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Black Lesbian's Submission


Hello, there. My name is Jennifer Adolf. Just your average, everyday, six-foot-tall, lean and fit, blonde-haired and green-eyed Teutonic goddess. I'm a professional athlete living in the city of Boston. My parents really got pissed when I walked away from a scholarship to Northeastern University to become a professional boxer. I'd rather be a boxer than play on an NCAA Division One women's varsity ice hockey team filled with rich bitches. Hey, nothing they can do about my choices because, hey, it's my frigging life. I'm not their obedient little bitch anymore. When they found out I was a lesbian, they gave me hell for it. I think there's an unwritten law somewhere against the sons and daughters of Baptist ministers being queer but I never read it so it doesn't apply to me.

Sometimes, I think some people really need to get their heads out of their butts. Seriously. They think just because they see the world one way, then nobody else is entitled to having a different worldview. Take my father, Baptist minister John Adolf for example. By the time he met my mother, Janice Xavier, he had already been married twice. He had three sons and four daughters from his previous marriages. Luckily, he's one of those multi-millionaire preachers you see on television. The man has fucked half the women in his ten-thousand-person congregation. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little bit but not too much. And this man is going to tell me that my choosing to be with women, following my natural drives and instincts, is a sinful thing to do? Give me a break. My father has seen way more pussy than I have, folks. Please believe this if you don't believe anything else I've said so far.

And the most infuriating thing of all is that my mother hypocritically backed him up when he condemned me for being a lesbian. You see, Janice Xavier Adolf, my dear mum, has been having some affairs of her own. You see, let's just say that Ernesto, the tall and hunky Hispanic gardener really goes above and beyond the call of duty to please the lady of the house. Oh, I'm completely indifferent. I could care less about who my mother gets down with. I just wish she wasn't standing by my father's side as he goes on with his moralizing diatribes. Dad condemns homosexuality. He's even written some books where he condemns the gays and lesbians of America as sinful people who are trying to destroy the very fabric of American society. Yeah, Lord forbid the gays and lesbians of the world start demanding that the leaders of society treat them like real human beings rather than second class citizens. Seriously.

Sometimes, I wonder why so many straight men and straight women are opposed to gay marriage. We all know how dysfunctional straight people's private lives are. Husbands and wives have affairs. They betray each other. They constantly belittle each other. They're at each other's throats all the time. And they have very little positive sex. What do I mean by positive sex? Oh, just the kind of fun a person can have only when he or she is with someone who cares about them. Straight people think they got a monopoly on love. Gay men and lesbians show more respect, love and consideration to their partners than most straight men and straight women show to their other halves. Yet they want to deny us the right to marry. What a bunch of hypocrites? Ugh!

Yeah, I guess you can say I have a strong dislike for hypocrites and I don't suffer fools. So I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do what I set out to do. I started training at this boxing club in Suffolk County. The owner, Sergio Donnelly, is an ex-boxer. He took an interest in me and saw that I had potential. Of the boxing gym's two hundred or so regular customers, only twenty are female and only five or six of the women are serious about it. I guess I stood out. Growing up how I did, I quickly learned that I had to look out for myself. My father and mother were too busy drinking and whoring around to give a damn about me. The beautiful mansion where I grew up seemed like a prison to me. I was suffocating.

My only outlet growing up was sports. I attended the prestigious Saint Wilma Academy, an all-female school located in the town of Milton, Massachusetts. Contrarily to what you might think, being a lesbian at an all-female school isn't seen as a good thing by the people of that place. Most of the chicks at the school were absolute and total whores. They would basically sleep with anything that moved. And I didn't care for most of the time. Oh, and the lecherous female teachers and the nuns who ran the school almost turned me straight. Too many ugly women hitting on me, I guess. I hated Saint Wilma Academy but they did have a lot of sports. They offered women's interscholastic softball, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, rugby, gymnastics, ice hockey, rifle, pistol, wrestling and lacrosse. They were considered the top private boarding school for young women in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I joined the Saint Wilma Academy women's rugby and women's wrestling teams. They were very competitive. I really threw myself into rugby and wrestling. Then I fell in love with ice hockey. I joined the women's ice hockey team and had a blast. My senior year, the top schools in New England with women's ice hockey programs came calling for me. Northeastern University. Boston College. Boston University. Harvard University. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Even the University of Massachusetts-Boston. They all wanted little old me. I chose Northeastern University. I lasted a year and a half before I started suffocating there. That's when I quit, and decided to become a boxer instead. My parents went nuts. I could care less.

Presently, I'm in my apartment in Brighton. Just waiting for my associate Bernice-Dina Banal to come home. She's a short, dark-skinned and rather plump black woman I met a while ago. Works at the Champion City Community College Library in Brockton. A middle-aged Haitian-American who's also a self-absorbed closet dyke. She approached me one night at this dyke bar in Boston's South End. She really isn't my type, but she did say something which made her stand out from the women who usually hit on me. Bernice-Dina Banal promised to do whatever I said. From the looks of her, I pegged her as a submissive weakling. Eager to please. I'm really good at reading people. So I told her to come by my apartment for a bit of fun. She did. From time to time, whenever I get bored, I just dial her up. Does my behavior surprise you? No, folks. Sorry. Lesbians aren't all soft and romantic. And many of us are open to fun with no strings attached. Got it? Cool.

Bernice-Dina Banal was the kinkiest bitch I've hooked up with in a while, folks. The stuff she told me would make Hugh Hefner himself blush. This plain-faced, busty and big-bottomed, middle-aged Haitian mama had a most unusual fetish. She wanted to play master and slave in the historical sense. I found it odd. But I was curious and quite eager to begin. I like to inflict pain upon others. It gives me a sexual high. It's why I got into contact sports in the first place. I dig pain and I don't like my sex without it. So if Bernice-Dina Banal wanted me to dominate her, that's exactly what I would do.

As soon as Bernice-Dina came in, we began. I told her to get naked, then I fastened a collar around her neck. A collar with a ten-foot-long black leash fixed to it. Then I ordered her to clean my apartment. She said 'yes mistress', and began cleaning up the place. Folks, she really went at it. She fixed the bed, did the dishes, vacuumed the floor and folded my overdue library books and magazines into neat little stacks. To reward her, I gave her a solid clap on her big black butt. I love watching a big black woman's butt jiggle. I don't know why. I walked around the apartment, tugging on Bernice-Dina's leash and making her follow me. Then I sat down on a high chair and told her to lick my feet. She did. I told her to bark like a bitch. She did. Laughing, I told her to roll over and play dead. She did. I grinned. I just love a good sub. They're so hard to find these days.

To reward Bernice-Dina for having been such a good little slave, I went to my erotica drawer and fetched my strap-on dildo. Bernice-Dina's eyes went wide when she saw the size of it. I smiled, and calmly told her that I was going to fuck her in the ass with it. Then I ordered her to get on all fours. Face down and ass up. Like a good little slut. Bernice-Dina did as she was told. I stood over her, looking at her big butt quivering with anticipation. I took the leash and gave Bernice-Dina a solid whack on the booty with it. She yelped. Laughing, I spread her plump ass cheeks wide open and smeared lube all over her anus. Then I pressed the dildo against her backdoor, and pushed. Bernice-Dina's earth-shattering scream could have woken up the ancient dead. It was music to my ears. Holding firmly onto Bernice-Dina's hips to prevent her from fleeing what she had coming to her, I slammed the dildo deep into her ass. The big black woman wailed. There's enough of that. I clamped my hand over her mouth, silencing her. Can't have the neighbors think someone's getting murdered, you know? Thus, I fucked her at my leisure. I fucked her hard, ramming the dildo in and out of her shit hole. And she just lay there, whimpering as she took it. Just like a good bitch should. I had a great time with her. At some point, I decided to look into her face while fucking her. So I flipped her on her back and shoved the dildo up her ass while looking at her eyeball to eyeball. Bernice-Dina's eyes were wide as saucers as I filled her ass with ten inches of plastic pain. I spat into her face as I fucked her, and ordered her to drink it. And she did. Man, is she a good sub or what? I fucked her until I came, then I stayed inside of her for a moment just because.

Much later, Bernice-Dina took a shower before leaving my apartment. Watching her put on her conservative librarian's clothes and check her makeup in the mirror, I couldn't help but smile. Women like her are the reason why I'm the most sadistic lesbian you'll ever know. They really piss me off. So straight-looking. So prim and proper on the outside, yet more freaky than Hell's worst bitches on the inside. I was just like them once. Until I got tired of it. That's when I decided not only to be out and proud, but also to defy the world every day of my life. That's why I cut my hair into a Mohawk. I also got tattoos and started pumping iron at the gym just for that. Let the world know who and what I am and fear my wrath. As Bernice-Dina waved me goodbye, I told her not to let the door hit her fat ass on the way out. She shook her head, and said I was the meanest bitch she knew. I gave her a smile a shark would recognize. She scurried out. Laughing, I went back to doing pushups. Got to stay in shape, you know. I've got a boxing match next Friday. I'm going up against some Hispanic chick from Puerto Rico. She won't know what hit her. Anyhow, I got to jet. Peace.

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