called Lynn over and shotgunned a hit with her. I had never seen Lynn smoke, much less take a hit like that. I was beginning to wonder just how much I didn't know about my girl.

"You know when Larry and I first talked about me having sex with you, I told him how much he'd enjoy watching us. Maybe its time we put on a show for him," Marc said as I watched Lynn exhale the reefer and look over at me.

Marc leaned in and kissed Lynn, pulling her over to the couch and wrapping his arms around her. I should have been angry but instead I watched the scene that was playing out in slow motion in front of me as I saw Lynn's mouth open taking his pink tongue deep into her mouth. Her lips closed over his as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Show Larry what you like doing. He wants to see it. Show him how you like sucking my cock," Marc said into her ear just loud enough for me to hear. Lynn looked over at me and then slumped down to her knees between his outstretched legs.

"First, let's get this off," Marc said as he pulled the skimpy white top over her head displaying her full ripe titties. Marc reached out and squeezed a nipple as Lynn groaned her approval. She unsnapped his shorts and he lifted his hips allowing her to ease the shorts off leaving him nude from the waist down.

His black cock hung limp between his legs, the dark brown shaft with his pink head was inviting to Lynn as she took it in her small hands and drew it to her lips.

"This bitch really gives good head," Marc smirked as he looked over at me. It was the first time I watched them have sex that they knew about. Neither were aware I had camped outside his den window the first night. The night he seduced Lynn for the first time.

I watched her pink lips gliding over his cock as he twisted and rubbed her erect nipples between his fingers. "That's right baby, lick it good, take it down. Get as much of it in your mouth as you can," he encouraged as he pulled on the back of her head until she choked. "This is what you've been wanting to see isn't it Larry. Lynn sucking black cock? She really loves it too. I guess she told you I fucked her the other night. Fucked that tight cunt of hers. She was simply amazing," he went on as she worked his shaft with her fist and sucked on the head of his cock.

"Lynn's made for fucking. You been holding her back son. We need to get this filly out of the barn. Let her run a little," he smiled. Looking up at me, he added, "That turn you on Larry watching your girlfriend suck my cock. Knowing I'm fucking her now. Stretching that tight hole out with my cock. That make that little dick of yours hard," he taunted me.

I simply nodded my head back and forth. There was no use pretending. It did. I was rock hard watching Lynn swallow his cock, drooling all over his ebony shaft.

"Tell her. Tell Lynn how much you've wanted this. How we talked about it. You're just like those other white boys that likes to see his woman taken by a brother. You like watching it don't you home boy," Marc teased.

"Yes," I heard myself say. It was almost like someone else saying it. "Yes, it turns me on watching her, watching you both."

"Hear that baby. I told you how much he wanted it, how much it turned him on," Marc raved. "I bet you're ready to see me fuck her. She really loves that. I didn't think I'd ever get her off me the other night. She fucked me to death. Couldn't get enough of my cock could you sweets," Marc said as he rubbed her tit while she moved up and down on his shaft. Then she dipped her head and licked his balls.

"Ooooh yea, that's right. Lick my balls, suck on them," Marc encouraged as he slid down on the couch and actually raised his feet in the air exposing his balls to her anxious tongue. I watched her try to stuff his whole sack in her mouth as she sucked and licked on his balls taking one then the other in her mouth, sucking, licking.

"Damn, you're one hot slut. Mother fucker," Marc groaned as she continued her assault licking all around his ball sack as she licked under, lifting his balls out of the way. It looked as if her tongue were darting down near his ass and his moans signaled I was right as he scooted even further down in the couch raising his backside higher.

"Mother fucker, oooom, that's what I'm taking about sister. Lick my ass. Fuck you're one dirty little bitch. Fuck," Marc groaned. I couldn't believe what I was watching as my girlfriend was licking a guy's ass in front of me. She had never hesitated in giving me head but she had never done anything like that with me.

"That's right, stick your tongue in. Lick daddy's ass, that's so fucking good, you little slut, fucking slut," he kept on. It seemed the more vile things he called her the more turned on and excited she got as she went after his ass and balls with a vengeance slobbering all over them until he finally raised up and said, "It's time for me to tear that pussy up."

"That's what you've been wanting isn't it," Marc popped.

"Uh huh," was her one sound back as she took a position on all fours beside the couch and he mounted her from behind. She looked right at me. Her pretty blue eyes staring right into mine as Marc pulled on her long blonde hair, slamming his long cock into her hole as she bucked back.

"You like that don't you Lynn. Like that long black cock in that tight wet pussy," Marc chanted.

"Yes, I love it. I love it so much," Lynn said looking down briefly before her eyes met mine again. I knew what was happening was wrong on so many levels. Here's the girl I been with since college, dated for three years and lived together for almost a year -- here I was watching her fucking another man and turned on like I had never been before.

His dark brown skin slamming up against her white thighs had my cock throbbing as I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick free, I wet the palm of my hand and slid the spit slick palm over the head of my cock and down around my shaft as I started jacking my own cock. Watching the girl I love get fucked by another man.

Marc hesitated and withdrew only for a minute as he pushed a coffee table out of the way and lay Lynn down on her back as he took up a position between her legs. She lifted her feet high in the air, wide apart as he guided his shaft into her hole which enveloped it immediately.

"Fuck me daddy. Fuck that pussy. Fuck me good. I love your cock. I love the way you make me feel, filling my pussy with your dick," Lynn chanted.

I watched as Marc leaned down and kissed her and she kissed him back. My own stomach sank a little but my dick twitched as I watched their mouths sliding on top of each others. Her tongue snaking into his mouth. Until he dipped his head down and slid his tongue all around her neck, her face.

His cock pistoning in and out of her snatch, her pussy lips swallowing his ebony shaft which glided in and out with a trail of juices coating it from her wet pussy.

Lynn was panting, groaning with each thrust as Marc kissed her again stifling her moans as his body collapsed on top of her. It was such a contrast her white skin under his dark brown body, beads of sweat trickling down his sides, running down hers as they moved.

Lynn wrapped her legs around his back, locking her tiny feet together as he moved into her with deliberation. Looking over at me jacking my cock he encouraged me, "That's right buddy. Beat off. Beat your dick watching me fuck your woman. I told you how much she wanted it. How much she would like fucking black cock. I just didn't know what a black cock slut she'd turn out to be. You are... aren't you baby? Tell me what you are. Tell daddy what I've made you," he encouraged her.

"I'm a black cock slut. I'm a slut for black cock," she panted as he pounded her box. Oh fuck, I'm cumming," Lynn cried as she wailed softly as Marc kept up the assault.

Lynn's hands pounded the floor and then tightly wrapped around his neck as she again bent up to kiss him. Their kiss was wet and passionate as he moved his ass in circles grinding his crotch into hers.

"Mother fucker, I'm gonna' cum too. Get up here and take this load baby," Marc encouraged as he sat up on his knees and then rose to his feet. Standing with his hands on his hips, Lynn took up a position on her knees, taking the black wand between her lips, cleaning of the juices coating his shaft. Lynn licked and ran her mouth from head to base, stopping only to lick his balls before again engulfing the whole cock and moving back and forth on it.

"Shit that's good. Damn baby you can suck some mean cock," Marc praised her. Now tilt your head back and open your mouth," he directed as she looked up at him, mouth open and tongue out. Marc jacked his cock and just as he was cumming in her mouth, aiming directly at her tongue, I let out a load of my own.

My sperm landing on my shorts and forming around my fist as I pumped my cock watching my girlfriend take it, savoring every drop from his shaft and head.

I settled back in my chair watching Lynn clean his cock up before she walked over and stood over me. "Look up at me," Lynn directed. I wasn't sure at first what she was doing until she bent down and planted her lips squarely on mine.

Then I was startled as I felt her open her mouth and Marc's salty slick semen filled my mouth. Lynn's tongue kept my lips parted as she mixed it into my mouth. At first I was horrified at what she was doing but she didn't let me retreat and the chair held me firmly in place. There was simply nothing to do but to take the load.

As she raised up and broke our kiss, part of Marc's slimy white sperm trailed between our lips leaving visible evidence of what she had done.

"Damn girl," Marc exclaimed, "That was nasty. I can't believe you just did that. Fuck man," he looked at me, "That's a nasty bitch there."

Lynn turned back and smiled at Marc, "He wanted to see me with a black man so bad. Turns him on to see me giving you head. I figured he could see first hand what it was like. Besides, its not the first time he's tasted your cum."

I was embarrassed at what she had just said.

"Really," came Marc's surprised response.

"No, that first night I came home after you fucked me. He ate my pussy. Licked up all those juices you put there. At first I wanted to pay him back for leaving me at your place. Setting me up like that. Leaving me in your apartment knowing what you were going to do." Looking back at me she added, "That's what I was thinking at first but he liked it. He liked licking up all our juices. Loved going down on me getting all that sperm out of there. I liked it too," Lynn smiled.

"Clean up duties Larry?" Marc shot back. "You like cleaning up your old lady after I get done with her?"

I wasn't sure how to respond. It was humiliating but in a way I was still excited.

"Answer him," she directed me. It was a side I was unaccustomed to from her but I dropped my head and realized they both knew the answer already.

"Yes, I liked it. I liked sucking her, licking her pussy..." I started.

"After daddy fucks me," she added.

"After you fuck her," I acknowledged.

"Well, good then. We'll make sure you have lots to clean up. I told Lynn I have several buddies that would love to fuck her. That three way you and I talked about. Lynn wants a three way, a four way, a gang bang but she wants them all black. A little black party with my friends and you're invited. You can clean up all the cum afterwards and we'll film it all. You wanted to se her with a black man, you going to see her taking on a roomful.

Mark looked over at her. "That's what you wanted isn't it baby? Fuck a bunch of black cock?"

"Yes daddy, I want to be your slut, your black cock slut. A whore for you to use," Lynn said as she walked back over to him kissing him on the ear, the side of his face. "I want to suck cock for you and I want your friends to fill my little pussy with their cum so Larry can suck it up."

I went upstairs and turned on the TV leaving Marc and Lynn downstairs. There was a part of my heart that was heavy for what I knew was happening day by day. Each time they were together, Marc became more demanding more controlling of her and I saw what she was becoming too.

We had a small fight a couple of days later about it all. I told her I was having second thoughts about it. Maybe this was a really bad idea and we should break it all off. Move to a different part of town, a different city for that matter.

But Lynn was firm that she wasn't breaking up with me but she wasn't giving up black cock now. She made it clear, now that she had it, she wasn't going to change.

I asked her to at least not have unprotected sex. She needed to have Marc and the others she intended to have sex with wear rubbers. The last thing she needed was to get a virus or disease from these guys she didn't even know. Hell, even I didn't know who all Marc was fucking.

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