tagIncest/TabooBlack Incest Stories Ch. 03

Black Incest Stories Ch. 03


Tomasine "Tommie" Jackson was a lesbian living on her own in Chicago, IL. She moved away from home at the age of 18 and was now 21 still doing things on her own the right way. Her many fights with her mother over her sexuality prompted her to move out on her own to a new city and state. One summer afternoon, Tommie got a phone call from her little sister, Brianna, who wanted to come to Chicago to get to know the city before she moved there for college in the fall.

"Tommie, what's going on with you?"

"Nothing, Bri. Just up here watching the game. Looking at the Bulls get their ass busted by the Celtics. What's good?"

" Well, I was wondering, if I could stay with you for a couple of weeks while I get to know Chicago before I be up there for good in September."

Tommie hesitated a little bit because she didn't want her little sister to be uncomfortable around her because of her lifestyle. She's become a stud and has grown very masculine since seeing Brianna last Christmas.

"W-Well it's fine with me, of course. You sure our momma, Cruella, is going to let you come?"

"Oh, please. Momma knows that I'm going to school there so I gotta get there sometime. Besides, I'm grown now and she don't got no say in what I do."

"Yeah, right. Who's paying for you to go to school, then?"

"An academic scholarship, thank you very much."

"Oh, well, excuse me. Look at you, little sis. Doing the damn thing. OK. "

"So, I can come right?"

"Sure, you can."

"Cool. I will be there Friday morning."

It took 2 days for Tommie to get everything right for Brianna's visit. She hoped that her appearance wouldn't shock Brianna. Tommie now only wore cornrows, baggy jeans, men's shirts, and tennis shoes. It's been about 4 years since she's even worn a dress. Tommie had always been a tomboy, so it shouldn't shock her sister that much. Friday came, and Tommie was making her way to the airport. Once she got there, she held up a sign with Brianna's name on it because she may not recognize her with baggy jeans, a jersey, and a fitted hat on. What Tommie didn't expect was to see her little sister getting off the plane, all grown up. Oh, my god. That can't be Bri. But it was. The puny, irritating, awkward little sister that Tommie knew and loved morphed into a total beauty over the course of 9 months. Standing at 5'9, chestnut brown skinned, long jet black hair, and a banging shape, Brianna was now a full grown woman. Tommie couldn't believe her eyes.

"Oh, my god! Damn Bri, you have grown up in the past few months. You look-"

"Better than last year, I hope."

They both burst into laughter and gave each other a hug. A really weird feeling came over Tommie, but she shook it off. Brianna didn't seem to mind Tommie's new wardrobe at all, which eased a lot of stress on her sister's part. The girls sat and talked for hours about what's been going on in their lives and the family. After a movie, Brianna decided that it was time to turn in. Tommie made up the let out couch for Brianna and then went to prepare for bed herself. Tommie put some jogging pants and a t-shirt, which she usually slept in and tried to lie down. She tossed and turned for half and hour then decided to go watch some more T.V. in the living room where the cable was. As she was walking towards her living room down the hall, she heard a real low noise. Tommie assumed it was a mouse, so she decided to sneak up on it, but try not to be too loud because Brianna was asleep. She crept into the living room, but much to her shock, it wasn't a mouse. It was Brianna masturbating. Tommie took a look as Brianna laid on the sofa bed massaging her pussy, which was dripping wet. Brianna stuck 2 fingers in her twat and went in and out. She closed her legs around her hand and humped it, while using her other hand to tweak her nipples. Tommie's nipples got hard and her pussy soon got wet. She was completely floored that she was not only watching her little sister masturbate, but was actually getting horny off of it. Brianna brought herself to a hard orgasm and started to get up. Tommie quickly and quietly rushed back to her room. Brianna headed to the bathroom to take a bath to clean herself up. Tommie opened her bedroom door and noticed the bathroom door cracked. She peaked in and got an eyeful. Brianna was bent over, running her arm through the water to see if it was the right temperature for her to get in. She had on her nightgown on with no panties and her pussy was spread, still sticky from her cum. Tommie's mouth drooled as she saw her little sister's round ass bent over with her pussy lips and clit hanging out. Too busy lost in the sight she was seeing, Tommie, stumbled and fell into the bathroom door. Startled, Brianna saw her older sister on the floor with a dazed look on her face.

"Tom, you ok?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"'Cause you just busted your shit."

"No, I'm straight. Just a sleepy." Tommie got off the floor wiping the drool from her mouth. Brianna's nightgown was low cut at the collar, so Tommie could see her large breast from where she was standing. A drop of drool fell from her lips looking at her little sister's perfect mounds. Brianna caught the look and called her sister on it.

"So, is the sight good?"

"I'm sorry, what?"

"You like staring at my titties, don't you, Tommie?"


"You heard me. Do you like staring at my titties? Tell me the truth, too. Don't lie."


"Oh really? And why is that?"

"B-Because, you got some big ass titties."

Brianna took off her nightgown, exposing her naked body to Tommie.

"And what you wanna do with these big ass titties? Huh? What you wanna do with them?"


"You wanna what?"

"I wanna suck them bitches."

Brianna walked up to Tommie and passionately tongue kissed her. They explored each other's mouths in pure ecstasy. Tommie put her arms around Brianna's waist, cupping her fat ass. Tommie lead Brianna to her bedroom and started kissing her again. Brianna undressed her sister and they began to press their titties up against each other. Both of the girls' nipples were rock hard. Brianna laid down on the bed and opened her legs. Tommie got in between them and started to suck her titties like a hungry infant wanting milk from it's mother. She sucked and gnawed on Brianna's titties until they were tender. Tommie slowly kissed down Brianna's body and lifted her ass up, so Brianna's pussy could be in her face. Tommie tongue kissed Brianna's wet, shaved pussy, then began to suck on the lips. Lust fully took over and Tommie hungrily ate the living shit out of her little sister's pink cunt. Brianna lifted one of titties up to suck it while Tommie stuck 2, then 3 fingers in her sopping wet pussy.

"Oh, god, Tommie! Finger that pussy! Oh, shit! Mmmmm!"

"Yeah, bitch, come for me. Bust a fat ass nut on my hand, bitch."

Tommie's dirty talk was turning Brianna on even more. She humped Tommie's face uncontrollably, coming deep in her big sister's mouth. After swallowing all the pussy juices, Tommie got her 11 inch strap on out of closet. She put it on and told Brianna to get on her knees.

"Assume the position, you slutty hoe!"

Doing as she was told, Brianna braced herself and Tommie pushed all every inch of the strap on down her love tunnel. Brianna's eyes rolled in the back of her head as Tommie hammered her fat pussy. Her sister's moans made Tommie pound Brianna's cunt even more. Tommie flipped Brianna on her back and put her legs over Tommie's shoulders. Brianna felt the artificial dick dig deep in her hot, wet twat.

"Oh, shit!! Fuck me!!! Tommie, yes!!! Oh, oh, oh, oh, fuck me!!! Mmmmm, shit!"

"Yeah, take this dick, bitch! Take all this dick, hoe!"

"Ahhhhhhhh!! Mmmmmm, yes! Ooooh! Fuck me!!!!!"

"You love this dick, you nasty little bitch? Huh? Do you?"

"Yes! Ohhhh, yes! God!!!"

Tommie sucked Brianna huge tits ferociously. The compartment in the back of the strap on continuously massaged Tommie's clit, bringing her close to cumming. She ramed the strap on deeper inside of Brianna's throbbing pussy until they both had the hardest orgasms that they have ever experienced. They fell asleep in each other's arms and fucked 3 more times the following day. Tommie went back home with Brianna to get her the things and they both went back to Chicago to live together and become a couple.

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