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Black Fucked and Bred


Before her pa died, like a lot of men in the deep south he'd raised Tillie to look down on "niggers", and think of them as stupid and filthy. Tillie hated being around them at her school, and couldn't stand the thought of one of them touching her. Since Pa had died, she and her momma had been forced to live in a small shack in the Louisiana bayou – Pa hadn't left them much money, and Tillie's momma could only get a job as a waitress at a small, cheap diner.

One day, Tillie had a headache, and decided to walk home from school early. Along the way, she passed a black man who smiled at her and said, "Ain't you a pretty little thing?"

Tillie growled at him, "Leave me alone, nigger!", and kept on walking.

Tillie had always tried to be a good girl, and she was still a virgin at 18. The worst thing she'd ever done was give her boyfriend a hand-job a few times. She'd never even seen a man's cock up close and personal, only stuck her hand down her boyfriend's jeans and jerked him off. And no man had ever seen her naked – the most she'd ever done for her boyfriend, Billy, was let him suck on her tits a little bit. She'd never even let him put his fingers in her, or even touch her virgin pussy. She blushed though, thinking about the many times that she, herself, had lain in her bed at night and rubbed herself. She loved the warm, delicious feeling of having an orgasm, and imagined herself one day married and happily having a man's cock fill up the empty hole between her legs. And that's what she was thinking about as she approached her house, and was surprised to see her momma's old, blue Ford sitting in the driveway – she'd thought Momma had to work today. Maybe Momma wasn't feeling well – Tillie thought she should enter the house quietly, just in case, so she was very careful when she opened the front door, and quietly closed it behind her.

But as soon as she was inside, she heard sounds coming from Momma's bedroom. It was her momma's voice, crying out, "Oh, God! Oh, fuck!"

Worried, Tillie scurried down the hallway to her momma's bedroom door, where she was greeted by the most horrifying sight of her life. Her momma was lying on the bed, and a big, muscular nigger was sandwiched between her open legs, fucking her! Oh, God!, Tillie thought as her hand flew to her mouth, that dirty nigger's raping my momma!

But no sooner had the thought occurred when she heard her momma yelling out again, but this time the words were, "Fuck me, Tyrone! Give me that big, black cock! Fuck my white pussy!"

Her mind reeling in shock, Tillie blurted out from the doorway, "Oh, God – Momma! What are you doing?!" She stood there in the doorway, transfixed, for a moment, and then turned to run.

But she heard her momma yell out angrily, "Get her, Tyrone! Get that little bitch before she gets away!" Before Tillie had even gotten two feet down the hallway, she felt herself caught by the black man's large black hands.

"No! Let me go!", she screamed. She kicked her feet as the tall black lifted her up off the ground in his arms. "Let go of me, you dirty nigger! Put me down!" But her struggles were totally ineffective against the six foot, 190-pound, muscular Tyrone.

"Get her in here!", she heard her Momma hiss, and immediately Tyrone dragged the helpless girl into her own bedroom, where he quickly tore all her clothes off and brutally flung her down onto her own bed. Her head smacked against the headboard, and she lay there, momentarily stunned.

As she rolled over, dazed, Tillie saw the huge, black man – and the huge, black cock between his legs – towering over her. "Oh, God...", she shuddered, pressing a hand to her bruised forehead.

Tyrone turned to her momma and angrily asked, "What are we supposed to do with this stupid, little, white bitch?"

Tillie was shocked when she heard her momma's reply. "Well, we can't just let her go. She'll blab her mouth to everybody." And then after a pause, she smiled and said, "I know what to do with her. You're just gonna have to make her a whore for black cock, like her momma."

Tillie was stunned by her mother's words, unable to speak, although in her mind, she screamed.

Tyrone looked down at her, and then said to her momma, "What? You want me to rape this little, white bitch till she learns to behave herself? That it?"

"Oh, God, no! Momma, please – help me!" Tillie quickly scrambled to get off of the bed and run, but was knocked flat on her back by Tyrone's massive hand slapping her so hard across the mouth that she saw stars.

"Shut up and stay on that bed, bitch!", he growled.

Defiantly, although tears were forming in her eyes, Tillie barked back, "You can't tell me what to do, nigger! Now let me go or I'll call the police!"

Tyrone yanked Tillie up by her hair, and backhanded her across the mouth, then slapped her face, hard, several times. "You ain't calling nobody, bitch, and you better shut that slut mouth of yours!"

Stung and stunned by the blows, Tillie sank back onto the bed, crying. Tyrone just looked down at her, frowning.

Tillie's momma spoke up from behind him and said, "Look, I'm giving you a nice present – that girl ain't even never had a cock in her! She's a Goddamned cherry virgin! She ain't never sucked no cock or nothin' – little, stuck-up, good girl."

Skeptical, Tyrone spoke down to Tillie, who was sobbing on the bed. "You a virgin, girl?"

Suddenly hopeful that he would let her go – that she could make this nightmare somehow end – Tillie eagerly replied, "Yes! Yes! I am! I'm a good girl! Please don't hurt me! I won't tell anyone anything, I promise! Just please let me go!" She tried to focus her gaze on Tyrone's eyes, but somehow couldn't keep her own eyes from glancing at the massive, black pole between his legs. So that's what a man's cock looks like?, she thought. My God, it was so big. She couldn't imagine something like that ever fitting inside her. She had a vibrator that she'd used on herself sometimes when she was masturbating, but no way was it nearly as big as that thing.

Tyrone looked down at the naked teenager, and pronounced, "God damn, she is a pretty little white bitch!"

Tillie was, indeed, a beautiful young girl. She had long, blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, and a beautiful Cupid 's bow mouth. Her firm, ripe breasts were a generous 36-D, with cherry-pink nipples, and she had a small waist that flared out into perfectly rounded hips and an ample bottom. Since it was winter, and she hadn't been out in the sun in months, her flesh was all a creamy white. She blushed in shame at being exposed to the glare of the large, black man's eyes, and tried, unsuccessfully to cover herself.

Tyrone knocked her hands away, and growled, "Don't you be trying to cover yourself up, bitch, you hear me? Show me them pretty white tits."

Terrified, Tillie stared up, wide-eyed, at the threatening black man, and forced herself to keep her hands down on the bed. She stammered in fear, "What...what are you going to do to me? Please don't hurt me." Unspoken, she thought to herself, please don't rape me.

"How stupid are you, bitch? Ain't you been listening here?" Tyrone grabbed hold of his cock and held up in front of Tillie's face. "I'm gonna shove this big, black cock in your pussy, and rape you – that's what I'm going to do with you!"

"No! No! Please!", Tillie screamed.

Momma moved over and sat down on the bed beside the shaking, terrified girl, and Tillie instinctively clutched at her, hugging herself against her momma's naked bosom, and crying, "Please, Momma, help me! Don't let him do it to me! Don't let him hurt me! I don't understand, Momma – what are you doing with...Pa always taught us niggers were filthy and dirty! How could you...?"

Momma stroked her daughter's hair, and smiled at her. "I know, baby girl, I know. And the truth is that old Tyrone here did rape me – the first time. He broke in the house one day, and forced me to take his big dick in my pussy." Momma lifted Tillie's chin from her breast, and looked her in the eyes. "But here's the thing you gotta learn, baby girl – Once you've been fucked good with a black cock – once they make you cum on their big, dirty, nigger dick – then they own your pussy. You can't help it – it's just the way it is - after that, you're just a helpless whore for black cock."

"But, Momma, I don't want to be no dirty nigger's whore," Tillie protested, crying audibly. "Please, Momma, help me! You're my momma! I'm your little girl! Please!"

Momma pushed Tillie away in disgust, and said to Tyrone, "It ain't no good. This proud, little bitch ain't gonna listen to reason. You're just gonna have to rape her till she learns to be a whore. Ain't nothin' gonna make her behave but some good, black cock in her proud, white pussy."

Tillie cried more and more, unable to believe what she was hearing her momma say. But it only got worse.

She heard Tyrone grumble, "All right. But I ain't putting up with this bitch kicking and screaming the whole time till she starts sluttin' and being a whore, so we gonna take some of the fight out of her first. Tie her down on that bed."

Tillie's eyes flew open in fright. Once again, she tried to leap off the bed, to run for her life, but once again Tyrone's hand smacked her, hard, knocking her back. He pointed a large, thick finger at her, and warned, "You'd better Goddamn start learnin' to behave, bitch, or I'll beat your ass good!"

Before Tillie could recover her senses or react, Momma quickly tied her face down to the bed, her wrists to the headboard, and her ankles to the bedposts at the foot of the bed, spreading her legs wide apart. Tillie burned with shame at the thought of the sight of her naked bottom and her pussy now completely exposed to the huge black man. She began crying uncontrollably, shaking with tears.

Tyrone ordered Momma, "Go get me my belt, bitch."

Momma hurried to retrieve it, and Tyrone seated himself on the bed, and began rubbing Tillie's exposed bottom with one of his large, muscular hands. Tillie screamed, and shook, trying to move away from his touch, but she was tied firmly in place.

Tyrone told her, "You can cry and yell all you want, little white bitch, but I'm gonna take my belt and whip this pretty white ass" – he squeezed a cheek of her bottom with his hand – "till you learn who's boss around here. So, you just go ahead and cry, cunt, but you let old Tyrone know when you're ready to stop fighting and be a good little slut." He slapped her ass sharply – SMACK! – and Tillie yelped, "Oww!" Tyrone ignored her protest, and smacked her ass again, saying, "I'm gonna whip this white ass till it's glowin' cherry red, bitch."

Momma returned, and handed Tyrone his two-inch wide, heavy leather belt. "Here you go, Tyrone. Go ahead and whip her! Whip her good!" Momma's excitement at the thought of this large, black man brutalizing her innocent daughter was obvious. Her eyes were glazed over with sadistic pleasure.

Tyrone shook his head at her, and said, "God damn, you're a wicked whore. What are you gonna do, play with your pussy while I whip your little girl?"

Momma meekly asked, "Can I, please, Sir? Can I play with my dirty whore cunt while you whip my white daughter into submission? Or – Oh, God, Tyrone, let me suck your cock while you beat her! Please? Fuck my mouth with your big, black dick while you beat my little bitch daughter!"

Tillie thought she would go insane listening to her momma raving, begging this huge nigger to let her put his dirty cock in her mouth and suck it while he whipped Tillie's tender, white bottom. She sobbed into her pillow, and cried aloud, "Please, no! Don't hurt me, please!"

But the answer to her helpless pleas was the sharp snap of Tyrone's leather belt square across her bottom – SMACK!

"OWWWWW!", Tillie howled in pain.

SMACK! SMACK! The belt came down harder on her tender flesh, sending white hot jolts of pain through her bottom.

"OWWW! OWWW! Oh, God, no, please stop!"


"OWWWW!", Tillie howled in pain like a wounded dog. She tugged and thrashed against her restraints, but her momma had tied her firmly to the bed – there was no getting loose. The belt slapped sharply down, biting into her flesh – she could feel red welts rising on her tender bottom.

Tyrone whipped the backs of her thighs, too, causing Tillie to scream in pain, and making tears gush forth from her eyes. She cried just like a little girl getting a hard spanking. "Owwww! Owww! No, please stop! OWWWW!!!"

Tillie's head was turned to the side, and through the blur of her tears she found herself watching her momma, who was kneeling between Tyrone's muscular legs where he stood by the bed. Momma had Tyrone's now rock-hard cock firmly in her hands, and was bobbing her head up and down on it, slurping and licking feverishly. Oh, God, no, Tillie thought – it was horrible, and yet she couldn't seem to turn her head away from the sight.

Meanwhile, Tyrone continued to rain down blows with his belt – SMACK! SMACK! – brutally abusing Tillie's naked bottom, and the backs of her legs. One time he even snapped the belt between her shamefully open thighs, slapping it against the tender lips of her exposed pussy.

"Ungh!," Tillie grunted in pain and surprise from the new assault on her private parts.

It went on for some time – Tillie hysterically crying and thrashing on the bed, her thighs and bottom reddened and bruised, long red welts rising on them, her momma enthusiastically sucking Tyrone's cock while her daughter was beaten and debased, and Tyrone just whipping away mercilessly at Tillie's ass with his hard, leather belt. At one point, the pain was so bad, Tillie almost passed out. But she was yanked back to awareness by the sudden feel of Tyrone's warm hand covering her bottom – and then the unexpected feel of his large fingers rubbing against her pussy slit.

"OH! OH! NO! Stop it! NO!" Tillie protested, and wriggled furiously, but could not stop Tyrone's invading fingers from probing at her, and slipping themselves into her exposed cunt hole. When her eyes flew open in shock and horror, the sight that greeted her was unimaginably terrifying. Tyrone had seated himself on the bed in order to start feeling and probing into her pussy. Momma was still kneeling on the floor, slobbering herself all over his cock. Tillie couldn't help seeing a couple of times – when Momma's head popped off Tyrone's massive pole – how incredibly huge his fully-hardened cock was. It looked like a big, black nightstick, or baseball bat. It was huge, especially the swollen head of it. At one point, her momma sneered at her and said, pumping her hand vigorously up and down on Tyrone's cock, "I'm sucking this cock and making it nice and big and hard for Tyrone to rape you with."

Tillie was pulled out of her reverie by the electric shock that jolted through her when the end of Tyrone's fat thumb grazed across her clit. He knew what he was doing, and he rubbed it in little circles, just like Tillie herself did when she was masturbating. Tillie froze in fear as his rubbing began to have the same effect as when she did it herself, sending little jolts of warm pleasure through her belly. She had to fight not to willingly grind herself against his hand as it cupped her pussy, which she could feel, against her will, getting wet.

"No, please..." she wailed. It was horrible, it was shameful and humiliating, but at least it wasn't as painful as the brutal whipping.

As if he could read her thoughts, Tyrone's response was to immediately stop rubbing her now-swollen clit, and ask her, "Oh, you want me to stop what I'm doing and whip your ass some more?"

Tillie was caught between two horrors, two painful, shameful degradations, and couldn't think how to respond. But when Tyrone reached for his belt, she instinctively screamed out, "No! Please don't! Please don't whip me any more!"

Tyrone smiled wickedly down at her and said, "Then tell me what you want me to do instead, bitch. I want to hear you say it."

Tillie's face flushed scarlet at the mere idea of saying what she knew he wanted to hear. Instead, she bit her lip and said nothing, shaking her head defiantly, hoping for some escape. But then Tyrone reached toward the belt again, and she fearfully relented, sobbing, "No! Please don't! I'll say it...I'll say it...Please don't whip me – rub on me instead."

Tyrone gave her a sharp SMACK! on her ass with the palm of his hand. "Not good enough, bitch. Unless you want some more ass whipping, you better tell me right now that you want me to play with your pussy."

Tillie sighed in resignation, and with tears streaming down her face, mumbled, "All right...Please...I want you to..." – she moaned in shame, "Ohhhh, God..." – and then concluded, "...to play with my pussy."

Momma had finally stopped sucking Tyrone's cock, but she still held it firmly in her hand, enthusiastically rubbing her hand all up and down the incredible length of it, as she leaned over to watch wide-eyed as Tyrone's fingers rubbed, and pinched, and probed at her daughter's virginal pussy lips. "God damn, Tyrone – look at that nice, pink pussy. And the little whore is making herself wet all over your fingers, too!" She could see her daughter's fresh pussy juices glistening on Tyrone's fingers as they slid in and out of her, and the lips of Tillie's pussy were obviously increasingly damp as well.

Tillie cried quietly into her pillow, unable to do anything to prevent the assault on her tender flesh. All she could do was grit her teeth, and try not to respond to the stimulating feel of the warm, firm fingers probing inside her – but even that was an increasingly losing battle, as the natural, instinctive response of her body began to overpower her. She was at least thankful that the horrible beating the big, black nigger had given her was over. At least, she hoped it was over. Whenever she opened her eyes, Tillie couldn't help being mesmerized by the sight of the huge, dark cock that glistened in her mother's hand, the sight of her mother's white fingers moving themselves steadily up and down the big, black pole, occasionally squeezing its fat head between her thumb and fingertips, occasionally still leaning over and kissing it with her lips. How was Tillie going to avoid being raped by that massive fuck-pole?

She'd let her attention wander while staring at her mother's tender ministrations to the dirty nigger dick, but was snapped back to awareness when she heard her mother exclaim, "Look, Tyrone, the little slut is humping your hand with her sloppy cunt."

Oh my God! Tillie realized it was true – while her attention had wandered, she had begun to instinctively move herself up and down against the soft, warm pussy massage that she was getting. Immediately, she grunted in protest – "Unhh!" – and stopped herself, holding herself rigidly still. But she couldn't stop the fingers from continuing to probe inside her, pushing themselves as deeply as they cared to go.

Tillie cried, she sobbed, she wailed, she moaned, she twisted and turned – all to no avail. Finally, she just lay there, face down on the bed, tired out and no longer actively resisting.

Tyrone teased her and humiliated her in the way he expertly played with and stimulated her pussy. "Oh, you like having more of my fingers in your cunt, little girl? Well, you're gonna love having my big, black cock shoved up in that white pussy of yours. I'm glad you're making your pussy so nice and sloppy wet for me – that'll make it easier for me to shove my dick up in you, bitch."

It was like being in a nightmare – everything seemed unreal. This couldn't really be happening to her. More unreality flooded over her when Tillie suddenly realized that at some point she'd been untied, and was now lying on the bed, unbound. A vague, hazy recollection of her momma leaning over her and unfastening her bonds drifted through her mind, but it was like she'd lost track of time and couldn't tell exactly when it had happened.

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