Black Fucked and Bred


Stark clarity cut through the fog though when Tyrone grabbed a handful of Tillie's hair and pulled her around to where she was kneeling on the bed in front of him. Oh God, what now?, she thought. She stared up at the firmly muscled black man, and knew she was helpless to prevent him doing whatever he wanted with her.

Meanwhile, Tyrone looked back at her, admiring her tender, ripe, milk-white flesh, the way her young, firm breasts stood out perkily, the smooth curve of her waist and hips...and her juicy-looking mouth. Still holding her by her hair, he told her, "It's time for you to start sucking some black cock."

Tillie's eyes widened, and she tried to shake her head in protest, but it was hard with the firm grip Tyrone held on her hair. "Please! No! I've never done anything like that in my life. Please don't make me!"

Tyrone just laughed. "You ain't even never sucked no cock before? Well, if you're anything like your momma, you'll learn quick."

Tillie protested again. "Please, no, don't..."

Tyrone reached out and grabbed her tiny hand. "Here, bitch, just take hold of it." And saying that, he placed her hand on his erection.

Tillie's tiny fingers curled themselves around the big, black rod. It was certainly bigger than her boyfriend's, but she had at least felt a man's cock in her hand before. Tyrone's felt warm to the touch, rock hard, and it seemed to swell in her grasp. She just stared down at the gigantic thing, unable to speak, and certainly unable to think about it being in her virgin mouth.

Impatiently, her momma barked at her, "Well, don't just sit there like a Goddamned moron. Start stroking that big, black fuckstick." She reached over and covered Tillie's fingers with her own, and began moving them up and down the length of Tyrone's long, hard cock. Tillie just gasped in astonishment, but began dutifully moving her hand up and down on the hot pole in her grasp.

"Mmmm," Tyrone moaned. "Yeah, bitch, that's good – you making Tyrone's cock nice and hard with that pretty little white hand of yours."

His remark caused Tillie to stare down at the stark contrast between her small, white hand, and the big, black cock it was wrapped around. After a moment, eyes wide in fear, she looked back up at Tyrone, to make sure he wasn't getting angry about something.

He stared back at her, and ordered. "Now get your head down there and kiss it, bitch. 'Cause that dick's gonna be your lover from now on, so you ought to be loving it back with your mouth."

Tillie tried to resist, but Tyrone, still holding a fistful of her hair, easily pulled her face down into his lap. Tillie tried turning her head to the side, and squealed, "No!", as her face approached the large, throbbing cock, but she still kept her hand wrapped around it, and was still rhythmically moving it up and down.

Tyrone yanked her head back up, and quickly slapped her across the mouth. "I said get to sucking my cock, bitch. Kiss it, lick it, and slurp on it like a whore's lollipop." He pressed her face back down into his lap.

This time, although shaking with fear and revulsion, Tillie let her lips go just to the tip of the enormous black cock, and just barely brushed them against it in an unenthusiastic kiss.

"Now lick it," Tyrone's voice boomed from above her. The large black man's thigh muscles, clearly visible to her eyes, reminded her that resistance was all but pointless. Crying, she slowly put out her tongue and gave a light lick to the head of Tyrone's cock. She tasted the pre-cum that her own milking hand had brought to the tip. Having never tasted a man's cum before in her life, she couldn't stop herself from flicking her tongue back into her mouth to see what it tasted like. She licked out at it again, this time lapping her tongue up along about half the length of it.

"Now take it in your mouth, cunt."

Again, Tillie tried to shake her head in protest, but again it was held firmly in place. Tyrone's long, black fingers closed around her throat, cutting off her airway. Tillie panicked and flailed against the bed. Just when she thought she was going to pass out, Tyrone loosened his grip and allowed air to rush into her starving lungs. But as she opened her mouth to gulp it in, he forced her head down onto his erect cock so that her open mouth couldn't help taking it in, nor closing around the massive pole when her jaws relaxed. In a panic of humiliation, Tillie realized that she now had a fat, black cock in her mouth. She couldn't believe how big and hot it felt in her mouth. She closed her lips around it, and held it there, but did nothing else.

"Suck my cock, bitch," Tyrone growled.

Afraid she was about to be slapped again, Tillie tearfully began slightly moving her head up and down on the big, hard cock invading her mouth. At the same time, she lapped at it with her tongue. She moved her hand up and down on it, too, even though she was afraid that might make it shoot off in her mouth at any second. With her boyfriend, Billy, it had usually only taken a minute or two of that kind of stimulation before he'd gushed his creamy spunk all over her hand.

Tillie's large, ripe breasts were hanging down as she knelt over the black man's cock, and she gave a grunt of surprise when his hands reached beneath her and began squeezing her firm globes.

"Mmm," his deep voice boomed, "you got some nice, white titties, just like your momma, girl. Um-hm, with tits like this, you was made to get bred and have babies sucking on these nipples."

He pinched her nipples erect, and pulled on them, as he spoke. Tillie tried to squeal in protest, but couldn't with her mouth stuffed full of cock.

She'd adjusted to having the fat pole in her mouth, and it wasn't hard for her tongue and mouth to instinctively know what to do to make a man's cock happy. She tried to ignore the fact that, especially since Tyrone had started playing with her tits, she'd started getting wetter between her legs again, and feeling warm, pleasant sensations down there. She tried to ignore the fact that she'd begun shamelessly making audible slurping and sucking noises as she more enthusiastically bobbed her pretty head up and down on Tyrone's big dick, taking more and more of it in her mouth, and pressing it deeper toward the back of her throat. She especially tried to ignore the humiliating moment when the thought fleeted through her mind wondering how the big, hard pole throbbing in her hand and her mouth might feel stuffed up inside her.

Tillie heard her momma's voice growling in her ear, "Ha! Look at the little white slut sucking on a big nigger dick like it's her favorite lollipop!" Tillie's cheeks burned with shame, and tears flooded from her eyes. "I always knew you was a whore at heart." Her cheeks burned more with the knowledge that she was actually starting to like the feel of Tyrone's cock in her mouth, shamefully enjoying him holding her by the hair and fucking her face with it. She hoped the mewling and whimpering sounds of pleasure that began to escape her went unheard.

Momma thrust her hand down between Tillie's legs, and even though Tillie grunted in protest, she couldn't prevent her momma's fingers from feeling her warm wetness.

"Ain't nobody gonna have to rape this whore's pussy – she's already juicing like a black cock slut!"

Tillie tried to squirm away from her momma's probing fingers, but Tyrone held her in place and ordered her, "You just keep learning to suck black cock like a good, little white whore." A soft moan escaped Tillie's lips as her momma expertly massaged her tiny clit, sending a fresh gush of wetness through the walls of her pussy.

Without warning, Tyrone pulled Tillie up off his throbbing cock, and pushed her up onto all fours on the bed. In confusion and frustration, Tillie whined, and tried to get it back in her mouth, and continued jerking it off with her hand until it was pulled out of her grasp, but Tyrone easily shoved into the position he wanted her.

As he crawled up behind her, Tillie squealed, "Noooo!", and thought to herself, Oh, God, this is it – this dirty nigger's gonna rape me with his big nigger dick! She thrashed her legs wildly, trying to keep them together and prevent his assault, but Tyrone's large, firm hands pressed up against the inside of her thighs and easily pushed them apart. Then he moved his own thighs up between Tillie's, preventing them from closing back.

His hands gripped the curvy, milk-white flesh of her ass, and he spoke down to her, "You 'bout to get fucked, missy."

Tears streaming down her face, Tillie sobbed, "No, please don't rape me!"

"It won't be rape when I'm done with you, bitch." He pressed the head of his massive cock to the lips of her pussy, and rubbed it down her slit, wetting his cock with her juices and sending unwelcome sparks of sensation through her clit as he brushed his dick across it.

"Unh...Unh...," Tillie grunted, trying to squirm away from the big, black cock poised at her hole, but only succeeding in rubbing herself up against it. She cried harder, and thought, "Oh, God, this can't be happening to me. I'm about to be nigger-raped."

Tyrone held her bucking, thrashing hips firmly, and allowed her to ineffectively try to escape, all the while keeping his fat cock head just barely pressed into the entrance to her pussy.

Momma decided to help, and crawled up under her daughter on the bed, and began playing with Tillie's tits, squeezing them, pulling and pinching on her nipples until they involuntarily hardened in response, then lovingly sucking at Tillie's plump breasts.

"Oh, God, Momma, no....," Tillie moaned, but there was nothing she could do to keep her fat, ripe tits out of her mother's mouth either.

Momma replied, "Oh, I don't mind sucking my baby girl's pretty titties, especially since it's gonna make her nice and wet for Tyrone's big, old cock." She went back to hungrily slurping on Tillie's nipples.

Sure enough, no matter how much her mind screamed against, her momma's warm mouth and tongue working on her tits and nipples eventually had the inevitable effect of becoming a sensation that gave pleasure. Tillie hung her head and blushed deeply as she felt heat and moisture building between her legs. She wanted to make it stop happening, but there simply wasn't any way. A soft moan escaped her lips, "Ohhhh, God..."

Just at that instant, Tyrone slapped her ass with a firm hand – SMACK! The strange blur of simultaneous sensations of pleasure and pain made Tillie feel dizzy. She was still sobbing uncontrollably. "Owww...Oh, please...Oh, God..."

Tyrone slapped her ass again, harder – SMACK! – and said, "You gonna be saying please for something else in a minute."

Tillie made another attempt to wrest control of her hips away from him, but he easily held her in place, her moist pussy pressed against the head of his cock. "Get it straight, bitch. I'm about to change you forever. When old Tyrone's done with you, you're gonna be nothin' but a whore for black cock. Nothing but a Goddamned cock slut. You gonna spend the rest of your life wanting black cock and cum in your pussy, as much of it as you can get. You gonna be begging niggers to fuck you and let you suck their cocks with your slut mouth."

"NO! Stop it! You can't make me do this!", Tillie screamed in defiance.

Tillie's mother stopped sucking her tits, and quickly moved in front of her daughter's face on the bed. She angrily slapped Tillie several times across the mouth, and yelled, "God damn you, you proud little bitch, you're getting black-fucked and you are gonna be a little, white whore for black cock! My man Tyrone's gonna fuck your tight, little pussy and breed you like a bitch in heat."

Although almost knocked senseless by her momma's slaps, Tillie's eyes flew wide open. What?! Did Momma say she was gonna let this black man breed me? – Put a black baby in my belly?! God, no! Somebody make it stop!

Fresh tears streamed from her eyes. "Please, Momma, please...Help me...Please, Momma, don't let him do it to me."

A strangely tender expression came across her momma's face, and the hand that had just slapped her, softly brushed its fingers along Tillie's bruised, red cheek. Momma said softly, "But I am helping you, baby. I'm helping you become a real woman, and I'm helping you be happy." Tillie stared at her mother like she must be crazy, but Momma just said, "You'll see, baby girl...Tyrone's gonna hurt you now, but when it's over, you'll be happy to be his fat-bellied white slut, all full up with his baby in you. You'll be happy swelling up all big with a black baby, and sucking black cock while you're a fat, pregnant bitch. It's good that he's fucking you from behind, 'cause that's the only way he," – she smiled cruelly – "and all his nigger friends will be able to do it to you when you turn into a fat, pregnant, pig slut."

"Momma, no!"

Her momma continued brushing her fingers softly against Tillie's cheeks. She leaned her face into Tillie's and hissed, "I was always sick of your father treating you like the Queen of England. Sick of you being little miss prim and proper. I'm gonna love watching you turned into a black cock whore, a filthy cock-sucking slut, black-bred and made a fat, piggy slut, begging niggers to let her suck some cock and drink some cum."

Tillie knew that her momma was insane, that she hated her. And she knew that she was lost, that nothing was going to save her from being raped by Tyrone. She could only pray that none of those horrible things about becoming a whore, or getting pregnant with a nigger baby, would come true.

There was nothing Tillie could do. She tried to flop herself down flat on the bed, but Tyrone held her hips in place and after thrashing her legs wildly a few times, she was forced to place her knees back on the bed. She tried to move away from him, but he held her in place. And then she made her mistake. She suddenly bucked herself backwards, hoping to knock him off her, and hopefully off the bed.

But instead, what she did was impale herself on his big, fat, black cock.

"Aughhhh!!!", she screamed. She immediately tried to jerk herself forward, back off of the hot pole that was inside her now, but Tyrone rode himself forward with her, and just sunk his cock deeper in her once-virgin pussy.

Momma laughed, "I guess she just couldn't wait for it any more!"

Beginning to rhythmically thrust himself in and out of Tillie's cunt, Tyrone agreed. "Yeah, this little bitch know she wanna fuck old Tyrone's cock with that hot little white pussy." He pumped himself harder into the young girl's hole. Tillie had let her head sink onto the bed, and was just grunting in response to the building assault on her womb.

Tyrone yanked her head up by her long, blonde hair, and leaned his head down to hers. "You starting to like it, bitch? 'Cause your pussy sure is getting wetter." To emphasize his point, he fucked her cunt with long, slow strokes, and to her shame, Tillie realized that with every back and forth movement, her pussy was, indeed, making itself wetter and wetter to more easily accommodate Tyrone's cock violating her.

Tillie strained to clear her head, and try to think of something to do to make this end. The only thing that came to her was remembering that when she'd jerk off her boyfriend – the only thing she'd ever done before – that when she'd move her hand up and down really fast, that he'd shoot his juice almost immediately. It was all she could think of – "Maybe I can make it be over fast." She squeezed her eyes shut and forced herself to hump her ass back and forth on the invading cock as fast as she could, trying to make it go ahead and spurt, and then maybe the bad nigger would be satisfied and go away and leave her alone.

Momma watched Tillie furiously humping Tyrone's cock, and exclaimed, "God damn, Tyrone! She's already turning into a little cock whore!"

But Tyrone wasn't fooled. "Nah, she ain't no whore yet...but she's gonna be." He slapped Tillie's pistoning ass with his hand, and just laughed at her. "You think you can make Tyrone's cock shoot off in your cunt, missy? Well, maybe you can, but not right now – not till I'm finished fucking that white pussy of yours into being a cum-hole for black cocks."

Tillie quickly exhausted herself trying to make Tyrone go ahead and cum, and slowly slumped her bucking hips to a stop. It hadn't worked. Not on Tyrone anyway. It had only worked on her own pussy – her fucking motion on the big, black dick in her pussy had made her wetter and hotter, and she'd found herself purposely trying to make the fat cock rub against her clit and G-spot. Now, as she hung limp, knees shaking, with her ass in Tyrone's large, firm hands, she felt the aftermath of all her humping when her pussy instinctively began to clutch itself around the length of Tyrone's hard cock, milking and sucking at it.

Although Tillie didn't notice it immediately, Tyrone did. He responded with another slap on her already-reddened bottom – SMACK! – and said to Tillie's momma, "Now she's starting to be a slut," and then to Tillie – with another SMACK! – "That's it, baby, milk that big dick in your cunt with that tight, wet pussy of yours."

"OWWWW!" Tillie screamed in pain from the hard slaps on her tender bottom, and then recoiled in shock as she realized what her pussy was doing, how it was betraying her. Being a virgin, and not knowing much about sex at all, she had no idea that her pussy was just acting the way it was biologically made to act, that no matter what she thought in her head, her pussy only knew that when it got a nice, hard cock up in it, it was supposed to try to milk the cum out of it and into her fertile belly.

In horror, she cried, "Oh, God...Oh, God! Help me!" Tears poured down her cheeks.

Tyrone pulled her head up by her hair, and used it like reins on a horse to pull her back against his thrusts. His thick cock pushed itself deeper and deeper into her, and her traitorous pussy seemed to open itself to accommodate the invading member more and more. Tyrone took firm hold of her hips, and began fucking her harder. He spoke down to her, "There ain't nothing you can do about that, little girl. Your pussy don't know nothin' except it loves gettin' cock stuffed up in it. It's gonna love that cock whether you do or not. That's what's happening to you, bitch – your white pussy's learning to love black cock."

Crying hysterically, poor Tillie cried out to her momma again, even though she knew it was a useless appeal for help. She whimpered, "Please, Momma, please help me."

"Oh, I'll help you, little girl." Momma sat herself in front of her crying daughter's face, and sympathetically intoned, "Come here, little baby girl. Suck on your momma's big titty and you'll feel better." She reached around and pulled Tillie's weary head down onto her ripe, full breast. Tillie couldn't help thinking how wonderful it would be if she could somehow go back to being a safe, small baby, and thus she found herself willingly slurping at her momma's swollen nipple, and taking the large breast in her open mouth. Momma held her head firmly against her breast, and immediately encouraged her, purring, "That's a good little girl – suck your momma's tits like a baby." Even though Tillie felt ashamed of the slurping and mewling noises she was making, she did indeed continue sucking hungrily on Momma's nipple.

Stimulated by her little girl's sucking, Momma reached a hand down between her legs and started playing with her own pussy. Breathlessly, she continued to entreat Tillie, "That's it, baby girl, that's it. Suck on your mommy's tits like a good baby girl." She shifted Tillie's unresisting head to her other breast, and Tillie willingly began sucking a fresh nipple to fullness. She even began to coo and moan a bit as she felt the tender flesh in her mouth and greedily lapped at it with her tongue. She didn't even know what she was doing anymore. She was a prisoner of sensation, and a prisoner of the man who was raping her and the woman who was helping him. Momma looked up at Tyrone and nodded, "You can start really fucking that pussy now. This little whore's just gonna suck on her momma and let you fuck her cunt all you want."

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