Black Gold

byJake Lost©

Feeling confident, J.T. lowered a bit, licking his way down her body. He allowed for his thumb to brush against her panties and rub her wet pussy.

Feeling his thumb against her furness, my wife moaned and climbed up his face a bit. The invite was obvious and with a powerful pull, J.T. ripped my wife's panties off her sweet pussy. He pulled the dress up her body and looked at his first white cunt. My wife shut her eyes and moaned as she quietly begged for him to eat her out. Her thick blonde bush was drenched as her sweet snatch looked small to him. He thought that the reason black women had a bigger booty was to enable them to handle big black cocks. He almost blew his wad thinking about how tight my wife was. J.T. leaned in and split my wifes cunt lips with his big tongue and licked deeply. He savored the taste of his first white woman as my wife squeeled in delight.

His big tongue almost made her cream the moment it touched her tight little fur trap. She pushed down on his head as he started to lick her out. Her body started to spasm as he sucked on her pussy. Her body tingled as she instantly went into an orgasm. He didn't slow down as he aggressively lapped her joy juice up and ate her out. He lifted her leg into the air to spread her out and allow for more room to lick. She was moaning as she pushed his head deep into her and began to slide around as he licked her deep. He found her quivering clit and really went to work. She was panting like a dog as he ate her out. She smelled good to him and tasted even better. He licked her wet cunt until he had her to the edge. He then made his way up her body and deeply kissed her again. He almost lost his cool when she whispered frantically, "please don't fuck me". He couldn't believe it. My wife pleaded, "I want to but I just can't". This little married white whore was now starting to get to him. He reached down and pulled the string to his shorts and kicked them off, displaying a gigantic black cock.

My wife stared at it as if she seen a ghost. It was extremely long and thick. It had to be over 10 inches long and jet black. It was the most powerful looking love muscle she had ever seen. J.T. played his last card and it was an ace. Trying to hold on to our marrital fidelity, my wife eagarly said "I'll suck your dick". This was music to his ears, as J.T. rolled onto his back. My wife hurried down his body and pulled his cock straight up into the air. She was double fisting his huge black meet when she lowered in and took it's massive black head into her mouth. They both moaned as my wifes soft wet mouth wrapped around his massive black cock and took it in. J.T. gleefully watched his fantasy come true as my wife started to slowly bob her head and take in his incredible black staff. As he watched my wife's overmatched mouth slide up and down on his mammouth black cock, he now knew why black women had such big mouths. Although she had only sucked my dick before, my wife was really doing a number on his big black cock. She worked hard not to gag as she took his black meat deep into her throat. She instinctively withdrew and spitted on his massive black member, coating it with her tongue so she could slide more of him down her throat. She really started top bob up and down, faster and faster. His huge black dick spread her mouth and throat to the max as she barely was able to get it passed her tonsils. J.T. grabbed her hair as my wife pushed her head down. He was amazed by the way her next expanded as she took his big black cock deep down her throat. My wife retreated and gasped for air as his huge black manhood was slimey with her saliva. She did her best sword swallowing act as she took his big black dagger deep down her thoat repeatedly. He started to feel his cock swell as my wife started to lick up and down his long black staff. He knew he was close as she continued her oral attack. He wasn't sure if he could get to fuck her so he definately was going to give her an interracial facial. My wife never swallowed so she had no idea what was in store for her. She just kept sucking that big black snake like she couldn't get enough of it. She really started bobbing again when he started to tense up. She noticed his black cock thicken in her mouth but she had no idea what was comming. He held her head down as she took his black cock deep down her throat and he exploded. She could feel a tremendous burst down her throat and a warm burn deep within. As she pulled back she tasted his warm thick cum that was continually shooting into her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow. As she tasted his cum he unloaded his gun into her face. He was shocked when she seemed to prefer it in her mouth. My wife lifted his big black cock and emptied it into her mouth.

She swallowed all she could and licked it clean. She started to bob on it again as J.T. now knew he was going to fuck her. She sucked his massive black tool until it regained it's size. She then raised up and layed next to him with a "didn't I do good" look on her face. He grabbed her tight little body and positioned her on top of him. My wifes slippery pussy was sliding up and down on top of his long shaft as it layed on his stomach. I really believe that she still didn't plan on fucking him until he slid her down to the base of his balls and lifted his enormous black cock straight in the air. As if she was in a trance, my wife knew what was expected of her. Using the couch for balance, she lifted herself up, almost to a standing position over his mighty black cock. She lowered a little, enough for him to drag his enormous cock head through her drenched gash. She purred at the sweet sensation she felt by having her wet inner sanctum massaged by a thick black cock. If she wasn't so wet there would be no way his huge black cock could fit into her tight white love canal. As his fat cock head found her tight hole she instinctively lowered herself. My wife moaned loudly as her tight cunt accepted his huge mounting stick. Her cunt lips stretched to the max as she lowered herself further. A strong adreneline rush ripped through her veins as she was taking in another man's cock.

J.T. was amazed at her change of heart as she really worked to get him inside of her. She continuously lowered and raised herself, sliding up and down on his massive black meat missle. She hit the four inch mark and really started to struggle. The intense feeling of her cunt stretching over his thick black cock was making her weak. J.T. sensed her struggles and grabed her small waist and steadied her for the ride. He lifted her up and down on his big black cock. My wife started trembling as his black manhood peaked her inner most carnal desires. My wifes cunt worked feverishly to adjust to his enormous size. Feeling comfortable it could handle him, she lowered down as his big black cock easily passed her husbands depth. She raised slightly then slid down his enormous black pole. She took him in deeply but hadn't fit it all in yet. As she has never felt such a long, thick cock inside of her before, something inside of her clicked. His massive black meat pushed her to the limits and she was now ready to get down to some serious fucking. She bounced up and down as his big black rod slid in and out of her stretched white cunt. My custom fit pussy was being resized. She rode his cock like she was in a rodeo. She couldn't get enough of his thick black cock. J.T. watched in excitement as he was stretching a tight white sluts cunt with his massive black cock. Her cunt felt so sweet to him as it gripped his cock tightly and started to really adjust to his enormous size. As she rode on his pole, he watched intensely as his thick cock glistened with her juices. Everytime my wife landed, J.T. could here a splash. He couldn't take it anymore as he wanted to really let her have it. J.T. rolled my wife over so he was on top of her and started to fuck her brains out. As he powerfully thrusted, he repeated landed all he had into her narrow passage. My wife screamed in delight as he pounded her pussy with his black cock. The intense feeling of being fucked by a large black cock made my wife have one orgasm after another. J.T. had to hold on to her as she could lay still. He held her waist as he powerfully thrusted his black meat into her faster and faster. My wife was bucking wildly as she moaned in delight. J.T. was amazed by how hot and wet he was making my wife. He pulled out of her and rolled her trembling body over.

My wife was in spastic ecstacy as her body was creaming out of control. He couldn't believe it as he looked down and seen his gigantic black cock as big and hard as he has ever seen. It was so sticky with my wifes juices dripping from it. She begged him for it as he raised her to all fours and mounted her from behind. She arched her back and moaned as he easily landed his huge black cock into her swollen drenched cunt. He loved how her tight little white body looked as he hammered away with his black heat. My wifde buried her face into the cushions to muffle her constant moans as J.T. sawed her in half. He couldn't take it anymore as my wife's sweet puusy was the best he has ever had. With a mighty thrust, he landed all he had inside of her. His muscular black body tensed as his testicle exploded. As my wife, barely able to speak, cried out "pull out!", J.T. shot load after load of his thick warm cum into her quivering body. He pulled her against him as hard as he could as his tremendous black cock emptied inside of her yearning pussy. His sperm devoured her egg as they both collapsed physically, emotionally and sexually drained. His huge cock was still at home in her obliviated pussy as their bodies meshed into one. With his black seed planted deep within my wife's womb, J.T. pulled out of her. His thirteen inches of swinging death glistened as he lived out his fantasy. My wife was sweating and her cunt was dripping as he helped her back into her clothes.

I woke up the next morning with my wife next to me. I knew she had been drinking but I have never seen anybody have such a hard time recovering from a hang over. She could barely walk! We left early that sunday and went home. It took her a few days to recover but things went back to normal. A month later we found out we were expecting our first child. I can't wait to see who it resembles.

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