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Black Lady Cuckolding Black Guys


Salutations, sluts, bitches and pigs. This is Mistress Yasmina Hussein, a happily divorced Somali-Canadian woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I've been dabbling in the realm of BDSM for a while and I've gotten quite good at it. What can I say? I like to dominate both men and women, especially people of color. Black on Black BDSM and Kink are supremely hot, don't you think? Last time we met, I had some wicked fun with my Black Sissy slut Nana and my chocolate Bull, the sexy El Brute. Good times, for sure, but since they're both busy with their lives, I've got to find other ways to keep myself entertained.

That's what today's story is all about. Normally, I like to take novices from the African and Afro-Caribbean immigrant communities and turn them out, but today, I'm doing something different. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm truly about to break new ground and explore new territory. My esteemed colleague and fellow BDSM enthusiast Weston Hawthorne came to me last night, and we talked at great length about certain things. Things which surprised me, to tell you the truth. I wasn't expecting such confessions from a tall, masculine Black man like him but people can definitely surprise you.

What do I mean? Let me explain things for a bit. Weston is a legend in the BDSM world. Just ask the folks at Black Beat and Dark Connections about him and they'll sing his praises. The dude has also dabbled in the world of porn, and has about a dozen porn videos out there, mostly in the areas of interracial sex and fetish. In most of his videos, Weston plays the role of the Black Bull, fucking white women in front of their limp-dick white husbands. The world of cuckolding, a lot of white couples are into it, what can I say? Almost to the point that some people think it's an exclusively white thing. Ha!

Well, Weston told me last night that he's curious about experiencing the other side of cuckolding. He doesn't want to be the Bull anymore. He wants to be the Cuck. A Black man who got tired of playing the role of the Bull and wants to be a Black cuckold. He also wants to do forced bi and extreme humiliation stuff. Translation? This strongly built and macho brother wants a wicked and dominant sister to MAKE him suck another man's dick. Damn. A lot of Black dominant women Weston approached with wouldn't take him on, some out of loyalty to the Black race and the image of the Black man, and others because they got the creeps from hearing about his request. Me? I'm a wicked mistress who is pro-Black but I am also highly experimental. That's why I'm the perfect Black dominatrix and everybody knows it. I dominate anyone who comes to me wanting to get dominated. I just enjoy playing with my fellow people of color a bit more, that's all.

I set up a nice little play session for my newest submissive, the sexy chocolate stud known as Weston Hawthorne. I also enlisted the aid of my good friend and fellow switch-hitter Omar Mahmoud to play the role of the Bull. Omar is six-foot-one, lean and athletic, dark-skinned and sexy like only a Somali Prince can be. That's right, I'm keeping this Black on Black. I'm a Black mistress about to cuckold a Black man using another Black man as the bull. Yep, you read right. Whoever says Black people are sexually conservative hasn't met me!

We got started, after agreeing on a few rules. I looked at Weston and asked him if he was ready. The big and tall Black dude looked at me and nodded. I smiled and nodded at Omar. The skinny bisexual Somali dude told me he was ready, so I nodded my assent. Grinning, Omar took out his long and thick ebony cock and ordered Weston to get on his knees and suck it. When Weston hesitated, I smacked the shit out of him and told him to do his duty like the bitch he is. Nodding, Weston took Omar's dick into his mouth and began sucking on it. I smiled as I watched the two of them. A sexy Black man sucking another Black man's dick. My Black pussy gets wet just looking at them. I fingered my cunt, and tasted my hot womanly juices. Licking my lips, I urged Omar and Wes to do their thing.

Weston began sucking Omar's dick with gusto, as if he'd been sucking dick his whole life. I admired his sexy ass as he continued sucking Omar's dick. Hmmm. I love a brother with a cute ass. Suddenly filled with inspiration, I grabbed my strap-on dildo and put it on. Then I got behind Wes and spread his ass cheeks wide open. Smearing lubricant all over his anus, I fingered Wes's butt hole for a while before pressing the dildo against his ass. Without further ado I pushed it inside. Time for this big and tall Black dude to find out what it's like to get fucked by a dominant Black woman wielding a strap-on dildo! Gripping Weston's hips, I thrust the dildo deep into his ass. Omar looked at me and grinned. I winked at him and we exchanged dap as we continued fucking Weston. I'm happy to say that Weston lived up to his reputation as a strong Black man and took it like a champ. He didn't scream as I ravaged his asshole with my dildo. Of course, maybe Weston would have screamed if he didn't have nine inches of thick Somali dick in his throat. Hmmm.

Omar and I fucked Weston like this for a while, then decided to switch things up a bit. Omar wanted Weston's ass, and I was happy to provide it to him. Making Weston get on all fours, I spread his ass cheeks wide open, dropped loads of lube inside and then guided Omar's dick inside. Weston groaned as Omar's dick entered his asshole. I smiled happily as I watched Omar's dick fill Weston's hole. The sight of a Black dick going up a Black man's ass got my pussy twitching. So much that I took off my strap-on dildo, and silenced Weston's bitchy screams by giving his mouth something fun to do...like eating my pussy. A most effective way of silencing a whiny man, eh?

I lay there, rubbing my tits together as Weston licked and fingered my pussy while getting butt-fucked by Omar. Smiling happily, I enjoyed this most unexpected afternoon delight. We went at it until Omar got his nut and came, flooding Weston's asshole with his manly spunk. Weston stopped eating me out and screamed. Grinning, I got up and held him as Omar pulled his softening cock out of his ass. Omar lay on the carpeted floor, catching his breath. Without missing a beat, I grabbed Weston's still-hard dick and began sucking on it. Weston looked at me, surprised but pleased as I sucked his dick.

Once I got Weston nice and hard, I turned around, spread my plump Somali ass cheeks wide open and told him to fuck me. That's right, I'm a Black Mistress who wants to get fucked in the ass by the submissive Black man in my care. It's my booty and I'll get fucked if I want to. Weston didn't waste any time. Either he really wanted to fuck someone or he wanted to get me back for pegging him earlier. When he grabbed my wide hips and held me into place, I smiled and pressed my big butt against his groin. Hmmm. Looks like someone's excited, eh?

Weston smacked my ass, and pressed his dick against my butt hole. I cried out as Weston's big ole Black dick entered my asshole. And just like that, he began fucking me roughly and passionately, just the way I liked it. Weston began pumping his dick into my asshole. Meanwhile, Omar watched us, jerking that big ole Somali dick of his to full hardness. He looked like he was ready to rejoin the fun. Good, I thought. Grinning, I gestured at him to come to me. Why? Two big Black dicks are better than one...and I'm one greedy Black slut! I got to have it all.

Thus I found myself sandwiched between Omar and Weston. First Omar made me suck his dick, which I did happily ( anything to get him hard and ready to fuck me ) though I gagged on it a little. Then my two sexy Black studs began fucking me. Omar took my pussy while Weston continued pounding me in the ass. Weston smacked my ass and pulled my hair, and Omar smacked my face and barked cuss words while fucking me. What the fuck? Who's the dominatrix here? I'm going to make these two pay for usurping my authority...but after I cum, dammit. Omar and Weston mercilessly pounded me, causing my curvy body to jiggle as I surrendered to their masculine passion, loving the feel of their thick dicks in my cunt and asshole. Hot damn.

When all was said and done, I slumped on the floor, spent. Omar and Weston came almost at the same time, filling me with their manly spunk. I felt their cum rushing through my cunt and asshole, flooding my holes like liquid fire. I told them to pull out of me because, dammit, sometimes it can be a little too much. I felt abased but more alive than ever. Weston and Omar lay on either side of me, their gorgeous, dark bodies glistening with sweat. I smiled and let one rip. That's right, I squeezed a fart out of my big Black booty. Omar laughed but Weston actually coughed. Pussy-ass bozo. I got up and marched to the shower, followed by my subs. Time for them to get cleaned up and get to stepping. I've got to watch Pretty Little Liars.

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