Black Fucked and Bred


Tillie was shocked to realize that she had lost all resistance to what was happening to her. She was just there on her knees, allowing Tyrone to rape her with his massive cock, and willingly sucking her momma's tits, helping her momma masturbate herself to orgasm. It shocked her further when her momma softly kissed her head and purred, "You're a good, little tit-sucker, Tillie. God damn, you're gonna make your momma cum with all that good sucking."

Momentarily, that shocked Tillie back to awareness, and she stopped licking her momma's nipple and tried to pull her head back. But Momma held her head firmly in place, and warned, "No, you don't. You get back to sucking your momma's tits, or I'll slap the shit out of you, you little cunt whore." She grabbed hold of one of Tillie's hands and thrust it between her own legs. "Here, baby, you can play with your momma's pussy, too. Put your fingers in my wet cunt and rub it like a good little slut."

Tillie meekly obeyed, beginning to move her fingers back and forth in her momma's warm, wet pussy, and continuing to suck at the breast in her mouth.

And all the while, she felt Tyrone's big, black cock pounding away in her pussy – which was now soaking wet – and there was nothing she could do but lay there and let herself be raped. Tears continued to fall down her cheeks, but her sobs began to be replaced by small moans that came from deep within her.

After a minute, her momma shuddered in orgasm. Momma pulled Tillie's tear-stained face up from her breast and kissed her on the mouth. "Good. You made your momma cum, just like good little pussy slut." Without warning, Momma slapped Tillie's face hard, and told her, "And now you're gonna let Tyrone make you a whore for black cock."

The slap brought Tillie back to a keen awareness of what was happening to her, but before she could think, her momma slapped her again, and ordered her, "Start fucking that big, black cock like you love it!" When Tillie didn't immediately respond, Momma slapped her face hard again. "I said start humping that black dick with your pussy! Now do it!", and she slapped Tillie's face again.

When her momma drew her hand back again, in fear Tillie started moving her hips just a little bit back and forth. "I'm doing it, momma, I'm doing it."

"Doing what? Tell me what you're doing with your whore pussy!" Another slap. "Say it!"

Tillie feebly mumbled, "I'm humping. I'm humping, Momma." As she said it, she moved her ass back and forth a little more enthusiastically, hoping to avoid further punishment. Unfortunately, doing so started sensations between her legs, deep in her pussy, that she was trying not to feel. But she didn't want to be beaten again.

"Talk dirty, little girl – talk like a slut, and tell me what you're doing with that whore pussy of yours." Tillie hesitated, and Momma slapped her again. "Don't make me beat you, girl! Start talking!"

"Please, Momma, no, don't make me say things like that," Tillie pleaded.

Her protest was met with another sharp slap from Momma, and also with a hard SMACK on her ass from Tyrone, who growled from behind her, "You better listen to your momma, bitch, and start telling us what a slut you're being with your juicy cunt. And you better keep humping that pretty, white ass up and down on my black dick, too."


"Owww! Oh God, please stop!"

Momma slapped her face again.

"Owww!" She couldn't resist any longer. Tearfully, she cried out, "I'm fucking! All right?" Ashamed of herself and her own words, she spitefully humped her ass furiously up and down on the big cock filling up her pussy. Her words were slurred as she mindlessly spewed them forth. "I'm fucking! I'm fucking a big, fat, black cock! Oh, God, I'm fucking a big nigger dick!"

Tillie was shocked to find that the filthy words spewing out of her mouth seemed to lessen the pain, and increase the undeniable pleasure and heat that she was feeling between her legs. More words tumbled out of her mouth, easier this time. "I'm fucking a black cock...," her voice trailed off to a mumble when she added, "...with my whore pussy."

Oh, God, she thought to herself, Am I really becoming a whore, a helpless slut who actually likes being raped with a big, black cock? As she thought the words, "big, black cock", she felt the fullness in her pussy, felt how massively swollen Tyrone's cock was in her, how it filled her up completely, making her feel so totally stuffed with cock that she couldn't feel anything else but her helpless pussy being fucked. And again she became aware of how her pussy was unconsciously tightening itself around Tyrone's huge fuck-stick, sucking at it as he plunged it deeper and deeper into her belly.

Another SMACK on her sore bottom came just before Tyrone ordered her, "Now tell me to fuck you, bitch. Say it!" He didn't wait, but SMACKED her ass again, and pounded his cock in her gushing wet hole.

Tillie's head had sunk down onto the bed. She mumbled into the pillow, "Fuck me."

SMACK! "Say it again, bitch! Tell me what you want."

Unable to resist, unable to think of anything but obeying and avoiding further punishment, Tillie mumbled again, "Fuck me." Fearful of being hit again, she continued to chant, "Fuck me...Unhhh...fuck me...fuck me...".

As if he were simply obeying her request, Tyrone slammed his huge cock up inside her, and fucked her pussy into total submission. Tillie meekly lay beneath him, and let herself be rocked back and forth by his thrusting in and out of her, feeling his strong hands holding her ass firmly impaled on his cock, which seemed to grow bigger and bigger in her all the time. At least she wasn't being beaten anymore.

"Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...".

She thought of what she must look like, her ass up in the air, her legs spread, and this huge black man with his huge, fat cock raping her wet, swollen pussy, which continued to respond to his thrusts by squeezing and milking at the big dick she felt shoved up inside her. If she wasn't a whore, she certainly looked like one.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Tyrone's voice as he spoke to her momma. They'd both been watching her and listening to her babble. He said, "Yeah, your little girl's starting to like having a big, black cock in her pussy. Her slutty cunt is sucking on my dick for all it's worth."

Excited, Tillie's momma squealed, "You're doing it, Tyrone! You're making her a whore, a whore for black cock. Pretty soon she's gonna be begging to be black bred."

Tillie tried to shut out the words, but she couldn't. Nor could she stop her sopping wet pussy from reacting to being fucked by Tyrone's huge, swollen cock. She was crying more, and talking less, but to keep from being beaten, still occasionally murmuring, "Fuck me...fuck me...".

Tyrone told her, "I think it's time you started behaving like a good, little slut and added 'Please' to your vocabulary. You want this cock up your cunt, you ask Tyrone to please fuck you."

Fearing that he was about to hit her again, Tillie obeyed his instructions. She struggled to get the words out. "Please...please, fuck me." Her face turned scarlet with shame, but she said it anyway.

Tyrone slapped her bare ass sharply. Tillie cried out in confusion, "Owww! I did what you told me to! Why did you hit me again?". She shook with renewed crying.

Tyrone explained, "Listen, missy, you're my bitch, and I can beat your ass anytime I want. Understand?"

Tillie's failure to reply resulted in another slap on her bottom, as Tyrone angrily said, "I asked you a question, slut – Do you understand?"

"Yes! Yes! I understand!"

"What do you understand? Repeat it back to me, so I know you got it."

She didn't want to be hit again, so she obediently, if quietly, replied, "I understand that...I'm your bitch and you can beat my ass anytime you want." She said the words hurriedly, anxious to make it be over with.

Tyrone smoothly rubbed her sore bottom with his warm hand and said, "That's better. I think you starting to know your place, like a good little whore. Now, you can either get your ass beat some more...or you can go back to nicely asking for my cock to fuck your white whore pussy."

Oh God, there was just no escaping the nightmare. Still breathing raggedly through her tears, Tillie moaned a forlorn chant of, "Please fuck me...please fuck me..." Afraid she wasn't being obedient enough, and afraid of more punishment, she added, "Please fuck my whore pussy," and spread her thighs slightly further apart to allow Tyrone to spear her even deeper with his thick cock.

The slight change in angle caused her to feel it thrusting into her more intensely, and little shudders began to run through her pussy, causing it to convulse and spasm around Tyrone's cock. "Unnhh...unhhh...Ohhhh..." She moaned into the pillow her face was pressed down into, and clutched at the sheet with tiny curled-up fists. "Unnhhh...UNNHH...OHHHHH..." Her pussy felt like it was on fire, but was at the same time gushing fresh wetness to lubricate Tyrone's steadily increasing tempo of thrusts in her fuck hole. "Oh, God, no...make it't make me...don't make me...".

But it was too late. Momma yelled out, "Fuck her, Tyrone! Fuck her tight, little pussy and make the bitch cum on your cock!" She brushed a hand through Tillie's hair, and said with equal affection and cruelty, "This is it, baby girl. Tyrone's gonna make you cum all over that big cock of his, and once you do that, it's'll be a whore for black cock the rest of your life. Are you ready to be a cum slut for black cocks?"

Tillie moaned, "No...Please...Stop...Don't make me...Don't make me..."

But it was too late. She couldn't stop the roaring wave of sensations caused by the fucking she was getting. Her pussy got hotter and hotter, until it finally boiled over.

Suddenly, she screamed out, "Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God damn! Fuck me! Oh, fuck my pussy! Fuck my whore pussy!"

She reached back with her hand and grabbed Tyrone's hand as it held her hips beneath him, urging him to plunge deeper and faster into her, and bucking herself uncontrollably back up against him. Her pussy convulsed tightly around his massive cock as her orgasm rocketed through her belly, making her shudder and soak herself with her cum juices.

"Oh, God! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming!" Her voice became a sorrowful, but lustful wail. "Oh, shit, my pussy's cumming on a big nigger dick!"

Tyrone rammed his massive cock in and out of her pussy. Waves and waves of heat and throbbing rolled through her as Tillie felt another orgasm come crashing through her body. She clawed at the sheets, grunted like a pig, and her toes curled behind her. She was raising her ass, bucking wildly up and down on the big, hot cock in her cunt.

Tyrone, knowing she was completely helpless to her pussy's need now, yelled down at her, "Why should I fuck you, bitch? Huh? Why should I give you my nice big cock?"

Utterly abandoning any shame, fresh tears pouring from her eyes, Tillie screamed out, "OH, God! Because I need it! Oh, God, I need my whore pussy fucked! Please fuck my whore pussy!"

"Are you my slut now? You a whore for black cock?"

Tillie was helpless to the relentless pounding in her belly, and screamed out, "Yes! I'm your slut...your whore...your bitch...oh, God, just fuck MEEEE!"

"You love having that big, black cock in your whore pussy now, don't you? Go ahead and tell me what a whore you are for it."

"Yes! Yes!," Tillie sobbed. "I love your big, fat, black cock in me! My whore pussy loves having a black cock in it! Oh, fuck me, fuck me...fuck my cunt and make me a whore!"

Still not satisfied, although he kept on pounding his gigantic pole into her dripping-wet pussy, Tyrone ordered her, "Tell your momma, girl. You tell her what a whore you are."

Tillie moaned in despair, "Oh, God, Momma, I'm a whore...I'm whore for black cock."

Her momma replied, "Then I guess you're ready to get a black man's cum in your pussy, aren't you?"

Tillie realized in shock that that's exactly what her pussy did want, what it suddenly craved. She nodded her head vigorously, and said, "Yes! Oh, yes! My pussy wants cum! Oh, God, I want that big, black cock to fill me up with its cum!"

Momma grinned at Tyrone, and said, "You heard the little whore, Tyrone. She wants you to fill up her belly with some of that good black-baby cream."

"That what you want now, bitch? You want Tyrone to fill that white pussy of yours up with his cum and put a black baby in you?"

Tillie has been thrashing wildly on the bed, but stilled herself enough to begin rocking her hips back and forth in a steady, intense rhythm, humping herself up and down on Tyrone's massive cock, impaling herself on it. She now consciously used her pussy muscles to suck on it, to milk it, trying to make it shoot cum in her. Having been turned into a bitch in heat, Tillie could no longer restrain pure, unbridled lust from pouring out of her mouth.

"Yes, I want it!," she screamed. "Oh, God, beat my ass and rape me! I want you to shove your big, black dick in my pussy and give me your cum! Give it to me! Give me your juice, and fuck a black baby up in me!" She continued fucking herself furiously up and down on his cock. "Do it to me! Make me your fat-bellied pregnant bitch! Fuck me, shoot your dirty cum in my pussy, and make my belly swell up with a black baby! Oh, God, Tyrone, fuck your whore – fuck your white whore and put cum in her cunt!"

Her pussy squeezed tightly all around his fat cock, pulling it deeper inside her, and then milked it as Tillie felt the thick, hot cream exploding out of his Tyrone's cock and gushing deeply into her womb.

As his hot pole started spurting cum into the helpless girl – now hopelessly a black cock whore, Tyrone growled, "Here it comes, bitch! Suck on that big, black dick in your pussy, and take my cum! Take it, you dirty, white slut!"

Tillie humped and sucked obediently, and yowled, "Oh, fuck, Momma, I'm getting my pussy full of black baby cream!"

Tyrone's cock, shoved up to the hilt in her tight hole, continued pumping cum into her, and her pussy kept on sucking on it, milking out every drop that it could. Tyrone groaned down at her, "I'm filling up your white pussy with my cum, you cock-loving slut!"

Tillie whimpered back, "Yes, fill me up – Make me take your cum like a whore, like a filthy, white slut who loves black cock in her pussy!"

Finally exhausted, Tillie lay flat on the bed with Tyrone's massive, muscled body lying on top of her. As if she were hypnotized, she whimpered over and over in a daze, "I love black cock...I love black cock...".

When Tyrone finally withdrew his massive member from her cum-filled hole, and rolled off of her, she quickly turned herself over and, curling herself up into a fetal position, lovingly took his deflated, but still huge, cock into her mouth, and sucked on it, purring like a nursing infant. At one point, she stopped and gazed up into the large, black man's eyes, and quietly said, "I want more cum in my belly." She quickly went black to happily slurping on his fat cock, taking as much of it in her mouth as she could.

Tyrone reached down a massive hand and brushed her hair, saying, "That's all right. You can suck my dick, little baby girl. I know my little white whore needs more black cock and cum."

Tillie whimpered happily as she held his big cock in her tiny fingers, stuffing it into her greedy mouth, and lapping away at it with her tongue.

Momma leaned over to watch her slut daughter hungrily sucking on a black dick, and said, "Damn, Tyrone, she's sure a whore for black cock now. Look at her sucking on you – she can't get enough now – just wants more of that yummy, black baby-making juice."

And then to Tillie she said, "You go ahead and suck on that pretty, black cock, you little slut. You just lay there and let Tyrone's cum soak into your slutty, white pussy, and you think about growing a black baby in your belly. And you think about, when your belly starts swelling up, telling all your friends at school that you got a nigger baby in you, that you're Tyrone's bitch, and he's black-bred you. You are a slutty, little white whore for black cock now, aren't you?"

Tillie nodded, and deliriously confessed, "Yes, Momma, I'm a whore for black cock, and I just want more nigger dick in my dirty, whore pussy. I'm a white whore who needs her pussy fucked with black cock." Having totally given herself over to her new state, she lay quietly, drooling around the nice, fat dick in her mouth, and loving the feel of all the hot, sticky cum in her pussy. It was humiliating to think of having to go back to school with a big, fat belly, and confess to all of her friends what a dirty, nigger whore she was. But it was the truth. She imagined herself saying the words, admitting, "I'm a dirty, nigger whore who loves black cock."

Momma stroked Tillie's bottom, and told her, "Oh, you're gonna get plenty of black cock in that whore pussy of yours. You're gonna stay here and be Tyrone's obedient little bitch, and when he's got you broke in good, we're gonna let some of his friends fuck your slutty cunt. That's all you are from now on, girlie, just a cunt for black cocks to shoot cum in – and the more they do it, the more you're gonna want it and need it. By the time you start getting fat with a black baby, you'll be begging for black cock all the time – wanting it in your mouth, your pussy, your asshole, anywhere you can get it. I can't wait to see your slutty ass crawling around on the floor and begging Tyrone's friends to please let you suck on their big, black cocks." She slapped Tillie's bottom, and barked, "Tell me again what a whore you are, you cocksucking slut."

Tillie replied, "Yes, Momma, I'm a whore, I'm a whore who loves sucking black cock."

And as if to punctuate her statement, again took Tyrone's big, black dick in her mouth. She was resigned to her new state in life, and envisioned herself lying naked in this bed with her legs spread, letting any black man fuck her and use her anytime they wanted, sucking and fucking black cocks with her mouth and her pussy, and getting made fat with black baby juice. She pictured herself up on the bed on all fours, wiggling her pretty, white ass in invitation, and confessing how much she wanted a hard, black dick shoved up her slutty cunt – she imagined showing off her wet slit, and saying, "Don't you want to fuck my juicy, white pussy, and make me beg for your cum?". She was a total slut now, just a cunt for black cocks to use, just a cum hole for black jizz. She knew she'd spend the rest of her life just being a rutting fuck pig, always hungry for more cum in her whore pussy.

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