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Black Femme/White Butch


"I like to dominate Butch lesbians," Mariam Jabari said softly, and the six-foot-tall, alluring and ultra-feminine African American Muslim woman smiled while looking at the stocky, muscular, short-haired and fair-skinned Canadian woman who sat opposite her. The two of them had been chatting on the B4F message board, an online group connecting lesbians into the Butch/Femme dynamic in the Ottawa area, and finally agreed to meet.

Bonnie Marcelin looked good in a dark gray business suit, blue silk shirt, crimson tie and dark gray silk pants. Coolly appraising the sundress-wearing Femme, Bonnie smiled and shrugged. She felt drawn to Mariam, the beautiful Black woman with the quiet confidence, who was fairly open about her interest in BDSM. Still, Bonnie liked a challenge, and she could sense that Mariam was into power games.

A newcomer to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, by way of Detroit, Michigan, Mariam Jabari had that unique beauty, swagger and confidence common to Black women from the United States. Bonnie, who grew up surrounded by Black folks in the City of Montreal, Quebec, prior to moving to the City of Ottawa for a mid-level CRA job, could tell the difference between Black Americans and Black Canadians right away. It was all about the way they carried themselves...

"Sometimes, I don't mind being dominated, but I'm nobody's bitch, I'm a real Butch, so if you want this body, you're going to have to fight for it," Bonnie replied, and she flexed her muscled bicep for emphasis. Even with the suit on, the Butch strongwoman's muscles were visible. Mariam looked at Bonnie and nodded, suitably unimpressed would have described her expression perfectly.

"Feisty dame," Bonnie thought to herself as she quietly assessed Mariam Jabari. Prior to coming over to Mariam's place, they'd talked on the phone several times, and gotten to know each other a bit. Mariam worked for tech giant Avaya, and prior to that, she studied Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan. The gal had that unique combination of intelligence, beauty, class and sass, and Bonnie was fascinated by her. The tomboyish blonde gal from Montreal always had a thing for pretty Black women...

"We'll see about that, Bonnie, say, care for some tea?" Mariam asked, and Bonnie nodded. After stirring the tea and pouring it into two cups, Mariam handed Bonnie once. Nodding thankfully, Bonnie took a sip of her tea, then a big gulp, and then noticed that Mariam hadn't even touched hers. The two of them continued to banter, and only slowed down because Bonnie was starting to feel woozy...

"Oh snap, Mariam, I feel sleepy," Bonnie said, and Mariam smiled wickedly, while the other woman slumped in her chair. Mariam pulled up a chair and drew closer to Bonnie, who was basically fighting to stay awake. Mariam grinned, and gently laid her hand on Bonnie's thigh, as if she were truly concerned for the Butch gal's well-being. A sociopathic light gleamed in Mariam's lovely brown eyes, and Bonnie's heart sank, even as she passed out.

"You're mine now," Mariam said, laughing triumphantly, and she then grabbed Bonnie Marcelin's slumbering body, and carried her to the basement of her nice townhouse located in the suburb of Gloucester, east end of Ottawa. After stripping Bonnie naked, Mariam paused to admire the other gal's sexy body, and then proceeded to bind her hands and feet to different ends of the table. Once Mariam deemed Bonnie secure, she grabbed a pitcher of cold water, and let its contents fall on Mariam's face...

"What the fuck, Mariam? Where am I?" Bonnie demanded, as she was snapped awake by the cold water. The Butch gal looked at her surroundings and panicked upon noticing that her hands and feet were bound. She looked at Mariam Jabari, who stood there, clad in a Black tank top and Black leather pants, her sundress nowhere to be found. Bonnie flinched as Mariam stepped closer, a menacing smile on her lovely face.

"Bonnie, how nice of you to wake up, you're in my lair, Miss Butch, and tonight you're going to be my Bitch," Mariam Jabari replied, matter-of-factly. Bonnie struggled in her bonds but to no avail. The psychopathic Femme had her tied up quite securely, and the feisty Butch was not going anywhere. Mariam watched Bonnie struggle, and smiled, thoroughly pleased with herself.

"Alright, Mariam, you got me, I'll play along, what do you want from me?" Bonnie asked, and Mariam stepped closer. The tall, gorgeous Black Femme reached for the bound Butch lesbian gal's breast and caressed it. Bonnie shuddered as Mariam touched her breast, and flinched when the other woman bent down and began sucking on her nipple.

"Bonnie, you are mine, now, I know some of you stone Butch lesbians don't like it when us Femmes touch your precious pussies, well, tough lucky today," Mariam said, smiling wickedly. Sensing what Mariam was about to do, Bonnie tensed, and struggled in her bonds. Laughing, Mariam spread Bonnie's muscular thighs, and slid two fingers into her pussy. Bonnie, who'd never been penetrated before, gasped in shock.

"Oh no, Mariam, you're a sick bitch, don't touch me," Bonnie pleaded, and the hapless Butch lesbian began to squirm as the freaky, boundary-crossing Black Femme began fingering her pussy. In all of her sexual interactions with other women, Bonnie had always been the top, the one who did the fingering and munching, yet never allowed herself to be munched on or fingered. For Bonnie, what Mariam was doing was sheer torture...

"Shut up and take it, Bonnie, you and the other Butches might act all tough, I know you like being at the bottom," Mariam retorted, and with that, she slapped Bonnie hard across the face. Bonnie winced and blinked in surprise, astonished by Mariam's casual violence. Mariam smiled, loving the hurt look on Bonnie's lovely face. The muscular and tattooed tomboyish bitch had no idea what she was in for...

"Fuck you, psycho bitch," Bonnie screamed, and a laughing Mariam thrust two fingers into her pussy, jabbing them real deep inside. At the same time, Mariam silenced Bonnie's screams by kissing her. Bonnie continued to struggle but to no avail. When Mariam stopped kissing her, she immediately went down to the space between Bonnie's legs, inhaled the scent of her pussy, and smiled.

"Psycho love is my specialty," Mariam paused to say, right before she buried her face between Bonnie's legs. Time for this Femme to taste some Butch pussy, Mariam thought as she began teasing Bonnie's clitoris with her tongue. Bonnie squirmed, but Mariam held her down and kept munching on her pussy. To Bonnie's amazement, she began to feel actual pleasure as Mariam ate her out...

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum," Bonnie squealed, and she looked at Mariam, astonished by what the other woman was doing to her. Mariam suddenly removed her fingers from Bonnie's cunt, and the Butch gal gasped in surprise. Smiling, Mariam pulled a dildo seemingly out of nowhere, and then rubbed its head against Bonnie's puffed up pussy lips. Bonnie watched, wide-eyed as Mariam thrust the dildo into her cunt, and a loud, passionate scream erupted from the normally quiet and stoic Butch lesbian's lips...

"You like getting fucked, don't you, Miss Butch? You love being my bitch, admit it," Mariam teased as she rammed the dildo into Bonnie's pussy. Lying on her back, arms and legs bound, her muscular body covered with sweat, her jaw slack and her eyes glazed over, Bonnie mewled like a kitten as Mariam took her to the edge, fucking her cunt like there was no tomorrow.

"Fuck me please," Bonnie squealed, and Mariam laughed, loving the sounds that the other woman made. In her time in the bedroom with Butch lesbians, Mariam knew that most of them were fronting with the fake macho thing, the stoicism, the silence, the resting Butch face, the perpetually sour expression, and the apparent absence of feelings. All Mariam had to do was get them in her clutches, and the tough Butch gals would sing a different tune...

"Hmm, welcome to the bitch side, Miss Butch," Mariam said, as she began undoing Bonnie's bindings. Bonnie sat up on the table, stark naked, and reeking of her juices. She'd lost count of how many times she'd cum thanks to Mariam's vicious, brutal and oh-so fantastic brand of sexing. Bonnie looked at Mariam, quietly marveling at what she'd just endured/experienced at the hands of this woman...

"Thank you for making my dominant Femme/submissive Butch fantasy come true, that was the best consensual non-consent sex I've ever had," Bonnie said excitedly, as she rose from the table. She looked at Mariam Jabari, thankful beyond belief. Mariam smiled as Bonnie Marcelin impulsively hugged her, and she gently returned the other woman's hug. All is well that ends well.

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