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Black Girls Have Big Dicks


She was like no woman I had ever seen before. She walked into a room and everyone's eyes were on her. She just had that incredible presence that just lit up the room and everyone just wanted to be around her. I was working behind the bar of a trendy club when I first saw her saunter in on her long legs, swaying her hips in a short dress. She walked over to the bar and leaned over toward me, a good number of inches taller than me in her heels. Up close, her face was perfection, skin like dark chocolate, thick, full brown lips and sparkling white teeth, dark eyes and a cascade of wavy black hair. Leaning far over the bar to order in my ear over the loud r n b music that played in the club, she enabled me to get a quick glance at her ample cleavage under the low cut material of her gold lame dress. Diamonds sparkled in her ears. In a deep, throaty, sensual voice, she ordered a bottle of Cristal, seeming to think nothing of the champagne's $400 price tag.

Later, I was to learn that she had a love for that particular drink because Crystal was her name too. Right now, of course, I didn't know that, I didn't know anything about her yet I was enchanted by her, by the commanding grace with which she stood and walked, the way she seemed to know just what she wanted and have no qualms about taking it, the way she smiled her white smile and spoke in that dark, husky voice, the way she wore that little gold dress with such class yet incredible sensuality. I was sure that she must have been a model, she simply stood with such poise, showing off the full length of her dark brown legs, towering above even the men in the room, in her six inch in a pair of 5 inch heeled diamonte strapped sandals she must have been at least 6'4. Although she was tall and slender, like a supermodel, she had the curves of a real woman, or more like an amazon goddess. She had the delicious big rounded incredibly fuckable arse that the sexiest black women always possess, meanwhile her enormous chest stuck out equally far in front of her. I later learnt that the gorgeous orbs of her breasts measured a 34 FF and they were every bit as incredible as that implies. Quite simply, Crystal was every inch the ideal statuesque black beauty.

Naturally, I didn't gain all of this impression of my object of lust just from a quick glance at the bar, no I spent quite some time that evening simply watching her as she was surrounded by her beautiful but less remarkable friends and the constant eager attentions of many guys. Fortunately, one thing I can say about being a rather small, unremarkable looking guy is that nobody really notices you, which comes in handy when you want to spend the evening checking out a hot woman and not serving a bunch of irritating wankers their drinks. Well, that's just what I did with my evening, the more I stared, the more I couldn't take my eyes off her, there was just something about this tall, curvaceous, dark hottie that meant she demanded all of your attention and all of your thoughts.

As I left work in the early hours of the morning, thoughts of the gorgeous large breasted black woman I had spent all night staring at were all that occupied my mind. So much so that when I saw her walking away from the club I momentarily thought it was simply my own mind still full of thoughts of her sexy figure. But no, after a second I realised it was her, having said goodbye to her friends, she left and headed for the nearest tube station alone. Now, my route home lead me in the complete opposite direction, so why was it that my feet started leading me towards the underground station, following Crystal's beautiful swaying arse as if it was hypnotising me. I bought a ticket and got on the train with her, speeding me ever further from my home on what I was sure was virtually the last train of the evening. What on earth was I doing? Was I stalking this woman? That hadn't been on my mind but it seemed like somehow I had found myself following her home. I didn't know what to do.

It was late and the carriage was virtually empty. Crystal sat down in an empty row of seats and I positioned myself in the opposite row a few seats down so I could get a good view of her goddess like body as she crossed one exceptionally long leg over the other and stared dreamily out of the window at the darkness of the passing tunnel. Greedily, and without her glancing my way, I ran my eyes over every curve of her beautiful body. Just contemplating what that body might look like under that tiny thin gold material of her little dress was making me become pretty hard and I too had to cross my legs in the hope of covering my growing erection from the other people in the carriage. Painfully, I turned my attention away from the gorgeous lust object opposite and tried to distract my mind enough to make my erection subside.

I had just managed to get my hard-on under control when I saw her get up as the train pulled into another station. I got up just as she exited the doors and stepped onto the now empty platform as she headed away towards the escalators back up to the street. I guess I couldn't hide it from myself now, I was obviously just following her and yet her hot, curvy body held such sway over my mind that I couldn't stop. Back out on the dark street, she turned a corner and I followed her, our footsteps falling completely into step. It was a residential street of expensive looking Georgian houses with four floors and balconies looking out on the street. It was completely deserted except for the unimaginably hot, tall black woman and the little white guy following her every move, me. She stopped at a house and began to fish around in her handbag for something. As she did so, she turned and looked directly at me.

"You been following me?" she asked, to which I could only um and ah and look guiltily at the floor, "God, you have, you perv," then a moment's pause, "Hey, you're the guy from the bar. I saw you checking me out earlier," here I could only nod sheepishly, "Alright then, come with me," she grabbed me tightly by the arm with a grip that I couldn't shake off, not only was she considerably taller than me but she was obviously much stronger too, her long fingernails dug into my wrist, "Dirty little white boy like you deserves what's coming to him."

She unlocked the door and dragged me inside and up the stairs. Inside, her flat was decorated with incredible opulence and luxury, golds and reds were everywhere. Without standing on ceremony, she stood me in the middle of the living room floor and told me to strip. Completely bowing to her commanding tone, I found myself unzipping my trousers and dropping them to the floor before I really knew what I was doing, soon my shirt and pants joined them until I stood in the middle of this complete stranger's living room, completely naked, my pale, little body and cock, already a little thicker and stiffer from the experience, under intense scrutiny from my big, black, amazonian fantasy woman.

"Wow, you really aren't much to look at, now, are you?" she teased, making me blush and suddenly feel very insecure about my body, "Never mind, baby, Crystal likes scrawny little submissive white boys like you, they're so easy to control. You want to be a good submissive don't you kid? Want to worship at the altar of Crystal?"

"Oh yes Crystal, my hot ebony goddess," I enthused, "I wanna worship every inch of your beautiful black body!"

"Every inch," she laughed, "I like that, I like a good enthusiastic worshipper," she smiled again, "Now, if you're going to worship me properly, get down on your knees."

I got down on my hands and knees and began to kiss her toes and feet. She put one of her sandalled feet on my shoulder and pushed me back so I fell onto my back on the plush rug in the centre of her living room floor. She stood astride me, towering right above me so that I could look right up her long legs and almost see up her skirt. If her incredible, tall and busty figure looked imposing when standing beside her, from down here it was something else entirely, she really was like a goddess and me a mere mortal devoted to her.

This worshipper, however, was in for an incredible surprise from the object of his devotion. In one swift move, Crystal pulled the gold lame dress over her head and tossed it aside so she was now wearing nothing but leopard print underwear which only went to enhance the primal, tribal wonder of her gorgeous body. However, even in her french cut leopard print knickers I could see that something was not quite as it should be and sure enough, I got one hell of an eyeful when she reached down and pulled them over and aside. Out from between her legs, she pulled the most enormous cock I had ever seen. That's right, my fantasy black goddess wasn't quite all the woman she seemed.

I had never felt especially inadequate about the average size of my six inch manhood until that moment, because here was a busty, feminine hottie with a cock that completely dwarfed mine and definitely put me to shame. At comfortably over ten inches long it was almost twice the size of mine and growing longer and thicker from the moment she took it out. It was thick too, nearly as thick as my wrist and it dangled down precariously close to my face so I got a good look at its unfamiliar, dark, veiny, uncut mass, intriguingly waving, dangling from the long legged feminine body of the gorgeous Crystal.

Like every other part of her, I was intrigued, enchanted and fascinated by Crystal's thick, dark beast. It seemed so strange and incongruous staring up at that body with the narrow waist and massive round tits but right beside my face seeing that incredible dick. And yet partly it seemed so right for a woman who seemed to always take control that she had the biggest balls anywhere and a big thick cock the envy of any man. It was like nothing I had ever imagined before but I couldn't take my eyes off it. I ran my gaze all over it, it seemed so dominant, so powerful, as if demanding someone to touch it, hold it, lick it. Her dark hand with its painted nails wrapped itself around it and began to stroke along the long, thick shaft, waving its expanding girth even closer to my face.

"See, here's every inch of my body," she grinned, "Quite a few fine inches right here. Just imagine that, your busty black goddess has a cock twice the size of your pathetic little thing. No wonder you want to bow down and worship. You can touch it if you like."

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the shaft at the base, just where it joined her feminine body, my fingers couldn't even reach all the way around it. My other hand joined it, clasping her cock a couple of inches further down. I began to massage her cock, rubbing both hands up and down the shaft, it felt soft and warm in my hands but soon began to grow harder and harder, the veins bulged more and the purple head began to poke out from under her foreskin, glistening with translucent pre-cum.

"Oh, Crystal, my beautiful goddess, what an amazing, strong, firm cock you have," I groaned, unwittingly drooling a little at the sight of it, "Oh, yes, I do worship the sight of it. Crystal, my ebony goddess, pleeease let me suck your massive juicy cock," I found myself begging for something I hadn't even realised I had wanted ten minutes earlier but now felt like I couldn't go on living if I couldn't taste that hot black shemale's incredible cock.

"Mmmm, you are an eager little white boy, aren't you? It didn't take long for you to be desperate for a taste of dark meat," she smiled her brilliant white smile, "All you little white boys, you're so insecure about your tiny little cocks, you just dream of a day when there'll be a real thick black cock to show you how it's really done. A nice long piece of dark flesh for you to swallow like a sissy white boy."

"Yes my beautiful goddess," I purred as I continued to eagerly rub her black monster dick, "I'm just a submissive little white boy and all we white boys want is a beautiful black girl with a big black cock to suck on. Please let me taste yours, I want to worship your lovely cock, Crystal!"

She lowered herself until she was now kneeling astride my head, her cock jutted out forward from her feminine body and dangled less than an inch from my eager lips. I stuck out my tongue and ran it over Crystal's swollen purple head, tasting the glistening pre-cum. It tasted slightly salty and stringy. I opened my mouth and inhaled the musky scent of her cock. My own cock was now rock hard at the new sensation of submissively worshipping this black woman's dick. I let the head slide inside my mouth, slobbering all over it. Her cock was huge but at first all I could manage was this one inch. I ran my tongue around it and sucked the head in and out of my mouth while still using both of my other hands to stroke the shaft.

"Is that all you can take you sissy?" Crystal sighed, "You said you wanted to worship a big black cock and yet you can hardly get the head in your pathetic white boy mouth."

She held onto the back of my head and pulled it in towards her as she pushed her hips forward, thrusting her massive cock into my mouth. I tried to relax my throat as much as possible but still began to gag. She let up and allowed the cock to slide back out after I had taken in about four inches. Then after I had gasped and caught my breath she pulled my head back onto it. This continued until I could take about half of it in my throat. Then she let up and began to let me do the work as I eagerly bobbed back and forth, happily slurping away around her monster meat. Meanwhile, she undid her leopard print bra and let those glorious FFs fall free and began to stroke and tweak her nipples.

After a while of slurping around her cock, I took it from my mouth and, still jerking it off, I began to languidly lick the thick, brown, veiny shaft like it was an ice lolly.

"Mmmm, oh, yes, my sweet goddess, I love the taste of your black cock, I love to lick your thick shaft," I moaned, "Mmmmm, soooo gooood, I love to worship it, to be totally in awe of your beautiful goddess' body and totally in the power of your hard manly cock."

I turned my attention to her balls, swallowing them in my mouth and running my tongue around the rough surface while my hands were still all over her cock. Then I went back to sucking it, eagerly attempting to get ever more into my mouth.

"Oh fuck, there's a good boy, suck my big black cock, suck it like a dirty white whore," Crystal moaned, "You know, there's only one thing little white boys like you need more than a taste of firm black cock, and that's to be well and truly shafted by it."

I knew what was coming next, I guess I'd probably known it all along. Only now, it was as if nothing else mattered but this, as if this would be the single most important thing I'd ever done. I couldn't live without it. As soon as the word "shafted" left Crystal's beautiful full lips, said in those deep, husky tones, I knew that I had to feel that black meat inside me. I knew that this was what had always been so fascinating about this gorgeous woman, that she really could take charge of a man, totally dominate him and make him her willing submissive sissy as she took him just as she wanted him.

"Mmm, oh yes Crystal, my gorgeous ebony goddess, I'd love it if you would fuck me with your big black cock," I sighed, "Please do it, fuck me, sissy white boys like me need a good hard black cock in their arse and yours is the biggest and most beautiful I have ever seen Crystal."

"Well, since you do beg so eagerly and worship so readily, it would be cruel not to let you feel what it's like to totally give yourself up to the power of a huge dark cock," she smiled, "Now, lie on your back and open your legs."

I did as she said, easy as I was already basically on my back on the soft rug. As she got up from straddling me and moved around me, I opened up my legs and she knelt down between them. Grabbing my feet by the ankles, she pulled them up to rest on her shoulders so my arse was pointing up in the air. She spat on her hand and began to work her finger around my tight little anus, trying to lubricate it and loosen it up a little. Instinctively, the muscles of my sphincter closed tightly around her finger.

"Is this your first time being properly fucked, white boy?" she asked and I nodded, "Well then, you're going to have to relax a lot more than that. This is really gonna hurt, my massive black cock tearing into your pathetic white body, so you'd better be ready for it."

She was now working a second long dark finger in and around my anus and I was starting to like the feel of being invaded and explored back there, it was new and unusual but certainly something pleasurable.

"Mmmm, yes, oh yes, that feels goooood, fuck me with your fingers," I sighed as I rode my arse to meet them.

"Get ready for it, white boy, because you're gonna get a whole lot more than fingers."

She took her hand out from invading my tight little hole and placed her hands on my arse cheeks, pulling the entrance open wide. She pressed the head of her monster cock against the opening of my anus and I felt a tingle of anticipation and nerves. Even the tip of it felt enormous touching against my inexperienced little arse, how was I going to take any of it inside me? And yet I knew that that was just what I wanted, right now. I let out a gasp as Crystal pushed the swollen purple head of her incredible cock inside me. I tried to relax as much as possible but with just an inch of strong black meat in me, the pain was already incredible and I felt pretty light headed.

"Aaah, ooh, God, Crystal, no, it's too much, your cock, it's sooo big, it's too big for my little arse," I sighed as she pushed inside me, impaling me on her black meat.

"Come on, sissy, take it," Crystal sighed, "God your arse is tight, I haven't fucked a dirty virgin arse like this in a while, it feels amazing on my big, thick cock!"

By now, she was about five inches in, slowly pushing ever deeper, and my arse was becoming a little numb to the pain of being impaled, stretched and torn by Crystal's huge brown baseball bat. At about half way in, she pulled back out almost all the way so just the head was buried inside me. Instantly, my stretched arse felt empty and in need of being filled once more. Happily, with only a moment's pause, Crystal seemed happy to oblige, thrusting back inside with one rapid movement that made my head spin.

"Aaaaah, uh, oooh," I gasped as she pushed deeper again, withdrawing and thrusting back inside me, "No, stop, I can't take any more of it," I was gasping, but soon I changed to, "Oh yes, fuck, Oh God, more please, fuck me, give me more of your long, black cock, stick it all up inside me."

Looking down my body was quite a sight. My small, white body rocked back and forth, my legs wide and my arse stretched to contain the incredible black cock that was sliding between my white arse cheeks, my own dick, about half the size and fully hard, flopping around above it. As I looked up from my violated arse, the view got even better, following that oh so long black cock back toward the firm ebony thighs, narrow waist and tall, imposing figure of my shemale goddess, I looked up to see her amazing, huge round breasts jiggling back and forth as she fucked me, above that her full lips were formed into an O of pleasure, something that turned me on even further, the thought that my tight little white arse could bring such pleasure to this beautiful, well hung black goddess.

"Oh yeah, that's it my little white sissy, take it, take my big fat black cock in your little white arse," Crystal moaned, "Oh, fuck, yeah, can you take it all, can you handle me?"

"Uh, aaah, oh ooooo, OH FUCK!" I gasped and sighed as she continued to ram her black cock into my arse, feeling like it was penetrating right through my body, tearing me in two, and feeling completely incredible, stimulating deep, hard to reach places I never thought I could feel such intense ecstasy, "Mmmm, ahhh, yes, harder, fuck me, faster, oh God yeeeesssss! That feels amazing, your gorgeous cock so deep inside me, I love it and worship it and it feels so great violating my cherry! Fucking hell, Crystal, you really are some kind of incredible goddess cause your big black monster is taking me to such amazing places, aaah fuck, you've made my cock throb sooo hard without even touching it and yet it's still nothing next to your incredible dick! It's sooo much bigger than mine, sooo delightfully thick and long, it feels so great in my arse!"

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