tagInterracial LoveBlack Guy/White Girl: South Africa

Black Guy/White Girl: South Africa


My name is Ariel Hauser. I was born and raised in the City of Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa. I am thirty nine years old and stand five-foot-six, very slim and fit, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I am of German and Dutch descent. I hold a Master's degree in business from Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I studied in the Confederation of Canada and lived there for a while but returned to South Africa because it's my homeland, you know? My family has been in the Republic of South Africa forever, and I'm afraid that I haven't been dealing too well with The Change. What do I mean by The Change? What happened in the Republic of South Africa after the Fall of Apartheid and the rise of the internationally supported Black Power Movement. The Black folks run the country now, and have for almost two decades. Now, I was a firm supporter of equal rights for all long before the rise of our esteemed Mandela, but these days I'm just a broke white chick who can't get a job because of Affirmative Action policies. What's a gal to do?

With a lot of reluctance, I entered the world's oldest profession. There is a growing class of wealthy Black men and rich Black females in the big cities of South Africa and many of these wealthy Black men and Black women want a taste of white female booty. That's where I come in. I am the white booty supplier. I set up a website advertising my services. And I let them know up front that I didn't discriminate based on race or gender. I was pro-Black, pro-diversity and all that good stuff. And it didn't take long for me to get a steady and very devoted clientele. Like Mr. Bheki Bonginkosi. The President and Chief Financial Officer of the Manelesi International Banking Corporation of Metropolitan Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. They deal with many of the big companies of South Africa as well as those in Nigeria, Ghana and other rising African nations. They also deal with big companies in India, Japan, America and Brazil. Last time I checked, the Manelesi International Banking Corporation or M.I.B.C. was worth one hundred and seventy five million dollars in U.S. funds. They're definitely no joke.

Mr. Bonginkosi is an imposing man. Six feet three inches tall, burly and broad-shouldered, with dark brown skin and pale brown eyes. He was born in the City of Pretoria, South Africa, in 1971. His family left South Africa for the United States of America three months after his birth. He holds dual South African/American citizenship and has a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Massachusetts in Boston along with an MBA from Howard University in Washington D.C. For a decade he was a top financial analyst for the Bank of America, but returned home to South Africa in the summer of 2008. Three years later, he's worth tens of millions, both in South Africa and the United States of America. The guy was a big shot in every damn way you could think of, man.

Mr. Bonginkosi is a gentleman of exquisite tastes. He lives in a beautiful mansion in the City of Johannesburg. He's also good friends with both the President of South Africa and a certain military man from the nearby Republic of Zimbabwe, whom he's been helping out financially. I consider him my favourite client because he treats me with respect. This guy is a true gentleman and he is also very friendly and generous. Qualities you just can't find in people when you're a working gal. I've got horror stories about wealthy Black male and wealthy Black lesbian clients who insisted on humiliating me during sex, and before that as well. I'm broke and I've got rent to pay so I can't afford to say no. Still, it's nice to know there are decent people out there.

Mr. Bonginkosi is into what we working ladies call G.F.E. or The Girlfriend Experience. He comes home to find me lying naked on his plush couch. I smile as he comes to me and I welcome him home. He smiles at me and pulls me into his arms. I kiss him passionately. Usually, I don't like kissing my clients. Race has nothing to do with it. I've refused to kiss wealthy white male clients in the past. Many of them were brutes who felt their wealth and power gave them the right to abuse me. They sometimes forget that even a working gal like me is still a human being and all human beings are to be treated with respect. I gently begin making love with Mr. Bonginkosi, and I thank my lucky stars that I landed a client like him. He always wires the money to my bank account a full day in advance and he's always patient and generous with me. Also, he's safe. He insisted that I take an S.T.I. test and I came back clean. He always took the same test and showed me his results. Yeah, the guy believes in being safe and I like that.

Another thing I like about Mr. Bonginkosi is the fact that he's not a selfish lover. As I kneel before him and suck his cock with gusto, he runs his hands through my blonde hair and murmurs gentle words to me. He's really well-endowed, with a nine-inch long and very thick Black dick. I suck his cock and lick his balls. I do this with affection because I know what's coming after. I suck him until he's really hard, then drink his cum when he shoots it all over my face. He always asks me if it's okay for him to cum on my face and I always give him the green light because he's okay by me. Many guys don't bother asking you stuff like that. They just assume their money entitles them to doing anything they want to you. I can't stand guys like him. Mr. Bonginkosi is a gentleman in every sense of the word.

After I finish sucking him off, Mr. Bonginkosi puts me back on the couch and spreads my legs. I neatly shaved my pussy for him and he smiles in appreciation. I lick my lips as Mr. Bonginkosi begins licking my pussy and probing me with his fingers. He is really good at eating pussy, man. Sometimes, he makes me cum so hard while licking my pussy that I felt like I should be paying him. Seriously. The guy is that good. I can't get enough of him. He licked my pussy so good that I cried out his name, for real. Afterwards, he put on a condom and slid his thick cock into my pussy. I raised my legs in the air and wrapped my legs around him as he began pounding his cock into me. I shrieked in pleasure as he pumped me hard.

Mr. Bonginkosi fucked me real good, and then we switched things up. He's really into anal sex and I don't mind because he's someone I actually like. I lay on my back with my legs spread as he applied lube all over my asshole before sliding his thick Black cock inside of me. I winced as he penetrated me. Gently he asked me if I was okay. I nodded, and he continued. Slowly, he worked his cock inside of me. I relaxed and enjoyed myself, fingering my pussy as he pounded my ass. This went on for about fifteen minutes, then we tried something else. My sexy African client is into anal sex in all its forms and that's more than okay by me. I happily donned a strap-on dildo for the next part of our session. He got on all fours and I spread his ass cheeks wide open. I lubricated his ass before sliding the dildo inside of him. The big African stud groaned as I penetrated him. I held his hips tightly and gently thrust the dildo inside of him. And just like that, I fucked him so good that he screamed my name.

Afterwards, we lay in bed. We shared a kiss, then I showered and left. The next time I saw him was under radically different circumstances. I was walking through Pretoria when I saw a trio of young white men attacking a well-dressed Black man. I gasped in shock when I saw this. The three white men saw me, laughed, and continued beating on the Black guy. It was Mr. Bonginkosi. My client. The guy who rescued me from the slums with his financial contributions. What's a gal to do? I took my revolver from my purse and fired a shot in the air. The three white men stared at me, stunned. I told them that if they didn't leave the Black guy alone, I would kill them. One of them rushed me, and I wounded his leg. His buddies saw that I was serious and they grabbed him before walking away.

After making sure they were gone, I walked up to Mr. Bonginkosi. He looked at me, stunned. I smiled, and told him to lean on me. Then I dialled the cops. The mostly Black police force of Pretoria is really quick to respond to calls in the wealthy sections of town. They took us to the hospital. We shared a kiss in the ambulance. Later, they rounded up the three white guys who had attacked Mr. Bonginkosi. The three of them were sentenced to fifteen years in prison each, for the hate crime they tried to perpetrate. And the Judge who sentenced them was a colleague of Mr. Bonginkosi, though no one knew it. And I certainly wasn't about to reveal it to the Court System. By the way, I'm not a working lady anymore. I live in Bheki Bonginkosi's mansion now. We're engaged!

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